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Let’s make a comparison, from the pirates to the saints of the saints, Jameis Winston, guarantee the salary of 1.1 million US dollars; four-point Wei Di-Dalton, who travels to cowboy The contract is 3 million US dollars to ensure wages; the Pirates of Braine Gabbert holds 887,500 to help Tom Brady, familiar with the head coach Bruce — Aliis ( Bruce Arians) offense; jets signed major injury of quarterback Joe — Flacco (Joe Flacco) guaranteed wage and Newton was flat, the total salary of $ 1.5 million. Although Newton’s 550,000 US dollar guarantees a bit less, but in a step in the contract, there is no guarantee part in the contract of the other four-point Weiner-Hoyer Brian Hoyer, Newton’s The situation is slightly better.

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The Black Panther makes the Newton rest as much as possible before the end of the game. Newton has recently manifested very bad, his success rate is currently the worst of all qualified quartzes. Newton, a continuous fourth-consecutive game, a success rate of less than 50% of the 2011 Tim Tim Tebow, the success rate of six consecutive games, the success rate of less than 50%.

Eagle is trying to retain Corner Patrick RobinsonLast week, the eagle made a decision, and took the outside of Torrey Smith to the Black Leopard, exchanged the corner Dalley WORLEY. This transaction will be officially effective on Wednesday.

Patriot four-point Wei Cam-Newton new contract one year guarantee salary only 550,000 US dollarsnfl Jerseys TV reporter Ian Rapoport reported that the patriots and the most valuable players in the 2015 season, the basic salary of 105 million US dollars in the 2015 season. Only 550,000. The contract also includes a large list of $ 700,000 in each game and $ 5.75 million incentive bonus. Newton If all required to achieve up to $ 7.5 million from one year contract.

Said so much, how often Wood Hain is more important for lightning? The entire 2013 season Wood Hide’s total comment is +14.4, ranking in all running guards seventh, 76 successful balls and 605 yards of the number of ball code numbers are rushed to the second, the number of passes is in the row fourth.

He told reporters: «I didn’t expect to get so many people’s support, especially when New York and New Zeze’s police federation said they would help me pay a fine, this means too much, this Is my feelings I have to do something for this, to represent what those who lose their families to protect the people, I feel this is my responsibility. «

Robinson completed 47 hugs in regular season last year, 4 cases, 1 national anthem. And completed a 50-yard copy of a 50-yard copy from the National Union Championship. Old Hawks on the list includes: Ronald Darby, Jalen Mills, Lasul Douglas and 2017 Two Words Sidney Jones.

This guaranteed salary is only 550,000 US dollars, is undoubtedly a low risk, and the business is expensive. If Newton can’t keep health in the new season, the head coach Bill Belichick can cut off the Newton to make a salary space.

In the last two seasons, Wood Haye is a lightning quasi-PHILIP RIVERS, and more as a ball attacked. Similar to Ladanian Tomlinson and Darren Sproles, the two-digit flashing team, Wood Hain, also used his excellent catching. Ability Benefes becomes a tool when the key three-gear conversion and red zone attack. The worst season in Rivers, is before the team lost Sprull, and signed Wood Hyde.

Wood Haye’s reimbursement will be significant loss of lightningSan Diego lightning recently caught trouble in the running guard, the main force of the third week of the team, Ryan Mathews, will be absent from four to five weeks, and another race in the last week — Wood Hydhead is also reimbursed by the race of fracture.

This will help the eagle province’s large amount of salary space, let them stay in Patrick Robinson. This old will signed a year contract last year, which has the opportunity to enter the free market, but the eagle is working hard from leaving.

According to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, the eagle is trying to sign Robinson and will try to complete the contract before the Alliance negotiation window is opened. At present, the eagle salary overflows the wage standard, but Smith’s transactions and defensive end of Vinny Curry will help them save space.

Von — Miller to talk about a new contract w: or earn too littleWhen the Houston Texans and the JJ Watt (JJ Watt) renew the six-year contract worth $ 100 million press releases, everyone & mdash; & mdash; the fans, the media, television experts, as well as the entire social media & mdash; & mdash; all the contract is considered every penny well spent.

Miller rookie two years left on his contract, even though he and Watt are different types of players, he also has a destructive power. Miller cruciate ligament tear in the knee before the end of December last year, but he will soon return to full health. If he continues to show the league’s best passing attack hand level & mdash; & mdash; based on data Pro Football Focus Network (Pro Football Focus), he is all of 4-3 outside linebacker in Top Rated & mdash; & mdash; he can usher contract. But negotiations could be added to his problems under field hassle & mdash; & mdash; before the 2013 season, Miller was suspended six games & mdash; & mdash; but now the linebacker was not worried about the issue of renewal. «The team management officials great,» he said. «My team is great. I will let them operate it.»

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