Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

In the history of professional football, Gromese is the only player who has a 25-game game in front of his 25 games. Unfortunately, he has been weak in four years, and the final career is 174 times, and the 3481 yard is promoted, reaching 36 times.

After a list of the injury in Xuelis, the lightning will be promoted from the training lineup from the training lineup. This move also means that the original first-year-old Chris Watt will be very likely to continue to absent this week because of an ankle injury.

Lightning abandoned kickle lock bone fracture season reimbursement

The San Diego flash is constantly injured. On Saturday, they once again announce that the team abandoned Mike, Mike Scifres, will be included in the injury reserve because of the clavicle fracture. This also means Even if the team enters the playoffs, he can’t play again.

The annual repayment amount is $ 3 million, although the income of the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Jets reached $ 4.9 million. Vic said: «I am very fortunate, because many people gave me trust, opportunity when I was most difficult, I didn’t think of all debts, but I still have to do it. I have never done it before. Over the financial budget, but now I have to give up anything to don’t need it. «

Gromese added oil people in 1960, and the rookie year completed 72 battles, promoted 1473 yards, reached 12 times, performance is very eye-catching. The second year’s achievements are also good, 50 games have been promoted to 1175 yards, reached 17 times, ranking the first year.

As the team’s 2 rounds of new show, Williams contribute 2.5 times, but his excellent performance in the past two months clearly does not use data to measure. The local time on Thursday, the raid person will lose the San Diego lightning in the night game, and the Williams will need to send hope to Denico Autry and Benson Mayowa.

At the same time, due to the reimbursement of the Johnnie Troutman season, Lightning will use Jeremiah Sirles to send a right striker. This will also become a combination of 5th predetermined offensive front lines used in this season.

If Wat is indeed unable to play, lightning will enable Trevor Robinson as the first center of the trip this week. He will be expected to become a 5th place in the season. In the 49 people in San Francisco last week, Robinson was replaced by Watt injury, and his manifestations were in the rules.

After the new regulations, the players who have not vaccinated will receive daily detection during the training camp and regular season, and the mask must be worn, and travel will also be restricted. If the vaccine player is infected with new crown, and thus leads to a small-scale epidemic, the player’s team will be considered to give up the game, wholesale jerseys which is subject to failure.

The raid people put Edwards in the injury list

Auckland raids rookie Mario-Edwards’s rookie season will come to an abrupt season. On Wednesday, the team announced that it was listed in the injury reserve, the neck injury.

NFL is an incurring new crown vaccine

US Time Thursday, NFL President Roger Goodell notified the team about new crown epidemic. At present, NFL encourages, but it is not forced to vaccinate the vaccination. These newly predetermined releases are also for the purpose of improving the player inoculation rate.

Jack Del Rio said: «His injury is very serious, we want to make the best response for injuries. We are worried about him now, but now you have to look forward. «In the case of being asked, Williams needs to be accepted, Del Rio did not give a clear answer:» I am uncertain now. Relevant experts will continue to observe and diagnose, they will determine how to overcome the injury. »