Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

The official website believes that Clarine will not change the fact that he is about to replace. At the same time, because he does not have trading value, adding cowboy has been active and efficient in dealing with the player’s personal issues, Klebern will appear in training on Wednesday on Wednesday.

«I don’t have a visitor to Thomas, but I am satisfied with the current team’s security guard, so we are not interested in signing him.» Samunan said, «We have a hand in this location and have planned a plan, they It is also a good competition for the location, I am very happy to this situation. «

Previously, NFL TV reporter Ian RapoPort mentioned 49 people were the potential of Thomas. Thomas had prior to the Hawie’s teammate Richarman (Richard Sherman) in 49, making this possible possible. However, from the statement of the coach Salunan, 49 people’s security positions are not just need, let alone 49 people have injuries in other locations.

Use different words to describe this is absurd understatement. Who would have thought the colt now in the position where, at the dawn of the next game they can replace the 3rd quarterback trying to find Charlie — Whitehurst (Charlie Whitehurst) suitable substitute?

The ability of Hai Bin is enough to make him a NFL player, but it is a difficult learning process for full-time NFL players. Now he can join any of the remaining 31 teams. If there is no team to sign him during the bidding process, he may enter a team of training groups, which will give him the details of this sport while staying away.

Kendall took over the team outside — Wright (Kendell Wright) during an interview Thursday, said: «We do not have to do a small adjustment to accommodate Mai Gartenberg, because his arm is too strong too strong each. In the face of the ball of him, I can feel the sound of «嗖», so I have to prepare for the ball quickly.

Vincent — Jackson is not afraid of injury, looking for injuries

Tampa Bay Pirate Stars Entry Wensent Jackson revealed to the media, although some capillary cracks appeared on their wrists, but he didn’t plan to stop, will continue to play. Jackson said in an interview that he expected to play in the weekend with the Pittsburgh steelman.

For the wrist, he revealed that he will be wrap the bandages in the next few weeks. Jackson said: «I have to overcome these things. When training, the staff gives me a lot of help. They help me get wrap the bandage, protect my wrist, so that I can adapt and overcome the injury. In any case, Nioutaik.Fr injury will Continue me in the next few weeks, but I have been prepared. «

This season, Titan’s long attack is very weak. The success of more than 20 yards is quite small. It can only be ranked 27th in the League. Wi Sengen hopes that Magarberg can succeed in improving this weakness. The team’s two long-range offensive weapons Justin — Hunter (Justin Hunter) and Nate — Washington (Nate Washington) currently add up to only 29 catches and one touchdown, for Magotan They certainly starting to become quite Berg Happy. DELANIE WALKER also said: «I think more than a long distance is the best way to Magotoberg, and his big arm will make our long attacks the biggest. focus.»

49 people give up Australia to run Guardiaride — HeinSan Francisco 49 people surged unexpectedly, they gave them to Jarryd Hayne, promoted from the training group to KenDall Gaskins entered the big list.

The 27-year-old sea cannot be played in a small space when serving as a running guard. In the 6 games, he only won the ball 8 times to get 25 yards. He did not enter the list in the game. Hein seems to be completely suitable for limited abandoning back attack opportunities, and he also has problems in protecting the ball, 10 times, one of which is taken back by the other party.

«There are so many times I have to answer the question to ask ourselves is, & lsquo; Hey, if I can not play the next game, if this is my last appearance in case it & rsquo;.?» Hasselbeck told ESPN. «I do not know, I really feel there is nothing to change my mind. I think at the end of the season when it would become one of my sit down and consider what this season has been a little bit different season.»

Titan outside takes out a big three-point guardThis season Tennesi Titan has fallen into the muds of four-defense issues. On the Friday, the team coach Ken-Wi Senhen has announced the first four-point guards of the remaining competition this season. Zach Mettenberger is served. Magutberg is the most famous in the university period is that he takes the rocket-like power.

1 year agoJackson’s wrist is currently wrapped with a thick-use bandage, which helps him try to fix their wrists as much as possible to prevent wrist bones from deteriorating. However, the bandage will also significantly affect the flexibility of Jackson wrist, and he needs to find a new balance point. He explained this: «We will try not to affect my movement. But still safety first, I don’t want to get worse. I will do it according to their suggestions, listen to the arrangement.»