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The performance of the Locke University can make him feel so much. In college career, he has passed a total of 12,193 yards 99 times, doubled as the second of history. In 2017, he set a record of the Southeast League Same Season for 44 times. Last season, he got a 3498 yard 28 times in the new offensive coordinator to go to 8 times. It is worth noting that he has worked with the three offensive coordinators in college career.

In the fifth week of the season despite starting quarterback Nasdaq — Prescott (Dak Prescott) injured for the season lead Cowboys offensive group was hit, Cowboys in the regular season finale is approaching still make the playoffs I hope. .

Lock will later tell the reporter why he thinks so much. «I know that I have faced a lot of adversity in Missouri, which will make me ready to play in NFL. I know that my sports ability is enough to let me enter NFL, I will prove this in the body test. I know my arm The power is enough to complete the attack, I can do any pass on the court, I know that I have creativity to continue to complete the attack after the four-point guard website is destroyed. I am a very confident person. «

Moore in 2012 to defeat rookie in the league. In the 6-year playing career, he played for three years each for the Detroit Lions and Cowboys. In 2018 he became the Cowboys quarterbacks coach. After Garrett (Jason Garrett), new coach Mike — — In the beginning of last year decided not to retain former Cowboys coach Jason McCarthy (Mike McCarthy) decided to let Moore left team.

In the 2019 season, although the Cowboys failed to make the playoffs, averaging their offensive yardage (431.5 yards) ranked first in the league, Prescott also shot a career best season. Before Week 17 game, the Cowboys offensive team this season, averaging the number of attack (376.1 yards) in the league twelfth code.

Denim has announced the offensive coordinator Karen — signed a contract extension Moore (Kellen Moore). According to NFL television network correspondent Ian — Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that this «generous» three-year contract.

In the US time, the US time warned the horses, safe defeated Rodney McLeer injured the knee. The head of the Doug Pederson said that after more test results, you need to be able to determine the injury.

Dolphin Legend Quad Swarfare for Tanny HillThe legendary quartz Dan Marino re-joined the Dan Marino in August this year, and the outside world did not know the exact positions held in the Dolphin team in Marino. At this Wednesday, Dolphin’s current main force quarter-point Wei Lan Tannehill said that Marino did give him a lot of suggestions and help, so that I was very useful.

Tanny Hill said: «Marino is great, he recently came to the team, participated in some team meetings, and I also studied the competition with him. His competition experience and knowledge are very good for us. Resources, after all, he is one of the most successful players in history. He can always see the small details of the video, some of these small details are about the route of the outer hand, there are some behaviors that I am on the scene. «

It is clear that Tanny Hill urgently needs Marino guidance. After all, his performance does not satisfy, especially in the long biography, it is struggling, and the team’s number one takes over Mike Wallace has been concealed in interviews. It has expressed dissatisfaction with Tannyhir lacking long history.

«I think every quadrant will tell you that they are the number one quarter, so I will tell you here. I am quoted,» Locke said in an interview on the NFL measurement on the main page Friday. «My job is not comment quarter; I just know yourself.»

Candidate player Drew Rock confident is a draft number one quarterBeijing March 3rd Drew Lock from Missouri, Drew Lock is widely considered to be the third good quarter of this year, ranked in Kyle Murray, the University of Oklahoma, and DWAYNE HASKINS, University of Ohio.

Moore is widely considered one of the league’s best offensive coaches, he made a number of key adjustment, not only to improve the offensive team’s recent performance, but also let the team back to life.

Locke will use every opportunity to show your ability. Although it is unable to determine that he can exceed Murray or Haskins in people ‘s evaluation, at least he should attract the lack of four-point gathered.

«I am very excited to be able to stay in the Dallas Cowboys as offensive coordinator,» Moore said in a statement. «I will no longer apply for jobs Boise State University coach. I Aiboyisi State University. I will always support them, and I hope one day they can become part of the team again.»

Week 17 before the game, Cowboys games 3 consecutive averaging at least 30 minutes. In Week 16 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles in the game, the Cowboys offensive advancing 513 yards, a season since most of reimbursement Prescott.

Schodes is characterized by excellent running path capabilities and a steady ball hand. Texas can use him to deandre Hopkins, or you can put him in a punch formation Run the true pass to obtain the number of common codes.