Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

Saints have previously violated epidemic prevention regulations. Earlier this season, since I fail to comply with the mask in the second week, the Saint was fined $ 250,000, and the coachton of Sen Payton was a fine of $ 100,000.

By the way, the map is that the bear player will take the way to take over the Danny Amendola to make a move to WWE. This defense, of course, has also been made by a malicious to take the player (Roughing The Catcher).

Some reporters have recently pointed out that Joey is still in the treatment stage, because of the recovery of fingers, this snail season has not taken surgery, so it is likely that Joey will continue to participate in the game with his own misplaced fingers. Joy himself said that when the misplaced finger was fixed by the tape, there was no danger of injuries, but if he forgot, it would hurt.

At present, most of the foreign countries believe that the team does not open the continued negotiation negotiation is the main dissatisfaction of Adams. This best lineup level safety sanitary and Wirelesscaregiver.Com no doubt will get a record high salary, but the team is indifferent to let him be very disappointed.

In September last year, in Brown, Gates did not let Adams play the last five games. This security guard is very dissatisfied, and even after the game, the content of the jet is deleted in the personal profile.

At the same time, since the player did not wear a mask in the ninth week of defeating Tangpawan in the locker room, the New Orleans saints were fined $ 500,000 and was canceled next year’s seventh round of draft. The saints were also found in a meeting to not wear masks.

Dissolving the coach Gain is not satisfied with security Yados asked to be traded.Jet Safety Wei Ja Mamal — Jamal Adams recently officially filed a trading application to the team. According to reports, the relationship with the coach Yado-Gez (Adam Gase is one of the main reasons why he did this.

Steel man activates the second grade external hand BryantSteel people announced on Tuesday to activate the External Triend, Martavis Bryant, due to violation of the league drug regulations, Bryant has been punished by the ban on the ban. According to local media, the 6-foot 3-inch external hand was injured in the first training after returning from October 5. This injury also made the team announced that he was not in the 53rdn of the team.

Bryter’s return has been an offensive group that has already owned Levian-Bell (Le & # 39; Veon Bell), Antonio Brown and Markus Wheaton’s steel person offensive group. Good things, last year Brines’s rookie season, led alliance 21.1 ball code, with a total of 8 and 549 code pickups.

Adams wrote on the personal instagram: «Patrick Mahomes) The annual salary may have 4,000-60 million. Very worthy, my good brother. But if I have no four-point salary, then don’t put I have compared with the quadrant. Rely, if I can take more than 40 million, I will not be honest. I said, I just protect myself like the club. If you don’t respect this, I still love you. But it may be time to blew. «

Recently, the four-defense of the Carolina Black Leopard heard that a child who was fighting with cancer was a Halloween party, so he decided to give the child a surprise, he opened a truck full of ice cream.

Michel Trubisky has a good performance, and 31 passes are completed 22 times, and the 316 yards are promoted, reaching 3 times, being copied once. However, the defensive group is not good as above, and several leaks, Albert Wilson, is therefore benefiting, and completed 155 yards. Board Mike can complete at least once each game, causing a ball to transform, but there is no harvest today.

[Event Review] 1 code line before mutual delivery, dolphins plus time to win the courageBeijing October 15th, most people don’t look at dolphins, nor is it a four-point guardian, BROCK OSWEILER. However, rugby is a movement that faces face.

In this game, the two teams seem to have forgotten how to score, and the bear team delivers the ball twice in the Red District, including a 1 yard line to fall, but the dolphin is also «politely» on the other side Ball, this kind of spirit that you come, I hope you don’t learn. However, the bear team only used this ball to achieve three points, and time enough dolphins were promoted to the range, they did flatten the score, and dragged the game into the time, then achieved victory.

After the Khalil Mack, the bear defensive group was new, and the performance of the gods, once thought is one of the best alliances, but they have no way to take Ausville today. Of course, Osville has also made a lot of mistakes, but he still completed the 380-yard pass advancement of a new height of his career, helping dolphins 31-28 overtime to defeat Chicago.