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In the question and team planned to sign a new running guard at the beginning of the season, the Texas Coach Bill O’Brien (Bill O & # 39; Brien said, although any lineup changes, he likes Current running guards.

Damus-Lawrence said unintentional imitation Ruth, BellBeijing April 10th, Demarcus Lawrence, eventually got a new oversized contract before the start of the race season, so he didn’t have to consider the ablation problem.

Owl line Wei Alono or once again absence the whole seasonPhiladelphie Eagle spent a strong trading in the ranks, Kiko Alonso, they hope this 2013 residential defensive rookie can help the team’s defensive group further.

Although it is not happy to use the team label for two consecutive years, Lawrence does not effectively simulate the meaning of Le & Rsquo; Veon Bell. Lawrence will not strike throughout the regular season even if you cannot get a new contract.

The crow takes over S. Smith is looking forward to the 15th occupational seasonWith the loss of Saturdays Saturday semi-final, Baltimore Crow team will join the hand Steve-Smith (Steve Smith) announced that he plans to continue his career in the 2015 season, the official website has announced this matter, and this will be His 15th career season.

The previous Witten contract was left for 1 year, but his salary has been close to $ 1.2.2 million, and the new contract ensures that his next year’s salary is lowered, and it is also given more salary space with the team.

But just in the past 2 weeks, it seems that everything must wait, according to the news, the US Time Test shows that Alonso may be placed in the absence of the injury list. Mike Garafolo said: «Alonso may absence the remaining competitions because of his knees injury.»

Jackson appointed Griffin as a first quarter-saving before the start of the season, so we expect him to make this decision. Recently, Griffin, which was activated Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China the injury reserve, did not participate in the competition since the first battle of the season.

The contract has been introduced to the fans as a long-term answer to the fan in August next season. But he is difficult to maintain health after the season, he can’t be seen as a long time by any team.

The long-term Brown fans may be confused why Kessler does not have a team to play the remaining game. His two brain shocks may be a reason, but don’t ignore the factors that Brown has not yet achieved. Jackson apparently believes that Griffin makes Brown most opportunities to win.

However, it is clear that Johnson’s role in Texas will be different in Brown. At Brown, he rarely used the running guard at each offense, but he did 2826 yards in the first three seasons. Last year, after joining Brown in Carlos Hyde and Nick Chubb, Johnson’s chance was greatly reduced, and only 630 yards were taken 87 times. Johnson who is dissatisfied with yourself in the team’s role requires trading and eventually.

Since the 34-year-old Witten Since its incendants from 2003, it is one of the players who have continued to play in the Alliance. The career has only one game is absent or in the rookie season. Since 2004, the average starting at least 64 batches in 2004, Witten or 10 professional bowls.

Texas originally expect Miller and Johnson to become the main partner of their running guards in the new season, which originally is one of the best runners in recent years. But this idea is a bubble after reimbursing in Miller.

In addition to Johnson, the remaining running guards of Texas completed a total of 74 shots and no first experience. If Texas maintains the existing running battle, it is not clear who will be substitute.

«I won’t make him a three-speed running guard,» O’Brien said. «I think he is in some situations because it is his role in the past. I think we have many different ways to use him here.» O’Brien also believed that Johnson can start in the regular season. Fully master the team offensive tactics.

Texas people still satisfied with the team at presentBeijing August 28th in Ramar Miller, due to the reimbursement of the knee, the Trushes, Houston, currently expects Duke Johnson to serve in the new season in the new season.

Texas people’s running guards have changed significantly in the summer. Texas has cut off the 2017 three-wheeled Dianta — Freman (D & # 39; ONTA Foreman). After 5 days, they used a 2020 to have the fourth-round draft selection right to deal with Cleveland Brangjun Johnson.

3 weeks ago«I think if you look at our running guards, we are very good,» O’Brien said. «I feel that Duke — Johnson is a good step. He performs excellent and very professional attitude in conference rooms and training.»

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