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Breddy replied: «She is with me every day. We all sleep every day, so when I feel sore, I think she knows, when I feel tired, she knows, when I was hit, she knew when I was hit After we played, we drive home. However, she also knows how good I have taken care of myself. She is a very considerate wife, she loves me very much. «

Braddy responded to his wife Bang Chen called his brain volatility.

In Gisle Bundchen, the Husband Tom Brady has been in the last season. After nearly six weeks last season, Braddy finally responded to this speech.

Pierce is restricted free players, and the weight has exceeded 154kg when the mini training camp is reported. After strictly criticized on Tuesday, Martin Dell believes that he has recognized what to do.

Brown dissatisfaction is worth understanding. He should have made breakthroughs in this season, but since the first week of completing 5 balls, it has been unstable since the 101 yards. In the sixth game afterwards, he only completed 22 cents to get 278 yards 2 times.

McQuerid is selected in the 2016 and 2017 season, «Leg Shock» Greg Zuerlein and Johnny HKKER success less than his help. Het was selected for 4 professional bowls, 4 times entered all-pro for a while, and Zullein was selected in a career bowl and all-pro of ALL-PRO last season.

«He is actually like a warrior in the game. He is very interested in the court,» Hubble said. «I assure you to our efforts to use all players. He may be a little frustrated. He is not a selfish person. I never think he is selfish. If he is selfish, he will not be on the court or in the team. outstanding.»

Previously, after Bangchen voice, Braddy’s broker said that the new England Patrioton quarter-off season did not encounter brain shock. Nfl also issued a statement that there was no record showing Braddy’s head injury or showing the symptoms of the brain.

Brown expressed gratitude to the retreat of playing opportunities: «I have already widespread a year and a half, I can have a chance to re-participate in training, and I feel very surreal with everyone. Now I will not put these as a matter of course, I will be grateful. «

Brown performance is a large extent to be attributed to the four-point Wei Mark Jackson (Lamar Jackson), which failed to complete the long-term connection with him this season. If the two completed these passes, then Brown now feels different. Unable to complete the long-passing offense limit the crow offensive group. At the same time, the crow has not used Brown in the middle of the passing attack, and he is only passing 9 times on these routes.

Burg Bruce — Alianz (Bruce Aria) said: «He can run at full speed. Others may be walking, but he will run at full speed. This is him, but it is also very good. Everyone is helping him, he is The formation has a good time. & Hellip; & hellip; there is a good start. «

«I do not control the contract, transaction or whether they give me a bigger contract. It’s not something I care about. I really do not care about the money in this area. I really care about my health, mental health and really keep in mind, to make sure I was satisfied for life, family, wife and children. Once I get this side of things, I think I will as usual. «

Brown was only passed 2 times in the game, completing 1 shot of 3 yards. After the end of the game, Brown said on the twitter: «When you never use their team, what is the cow?» Later, he deleted this essay.

«Ultimately, I think the Kansas City Chiefs in control of contract negotiations, you know? I’m such a level player, I’m still young and I still think I can devote a lot of good performance. But you know, has played for the physical and psychological damage, I would really consider their options, to see if I need to choose not to participate in team training throughout the offseason stage or this sort of thing, let me state of mind restored, and my children stay with their families. «Waugh Watkins said. «For the past two years, this is a long season. We made the playoffs last year, entered the third round, and this year won the Super Bowl. So I honestly think from the spirit, body, soul perspective, I I need some rest, so I’ll talk to the coach and Reed. «

«These are small goals I want to achieve, do not mean to become selfish, but these I have not really reached the career achievement, these are the things I want to do is hope the next eight, 9 years, if I can continue to have the opportunity to have a career so long, I can achieve what I expect Hall of Fame-level data. these are my dream has not been realized, these are the goals I still want to achieve. «

The crow takes over the brown dissatisfaction, the opportunity, the less coach means understanding his mood

Baltimore Crow out of Humakis Brown (Marquise Brown) is dissatisfied with yourself at 24-28 losses of Pittsburgh steel people.

So Chiefs will be how to deal with Watkins concern. NFL television reporter Ian — Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported last week that the chiefs are more likely to trade or cut him. But on Tuesday, Nfl Jerseys television correspondent — Tom Perry Thurow (Tom Pelissero) reported that the chiefs want and Watkins some agreement, but it will not be easy.

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