Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

This is a huge blow for Brown. Brown is currently fully in rebuilding mode would hope in the short term lies in Griffin can return to the excellent state of the 2012 rookie season. Before lackluster debut season he let people see hope in the preseason,

Packaging workers near the front of the nectide sale jersey raised campus project

The near-end Pads of Green Bay Packaging workers prove to the question that the ability to be on the scene, especially in the last season, helping the new England patriot to win the victory of the super bowl, then he choosed Leave.

Due to the struggle of McMarus, the team signed another player Bas. During the utmost horses, Bath’s hit rate is only 69.2%, and his ability to kick in the kick is very limited and eventually abandoned.

The eagle announced that the old man will take the outside of Miles

Philadelphia Eagle abandoned the old Miles Austin in last week, enabling Jonathan Krause. Jonathan Krause. Local time Monday, the team announced that it was trust of Austin.

Perhaps revenge is Robbie Gould (Robbie Gould) most wants. In the game against the old people Chicago Bear, the San Francisco 49 people play the game 5 times any ball shoots & mdash; & mdash; which includes a 24 yard to kill the shot, helping 49 people 15-14 wins. Gould became the Best Technical Group Player of the National United States.

Seattle Hawks 4-point Warasell Wilson is the best offensive player of the National United States. He successfully obtained 227 yards 3 times in the game, helping the Hawks to end the 9-game winning victory of the Philadelphie Eagle.

Austin has become the experience of the league players from the superstar. He spent eight seasons in Dallas denim, followed by Cleveland Brown and the eagle. In the last week’s game, there are seven ways to take over the player’s list of eagles, this is not a good sign. Kelly tried to give young players more opportunities, including this year’s first round of new Xiu Nelson, but he still did not complete the ball in the game.

As Bath is sicking, the team’s other player Blanter-Mc. McManus will also become a team of the team. Last season, Macmanus joined wild horses cheap jerseys from china the New York giant due to the first season of Matt Prater.

Austin, a 31-year-old Austin, has been consistent with a contract worth $ 2.3 million in March this year. In the past 4 weeks, he only took 1 time and advanced 12 yards. This move can be seen as the first step in Qip Kelly attempt to make a buzzer, and the eagle may increase the proportion of ground offensive in the future and continue to speed up the rhythm.

The wild horses spurt for Masis, cut off the Bag Bas

Denver’s Warm announced on Wednesday, Trusting Kangna, Bath, Wednesday, and CONNER BARTH. According to reports, the purpose of this is to open a seat in the big list, leave a newly federable impact Masis (Evan Mathis).

Because of the critical moment in the Competition of the Cincinnati Mason, the Pittsburgh Stevers Boswell became the Best Technical Group of the United States. He kicked 38 yodi to kill at the time of running in Monday night, helping steel people won 23-20. He completed all 3 free shoots and 2-time traam additional shot.

The United States, the best defensive player is Baltimo Crow safe Wei Rick-Weddle. Vedger has been in trouble in the game, he killed Matthew Stafford, led to the ball, and then won the foundation for the crow, then he copied the lion Quartz, Jake Rudock and attack 45 yards to help the crow finally won by 44-20.

In this may be his first start of the season, the only game, Griffin made 190 yards passing, 37 yards rushing achieved. The new policy does not require injured reserve list designated team can return in the season when the candidates into the list of players, so there is still the opportunity to return to Griffin in early November after an absence of at least eight games.

Now attention is focused on 37-year-old Josh — McQuarrie (Josh McCown) body. Last season he was starting 8 games for Brown, made a 8-7 record. During the preseason because a lot of quarterback injuries, Brown get a lot for McQuarrie’s deal offer, but fortunately they were not impressed. Another option they are now remaining three rounds of this year’s show, Cody — Kessler (Cody Kessler).

The best defensive players in China is the Green Bay packaging workers Dean Lowry. In the game of Tampawan pirates, Lori completed 1 time to grab the ball and attacked 62 yards to get up to the package, helping the packwork 17-7 leading. The package is finally won at the Tower 26-20.

New York Jet 4-point Sanshi-McCown became the best offensive player of Mei Week. He completed 1 code shock ball to Dalgate in 2 minutes and 15 seconds in the game of the Chief of Dragonas City, led the team 38-31 to overcome the chief. Maiju got 331 yards in the whole game, a total of 3 times a total of 3 times. The jet will continue to retain the hopes in the season.

The 13th week of the United States, the best players of the United States, unveiled

There are many excellent performances in the 13th week, but in these outstanding players who lead the team, a 38-year-old four-dimensional and a 29-year-old avoiding master became the best player.