Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

Baida players last year, Bell ranked in the top ten. This has put him in high school scouts face swollen. That year, Bell ranked in the nation’s running back position is 211. Scouts rating? Two stars. In view of such a low wind assessment, Bell received after graduating cheap jerseys from china high school only three unknown university scholarship, is not full.

QiP-Kelly: 49 people do not consider replacement of quartzOn Sunday, US Sunday, San Francisco 49 people lost to Carolina Black Leopard, the team’s record was 1 win and 1 win, but it seems that the team’s first quarter-oriented still will not be adjusted.

Subsequently, Kelly talked about another quarter of the team. Colin Kaepernick, he said: «I think many people may forget, Katnik’s thumb also hurt, his shoulders and knees Injury, if you have these injuries, you need to take at least 6-8 months. «

The US Time Monday Team Team Team Consideration Decrypted Time Points to Follow the Satisfaction, He told reporters: «Garbit is still our first, I am very confident, now It is when everyone is united at everyone. «

After reading junior season, Le Weiang — Bell declared for the draft. Due to the good performance in the previous training camp, Bell Career Day at Michigan State running back position only participated in the testing program. There were 29 NFL teams to visit Bell, who only guess where the head coach? Steelers — Mike Tomlin.

After the beginning of the second half, the enthusiasm of both sides is not very enthusiastic, and the defensive group is energetic. Woods once again hugged your ball, Darian Thompson, got the ball for the cowboy, and cowboy turned this opportunity into any ball score. But the giant also won 3 points in the next ball, and the two teams still have only 1 point difference. The small difference is not maintained too long, the cowboy relies on Galle’s jump over the air tumbling 15 yards to pick up the score, 23-15 leading.

«If you use a mushroom attack and effectively complete the rush, you can control the game time and let the opponent’s offense is present,» Falti said. «This is what we want to do. If we can control the game, control the competition rhythm and promote score on the ground, this is what we plan to do.»

This ball finally ended & mdash; & mdash; but tit is a cowboy. Dorance Armstrong squats Jones and makes it dropped, and Jordan Lewis will get the ball, complete the 63 yards to attack, and rewrite the score to 37-18, and the denim locks.

Falti is one of the most neglected runners of NFL. At the same time, he is also one of the race in the NFL that is popular with running guards. Falky should take more ambulance of ambulatory ambiguity than a total of 16.3 times in the season.

The giant defensive group next time, Gabrill Peppers was forced to take over Randall Cobb, and the Baby got the ball for giants. However, the efficiency of the giant’s red zone is clearly still needed. After the failure of the first attack, the 25 yards in Rosas played in the game, and the giant 12-3 leads.

Regardless of the performance of the wild horses to the current four-dimensional, there are more confidence in the field, and I look forward to anyone in which people who have resume in Manning are stupid. Many of the wild horses have many other veterans will be able to fill such vacancy, and team strength may have to play a role in the next such leader.

Matt-Formy: The number of battles is over 100 Africa goalsMatt Forte created a record of NFL running guards at 102 times last season. This Chicago Bear running does not plan to reproduce such performances this season.

Successful bidders have changed this bike with 10,000 dollars, and the Seattle Guard has received half of the benefits, and this part of the funds will be used to prevent domestic violence and the incident of child abuse. The other half of the income is directly giving this NT, and he donated the money to the local child charity.

Many sports stars are a number of players movement, Le Weiang before university — Bell is no exception. In high school, he was the school football, basketball, track and field varsity member of the three materials. In addition to football he won a college scholarship, he was Ohio partition second team, and one of the state’s best high jumper.

In theory, the biggest beneficiaries that Chicago bears becomes more balanced is a Jay Cutler. Relying on Fordi and ground offensive should increase the efficiency of this quadrant and reduce low-level mistakes.

[Review] Defensive Group 5 times to kill, cowboy 37-18 giantThis Monday night game is a partition civil war. The two sides of the battle is the fans who are familiar with those who are familiar with: Dallas Cowboy and New York Giants. Currently Cowbur is temporarily in the distinction, but the threat of giants should not be underestimated. Although it is not a direct head, it is, but the two sides are running to guard & mdash; & mdash; Iqiger-Elliot (Ezekie Elliott) and Saquon Barkley, who can get more excellent data, for More contributions to the team victory are a big look.

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