Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

The speech of Gardre Tuesday is showing that there is no precedent in the schedule appeal process. After the prevention of «Golden Gate», the New Orleans Saints I knew the results after 4 days and the players knew the results after 8 days. Dallas denim protrudes, Greg Hardy, recently, has been reduced to four games. He waited for 43 days, and Adrian Peterson waled 8 days, Ray- Ray Rice has been waiting for 22 days.

Masaki stayed in Brown’s training field in Brown, and once appeared in the Haiying’s list, it was 3 times for the Hawie, and pushed 12 yards. In the 2015 season, the crow was twice and contributed 4 yards.

Cowboys executive vice president believe that we can soon signed with PrescottIn January of this year, Cowboys executive vice president Stephen — Jones (Stephen Jones) had said, and quarterback NASDAQ — Prescott (Dak Prescott) will be the team signed a top priority. Towards the end of February now, but the Cowboys have not and Prescott began formal contract negotiations.

In any case, the patriot will wait for the results. In the absence of a timetable, the team can continue to carefully balance the time between the competition strategy of the three-point Guiji-Garo Pubro (Jimmy Garoppolo) and the finals of the competition strategy.

Pony claims corner D.J. White replenishment defensive groupWhen Sunday, when he was in Texas, the Pony did not activate the angular Wan Vantai — Davis (Vontae Davis), in order to prevent this situation, it is not enough, they choose to claim DJ White (DJ White) Join him to the list of 53 people. The offensive front line member Tirun — DILLION DAY is therefore abandoned.

Haven Hall outside handlant, Moss, Saddy, plus red skinHave Hall Outside the Randy Moss (Randy Moss) The child of Moss; & mdash; Thaddeus Moss is in this year’s draft. But he quickly found a career first team.

Roger Gudel: Breddy appealed no timeNew England Patriots will start training camps after a week, but there is no ruling schedule for the appeal of Tom Brady. Breddy’s appeal on NFL on June 23, and NFL President Roger, Roger Goodell, was arbiter.

Moss has excellent ball technology and is excellent in opening screening, but he does not have a cheap nfl jerseys from China team’s mighting ability. More bad is in the medical examination of the integrated investigation camp, he was found to be the 5th tandem fracture of the right foot and need surgery. Since the epidemic affects him unable to visit the team for further examination.

Body measurements camp on Monday, Jones said: «We want to wait the result of the new collective bargaining agreement is very clear that this will have a great influence contract negotiations but we are still confident, I hope will bear fruit before had to use the label. . «

Bill-Bellchik’s son promoted to safety guard US time Friday, Bill Belichick and New England Patriots have been adjusted by the coach group, and Bellchik’s son Steve Belichick is promoted to safety sanctic.

White is a six-round season of the chief last season, gains 11 hugs for the chief, and obtains 11 clams, 1 copy and 3 times destroyed. Chuck Pagano said that Davis is not a decision of the coach, and has nothing to do with injuries. Davis is expected to return to the competition in the 10th week.

Jones said: «Absolutely not, NASDAQ is our quarterback of the future will be our quarterback, we just respect him for his very competitive for us to win a lot of games and he, like us… , we want to complete as soon as the next step, try to win the championship, climb the highest mountain. «

Moss became the first player last season. His college career begins with North Carolina State University. Since the transfer is unable to play in the 2017 season, he proves that he is a reliable ball goal last season last season. He completed 47 battles to get 570 yards 4 times. In the semi-finals in the semi-finals, completed 1 ball in the University of Oklahoma, and completed 2 balls in the national championship in the University of Clemsen.

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