Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

Let’s take a look at the list of reimbursement of the Haiying season: Jimmy-Glaham, Ricardo — Rockte and Thomas Roles. Jimmy-Glaham has reached the Haiye again after the red zone, and it is more powerful after the game, but after the game, Wilson passed the ball, but he is obviously a huge deterrence goal. . Ricardo — Lockete, this last year’s super bowl last time was taken away from the tragedy of the copy, when the neck was seriously injured, it was still unknown. Thomas Roles, this Sea Eagle has been surprised this year. After a series of dazzling performance, the ankle fracture reimbursement, the Hawk pavement attack is on the verge of collapse. Of course, there is also the year and the injury struggled with injuries. Linqi, after experiencing hernia surgery, how much strength can be played or unknown. In order to catch out, you caught up with the Wiki’s external card life and death, Teacher Lin can protect himself.

Nielsen said in an interview: «Today my feelings are much better than last Sunday. So everything is moving in the right direction. My idea is to participate in Sunday game, but you can’t know What will happen in the future, at least I think is the case when I came to the team on Monday. «

McCay seems to be premonstated to the team ending. When he was asked with the pirate of 2019, McCay replied: «I will play football & hellip; & hellip; fans know that I love them, I will stand at Sometom.»

Guo Yijia card prospects: Habi @ 维 京 (injury influence)Although Viking people have not been affected by major injuries throughout the season, the continuous small injuries are constantly influenced by Viking’s attack and defense. Adrian — Peterson’s ankle injury has greatly affected his semi-season of his regular season. The injury of the three workers of the defensive group should be more worry about the Viking fans: main defending the feet of the disapoleum Joseph’s foot injury, the main outline Wei’an-Bal’s hand and the groin injury and the first acquisition of the Alliance Harrison-Smith’s knee and wrist injuries are the main causes of volunteering and volunteers in the second half of the Viking season. For the 13th week of regular season, Bal and Smith have been hurt after the start of the game, led to the sea eagle that Weijing defeated the visiting. The injury is fierce, so in Bar and Smith caught up with the last train of the season, Cheap jerseys but the state will recover geometric? If you don’t want to repeat the mistakes of the regular season, it is a top priority. After all, the cold weather in the game can lead to a player’s injury!

Jinserley is commented on this: «He is the shade of young quadrants. You know that he will work hard to complete the attack. He also hopes to be passed, I think he and Murre will have a good chemical reaction.»

Jon Gruden, Jon Gruden, is willing to gamble in Hulanberger, trying to let Hackenberg’s career salted fish turned over to be low risks but high returns. When Grunette served as an ESPN guest, he thought that Hulanberg had the potential of the first round show.

McCoo’s data did not have a landslide drop. He completed at least 5 kills in the past seven seasons. Since the 2010 season, McCaki completed 50.5 times, ranked third in the same period of defensive dish. Since 2012, McCay is selected in 6 cases of professional bowls, with the Tiger player Gin ITKES (Geno Atkins).

Jinsale said: «I hope he will enjoy this process and enjoy the change of the offensive group. I hope this can make him more than a few years. Although a number of achievements are in the body, but he is still in training Strive to get a newcomer in a big list. He is still exhausted, and the viewer is quite touched. «

The squat squatting is still unknown to continue to coach next season.October has reported that the bruce arians will be retired after this season, and Aliis denied this statement. But he is not sure you will continue to coach next season.

Judi Nielsen considers the injury to the gameAlthough the four-headed muscular injuries, the external hand of Green Bay packaging workers, Jordy Nelson, still considering the competition of Sunday to Sinnati Tiger.

Pirates cut off defensive cutalade Jarard McCayBeijing May 21, US Time Monday, according to NFL NetWork reporters reported that pirates were cut off for the team’s effective cutah, Gerard McKie (Gerald McCoy). Tampa Bay Times The media first reported this news.

There were three years left by McCay, which was originally $ 13 million in 2019. He won’t take any salary space after being cut. Pirates have tried to trader Macquay, but did not find a team who is willing to take a $ 13 million annual salary.

In the first few hours before the trading message, Hasenberg said that he was frustrated from the coach group to correct the passive ball in two seasons in the jet. He is impossible to get an opportunity at present, a jet of Sam Darnold, Josh McCown and Teddy Bridgewater.

After the past two seasons in the past two seasons, the jets that need four-point guards still difficult to touch the coach group, Hasenberg began to improve their own passive posture from the beginning of this year.