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Author: James — Caber

One more time, I probably know how China is the country, how people here treat me. I don’t think you can imagine how happy I have lived here. Don’t misunderstand what I mean, my work is not easy. Here I worked here at 10:00 in the morning, we did a lot of things, but this is what I want. I want to feel everything I can feel, see everything I can see, and they just give me this opportunity. Thanks for them.

I came to China, first of all, I would like to say is NFL China’s office. The office is not big, the staff is not much. The president is an American, and a lady is American Asian, and the rest of the employees are Chinese. They treat them so rigid and arrange them with each matter.

In addition, these people have great enthusiasm for rugby, they have made great things. They face this extremely difficult challenge: introduction of rugby to a unfamiliar number of sports, and let the country fall in love with rugby. Don’t say there is also cultural differences, especially the different attitudes of sports. The Chinese attitude towards sports is not like Americans. They use a different perspective to examine sports, so they have to bring such motions such as rugby to China and make the Chinese and this movement is very difficult.

This means that they must have a big morning in order to watch the game, or hold mobile phones in the mobile phone; the same reasons, they can’t sit on the couch on Sunday afternoon, one to enjoy football; You can’t enjoy rugby on Sunday night, or on Monday night. Because of time difference, Monday and Tuesday morning, they can only watch the ball on the road; for them, our Thursday night game is actually on Friday morning. For the routine competition time, it is a point or four in the morning.

Cheap NFL Jerseys authentic China’s staff is incredible, in fact they have more than their own work. There are probably more than 20 million fans who have seen rugby competitions in China, which is more than 1.5 million every week, it is amazing! Their work is worth struggling.

Shanghai is a cool city. The people here are very cool. They all say that I can’t understand, they call it «Shanghai». Here, every small area has its own dialect. For me, Shanghai dialect sounds a bit like Japanese. When someone explains, I will feel «ah, I just seem to be a bit this.» But if you hear it on the street, this is Japanese for me, I don’t understand.

People here will speak Mandarin, they are very cool. This city is beautiful, and the old-China Shanghai and internationalized metropolis are integrated. If you overlook Shanghai from the sky, you will see the Oriental Pearl Tower, the skyline is beautiful, especially when you see it.

Finally, I want to evaluate China’s food. The food here is not a general delicious, not the taste of the American chain fast food. You will taste a lot of delicious tastes, this spicy can make your tongue and hurt, but let you not stop.

In addition, everything I have eaten in China is delicious, I have been very comfortable. I have worked with many social media staff. I have participated in the almost eight training camps. I know that I am coming for a week! The people here have special enthusiasm for rugby, this is a fun new world. Seeing a small wave because a sports from abroad is a very interesting thing. I am convinced that more and more people in China will fall in love with rugby, because these enthusiasts, because Wholesale NFL Jerseys China’s staff, football will become a great movement in China.

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