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That’s one of the concerns for coaches around the state as the fall sports season looms. The state high school track meet was scheduled for this coming weekend. But that break was a minor one in today’s world of year-round competition, even on the high school level as football camps, volleyball camps and AAU basketball tournaments dot the summer schedule. From what I read, it appears that masks will be required at all times for basketball players — during practices and games. Tonight in Elrosa, the Elrosa Saints will host doubleheader baseball with games at 5 and 7 p.m. Saints Field. The opponent is Kimball, and Elrosa’s team will consist of senior high baseball players from B-B-E high school. Browerville set up their next possession after the kickoff return on the B-B-E 48-yard line with 11:22 left in the third quarter. Then on third-and-eight at the Browerville 49-yard line, quarterback Tanner Shelton gained one yard to get to fourth-and-seven. Gode then carried for 12 yards to set up first down on the 20-yard line.

Browerville took over on downs on the B-B-E 48-yard line. Dressen Sports Complex in Browerville. Browerville punted as time expired in the quarter, and the Jaguars were then set up on their own 39-yard line to start the second quarter. The Tigers drove inside the 10-yard line. In the first quarter, the B-B-E Jaguar defense held on fourth down inside their own 25-yard line. The Tigers coughed up a lost fumble, and Heather Red B-B-E took over on their own 19-yard line. Gode carried again, and he busted free to the B-B-E 32-yard line. Obviously, it’s completely free and anyone can utilise it. Owner Matt Beukelman said he’s been arming athletes with both at-home workouts where they can use their body weight for various workouts and also been hosting acceleration workouts at Rapid Fitness. Each senior is in charge of a group of underclassmen to keep track of hours as they do workouts at home, or at Rapid Fitness, or any other workout facility that is currently open. One of the teams taking advantage of the acceleration program Rapid Fitness is the Dell Rapids volleyball team.

Several teams in the area have put an off-season acceleration program together with Dell Rapids-based Rapid Fitness. Coach Erica Fersdahl said for as important as skills camps are during the summer, being able to get to Rapid Fitness three times per week is just as important this season. On that drive, the Jaguars gained five yards on three plays. Holding all three timeouts, the team will get down to the Eagles one-yard line and have four shots to get in the endzone in the game’s final 19 seconds. On Browerville’s following drive, the Jaguars held on defense as the clock wound to just two seconds left in the first quarter. Ran down the shot clock many times. Gained first down-and-goal with five to go with under six minutes on the clock. Then on fourth down, Reed hauled in a 37-yard touchdown in the right corner of the field to put the Jaguars on the board with 1:27 left in the first quarter. If a fantasy platform could immediately do away with these issues, then it would assert itself as a fan-centric force to be reckoned with. I appreciated it then and appreciate it now as they become my latest guest blogger.

But for as limited as athletes are right now to workout facilities, Flemmer said that it may be the best thing that could have happened for many athletes. Will athletes be ready, and will they be more prone to injuries now that they’ve been idle for so long? Masking requirement exceptions during competitions will be made for student-athletes in gymnastics, cheerleading, wrestling and swimming and diving. So you will get all type of live sports updates in the screen of PC. Conte filled is to make it an experience you cannot get at home. Kincade closed out his home career with an 8-play, 66-yard drive with 60 of those yards going to Martez Carter. He’s able to spread them out over the vast square footage he has at the facility. Our last trip out there was surprisingly successful at the box office and provided a strong TV number. The Quarriers were decimated by injuries last year.