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Patriot has tried to sign the former President John — KennedyHistory always likes to open a little joke, New England Patriots have organized an opportunity to sign an external access to Harvard University in 1961, John F.kennedy.

Executive Vice President of Lions and Bob Quinn — Quinn Declaration said: «We have known the Trevor Bates) in New York. At present, we have not got with Treve. Contact, still in the process of collecting information. «

In general, the team has developed very well in the hands of Kelly. He has a little effect on the team’s progress. His contribution is indeed, but this is and their boss Jeff — Rari (Jeff) Lurie’s idea is dedicated, which may be a contradictory point.

Perhaps because of the problem of weight, the patriot has not selected this presidential player, because the patriot chosen the external hand of Gino Cappelletti successfully helped the team completed 9 wins 4 losses 1 flat regular season The record is selected.

Hawks 4-point guards walson knee inside a sub-ligament sprainSeattle Hawks played the best performance in the season in 37-18 defeated San Francisco, but their starting quarter-free arrived in advance.

Russell Wilson was injured once when he was killed by an opponent, and he was then replaced by the Subtock 4-point guard, and the Xiu Trevone Boykin was replaced, but it returned again after the attack. Leading the team to the ranging range of 3 points. Subsequently, Wilson left in advance, Bojin replaced the scene. The coach Pin Carroll is a «slightly» to the reporter after Pete Carroll.

Based on the New York Police Department’s spokesman, Bezdon was arrested in front of the Hampton Hotel in the morning, Bates was arrested by rejection of taxi fees. Bates were sent to the 115th police area and refused to accept fingerprint collection. Bates said that he didn’t like the police officer at the time, and when the police were responsible for the police, B & B was aiming to play a punch.

In 1961, the patriots urgently needed the reinforcement of the outside, and the age of Kennedy was 43 years old, approaching the age of the oldest player at the time, and the oldest player aged 40 years old. In the history of NFL, there have been more than 8 positions in the history of more than 43 years old, but Kennedy is different from these players. He left high-intensity confrontation American football court at the age of 23.

Dez — Bryant: The shoulder feels ten times better than last week.Dallas denim is still very careful when DEZ BRYANT is trained, but Bryant said that his right shoulder feel much better than last week, Bryant is trained in the training for four consecutive days. Initial restrictions participating in the training list, he initially wounded the shoulders in the second week of Tennesi Titan and absent the next week’s training. «My shoulder feels very good», Bryant said on Thursday, «I feel 10 times higher than last week.» Bryian wearing an extra protective gear to protect his right shoulder, he said him It feels that there is no need to be injected when the game of the Saint-Orleans Saint Sunday is to stop pain.

Carol on Monday morning confirms the nuclear magnetic resonance imaging showed that the Nuo Lags in the Knee Knee, NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that the Habis eagle was optimistic that Wilson was able to play the game.

It is reported that Kennedy spent 2 years in Harvard into the first player, according to his coach recalled that the first person of the team’s number of teams has always been Kennedy, but his shortcomings is that the weight is too light.

Eagle master coach and general manager relationship tenseAccording to channel news, the relationship between CHIP Kelly and his general manager, the relationship of Hofl Roseman, and their general manager, is worthy of attention.

Rosen, which is the third year of this year, announced that he will give up the draft in advance of the four seasons. Despite the injury to injuries during college career, he is considered to be the best quarter-off. This season, he passed the 3717 yard 26 times to 10 times.

Donold and Runson were considered to be the most likely to become a quarter-saving. In addition to them, the excellent quartzware in this year’s draft is also from the University of Oklahoma, Baker Mayfield and Wyoming University, San Swan — Alan Allen.

线 卫 Roland McClain (groin), defensive cututs (brain shock) (brain shock) also has defensive dish Henry — Henry Melton (Azuro) Not did not attend training. McLean hopes to evaluate the wholesale Nfl Jerseys‘s brain shock and then attended the training on Friday.

Newcomers queen Slunnson and Darod announced to participate in the NFL draftThe two quadrants of the NCAA University of NCAA, the most focused quadrant; & mdash; Sam Darnold, Sam Darnold, Sam Darnold, California, Double Rosen, Double-Rosh Rosen This year’s NFL draft.

There are many ball probe that Donod is the top newcomers in the election. In 2016, he became the team’s first four-point guard, led the University of Southern California to get 9 consecutive victories. His performance is not expected in this season, trapped in the mistakes, but he is still leading the team to obtain the Pacific 12 Alliance champion.

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