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Jet safety Wei Jiamal — Adams does not participate in virtual offset trainingAccording to informed people, when the New York jet begins to voluntarily, the team’s core, the team defensive group is core, and Jamal Adams is expected to participate.

According to ESPN, Miami dolphins have exchanged their external connections and the 7th round of selection of Xiuquan. The outer hand is Mike Wallace, because the team needs to trade in Kenny Stills in the morning, it takes enough salary space, so Wallace’s departure Going is inevitable.

Before this game, the saints of Drew Brees Drew Brees were 537 times, and the ranking history is the first Pony Ming Pedon — Manning is only 2 times. However, in view of the third Tom Brady (536 times), it is possible to break the record first. In any case, Bris has the opportunity to become a player who has reached the number of people in the historical career in this game.

NFL and Www.mazar.com players will reach an agreement before, due to epidemic, the team will only hold virtual rest training. This year, there will be a team of new coach will be able to contact a team member on Monday, and other teams can start training during April 27.

Grounded, Kirk Cousins, will serve as a first four-point guard, Griffin, starting from September 23 to open a door for Mesisi, he said: «Any madness The thing can happen in NFL, so I don’t do anything. «

The black panther last win is the 9th week of the 2019 season, then they have changed a lot. The coaching group has basically had a new facial composition, and when the family runs to Kristian — Christian McCaffrey is currently being absent.

London game preview: Dolphin Jet Machine Warm WenliAs an important part of NFL overseas market expansion, London has become a fixed event in NFL in recent years. This year, the first London comes coincides with the National Day Golden Week, which also allows the majority of Chinese fans to enjoy the NFL feast on Sunday night. This game will be a civil war in the United States, from the second consecutive year visited London, Miami Sea Dolphin (1-2), «home» Wembley Stadium to meet the New York jet (2-1).

24-year-old Adams will reach $ 3.5 million this year. His average annual average salary is $ 5.6 million and ranked 23rd in all alliance all. However, this rookie contract worth $ 22.3 million is a full guarantee, and it is guaranteed that the income is ranked 5th in safe sashimi. The team will decide whether to perform his fifth annual contract option this year.

Jay Gruden told reporters that because Griffin, Griffin, was absent, and now he seems to have a good reply. Grunette said that if the team doctor determines his injury, then he will return to the first. «Once the team doctors say Griffin is healthy, you can train it, then I will be very happy to see him and make tactics for him, he will be the first person. But I don’t know how long this time is hard to give. A plan may be a week may be two weeks or five weeks. Anyway, I don’t know. He is restored, he is trying to know, he is the same person, but in the training room and in the field Training is two things, we need to make sure his body and mind are restored. «

Once Griffin II is ready, I will return to the start.US time Wednesday, Washington’s red-skinned quarter-Griffin III returned to the course to participate in training, and he and team members participated in personal training.

According to informed people, the jet has not officially expressed in the intention of Adam Springs. There have been reports that the jet has received the transaction offer for his transaction due to the transaction last year.

In addition to renewing the new generation of four-point guards, Tam Hayer, the Qianji Run Marri Miller last season, the dolphins also introduced the front of the saints to take over the Kenny Stars, coach Pennanti Gray — Jennings, former Brown nearly Director Jordan — Cameron and other offensive weapons. In terms of pass, although it was killed 7 times and the last 3 times was copied, Tanhir 882 code 5 reached the ball success rate 61.6 is still a good level, outer hand Les Shaude Matsu The mysterious protrudes have been made, and he and the second grade Jiavis-Randri have 200 yards, and near-end Tkamelong also has 151 yards. But in terms of sports, Miller is affected by an ankle injury, and 30 shots are only advanced by 105 yards. In the last season, the front season’s 200 yards before the patriot running Weidonas Gray in the top 9 rushed 49 yards. The pavement attack is frustrated and sent out of the 7th killing shows that the front line of the dolphins is not good. Albert, the main force of this game, Albert is likely to be unable to play due to the injury of the leg, and obviously they will encounter more trouble.

[Average predecessor] 15th Weight Mary Night: Saint VS PonyThe New Orleans Saints in the home celebrates the Monday Night game for Indiana Polis. After regretting the 49 people in San Francisco, the Saint needs to win each game to ensure that there is a chance to hit the United States, and the pony needs a victory to keep the weak playoffs.