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Kasler showed a good pass premieration and the ability to rapidly led the offensive advancement. In his debut and full of competitions, the Brown offensive group promoted 384 yards. However, he lacks the strength of the long army. The two game Brown offensive groups played by McCaun were not coincidence.

Paving DJ Fluker announced the news that he was discontinued by Twitter, he said: «Dear Hawks 12 people, I am cut today. There are a few things to emphasize: I am not disappointed, too There is no injury. This is a business need. I also touch the year. I want to thank the general manager and the head coach. Everyone must pay attention to safety, I love you. Thank you, Seattle. «

Challenge Xing Tianyu, then lead Bradric jersey!

October 15, Bbs.Tanwanly.Com 2018 At 8:15:18, Indianapolis, Indianapolis, the new England patriot, our anchor Xing Tianyu sent a piece of Patriots on the 12th Brundi jersey.

This is the first time I participated in the team on December 21 last year, the team lost to the Houstown Trink, after the training, while Jenneg was affected by the injury of the foot and knee, the season has absent four games. The competition, in last week, it is forced to work on the wall last week. It is reported that Menluo and Jenneggen have a great possibility to play this week with the New England Patriots competition. Jennegang said: «I have been prepared, because the taste of injury is forced to fight for a few semi-finals, but this also makes me more look forward to the battle.»

Crow team Monro, Jennagan regression training

Baltimore Crow team offensive Diamene Monroe and defensive cut Tim — Timmy Jerrigan is on Tuesday’s return training ground, both absent the outer card last week.

Jackson also said that although McChane wants to play, he understands this decision. «I think he understands the situation we are. After 15 years, he has always understood the team decided.» Jackson said.

There is no backward after Titan. Although the patriot has got 3 points by Stephen Gostkowski, it got 3 points, but Titan came down on 23 yards of Corey Davis. The 33 yards of Ryan Succop further expanded the leading advantage. After the 1 yardlin of James Develin, the patriot will no longer score.

Titan coaches have taken over the Bill Belichicks, and several players in the team are the old people, these facts have added special significance for this victory. This game made the patriot six consecutive victories, but also made Titan’s battle to 5-4, and the winning rate is over half.

The game is open soon, it seems that everyone is honest for the jersey room and the Braddy jersey. So we decided! ! !

On October 15, 2018, the game of the Chief VS New England Patriots at 8:00 on October 15, 2018, our anchor Xing Tianyu once again opened the «Everyday NFL» prize room to challenge players, and sent out the Patriots No. 12 Bradi Jeans Part. The number of rooms will increase to 300, and more players have the opportunity to participate in competition.

Don’t forget to participate in the «Everyday NFL» and explode Xing Tianyu.

Additional notice:

Wolf said: «My worried is very ordinary. I don’t think we need to avoid yourself involving dangerous situations. If you don’t pay attention to protective measures, you will have a chance to contact new crown viruses.»

This kind of life is naturally unable to complete all people, so Rosrisberg went to the barber shop. The problem is that this hairdressing store has not been allowed to open during the current restart stage of Pennsylvania. Therefore, Peizhou Governor Tom Wolf will be dissatisfied with dissatisfaction.

Darius Jennings completed the 58-yard kick ball back to the beginning of the game, and opened a good head for Titan. After the Titan spent 7 files were completed. Jonnu Smith completed 4 yards and brought up to MARCUS Mariota.

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Trofan has two advantages in the size of the body and the speed, which makes him very suitable for Dan Quinn’s defensive group. Trovete can be entangled in the opponent and can destroy the passage during anti-transmission and have a good attack angle when destroying the ball.

Over the years, it is clear that Braddy’s best way is to press him, especially from the front, and interfere with his pass. But the chief defensive players know that it is far more difficult to do this in the game.

The original Arizona Red Sick hopes to choose Thomas to slowly cultivate, but just give up him after a season. In the rookie season Thomas, I was playing two games for the red scitch. 9 passed only 1 time, but this is a 81-yard pass to reach. Thomas lost in the dolphins after a year after the dolphins training group.

Hall was stable last season, completed 9 destroyed passes, and obtained 2 coputés. But career enters the tenth season Hall has been injured during the entire career. He suffered two-day tearing and accepted back surgery in the offset period; & mdash; this is the reason why he found a new team so late. It is reported that he has now restored health.

Thomas’s situation once again proved that NFL encountered in the middle section of four-point guard, like Thomas’s quarter-free & mdash; & mdash; has excellent sports capabilities but did not have the opportunity to grow by participating in competition & mdash; & mdash; will continue Facing unfavorable sites.

Emirates Defensive Players: It will be difficult to kill the pirate quartz Wei Tha-Braddy

No one will think that the 43-year-old Tom Brady is a four-point guard that is good at run. When he was driven out of the four-point guard protection net, he was difficult to deal with the defensive player.

If the giant decides to keep the three quadrants in the array, Thomas has the opportunity to grow further after Eli Manning and Ryan Nassib (enter the contract year). Thomas entered the league in 2014, but he has a lot of places to progress in terms of players and technologies.

«Have you seen Tom-Braddy’s movement of the shoulders in the four-dimensional protection net? You have to find a video to see,» Achieve the Emirates Defense Dragon Frank Clark «said. «His shoulders are someticuous. I don’t know how to say. Tom Bradi is a few years old, 43? I have no opinions about the age of 43.»

Bennet appeals to speak freely in social networking sites

Seattle Eagle’s defensive player Michael Bennett never published its own unique viewpoint and remarks, who recently attended a music show, wearing «BlackLiveSmatter», and pointed out that NFL’s stars did not dare Social media will speak freely.

Hall is a giant’s corner guard location, the giant’s corner guard, including Janoris Jenkins, old Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and the first round show Eli Apple. Hall is good at serving as a slot, if Epper is not prepared to face the first heavy, Hall’s play time may reduce Epper’s appearance time. After signing the Hall, Epper is able to get a learning time rather than directly facing a cruelty.

«Secondly, he will return 8 to 9 yards, as a defensive end, you feel that he will stay in that position, then you rushed 8 to 9 yards, and he took 5 yards forward. This is what he let many players I can’t kill him. So we have to know this, remember this, then find ways to respond. «

«You can move your shoulders like that, after the league, he can move his shoulders like this, which is too amazing. I and (defensive cut off) Chris Jones, I have been discussing this action. I think Chris has missed him for 1 time because (Brady) shakes the shoulder in some way. Chris is completely empty. «

The only wholesale nfl jerseys star mentioned in Nette is Cam Newton. This is what he deliberately still thinks about the Newton we have to know, but at least meant Newton is an influential player in African Americans. .

Los Angeles Lightning will put the second grade close-end strike in the injury reserve list

On Sunday, Los Angeles Lightning faces not only ten games from the Chief of Kansas City. They lost the best opportunities to enter the playoffs, and lost the future of the team’s important offensive group.

Tactical design and the reading before Braddy will also help him avoid the killing. Breddy’s speed is more than most quarter. This season, his average shot speed was 2.57 seconds, and the four-point guard at least 300 times of passing. The outstanding offensive front line of pirates also helps Bakedi arm, so that he needs to be interfered with long-term transmission.

«He has been playing for about 21 years the ball, Cheap Jerseys so he knows how to not be knocked down,» Chiefs defensive end Tano — Pasa Nuo (Tanoh Kpassagnon) representation. «He moved his shoulders and then slipped from your hands. This is different from Pat; & mdash; Patric is completely different, and Domin; & mdash; but Tom is truly in the four-point guard website very skilled. so the real important thing is to protect the quarterback network break, let him nowhere to go. »

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ESPN reporter news said: «Although there is no restrictive mobile phone software according to the official in the stadium, it is responsible for the betting of the sports competition, which has been used for many years. The person conducts bet. «

The final lion in this game lost to the crow 20 to 44. At present, the Lion’s record is 6 wins and 6 losses. If Stafford can return as soon as possible and find a sense of feeling, the team also rushed to the shuttle in the playoff.

In this game, McCaffli gave a total of 151 yards for 2 times to reach a total of 151 yards. Although McCaverry is absent due to injuries after the next week, the black panther does not limit the appearance time in the first game after its return. In this game, the black panther was 22 times, and McCaverry took 18 times, and he was also passed 10 times, complete all the ball. He played 52 files in the team’s 75-file attack.

Dobs is a four-year show for the steel man in 2017. It is a two-year for the team, and then serves as a year in the Americas. Dobis career has played 5 games for steel people in the second year, and 12 passed 6 times, and the 43 yards were promoted. In order to make a list space, the steel man gave up four points to Dyfflin — «Wild Duck» — The Devlin «Duck» Hodges.

This tactics we call it «wild cat formation» (Wildcat). The most important feature of the wild cat array is the chaos of the station, and the quarter-off site is in the external hand, and the running guard stands in the four defensive position. On the one hand, strengthen the ground offensive ability, on the other hand, confuse the opponent, launch attack before the clear offensive routine has not been identified.

Davis signed a year before Davis for a year, but it was cut off by the team before. He was originally a three-round show in 2016, 2017, in 2018, the first 31 games were issued. His position was subsequently joined Mingka-Fitzpatrick on the MINKAH Fitzpatrick.

According to the CBS message, the game temperature will be lower below or near zero-18-degree body sense, which is the first time this season. According to local weather observation news, there will be 11 miles of wind per hour, and Canada’s extreme cold tide will be blown.

The source of the wild cat is no clear, and one of the more reliable is derived cheap jerseys from china the «T-form», which is also a formation that focuses on ground attack. cheap nfl jerseys from china first introduced a wild cat array was on November 26, 1998. The Minnesotavijing first made this trick in the game, but it was not universally imitated. Until the third week of the 2008 season, Miami dolphins took the wild cat formation as a special attack method and successfully made it, and the alliance teams began to follow. However, only November, New England Patriot Coach Bill Pillarse cracked the offensive system, compressed dolphins in the whole game to 27 yards, hard-to-eat 11 resort dolphins Squeeze out the list of future games.

The Hawks are the most cold in the game or the most cold.

The home of the US Time Sundirida will will be very cold. At that time, the challenge of the Seattle Hawks will be held at the home of Viking, and decide who can advance the next round of the next round.

The running guard can not only take the ball, but also hand it to the running guards, let it move laterally, pull open from the opportunity to break through the defense, and even pass the ball to four-point guard, but generally given the player in each location Different talent points, the passage of the evacuation will never be as secure as quadruption. Compared to other normal stamps, the wild cat formation realizes 11 people in actual combat in the ground attack. how do I say this? In the running offense of normal station, the center will open the ball to the quarterfield, and the four-point guard will be sent to the running guard, running the ball. Regardless of the four-dimensional, how to use the acting to confuse the defensive group, trying to let them believe that the ball is still in his own hands, but never really give the other 10 teammates, and 11 people can plentifully on the interception of running . The wild cat is different, running directly to the ball attack, four-guards and corner must form 1 pair 1, enter the front, hard, retreat to the ball to attract defense, from the strategic sense to achieve the number of balances.

Today, I can’t see the legendary wildcat pattern, but I don’t mean that I will hide. Each team has limited training time, and it is necessary to deal with rare formation, and there is nothing wrong with which a team has once again moved out of the wild cat formation, and it is not possible to fight a defensive group.

Football thirty-six

Stealing the column, refers to the way to change the way, secretly change the essence and content of things. The purpose of deceiving deception. The American football team, four-shot, must be the top of the team, all attacks are launched by quarter-free, and he is also responsible for driving the team’s anomiting work. Each team must replace the main four-point bath, it must be a hurt the bone, and even dismantlement is rebuilt. Based on this cognition, the tactics of stealing columns often prevent the opponent to prevent it.

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Atlantan Falcon 4-point Swan is still firm, but the team is still probably a raining. Thomas Dimitroff, General Manager, said that he always considers quadrants during the preparation of the draft. There have been reported that Dimitlov is interested in some top quarters of this year’s draft.

«I don’t want anyone to become a draft,» Rif said. «I want them to succeed. There is no evidence for me to show that Brown will succeed. This is the place where the quartz guards buried their own career. How many four defigues & mdash; & mdash; 27 in the past 10 years What do they have? If I am Sam Doward, I have the bargaining code of negotiations now, I know that I will become a draft, I will tell my agent saying, & lsquo; helping me think that I don’t want to go to Brown. Let I am like Eli Manning. & Rsquo; «

Front of the eye, Xiu Lif: Top rookie four-point guard should avoid brown

Ryan LEAF has learned a draft of the draft, he believes that the key to avoiding such fate is to avoid joining the wrong team. In Lv, this means away from Cleveland Brown.

Big Manning may become the fourth place after the fourth place, the fourth place after the Doug Flutie, 2001) and Brett Favre, 2008, 09. Complete the four-dimensional sanitary surfacing of the whole 39 years old.

Dictionary News Summary: New York Giants Candidates 4 points Guiansin — Herbert

New York Giants currently believe that Daniel Jones will become the team’s four-point guard, but this does not stop them from examining the candidate quarter-off this year.

Last year, the Arizona Red Snark used the patron to select the four-point satelli-Murray and will only serve the team’s 2018 first round show quarter-saga-Rosen (Josh Rosen) ). However, the giant is now more likely to be a smoke bomb. The hand holds the 4th time, they have previously publicly expressed their willingness to trade down.

Manning contacts the wild horse management has been prepared for the next season.

According to the news, Pedon Manning has actively contact the wild horse management, decided to continue to fight next season, fight for the second super bowl of championship. Manning will usher in the 39th birthday last month. In the past 3 weeks, he has followed the famous trainer Masaki Hillstone for rehabilitation training in the last paragraph of 14 seasons. His four muscle injuries have been completely recovered.

If Manning is on March 9, that is, the NFL2015 Alliance is also in the official start of the Miraka player, he will get a guarantee of $ 19 million. In addition to the huge salary of Manning, the wild horses are still more than 26 million wage spaces to renew Dosimas and other important free players. The 2016 season or will reach 50 million US wage space.

He said: «After deep thinking, my wife and I think this is the best decision, I am very fortunate to stay in NFL for 7 seasons, staying 3 great team Luhua, Viking and Hawks I am very grateful to those friends who have passed, but now I am very expected to live in my future. «

Siano said in the statement: «I have informing the Robert Kraft and Bell Belichick, I will quit the work of the patriots defensive coordinator. This is not a specific The incident, I just realized that I need more time to firmly believe in faith, accompany the family. I won’t consider the past things, don’t think about it. So I just put down the game for the time being, I will do something more important. «

The giant is indeed reason to cool the smoke. The team that needs to pick four-point guard after the giant. The Miami Dolphins is located in the 5th, Los Angeles Lightning is located in June 6. The Detroit Lion, which is ranked third, has also been negotiated downwards.

Patriot defensive coordinator Westiano resigns

Beijing March 29, US Time Thursday afternoon, Patriots defensive coordinator Greg Schiano issued a statement, indicating that he will resign Cheap Jerseys From China the coach.

The lions and giants have reason to raise the privilege price. The first round of selection is also valuable to them. They have no pressure to trade down. The team is trying to increase his negotiation advantage when only a few days.

Falcon does have reason to consider candidate four-point guard except the top 3 people, because these quarters take more time to cultivate rather than war. The contract of Ryan will expire after the 2023 season, but he may also jump out of the contract after the 2022 season. Let a young quarter-off study in Ryan to make transitions easier.

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Compared with the Alex Smith, Alex Smith completed 153 yards and 2 reachaes, their star running Jamaal Charles completed 35 yards, relying on Charles Stabilizing the Emirates insisted on the fourth quarter, but due to the failure of Smith’s 2 points, it gave a major victory in the wild horse.

Denver wild horse offensive group increases one weaponPEYTON MANING Bed on Sunday, the Denver Homa was defeated with Kansas Chief at 29-16, and he passed 2 reacons, but he was not the biggest hero of wild horses, their running guard cj Anderson (CJ) Anderson completed the sports ball propulsion of single 168.

According to reports, the Mayor Henry Cisneros, the Mayor, Henry Cisneros, who went to Auckland to meet the management personnel of the raid, and Hezileris said that he felt that the raid has 50% hopes to move to San Antonio. .

Elays Manning called for everyone to wait patiently for the giant attack recoveryThe New York Giants in the first week of the regular season showed bad performance, which led to a lot of fans, and recently the team’s four-point Wei Yile Manning (Eli Manning) I hope everyone will keep patient.

Their Kangna-Barth completed 5 perfect kicks, and their running guard CJ Anderson completed 168 yard running balls, and pushed 5.3 yards, and took a 15 yard. The victory of the game, the victory of this game helped the wild horses to complete the record of 9 wins and 3, became the first place in the Melan West, and they have settled over 6 consecutive games.

The 8th Week, the best defensive player: Miami Dolphin Safety Wei Luis Delmas: Dolphin needs to help the defensive group to help the Jacksonville America. Delmas completes 81 yards back to the attack at the 81 yard.

San Antonio official meeting in Auckland and the raidRecently, the news of local officials who have exploded by San Antonio media and the news of the raids, earning eyeballs in the NFL team migration.

Line Wi-Bruce-Ivsis won the University of West VirginiaThe current raid, Bruce Irvin, who has won the superb bowl with the Haiying team. Recently, there is another important honor for the superb bowl ring to be awarded to Owen.

cheap nfl Jerseys From china official website reporter Ian RapoPort reported that the US Tribunal Judge David — Multi-mentioned (David S. Doty) has made a favorable ruling against Peterson, supporting NFL players regarding cancellation The previous arbitrator officer maintains the request for the ban on the punishment. «The request to revoke the previous arbitration decision is allowed,» According to the Lobport report, multi-mentioned judges are announced so. «The case will enter the next step according to the conditions allowed by the (labor agreement).»

The eighth week of the National United States of America, the best players announcedIn order not to be covered by the seventh week of Denver’s Wild Horse, Pitton Manning, Pittsburgh Steelman, Sato, Rosrisberg, has played a career best performance.

Peterson is still an unknown in the future of Viking. The star running guard who has won the most valuable players in the league said that he replied to the team after the team was sent to the president’s exemption in September last year. » Both sides may also fall into deadlock & mdash; & mdash; Peterson will reach 12.75 million US dollars and occupy a $ 15.4 million wage space. Peterson said he believes that he should not accept a payment.

There are many evidence that the raid people migrate to the possibility of San Antonio, of course, the relocation of the raid, of course, the boss of the cowboy, Jones Jones, which is unable to build a new stadium for the raids or build a new stadium. Jones Jones Jerry Jones. I hope that three teams in Texas may also be a reason.

The eighth week of the United States, the best special service group players: running guards / kickbacks, Knile Davis: Davis is in the team 34-7 defeating St. Louis ram, there is a 99 yard. The ball back to attack the ball and let the ball attack look quite relaxed.

This honor is the degree from the University of West Virginia, which is not small in the meaning of Owen. Owen is not a child who follows and discipline. He dropped out of school in high school, but the desire for rugby motivated him to obtain a general education development certificate (GED), and then went to the University of West Virginia.

Interestingly Jones is the most supported teams in the alliance to migrate to Los Angeles. Recent evidence shows that the St. Louis ram will be the team of relocation. This will lead to the raids, so looking for new directions to become possible, so San Antonio played its role.

The eighth week of the Best Technical Group Players: Washington Red Leather Kicksha Kai — Buddha FORBATH: Buddha’s game in the team’s overtime game, playing all 2 any ball shoots in the game, These include the overtilization of the overtime.

In the country, Arizona’s red squash, Larry Fitzgerald, is almost obvious. He played a breakthrough performance in the game competition, and the 160 yards were taken for 160 yards and 1 time in the game of the Fundedi Eagle. Although the number of passes in the season is reduced in the number of times, Fitzgerald shows that he still has an incredible explosive force, and also shows the attack of the competition that he can complete the second-line defense of all the teams. .

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Brown Horn Wei Joeng: The Cavalier pointed out the way of success

52 years of northern Ohio has no pain and failure, announced on Sunday. This night, the Cleveland Knight won the NBA championship. In the case of a large score 1-3, it is tenaciously tuning and seizes the O’Brien Cup, LeBron James and his teammates bring a hint for other athletes in Cleveland.

If Brown is quickly replicating the knight’s success, you can’t do it in a short time. Brown’s lineup is unable to compete with the lineup of the United Jehna other teams, and there is no ruling player like Knight’s LeBron. Despite this, people still hope that under the leadership — Jackson’s leadership, Brown can find the road to success after rebuilding, so that Brown can harvest the champion like the same city brothers.

公 公 约 约 外 外 接 布 布 接

After the ram and the eagle, after the first quarter-shock, I left their number one after another two-year contract, and the Detail of Kenny Britt was not announced.

«Now, the curse has been removed. The knight has a champion. Now we have to learn from LeBron and knights, get our own champion. This will always encourage our city and the team. I am ready to go now. Strive for championship. «

In the past, Cheap Jerseys From china Manzell has suffered trouble because of the issue of signature. During the university, this Hesmann winner broke NCAA rules, sold their own signature earning income, this behavior was punished by the university alliance. Now that he sells its own signature obviously will not be hindered.

Joe Haden, in the THEMMQB website, wrote the first champion of the Knight for more than 50 years in the first person’s perspective (the last champion is Brangnanji Jim — Brown Leaders) I feel. Hayden’s statement includes joy, inspiring, firm, and a silky.

The Brett career is effective in Titan in front of Titan, last season, turning off the ram in a year, complete 48 shots 748 yards 3 times. Among them, 748 yards are the highest records since the Rani Torr, Holt, Torry Holt.

«During the 7 years of my play, I didn’t have a championship of the curse since I have never had a championship in 1964 Brown. I have heard the ear. But you have to take action. End this curse, not the light said on his mouth. The knight did this. After winning the champion, the citizens of Cleveland venting their joy in the street, simply incredible. People flocked to the street, throwing grass paper, constantly Celebration and screaming. It’s too crazy. I have never seen the scene that can be compared with this compassion. Perhaps, when a city has not got a championship for a long time, people celebrate is also expected. «

Significant — Manzel Super Bowl will sell personal signatures as well as self-timer

If you are in Houston, there are 149 dollars in your hand, then you can buy Johnny Manziel’s signature and self-timer.

The last time Gano challenges in training camp in 2017, when another Harrison — Bate Ke (Harrison Butker) brisk performance. But in the end chose the Panthers Lugano and laid off Bate Ke, who later joined the Kansas City Chiefs and played well. Gano into the Pro Bowl with the performance of the team’s confidence back. But now things are quite different. Gano poor 2018 season, plagued by injuries, any shooting 87.5% three touchdowns and kicked additional points shot.

In the case of Gano still absent, rookie kicker Joey — Sly (Joey Slye) dedication perfect play in the preseason. In the game he completed all six kick, which comprises 1 55 yards and one shot 54 yards, ola-Forum.Gr two touchdowns and all additional points goal.

«Well, we want to wait and see what will happen in the next twelve days he continued to go through a process to restore health, then we can know whether he will complete the shot.» Coach Ron — Rivera (Ron Rivera) said on Monday. «If he can play, then he certainly will be able to shoot. This is, of course.»

Beijing time on Tuesday, October 30, 8:20 early, the eighth week of the regular season, Monday, Monday Night Master, New York, New York, Buffalo, 2 wins and 5 losses, Buffalo, hosted the same part, 5 wins and 2 negative new England patriot. Last season Bill has been killed by patriots, and they last overcome the patriot or in the 2016 season.

Panthers coach: kicker Gano continued absence through injury unnerving

Beijing August 28 hearing when we are getting closer from the regular season, Carolina Panthers key players continue to face injury problems. This time we are not talking about quarterback Kanmu — Newton (Cam Newton).

This season, Gore completed the individual 961 yard in the case of the horses. His career has spent 49 people and pony in San Francisco, and we don’t know what to make a decision, but at least he completed a milestone.

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Norton was selected by the Corolina black panther, and the dolphins were signed from the Black Panther Spanker in December last year. He originally expected to compete with a team quota. Now dolphins may put Norton in a list of non-wrestled injuries, if they do this means they may choose to pay some or all Norton 490,000 non-warranty salary.

Previously, there was no name, Leonard Fournette finally broke out, a 69-yard shockpole directly kills the first 10 yard lines of the end area, which is excited. Unfortunately, his scorpion did not continue to push into the end area. Ming Xiu and Visbrooke’s connection have not been successful, and the 4th gear’s unspeakable Jaguo transferred the right to Titan.

The Auckland raid young four-point guard in US time confirmed the replacement of the Green Bay packaging workers who were unable to participate in the career bowl on Wednesday, which is also his personal participation in professional bowls.

Phillip Rivers are famous «Mr. December», and December last year, «December last year is a typical example. The second-grade external handle KAON — Allen Allen’s data on the 121 yards of the crow, 61 tickets 642 yards in the season are the highest in the team. The old-ended front-ended Antonio-Gates has achieved 9 times. They will be the best helper of Rivers. The Ring Council led by Ryan Matthews needs to overcome the weakness of the offensive front line to the Rivers’ air blowing power.

Pedon — Manning Rebuild Contract Salary 4 million US dollarsPeyton Manning will be returned to Denver Musaba. This will happen to be a reality on Ward. Wholesale Nfl Jerseys official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that Manning will receive $ 4 million in a salary of $ 4 million according to the information of the informed people.

The 14th week of the game forward: Patriot VS lightningThe 14th week of the NFL regular season, San Diego lightning will take the Town Gaotong Stadium to meet New England Patriots. This will be an important role in the mid-Aflian season. The following is the point of view of the game.

Giant coach will usher in the 300th game of coaching career This week, New York Giants and Jacksonville America Tiger will become a 300 games of Tom Coughlin coaching career. When Kovlin was asked, he said that he didn’t understand the special meaning of this game before: «Really? Thank you, tell me this, I haven’t realized it yet. For young people, become the master Coach, 300 games to coach appeared to be unbelievable. «Cauffen also opened a joke in the interview:» I think, I must began to coach from 15 years old. «

But the next game is more than thinking & hellip; & hellip; nothing. No one score for 11 consecutive spheres. After the Jeni Tiger took 3 points from Josh Lambo. After the two sides exchanged the ball, Titan’s four-point guards in Mario Tagang retrieved some states, and the 29-yard-Walker completed 29 yards and was steadily advanced and finally leaned against Derk Henry (Derrick). Henry’s 1 code shock ball reaches score.

The 68-year-old Caufferee is the top elderly coach in the alliance, but he always said that he is much more young than it looks. At present, the giant only got three victories, almost the 5th absencing of the iron in the past six years. Therefore, the outside world is questionable to Cauffen, and the voice of the resignation of his resignation is also strong. But whether it is Cao Fu Lin himself or a giant’s management, it means that this is not considered in the middle of the season. The two super bowls of champion said that both parties will talk about it in January next year.

The key defense group that blockade lightning passing attack, starting cornerback, «King Island» Darrell — Revis (Darell Revis), Brandon — Bronner (Brandon Browner) to face Keenan — Allen, Malcolm Floyd This is a combination of small blocks. It is necessary to be vigilant that they have a good results when they have a large corner combination of large corners such as Bunge. Jones Jones, who had just retrained, will join hands to get 6 killing Rob Nikovich to Rivus launched a crazy impact. Trip Wilfork, Vince Wilfork, Inner Yidong Tower — Haoyao (Don & # 39; TA Hightower) is the middle school column defensive in the pavement, and the patriot can suppress the squash attack alliance in this regard. Lightning, forcing Rivers often face the situation of the three-speed long-distance conversion, it will be very beneficial.

The game is very dramatic: the teacher of the Jenan Tiger is unfavorable to become open. Titan’s Adore Jackson’s 50-drawn kicks in Logan Cook, the ball is getting off at the 16-yard line of this side, and is subject to the jumber of the 7 yard line. Line Weidon — Leon Jacobs caught. After the Gardner MinShew, the left short-term connection James O & RSQUO; Shaughness completed 7 yards. Jaguo 0-7 leads.

Now, the wild horses can fully surround them who know the four-dimensional construction lineup that will return. They may even have the ability to increase a little fire force to the offensive group to make up for the close-end Gong Julies — Thomas. Inevitable. loss.

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Li was in 2014 and 2015. He was full of full-time in 2016 and was just absent from 2 games in 2017. In March 2018, he signed a group of $ 34 million, including a renewal contract for $ 1.65 million security income. But after that, he only gave a team of 6 games and completed 3 batches to get 18 yards. He torn in front of the left knee tape, inner sub-ligament and post cross ligaments in the 2018 season season.

The game, though Cowboys quarterback Tony ushered Alone — Romo (Tony Romo) return, but still lost at home to challenge the Ravens. Ravens in the first half will establish a 17-point lead. Campaign, quarterback Joe — Flacco (Joe Flacco) 17 mass 9, 113 yards and sent touchdown. Cowboys defensive problems exposed, this is their preseason, the second consecutive year to get 25 points more than the opponents.

Endenderius Thomas, said: «We are already used to it. I think we are not optimistic, now we come here, and have the ability to win the game. We and Not in what others say, we will only do our own work. «Although not being optimistic, the wild horses are championships as the Meets of the Meet, as the Meetan champion, they have the ability to draw the perfect end of this season.

Anderson said: «We just go to a football game, we have no pressure on us. No one thinks we will win, no one thinks our 39-year-old four-point guard performance is excellent.» In the playoff, the wild horse has always been The party being optimistic, but they finally advanced into the superb bowl, responded to the outside world with the actual action.

Cowboy and Refense Defensive Dry Radle Greater Contest for about one yearUS time on Tuesday, Cowboy and the defending end of the defending ends of the last week, Randy Gregory, including $ 200,000 signing bonuses.

Piteson before sending text messages to Viking peopleAlthough Adrian Peterson, Adrian Peterson did not participate in the Atlantian Falin of the Atlantian Falin, but he sent a message to the whole team. Several Viking Team players and Minnesota’s radio station KSTP-AM said before starting, Peterson issued the information to the main church Mike Sin, and Xin Mi went to the players.

After another, the red tones will face the New York jet, Dallas Cowboy and Seattle Hawks. If Beck has to absence 2 games, he may hit gypsum in the injured, insist on playing the game against dungel and Hawks.

Nowadays, the external connections in the patriots also have Julian Edelman, last year’s first Way Xiu Enchil — Harry (N & # 39; Keal Harry) and the old Mohamed Sanu (Mohamed Sanu) ). Last year, the new Xiuya Bi-Miles (Jakobi Meyers) and Parkerfionajaffe.Com Ghanner Olszewski were also returned this year. In addition, the patriot has also signed an external handle of Damiere Byrd, which last season for Arizona.

Viking Run Weite-Aichia Tower has not detailed Piteson’s SMS content, but he said that this is an inspiring morale. Asa Taga said: «We can experience the encouragement and incentives of his text to our text. We are running out when we play.»

During this paragraph, Asa tai Tower rushed out of 3 points in the game, and the Viking team also got 241 yards in the opponent, even at last season Pitters, dimension The Jing people also only one game was more than 241 yards.

GERALD HODGES also revealed some SMS content: «You and the coach replied to Pitterson, Peterson also shared his thoughts, saying that he deeply loved The team is going to be with everyone, but everything is now separated from his control. So I hope that everyone can play the game, just like the last time. «

The new show quarter-BRITITIM BRESVOT (EDDY Bridgewater) The first time in this game is the first time, and it also got a SMS in Peterson. Bridgewater said: «The most inspirational me is & lsquo; every piece of attack is the last time because you don’t know when it is playing next time & rsquo; thus we have been encouraged and incentives, we Rushing out, hard, this is the result of the unity and cooperation of the team. «Bridgewater came out of the 317-yard achievement before the fourth ankle was injured, and he also said that the foot is not very serious and expected to participate. On Thursday, the wrapper of the wrapper.

The campaign, although the Steelers to stay ahead most of the time, but Bill team has been biting score. The final home game of the Steelers still won the game, which is nearly two years the Steelers for the first time in the preseason win. This headed star — Ross Ellis Berg (Ben Roethlisberger) 11 will pass before half 8, and sends 128 yards two touchdowns. In addition, pick linebacker Ryan — Sha Zeer defensive end brisk performance, he steals in the first section of the hosts is advancing within 46 seconds 80 yards and a touchdown. The Bill team here, the main quarterback EJ Manuel (EJ Manuel) 27 pass 17, sent out 148 yards, but unfortunately none converted into touchdowns. Worse outside rookie wide Sami — Watkins in the first quarter then injured his ribs in a game which he did not return to the court.

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Saints plan to limit the workload of the first quadruple Drew Brees in training, ensuring that his arms can get a full rest while ensuring Winston and another four-dimensional Taisham Taysom Hill can have a chance to train together with a starting lineup.

According to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, Brown will also receive Bill quarter, Tyrod, Tyrod Taylor and Packaging Corner Weida, Randl ( Damarious randall. Bill will receive Brown’s three-wheel signs (Total No. 65), and the packaging workers are obtained by 4 points Guide Shetan — Kaser (DESHONE KIZER).

«I think he is an excellent player. He has completed many excellent achievements in this alliance, and we are very excited to sign him,» Kamhake said. «In these virtual conferences, I immediately attracted my attention. He is very sharp. He is very smart. He asked the right question. So he has experience, he has the ability, you have seen him to complete the long pass, he has outstanding The arm force. So there are many places that can be excited, we look forward to working with him. «

Saints Offense Coach: Sixty-point Wei Jie Misi — Winston is a smart playerJameis Winston has not had a chance to show his strength to the New Orleans Saints in the training ground this year, but he has given the team’s attack coordinator Pitt-Carmichael (Pete Carmichael) I left a good impression.

In the third battle, the first farther’s appearance is not good, proves that he has become the strength of the number of the number of the number one, and Griffin’s brain shock recovery procedure still has to carry out for a while. Let the Red Leather Coach No longer have patience and directly decide to let Cuts burst the first responsibility of the regular season. Grunette said in an interview that the team had no objection to this decision, Cousins ​​was obviously more suitable for the red skin offensive system, showing better pockets.

However, Cosstus needs to improve the ability to control the mistakes. His career passed the card-up of 4.7%, which is a quite bad results, Bethmoorebiblestudies.Com but Coss’s strength is dare to shoot, he played last season 6 There were 10 reacted arms, while Griffin and Colt McCoy were played in 14 games and only came out of 8 times.

Red leather appointment Cousins ​​is the first battle of the regular seasonAccording to NFL official website, Albert Breer reported that Washington Red Leather coach Jay-Grunette announced Cok Cins on Monday, Monday, USA ( Kirk Cousins ​​will become the first four-point guard in the regular season.

In the final investigation, it was found that this is only a misunderstanding due to the inconsistency of both parties. This expert said that his original words are «It is estimated that Griffin will soon be able to participate in all training.» The meaning, and even if he really believes that Griffin has healed, can he finally go to the official medical expert to evaluate it, he does not have a judgment as an independent. The neurological experts sent by the Alliance were also considered that Grifen was only able to carry out the ball training without contact, and did not receive the eligibility of the official identification, not the so-called «conspiracy.» «.

The 12-game defeat of the Pony this season was the most since 2011, but the Pony in the Macquard for many years. Rac is suffered from a series of injuries, but the team has not solved the defense group and the offensive front line.

Pagano joined Pony in 2012, and he won 11 wins in the first three seasons in the first three seasons, and entered the playoffs in the playoffs. Among them, in the 2014 season, I entered the United Federation, and finally defeated new Patriots in England.

In the case of the next season, the Pony will be an attractive choice for the coach candidate from the offensive group. As for Pagano, he will definitely obtain other coaching positions, just unable to serve as coach.

This decision also gives a new quarter of the four-point guardian diverts to the red skin. Redskins in the first two weeks of preseason let Robert — Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) as issued the first field, but Griffin suffered a concussion out of the race in the second week of the race, after reports about his injury In a chaotic, first, the independent medical experts thought that they did not have an inclapse for Grifen, and they can continue to appear in the third week of the season. The red skin master is also in an interview. Griffin has been basically recovered. But then the story is reversed, this independent medical experts before the overthrow of the views of their own, eventually leading to Griffin in the day before the game lost the qualification stage, and Griffin were very upset, he believes he would have been cured even the outside world began to speculate whether this is a conspiracy of the coaching staff, with a determination to force Griffin suffering a concussion way to suppress him, thus justifiably sent Cousins ​​play.

As for Griffin, it is still unknown in the Hongki team plan, and the fifth year team option of Griffin is selected from 161.55 million US dollars next season, but this money is only in the grid. Revin was guaranteed because of the injury, so if the red skin chose to give up his words, it is very likely to choose to bring it directly to the team or deal.

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If he can return to the state of 2016, there is no doubt that Mitchell deserves other teams to pay a certain price transaction. The strange thing is in the case of Julian Edelman (Julian Edelman), the patriot is still actively seeking trading Mitchell. But in the patriot, everything is possible.

Henry will usher in the fourth year of the career next season, last season Henry first running to the Titan starting, playing the best season, the rush of 1059 yards, the code is 4.9 yards, more 12, all the new high .

«We want him to return to the collective, then look at the effect.» Jason Garrett, Denim, «Jason Garrett,» He has not played around, I hope he can keep your body, ready to play play. We I will try to let him integrate into the training, let him reply one day, he will participate in the training tomorrow. «

Kelly said in an interview: «Gaburt’s performance made me impressed, I saw him in several games in the second half of the season, his technical characteristics made people look bright, in the Bear’s bear When the 44-yard is long and the road is ridiculous. I remember that the 40-yard score in the rookie training camp is 4.61. This is a very good result. His figure is very big, telling the truth, I have never visited Gabo. Si, because when he joined cheap nfl jerseys from china, I was attended at the university, but his physical condition is too stunning, a height of 6 feet 4, and the weight of 245 pounds can run so fast, this is very difficult. I It is considered that he is playing quite well last season and looks like to cooperate with him. «

US Time Saturday, Pittsburgh Steelman completed the four-year contract with this full manner. Knicks had been completed in two years before the steel man, he was originally scheduled to enter the free market in March.

49 people new coach Kelly praises in the four points of GalbertThe 49 people in San Francisco were not very tranquilly, and the new coach-Kelly did not have any action on the free player market, but the four-dimensional Kaepernick (Colin Kaepernick) The transaction rumor will never stop. But people seem to have forgotten that the second half of the last season has always been another four-point Webbert, Blaine Gabbert, led the team. However, it is obvious that the new coach Kelly did not forget him, and he was also highly praised Garbert to the media in recent days.

In the super bowl reversing the Atlantian Falcon, he completed 6 batches to get 70 yards, which makes his star look more smoothly. However, injuries have brought him a hassle again. Before the start of the season, knee hurting him reimbursed him.

Titan’s reserves in running guards are not very sufficient. The first replacement running guard is Di I-Lewis, leaving the patriot to the Titan last year, the code is 3.3 yards, and the new career is low, the second substitute is a member of the special group David — David Fluellen.

Last Saixicks replaces the patriots to participate in the professional bowl of James Develin, which is the first professional bowl of professional bowls he gain. Knicks participated in the Hong Kong people to all 17 games last season, and 5 touches were taken 6 yards and 2 reached.

Kelly also said that if Kelnik has not left the team, he will start a quadrant position in the two-person competitors of Gall. Kelly said: «Not only is a four-defense position, all the teams are now competitive now, our new coaching team has not finished working with the players, so the first list is still a white paper, After the start of the training camp, I can explore. «

The head coach Mike Frabell (Mike Vrabel) local time Sunday told reporters Henry suffered from calf, and the specific regression date was not known. In the training in the team on Friday, Henry was seen from the leg. However, according to the NFL TV reporter Ian RapoPort, the Titan team is optimistic about Henry’s injury.

Mitchell, selected in 2016, was already considered to be a key player outside the patriot. He has completed the 401 yards 4 times in the 12th game in the 14 games (6 games). What is more impressive is that he has got this data after the elbow dislocated in the preseason.

After spending a lot of time to restore health, the current state of Mitchell is still an unknown. When he was asked by the media, his answer was «Let’s wait.» And when he was asked and knewing, he replied «I am very good». Today’s trading rumors make people a clearer understanding of his injury.