Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

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Recently NFL also said that there is no rule to limit the relocation of this raid. For the alliance, make money and provide entertainment to the fans is the main purpose of the alliance. In the whole world, there is no city than a city Brazzas Vegas. It can provide all this at the same time.

Even fiasco, as Watson and O’Brien are optimistic about the future. «I can not be frustrated future,» Watson said. «Everything is positive we have made great achievements this year, we have experienced a lot of & mdash;.. & Mdash; the ups and downs for us, to be one of the last remaining eight teams have a lot of very important players hope. they can be in our position to participate in the playoffs. «

All in all, the next game for Tennesi Titan is the fourth game of this professional bowl. The fourth game of injury. He also missed the third week of the game of Detroit Lion, but the team coach Mike McCarthy said that this injury will not let him reimburse him.

In the short term, although the 9-month recovery period continued until August next year, the beginning phase of Crawni’s 2015 regular season may be affected. Cheap Jerseys from china a long-term perspective, the Crawni state after surgery is still an unknown. Similar to injuries and surgery such as the Detroit Lion Team Run Zengji Bush (Reggie Bush), the new Orleans Saint team’s external hand Maques Colston has been committed to recovery state.

Texans quarterback Watson: There is no doubt that O’Brien is the right coach

After we made a dream start, Bill — O’Brien (Bill O & # 39; Brien) team suffered defeat in the playoffs in the conference finals week.

«No doubt,» Watson said. «You may have questions, but in fact there is no doubt. I love the people. I will play hard for him. You can say anything and articles in the media, but as long as I’m the quarterback, I can accept he served as head coach. «

After talking about two people, Green Luo said that Meggen told him that he did not feel good and suspected that someone took medicine in the drink. Green Luo said that he didn’t know what to do, but it took some time to think about it. Soon, he saw a few people trying to get close to Megan. When one of them is too close, Green Lu knows that he has to take his hand.


Green Luo said that he knows what the conflict may have any consequences, but he still decided to help Megan. In the next half an hour, Green Luo is looking for a safe place and eventually finally sent the latter safely back home with the help of Mergen. The second day, Meggen contacted Green Luo said that he has been treated in the hospital and discharged through the gastric.

John McClain, «Houston Chronicle» reported that 21-year-old Claien was injured in September this year, and it was for cartilage and meniscus. Rick Smith, General Manager of Texas, said that the team knows that minimally invasive surgery is carried out for cartilage damage of certain parts.

NFL2015 season draft selection

The 2015 Eleventh Festival will be held in Chicago from April 30th to May 2, and this selection is held in the University of the University of Chicago Rose. Theater. A total of 7 rounds, plus 32 election compensation, a total of 256 drafts.

However, O’Brien thinks he sees a bright future in Texas. «I feel that we move forward in the right direction,» O’Brien said. «I think we have a lot of outstanding performance this year is clearly not enough. I feel good for the team’s future.»

Watson became the playoffs in passing yardage over 300 yards, made at least three touchdowns, no mistakes lost the ball but ultimately losing the first NFL quarterback in history. You can not think Watson leads the Texans lose.

Houston Texans once lead to 21-0. But faced with the situation a few inches fourth gear 13 yards Kansas City Chiefs, O’Brien decided to rely on football to get 3 points. After the Chiefs had seven points, the Texans next wave of attack, O’Brien 31 yards in the side facing the fake punt tactical choice when fourth gear four yards.

Now, Green Luo will participate in the new show mini training camp and officially start their career. He said that he expects to put his attention to play and try his best to make future attention and his own play.

Texans lose because they are unable to stop the chiefs of defense group attack group. But for many times mistakes Emirates slow start, the game points difference may be even larger. After chiefs recovery state, Texans have no strength to fight back.

«There is no need to be disappointed. As I said, I respect this team, for this team, for the city is encouraged. You may be disappointed, but I did not. As long as I am in this team, as long as I in this city, we will certainly continue to play this game. «

Jerry — Dalei said that this story was not announced because he didn’t want Green Luo to receive additional attention due to the participation of minors who provided alcohol. After 49 people selected Green Luo, Deli thought was to announce this story, he wants to thank Green Luo and hope that other people can support him.

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[Star Guide] # 7: Geloski’s 8 face, do you know?

Sometimes, you have to doubt: Is it called «Skney» with a long and satisfactory career. NBA’s Noviski does not have to say, in NFL, you can call Ski, the name of the name, the more demon. For example, the Hawks of Ji Nushi, such as the Patriots’s Gustoski, such as the most famous close-end: Rob — Geloski.

Tall and mighty, still a professional athlete, Gronoski is undoubtedly a full-feet of milk killer. His mirage is widely distributed in the alliance. More amazing is that there is a book with a family because of his fantasy. The book name is called «a gronking to remember», and the master of interest can open the search engine in their own.

External handlers Emanuel-Sanders: Patience to find the most suitable new east

Emmanuel Sanders is still one of the best old will be selected in the free player market, but the current quote from outside the free player market may not expect.

Bear confirmation line Websuit Will not return to the team

In November last year, the Chicago Xiong Queau Guyllas Briggs hinted in an interview that his 12-year bear’s career is about to tell. Now, the bear team also gives the final answer on this question: The team will not propose a new contract to Brius that has become a free player.

49 people got Sanders from Denver’s wild horse in the middle of last season. In the 10 regular sessions of 49 people, he completed the 302 yards of the 502 yards of 36 codes, completed 5 buses in the three playoffs to get 71 yards.

The old man who was selected in a career bowl was significantly lower in the current state, and his coverage and speed did not have the courage of the year. In the NFL official website, «101 Best Free Players» are listed in the Brigas bits. His appearance number ranked 5th and ranked second in the history of the bear history.

He said, & lsquo; Hey, he is a great player. I will not take his number, & rsquo; «Lecht said. He said, & lsquo; Do you know what number of numbers I want to do? I think maybe I can wear 7. Can I wear this number? & Rsquo; I said, & lsquo; Yes, I think can. & Rsquo; I said. & Lsquo; Why is the 7th? & Rsquo; he said, & lsquo; shock the seventh super bowl of champion. & Rsquo; «

Texas Fund believes that their best choice is to let Johnson continue to stay in lineup. The flags in this team should have privileges wearing a decommissioned to Texas. From the perspective of fiscal, they don’t want to give 1 million training bonuses. Johnson, nor did it make guarantees for his 2015 salary, so as to be precedent in the current renewal negotiation of JJ Watt.

«The most difficult thing in the free player market is that you want to see the results immediately, but you have to wait and observe, what will happen,» Sanders said. «I have worked hard to accelerate the process, because I know what I have for the team, I know what my goal is. I am trying to find the most suitable team.»

In the 10 years of 2003 to 2012, Brigas was just absent from 4 games, but he only played 17 in the past two. In the original 4-3 defensive system of the Bear team, Bruns is considered one of the best weak external sides of this era, but with the arrival of the new offense coordinator, the bear team has changed 3-4 federation. In addition to the influence of injuries, the new defensive system also makes Brigas uncomfortable.

Peterson said on Sunday’s game, he is ready to go all out, coach Mike Jimmer also said that there will be no restrictions on Peterson, «This is the playoffs», Jiji Moore said, «He is ready. It feels very good.»

«Houston Tips» reporter John McLene is certainly recognized that Texas will not trade Johnson, McLene even make a guarantee in an interview video, Johnson will definitely appear in the first week of Hongling’s game middle.

Hold the largest proximity pendant contract in the Alliance, and many people (including me) still think that Gronom exceeds usage. But Dashong does not seem to be «low» salary. In fact, he claimed to have a penny that he has not moved in the contract. All expenses come from their own endorsement contract. In this regard, we can only say: Dashong Commercial Sikai, the patriot will pick up the treasure.

Media said that Texas people do not trade flag characters next year.

Although there are 4 teams in the Alliance publicly express interest in Andre Johnson, but from the state of the player and the team, the transaction will not happen in a short time.

Piteson said that the second run of the league is Lynch

Adrian Peterson This season although it was 30 years old, but still won the NFL this season’s scorpion code king. In the previous interview, wholesale jerseys Peterson told reporters that he was the best running guard in the alliance. When he was asked who was the second run, he told us that the old will be opposite the Sunday, the old will & mdash; & mdash; Marshawn Lynch, Seattle Hawk. Peterson said that the League No. 2 running guard is him, although Lynch only participated in the 417 yard from 7 games this season, but before, 29-year-old Linqi wishes at least every season in the past four seasons. 1200 yards. Lynch had the first battle on the Sunday Hawks to the National Owner’s cards of the antigenida, and Peterson hopes to meet him.

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Brown immediately responded to the reach, and the quarterfielder was killed by Clay Matthews in the 46 yards of the ram, so that Brown had to face 13 yards of adverse sites. However, the Brown coach group was arranged once a good tactic to reverse the situation: Melfield’s short passed to the Nick Chubb, and checked more people, and pushed 30 yards to go to the male 16 yards. Subsequently, the male defensive group interferes with the Paramitar, sent Brown to the first cylinder of the end zone. Although the lam in the checker of the Baker is canceled because the Baker Ham is unlimited, but the quartz Weffield uses the rookie safety of the raft, the Taylor Rapp is turning the mistake, and the connection is close to the leader demeter. The DEMETRIUS HARRIS is completed, and Saibot is the same as the same points, Brown 13-10 retries the leading advantage of the leading 3 points.

The next two teams ended the attack, and then the ram was promoted to the brown half of the 30 yards in the offense, but the kicks whisper did not have a 48-yard freeest to try. I have no way to prevent the defense of the ram in Brown, and there is no way to discard the ball. At this time, there is still 2 minutes and 02 seconds. This thought is that the ram will be completed into an offense. I didn’t expect to have 28 seconds left. Gaoff faced the 3-speed 10-yard, and was defended by Brown. — MYLES GARRETT 掉, Brown Wire Wei Joe-贝特 (Joe Schobert) picked up the ball to attack 21 yards to the ram half of the 17 yards caused the ball switch, Brown did not Piggy, seizing the opportunity by playing the ball Sai Bo special 35 yards, steady 3 points, half a half end Brown 6-3 leading ram.

External handle Treier Pleier hopes to return to the game has been liaison with multiple teamsTerrel Pryor Pleier (Terrel Pryor) did not get any team gap last season, but he said he has negotiated with multiple teams and discussed in the new season.

Pleier played the best performance in the 2016 season, completing the 77-year-old ball to get a 1007 yard 4 times, but during 2017 to Washington Red Leather, New York Jet and Buffalo Bart, Play Directation, during 2017. 36 times the ball acquired 492 yards 3 times.

«You will be worried when players are absent, whether it is Masel or other people,» McDotmot said. «I will remain optimistic. He has done a good manner in the stage of training camp. He really handled very well. So we will pay attention to his injury.»

In terms of data, Green Bay packaging workers quartz 阿 阿 杰 56 中 39, 326 yards, 3 reached 0 CD. Thai-Montgomery 9-lane, 60 yards; 10 battles, 66 yards. Randaur — Kubo 5-lamina, 21 yards; 11 pick, 95 yards, 1 ball reachable. External handle of Vante — Adams 13 ball, nfl Jerseys 132 yards, 2 reachaes.

Brown did not get colored after returning the ball, the more it worse. Mefield continued to be Aaron Donald and Matthew, the loss of a lot of code was retired to the first 2 yards in this part of the part, and only the discard kicked.

At the beginning of the competition, Brown first attack, but the top three waves of both sides were discarded. This wave of jams in the ram, four points Guardian Gaff (Jared Goff) has completed 15 yards and 18 yards from the brown cooks, and advances the ball into the BRANDIN COKS. To the 35 yards of Brown, finally by playing the ball, Greg Zuerlein, the ram is the first to score, 3-0 lead Brown. Brown immediately led the team in the top 5 yards of the Baker Mayfield. Unfortunately, the three files tried to pass the ball to take over Odell Beckham. You can only choose a free kick attempt, by playing the ball Austine — Austin Seibert hits 23 yards, Brown 3-3 will share the score.

«Get the trust of the team boss, you can change the game together, giving back to the community is better. At the same time, you can fight with the companions training together every day. It feels very beautiful. I love Kansas City, I am very happy to continue here. Leave six years. «

[Review of the event] On the third week of Sunday Night: Defensive team, the ram 20-13 defeated BrownOn the third week, a focus battle was unfolded between the ram and Brown, and Brown was sitting at the home to meet the challenge of the ram.

Tel Avis — Kelps hopes to continue to establish victory culture As the defending super bowl champion, the chief session season and several key players are renewed to ensure that their own attack and defense is still stable.

Kelsea had a $ 57 million in Thursday and the team, he told reporters: «I think there is a lot. One is there in many excellent players in our team & hellip; & hellip; and every time you come to work Very good. Some people will want to leave here, they will think about the establishment of victory culture. «

The Wild Horse is so concerned about social media content, because last week’s security waters — Will Parks released short video on the training of two engraves. The content is that Paxton Lynch has not completed the pass, so many people think this is Parker in criticizing Linqi, but Joseph said that this is not the intention of Parks.

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Former Pirate Offense Coordinator Teford to join CFL53-year-old Jeff Tedford became the Attack Coordinator of Tampawan Pirates this season, but before the beginning of the regular season, Ford was departed from the team. A few months later, he finally found a new job, he will become the head of the Canadian Rugby League (CFL) Lion Team.

When we were interviewed on weekends, Wilson reiterated that he did not worry about his contractual issue. «This is not what I care,» Wilson said. «Others will get it. The new contract will be done. I am very excited about the new contract, and I am very excited to be expected to be really a long time. So, that is the goal.»

«We are proud of Michelle and the disease of the disease, which is proud of his life in the past 24 years.» His family said in social media, «We are grateful to people who support Michel over 7 months.» «

General Manager of the Black Panther said: «We feel sorry about the encounter of Benjamin, and he is working hard in the past year. We believe that he will complete the operation and challenge yourself again.»

General Manager of Mustang: I hope to leave the handoffs Feng-MillerGeorge Paton, general manager of Denver Mangma, is one of the important decisions that need to be made during the break. The future of the star rushing to Miller.

In addition, Miller is also affected by legal issues. Barton said that the team will wait for the legal process to end and do not comment. «Obviously, this is a serious situation, but we waited for this end.»

Beijing Time September 5th regular season will be started in Seattle, when these issues will answer: Will Huang Ban will then fly? Is it still there for defensive guards? Is it clear if the scale of illegal blocking and personal violations will be clarified? Of course, there is also what everyone expects: The offensive of the package is the defense of Richard Sherman, which is known as the best of the union. Is Shelman who has been defense or with Jordy Nelson? McChaki said «If you look at the game, you will get these answers.»

Teford served as the coach of the University of California in 2002-20, a total of 82 wins and 57 losses, but lost a lot of balls in 2010-2012, so Ford was cut by the team after the end of the 2012 season. Lose.

Wilson has never given our reason to question his loyalty to teammates and for the wishes left in the sea. However, there is a long-term complexity that covers a long complexity of a long-term complexity that covers a long-term complexity. Wilson certainly wanted to stay in this team from him to enter NFL, but he also wanted to get a salary that met his own value.

In fact, Teford and CFL have had a birthday, he has played the four-year-offs for six years, and the manager assistant of the lion team in 1989-1991. Teford said: «CFL always gives me a feeling of gratifying, whether it is a player or a coach, I am very happy.»

The packaging worker coach said it is time to make the alliance clearlyOn Tuesday Press Conference, Green Bay Packaging Workers Mike McCarthy said that the alliance’s sentence is said that the alliance is the standard and decrease of the punishment. «I think that I have been paying attention to the player’s hand movement is the previous thing. The discussion point of the game should not be on this. The alliance does not let the jersey, then do not grasp the jersey, Cheap Jerseys they give rule standards, then our work That is to teach them to players. «

Henry was played in two games in the wild horse in 2015, and last season has been in the package and the crow. After the crow contracted with him in November, he visited a doctor of the Kentucky because of the shoulder problem, and then was diagnosed with acute bone marrow leukemia.

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Jason Garrett, obviously disagree with this statement: «I don’t think so. I didn’t think that his state declined, or it could not complete our request. He completed some excellent competitions, naturally there will be Some games have improved space. «Current McCaden has completed 213 times, if he can continue such performance, he will be expected to create a new number of career single season when he ends.

US time on Thursday, the players will hold two hours of remote conferences, including the player representatives and the Director of the Players, Som Mayer Physician. The conference content is concentrated on the regulatory training camp for the epidemic. The chance to host the season is also subject to test results, tracking the impact of close contact items.

Nfl or a fine of players who do not comply with new crownIf the 2020NFL season can be expanded as scheduled, the players and coaches will need to comply with a series of new crown related limits, no matter the opening.

The bear will hire the front tiger attack coordinator Bill RezeUS Time Monday, according to NFL NetWork reporters report, the bear will hire Bill Lazor, the Bill Lazor, which will hire the Bill Lazor.

ESPN reports that if the player makes «reckless» behavior outside the team facility, such as using a windmill service or dining in a dull location, it may be fined. The conference also provided a recently developed special mask detail, which may be worn in the training, competition, and wear when moving around the team facilities. But the players do not support this cover, which is a variety of reasons, including the influence of vision and Visit Homepage breathing.

Currently, the choice of cowboy is not rich in the position of the running guard. In addition to Mac Fa, the team only is Robert Turbin and Rod Smith. There are also rumors in the near future that denim is considering the Demarco Murray again after the end of the season.

At the same time, Eli’s continuous starting will continue to focus on his own brother Pedon-Manning, the second side of history, in front of them, Brett Favre, while Femark’s continuous 297 games seem to be no one can break.

Galt: McFaden did not hit the wallThe Dallas Cowboy is also struggling with Tony Romo. The team’s first running satellite — Darren McFadden in the team in the past 4 games, there are 3 flocks in the 55 yards. Although 129 yards are promoted in the game with Miami dolphins, the outside world is still inevitably questioned whether the old will «hit the wall».

«You will definitely see me to do & lsquo; Langbao jump & rsquo; may jump to one of them,» Jones said after training. «As long as you pick a piece or no matter where I got up or not I am in that position, I will choose the jump there. But I saw the waterproof cloth instead of the fans, it is definitely very strange. It is definitely not what we are used to Lanbao court.»

The package workers trained in the Lanbao Stadium on Friday, and the play of the court will look like during the game. The top 8-row seat at the standstat has been covered by the advertising waterproof cloth.

General Manager of Emirates: Will not trader Run WeimasChip Kelly attracted 8 players in Oregon University during the coaching Philadelphia Eagle, and there was news that he also hoped to enhance the team through the same way after 49 people in San Francisco. This time, the rumored object is the Kansas City Chief Run Guide Anthonymas (Anthony Thomas).

The bear team will still be centered on Michelle Trubisky, Lei Ze needs to be together with Matt Nagy, and the number of collars in the field score and propulsion code number are ranked third. Wind City offensive group. It is currently not determined whether the internal base will make the power of the tactics.

Thomas’ s injuries have become the main reason for restricting his development. In the 2015 season, he was absent from the 6th week of the season. The new season, Thomas hopes to get more opportunities in the chief, and the team also hopes to further develop Thomas’s potential.

Packaging work runs to Jione: Empty field competition will still carry out «Lanbao jumping» celebrationWhen the Green Bay packaging worked in the scene of the main scene of Detroit Lion, there will be no fans to go to the Lanbao Stadium. But this will not prevent the packaging worker from going to the Aaron Jones to celebrate the «Lanbao jumping».

Regarding the rumors, John Dorsey attitude is clear. He is clear that he is clearly said when he accepts an interview on Tuesday, and we have no communication with 49 people. «Thomas wishes during college. 46 reachaes, as a running guard and external connections, a number of 8.95 yards, is a variety of versatile players. The chief in the 2014 draft in the 4th round of the 4th round, the latter only, most of the time can only be played as a special group player.

Lei Ze was 47 years old. In 2019, he leisurely at home, he served as a volunteer consultant for Binzhou State University. In the 2017 season, Lei Zense took office, but the tiger was hit by multiple injuries in that year, the final result can only be considered.

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Bisley said: «I am looking forward to work with the head of Mike Flabel, he has a defensive mind, and has passed the same position as me, which is beneficial to me. I love the game, will not The attitude of the half-hang is playing. «

Berry last season lymphoma surgery successfully returned to the stadium, helping the team successfully entered the playoffs, contributing 61 scholars and 2 copy data, successfully selected a professional bowl.

Clark Hunt, Chairman Clark Hunt, said he hoped to complete a long-term contract with Berry. If the chief cannot be signed with Berry, Berry will enter the free market, this 4th occupational bowl player may impact the top of Harrison Smith, Harrison Smith, which is currently safe, Harrison Smith, 5 years. 5.125 million gold contracts. .

The patriot may select the best quarter-off to the trading, and it is also possible to select a four-point guard that is not considered to be top level. They may also reinforce other locations, they have many vulnerabilities after losing a number of players during the offset season. In any case, Cook’s transactions make patriots to build the team learn more about Bonumus.com flexibly.

Obviously, will Manning and his partners will eventually reverse the game? The result is not the case. The game, the wild horses have never been approached to the red area of the other party, Manning is killed 3 times, and the bottom is once.

«It is not about me, but about him.» Brown said, «I am happy with him and his new team, I know his leadership, his field is unmanned. I am very grateful. Our respective situation is different. I just tried to clean up the obstacle of the back of the stadium, but I am also happy with him. He got a great opportunity and one of my closest friends. «

US time on Friday, when participating in the broadcast show, Brown said: «Yes, I am ready to return, showing my ability. I missed for a few months, I can return to make me very excited. I can love yourself. Things. «

The St. Louis ram made people unexpected things & mdash; & mdash; they defeated Denver Musab with 22-17. When the competition goes to the ram 13 to 0, we seem to think that the game has not ended yet, because this season is this rhythm:

The ram passed the new England Patriopters, and the Brandin Cooks and a fourth round of draft, the patriot will receive the first round of the first round of the original selection of the best of the raft and a sixth Turkey.

Trading to Cooks is the latest step in the lineup of the race in this year’s sniper. Most of the reinforcements are against the defensive group, but Cook can now make the ram to complete the ball of Jarid Goff.

This is the second addition to the new team in Cook, and he was traded by the New Orleans Saints to the Patriot last year. Last season, he completed 65 battles in the patriot, got 1082 yards 7 times. In the super bowl, his injured off-site has a huge impact on the patriotic offense.

Overview: j.j. Watt wear equipment participation trainingSelf-playing is activated from the injury reserve list, Texas people defensive end J.J. Watt (J. J. Watt) first wear equipment participated in the training. He said that he would participate in the external card, and if you need it, I can finish the whole game, but we have tactical layout. «

Run Yaishan Big — Madison (Alexander Mattison) is expected to participate in the competition. Line Wendricks is still absent from the training. The center Brett Jones is activated from the injury reserve list.

1. The close-end farm Zak-茨 (Zach Ertz) is still unable to participate in contact training. He has absent from the kidney tearing injury and rib fracture. The closing battle of the previous pair of giants. Ejz is one of the key offensive points of the eagle, completing 88 battles throughout the year, advancement of 916 yards.

Cook has great potential while playing in the past. He is one of the only 3 digits of the league in the past three seasons in the past three seasons. The other two is Antonio Brown and Larry Fitzgerald.

Unlike most of the players who are frequently traded, this transaction is not to be unrecognizable for Cooks value. On the contrary, this is a team that transfers a good player to another. Requirements. Despite the four-point Wei Tom Brady lost his average number of external connections, the patriot now has multiple first rounds and second rounds of draft, which is enough to make them consider The transaction selection the most favorite player, such as a quad-saving. Breddy despite still having excellent performance, after all, after all, the patriots were obviously needed to supplement a Braddy’s successor after trading Jimmy Garoppolo.

The 24-year-old Cook came to Sammy Watkins, which urgently needs to have a threatening ram after leaving the team. Now the ram has a qualified external hand in a short distance. And Cook is a good quality, and now his salary is only $ 8.5 million in the last year of the rookie contract.

3. Sea Eagle Safety and Safas Quandre Diggs Regression. The left side of Duane Brown is currently not a training program. The core muscle group of defending endeardjvon-Claien Clowney is not deteriorated, but may need surgery after seasons.

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He said: «How many plastic bottles have been put in the sea in the bottom of the sea, this is what we are difficult to calculate. I am going to reduce the daily usage rate from me, because plastic is everywhere around us.»

I recently received an interview: «I am the first time I admitted that I am not a good teammate in my preface.» He said that he was very incapacitated and selfish as a young player when he just entered the league. It is not a good thing.

Bottom finally said: «As time, you will understand that you can’t be a selfish player, a selfish person. This is a team of sports. In order to succeed, you need to learn selflessness. A great father must be a selfless Father. «

After winning 7 wins and 9 losses this season, Lewis was originally considered to be difficult to stay after the second season was missing in the third consecutive season. Before he said that he and the tiger were interested in letting him return but emphasize that both parties must be satisfied with him.

«The people who have hated me are actually right, I can do a good teammate.» Big Ben explained that he was until the fourth year of entering the league, it began to grow, and it is no longer only just Become a great player, but be a quarter-saving.

Carol said: «He looks great today that we will his injuries checked before the game, but in my opinion he was nothing wrong with our team very healthy, everyone can overcome injuries. disease. we want to best meet the game. «this message may also let the fans find a little peace of mind, Chancellor of injury seems only a false alarm. Carol adds: «We are completely ready, all the plans have been completed, all preparations are already in place.»

«Although I retired there, I will continue to meet with the eagle teammates, coaches and fans. There have been many media reporters and fans asked me how to plan me next season. I decided to tell them in this way. . Waiting for the next season, wait until the sports return, wait until the isolation is over! «

US time on Thursday, Kelsea expresses the wish of 2020 to continue to fight through Instagram, but he has made a small trap: first announced no longer the wrist, and then said that he will continue to play football.

He played a key role in the process of transforming the tiger into the United Union strong team. Before he joined the team in 2003, Wholesale jerseys Tiger had not yet achieved more than 12 consecutive years. After 2 consecutive years of 8 wins and 8 wins, Tigers won 11 wins in 2005 and the United States of America, which allowed them to enter the playoffs since 1990.

Lewis has a climax in the tiger’s coaching career. Despite the victory from the seasons, he is the most victory of the tiger team. He won a total of 125 wins and 112 losses 3 flat, led the tiger 7 times to enter the playoffs.

Griffin also said: «You can have a chance to speak in the United Nations a cool thing. Not everyone will have this experience, at any time, when you have the opportunity to help the world, say some positive problems, this opportunity I must Will actively participate. «

According to the NFL famous media person Ian RapoPort, the wild horse will conduct training in Jay Feely, who is a free player, and another old player. The connor barth will also be tried together. After all, every shot may determine the trend and result of the game in the playoffs, and choose an old future instead of this rookie.

Griffin III calls for the protection of the ocean in the United NationsWashington Red Pieces of Silver Survet Griffin III This sniper is very busy. Tuesday, he attended the United Nations activities to protect the East Ocean. Griffin’s on-site explains how human behavior threatens the ocean, especially the use of plastic bottles.

Carol: Chancellor seems to be no problemBefore the day the Seattle Seahawks Qiang Wei Cam — Chancellor (Kam Chancellor) sprained his left knee in training, leaving the training ground in advance. After that, the team will include him on the injured list, labeled as «possible.» Saturday, Seahawks coach Pete — Carroll (Pete Carroll) revealed the good news in an interview: Chancellor looks very healthy.

However, as we mentioned in yesterday’s news, the player’s injury will change with the depth of the game. Every hit, every run are likely to cause subtle influence on the injury. I hope every player can stay healthy, for the dedication of the fans a good game.

Let Lewis’s league foreground may be the performance of the tiger in the end of the season. They defeated the Detroit Lion and Baltimo Crow in the last 2 games, and finally the two teams hope. These two victories helped tigers to end the season and perhaps some extent to let people forget the team’s bleak bureau.

I don’t know that Lewis can find a way to lead the tiger further in the playoffs. The team is difficult to copy the excellent state in the previous year, and the tiger offensive group in the season is propelled in the union bottom.

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Amaro was injured in the first week of the preseason, but the people were injured in the game of the Detroit Lion, but everyone thought that this injury was not a problem. Last week Amaro also said: «Everything is in a good direction.» However, after a week, he regrets goodbye to the new season. After losing Alumal, the jet lost the corresponding ball in the proximal front position. In the close-end position, the team is currently Jeff Cumberland, Kellen Davis, Arther Lynch, and West Saxo. WES SAXTON.

Despite such results, Peterson believes that last season is disappointing, «Because I know that I can do more. It is true that it is true.» He also expressed another rankings of the federation of the federation of the squash code «already in the heart The goal is the goal, «But his top goal is to win the champion.

Transition Tag: The player can still negotiate with other teams. The label salary is slightly higher than (a), and the average of the player’s salary is 120% of the player’s salary of the player before the average of the winner of the wage cap. The team also has a five-day period matching contract, but there is no draft sign compensation.

Jet near-end Feng Amaro injury season reimbursementThe New York Jet near Tung Eas — Amaro’s second season has not started, and it has ended. Tuesday, Todd Bowles announced that this two-round rookie last season will be injured in shoulders, which will lead to surgery, which will also lead to his absent 2015 season.

Red leather and star left cut Williams for five yearsAccording to the NFL official website reporter, Ian Rapoport reported that Washington red skin has signed a period on Saturday with the inner stars on the local time on Saturday, Williams. Five years of renewal contract. The total value of this contract is 66 million US dollars, Wholesale Jerseys the guarantee part is 43.25 million, while the average annual salary of 1.32 million will make Williams a biggest attack in the history of NFL.

NFL Labor Agreement (Collective Bargaining Agreement) Long up to 316 pages, intentional reading readers can click here. The original author only picked out an important part of explanation. Contract details come from Over The Cap and Spotrac.

«I think it will be excited to arrive through the air. The Napa Canyon is clear because of hot air balloons,» Brown is in video. «This training camp is very important for this team because there are many things to solve. We have to cultivate your own identity. I think this is completely in the team’s investment and everyone understands us in the team and work hard. Let the raid people began more great reasons. This starts today. «

Assassinner Exterior Bengsan Antonio — Brown rides hot air balloon to participate in training campBeijing July 28th, how to take over, Antonio Brown, how to arrive at the training camp, may be one of the most worthy topics of summer summer. In recent years, Brown has taken a yellow black Rolls Royce, driving a 1930 convertible, and helicopter to the training camp.

If the players in (a) the first three seasons of his career two seasons or (b) the first three season career accumulated participated in more than 35% of the team offensive / defensive file number, the players have the opportunity to increase the basic salary of the fourth season. An amount equal emptive rights to transaction label contract for the season (US $ 2.025 million, 2019).

Exclusive Rights Free Agent referred to as ERFA: NFL experiences in less than 3 seasons, the contract expired. If the original team provides him with a one-year basis (depending on the Credited Season) contract, this player cannot negotiate with other teams.

Thanks to Peterson who was returned to the stadium after the 2014 season was banned, Viking was first returned to the season for three years last season. Peterson last season with a 1485 code-fired code number ranked first, this is the third time in his career to achieve this achievement.

Renegotiated (renegotiation): At the end of the third year of the contract last game of the regular season, rookie contracts can be renegotiated. The show must wait until the second contract losing end of the season.

Adrian Peterson: Viking has a chance to win the next season championAdrian Peterson believes that the Minnesota Wein is now a superb bowl of champion competitors, rather than some people need a few years.

Testa Turnson reached 11675 yards, Pitters, also requested 6681 yards to break the history of historical career (18355 yards). In addition, Piteson challenged the number of single-seme seasons in 2012 (2105 yards), when he was at 2097 yards, but still became the player in the season.

Williams is a first-class offensive cut off, according to the data given by the professional football focusing on the website, Williams only released a total of 12 kills in the past two seasons, of which he was rated as the first attack in the year.

Amaro’s rookie season has fluctuated, but still shows a good ability. His best performance is the 6th week with Denver’s wild horse, completed 10 battles, and promoted 68 yards with 1 time. Last season, he completed 38 battles, promoted 345 yards, contributing to 2 times.

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McDaniel is rejected Xiao Ma Xin coach job

Update: According to ESPN reporter Adam Schefte, McDaniel finally decided not to accept this job and continued to stay in New England cheap nfl jerseys Patriots.

The US time on Tuesday morning, the team officially announced that the Patriots Offense Coordinator Josh McDaniels will become the new master coach. The team will hold a press conference on Wednesday.

McDaniele, who has worked with Tom Brady, cheap jerseys from china has now got a chance to guide Andrew Luck. The entire 2017 season is absent from the shoulder injury. Although the super bowl is lost, the data of the patriot offensive group is not ugly, and Tom Braddy has passed 500 yards of 3 to 3 to 3 to the 3drive, and has not been copied.

After joining Bill Belichick in 2001, McCaniel won the 5th Lumbadi with Patriots. The pony has not entered the playoffs after losing the patriot in 2014.

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Feng Miller can’t believe TJ-Ward will be traded

Recently, there is a conclusive message that Denver Yam is considering trading security TJ-Ward (T. J. Ward). The Von Miller is incredible to this.

«I thought this is a fake news.» Miller said, «I think this is a big joke. TJ has always been an excellent player, but here is NFL, there is always a bit of dumbly. TTJ is very great, I Fundamentally could not be found. John Elway, Mr. Elwi (John Elway) has been letting this organization move forward to the right direction, and I will continue to work for them to come to the championship. I can’t believe in & mdash; & mdash; this must be a fake news. I really don’t believe it. «

According to the Denver Post reporter, cheap china jerseys free shipping the wild horses not only received the call hoped by the trading, cheap jerseys from china but also actively played the phone to try to trade Ward. Probably they want to strive to save $ 4.5 million in Ward.