Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

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Babii said: «& hellip; & hellip; this child will do our best to make the team more complete. Williams last season is very good, his front teammate Darer-Williams is still in In the team. We also have Darwin Thompson and the teenage de Andre-Washington, these people can help him learn. We must ensure that he is correct, let him can need it. Ready to go. «

Despite the 1300,000 people gathered together to make a largest winning parade in the history of sports, Brown’s winning parade may be more grand, and it is even more vivid. More than 3600 Brown fans have expressed their participation in this championships held on February 19, 2033.

According to local reporters, the professional bowl level of external connections decided to participate in the training camp to ensure a new contract with guarantees. He signed a 5-year contract in 2012. The total value of this contract is $ 42 million, but it is not guaranteed by $ 22.96 million. This is not small risks for Brown.

«One of the most decisive not only my career, but also the greatest moment,» Cech said in Bailey asked about the past. «Leave jets, plus Robert (- Kraft) (Robert Kraft) for giving me the opportunity to come here, I can not ask for more when the team environment is not to my satisfaction, I do not want them. part, so I left. another moment that Robert gave me the opportunity to come here, make trading decisions, he paid a high price so I came here, this is less important transaction. «

McKoo is injured in the left leg of the legs in the training of August 18. Informed people said that McCay’s nuclear magnetic resonance imaging examination shows that his leg tear has «slight tear», and the injured part is the minimum affected impact.

Brown completed the second 129th ball of personal history in the 2014 season. At present, Brown is only 26 years old to complete 1698 yards of catching advancement and 13 times, in the future of steel people.

Jones and Green were renewed with their respective teams in 2015, Green got a 4-year $ 60 million contract, and Jones won a 5-year $ 71 million contract. Given the recent players in the free player market, even if the Green Contract has been left for 3 years, you can also say that the contracts of the two do not match their value.

Antonio — Brown ultimately participate in voluntary training

Pittsburgh — Steelman’s External Antonio Brown decided to participate in the training camp, starting at first, he is planning to do not participate in this voluntary training camp.

Bill This week, I cut Jackson, and in the remaining running guard, the original injured Bryce Brown and Anthony Dixon (Anthony Dixon) It is all returned last week but did not play the third episode. The rookie running guards Karlos Williams is still absent cheap jerseys From china the training.

Let us briefly look back at history: Bill Bailey Cech — departure was appointed Jets coach Pasay Wales (Bill Parcells). But the more he wanted to join the Patriots ‘written on a piece of paper:. «I resigned as coach of the New York Jets’ It was one of history’s most memorable cheap nfl jerseys news conference.

Although Bailey Cech for the game tactics and team situation a tight-lipped, but he will be for history forever. He likes to talk about some of the major moments of NFL or the evolution of the sport. He is fully aware of his decision to keep in mind is how the outside world. After the victory over the New York Jets in the last game, he will remind the Jets this period of history by any chance.

After a legal dispute, Kraft agreed to send 2000 first-round draft pick and a 2001 fourth round draft pick and a seventh-round draft pick, 2001 draft to get Bailey Cech, the Jets’ fifth-round pick and 2002 seventh-round draft picks.

Since 2000 Bailey Cech left the Jets, except for some flashes of performance, the performance of the Jets has been difficult to pick up. By contrast, the New England Patriots enjoyed 20 years of glorious.

Bill coach Rex Ryan said on August 21, he said he held «cautious and optimistic attitude» for McGao I can play the first battle of the season. Lan did not reveal the results of McCay when making this comment. However, this week, Ryan said to McCoo is ready to doubt, «we certainly hope that he is ready to play, I hope so,» but it means that if he can’t play Bill will depend on the next run.

«I am very grateful to the deal a success,» Bailey said Cech. «I am grateful for the support Robert Kraft family, the team and all of New England Patriots fans, I will continue to do my best for this team and & mdash club; & mdash; try to dedicate the best performance, I am grateful to have the opportunity to join the team. In that case then I can not continue to stay there. »

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In any case, it is defending the pass leading to the Seahawks missed opportunity. Whether this is right or wrong tactics, it will be the fans and the media repeatedly referred to in a very long time. Carroll stressed: «We have done well throughout the season, there are too many wonderful experiences, there are too many positive memories, the players played well, coaches also doing well this attack can not define us. the strength or achievements, we are a championship team, the name of the great football. we are still on the right, the road to success. «

Gora has said in December last year, I hope to stay in Detroit. However, the Matthew Stafford was traded to the ram, and the new general manager and the main coach also walked on the horse. How much affects his final decision.

Carol data in a given interview: before the last attack, there has never been the season steals 1 yard line at a distance of the end zone, any team, any quarterback is true. Carol said: «I have given this tactic is very familiar to us, we have prepared a lot, practice a lot in my impression, from since I became a coach, I have been teaching players how to deal with this. Condition.»

Newton: To become a pioneer of sports

Carolina Black Panther 4th 卫 卡姆 Newton said in an interview, I hope that I can become a pioneer and become a representative of sports four-point guard like him.

Newton said: «In this society, including myself, like labeling the things, such as & lsquo; there is a four-defense, he let me think of this — Rosley Benlisberger, or let me think of Stelet Steve McNari, or Steve Young; a four-defense, he is about to participate in the draft, will always be posted like a player’s label. «

Montgomery has been effective for packaging workers, crows and jets in the five years of career, and the toll ball has advanced 1035 yards, and the ball is promoted to 982 yards. He recently promoted: «& lsquo; Data is not good & rsquo; can not be used to judge my ability.»

Attacker and Wholesale Jerseys defensive conversion, we can see a group of more enemies. This season, the highest light of the Viking offensive group is undoubtedly two-point players: quartz satelli-Karnam and External Hand Adam — Simon. Before this season, the two were widely used in a wide range of difficulties, and the other was worried about ensuring stable contracts. Among the seasons, they benefited from the wonderful playback of the two, and the air offensive of Viking people showed a long-lasting vitality. On the other hand, the defensive group of the saints is also a new look, and the defensive group leaked into the year is strong, helping the saints from the «attack and weak» hats.

[Average in the event] The country is in the country of the country. @ 维 京

The Seeds of the New Orleans, the Saints, New Orleans, Seeds. It is worth mentioning that the venue of this game (US Bank Stadium) will hold the 52nd super bowl after a few weeks.

Gora is a giant’s external new star in the past three years. It is 1190 yards in the 2019 season, reaching 11 times, and selection of professional bowls. Legs and hips have made him only played 5 games in 2020, completed 20 batches, advanced 338 yards, reached 2 times. Gola’s career completed 183 battles, pushed 3068 yards, reached 21 times.

«I think this should help him, because when I serve as a coach in Miami dolphins or in Cleveland Belichick (Bill Belichick) defensive coordinator, we are defensive in second-line defense. There are many things that are the same, «Salab said in an interview. «So our players can usually make adjustments well. I know that six players have joined the NFL team a few years ago, 5 of them became the first player in the rookie season. Even if he needs a transition, I think Macini Most of the things they face may be he has already done. They just have a different call. I think he will easily transition. «

Giants and external hands of Kenny Gora, signing a $ 42 million contract for 4 years

US time Saturday, according to ESPN reporters, the former lions took over the Kenny Golladay will sign the New York Giants for 4 years, and the contract salary is 72 million.

Carol said: «steals this tactic is the worst result of this tactic, if completed, it will become a classic, it’s great if there is no interceptions, even if it is just a failed ordinary tactics, no one. repeatedly talk about him. «Carroll said he hopes during the second gear consumes more time before the attack, in order to compress the Patriot attack time. Meanwhile, if the second tranche of the ball fail, the team will attempt to advance from the ground in third gear. If necessary, the fourth tranche will also be a ground offensive.

«But what I want to say is that there is no need to post the label for me, because people are always comparing those players who have retired. This is not a competition, I don’t want some special problems. I just said facts. I hope to be a pioneer, not only as an African American, but as a sporty quarter-saving. I want to say, this is a game method, no relationship, you can be Caucasian descendants can be any race with my different. »

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Viking people running to Wengjinnon race reimbursement

Running Jerico — Jerick McKinnon is over the good rookie season.

Minnesota Vijing announced that the player has been put into the injury reserves on the injury reserves due to the entanglement of his long-term injuries.

McKinnon from South Georija, this year, the third round of the draft is selected by Viking, and he ran on the number of mulled spheres (113), the number of mushrooms (538 yards) and each shock propulsion code (4.8 yards) Full team. In this year, all the roses of ride, the number of rushing code is ranked third, second only to Cincinnati, Jeremy Hill, and cheap jerseys St. Lusi Mason, cheap china jerseys free shipping Tre Mason. . The running guard will accept back treatment and is expected to recover about 8 weeks.

It is also a stunning combination of McKenderfront, where the field master is also amazing, is amazing, which is enough to believe that if the Viking will be in the next year’s break and the star running guard Adrian — Peterson broke up, he was able to pass the responsibility of the startover. The latter will result in the next week.

At the same time, Viking will choose to use Matt Asiata, this-Tate (Ben Tate) and Joe Banyard in the next game of New York jet. Running a turntable strategy.

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Running back Xiaoen — Lynch topped the sales chart first May jersey

Beijing June 12 hearing when running back Xiaoen — Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) might come back and join the Oakland cheap nfl jerseys Raiders news, it is clear that his No. 24 jersey Raiders could quickly become a best-selling NFL jerseys. And indeed true.

In May, Lynch jersey sales ranked first.

After Lynch, New England Patriots quarterback — Tom Brady (Tom Brady) jersey sales ranked second. Dallas Cowboys quarterback Nasdaq — Prescott (Dak Prescott) and running back Eze Kiel — Elliott (Ezekiel Elliott) were ranked third and fourth.

Houston Texans rookie quarterback DeShawn — Watson (Deshaun Watson) ranked fifth, he is also the highest ranked all rookies in & mdash; & mdash; this could signal the Texans fans, if the current episode — Tom Savage (Tom Savage) poor performance in the new season of the degree of patience.

Raiders quarterback Drake — Carl (Derek Carr) ranked sixth, outside the New York Giants took over the small Odell — David Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) ranked seventh. In addition, the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson — Wentz (Carson Wentz) ranked eighth, outside Atlanta Falcons took over Julio — Jones (Julio Jones) ranked ninth, the New England Patriots tight end Rob — glycopyrrolate Koski (Rob Gronkowski) ranked tenth.

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Texas’s head coach Bill O’Brien (Bill O & # 39; Brien) Tell reporters: «I don’t know his racing season arrangement, but I know that he has been working very well. He strives to recover every day, every day How to improve. You can see that he is running on the court, and do strength training in the power room, there is no doubt that his return is on the agenda. «

Although the Texas lacks Watt this season, he still completed the excellent season. It is the team that the league makes the opponent’s minimum number of images. If Watt can return to any offensive group, it will feel a headache for the Dezhou’s defensive group.

This is just an example of a famous player being accused. In the early years, the 49 people of San Francisco — COLIN KAEPERNICK is accused of rape, and there is no evidence that there is no evidence at all after the survey.

Coss Sinus, Help Red Leak Eagle on the top of the countryOn December 27, Beijing time, the National Eastern Region ushered in a competition that was related to the championship of this season, and the Washington Red Leather team challenge Philadelphia Eagle. After four fierce killing, the final red leather defeated the eagle in the scene with the four passes of Cousins. The soap drama of the National East has ended this, and the Hongpi will represent the National East Out-of-Battle Quarten, the eagle and the Olympic giant have been put in advance in the season. The score of the whole game is 38:24.

Good news: Lynch’s allegations are invalidA woman alleged Seattle Haiying’s Run Marshawn Lynch’s personal attack and property losses, recently, Washington Bailee survey showed that her allegations were forged.

Wilkson hurts his left foot toe in the game with the Detroit Lion, followed by missing the game in the past two weeks. This week he conducted restricted training, but it finally thought that it could not be failed to play. Exterior line qinton couples will fill the location of Wilkson, Jason Babin Top derperse.

Thomas select the second round 47th overall by the New Orleans Saints, and signed a $ 5.11 million rookie contract in 2016. With three years of superstar performance, after the contract expires this year, and its Saints immediately signed a $ 100 million five-year contract, which also makes Thomas Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China history to become the highest paid wide receiver.

In the first game, the Eagles of the hometown at home were in the lead. Run Wiler — Matthews Middle Road strongly got 1 yard’s reachable. In this section, the red skin quartz, Kirk Cousins, returned to a 22-yard pass. The boller is close to Jordan Reed. But Dustin Hopkins blocked additional points. However, before the end of this section, Cosin was once again found Riddard, got the second pass to Deta. The first battle, the red skin has achieved 13: 7 leadership.

Maybe you did not expect, Thomas favorite player is Allen — Allen Iverson (Allen Iverson), a child no money to buy the magazine about Thomas Iverson data, only to find some books about Iverson to go to the library Look. Thomas lucky number is Iverson’s No. 3 jersey number, and he chose in college jersey number is No. 3.

This woman is 31 years old this year, and she told the police that Lynch attacked her behind August and destroyed her leather clip. But the Seattle Times pointed out that the survey shows that everything is false. Once all evidence is proven to be false, she is called for a 1 year of prison allegations.

Thomas became famous devoted to contributing to society, the court staged MVP-level performance, the next field is also keen to participate in charitable activities. He is committed to New Orleans charities, and charities together to help homeless and low-income people, to help them. His late grandmother Chun Chun after he has been taught successfully devoted to contributing to society, it also allows Thomas vowed to use football to needy people who live in deep trouble.

Jet defensive leader Wilkson cannot debut this week New York Jet Defensive Didwang Muhammad Wilkerson This week will continue to absent this week and Tennessee Titan. Wilkson is still «out of doubts on this Friday, but the team announced that Wilkson will follow the team to Tennessee on Saturdays.

Rum is also given honored by jerry Jones, and immediately assigns 88 jersey to Rum immediately after Lamb is selected. The 88-88 jersey was taken over by a denim star, including Drew Pearson, Michael Irvin, and Des-Bryant (Dez Bryant).

First entered the league, Thomas will showcase his superior personal ability, as a wide receiver, rookie Thomas completed 104 catches, breaking by Jimmy — Single Graham (Jimmy Graham) in 2011, a record of the NFL record number of successes season ball (99 times). Moreover, in the second season of the Saints, Thomas completed 196 catches, breaking by Jarvis — NFL record the total number of two seasons before the new ball to keep the ball in Landry (Jarvis Landry) ( 194).

Lanm is selected by the cowboy in the 17th championship in this year’s draft. The scouts generally believe that this selection of Zhongmum and Jerry Jeudy from the University of Alabama is the strongest two-handed position. But Lamb is the third hand-away from the team, or is selected by a team that is not lacking talent and truth in the external connections but is really unable to miss the Rum.

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Hilton slammed the offensive front line after the team 0-27 was on the Jacksonville American Tiger. He said when talking about his external hands and friends: «We won the competition with the defensive players. Attack front line performance good.»

«The exact part is that I ask for a team that already have a struggle. Some teams are in the target list I want to go. They also respect my opinions and expressed their understanding. I Carefully consider screening for each team. «

«Do we like this? No,» Anthony Castonzo «is said. «But we understand that it is now united rather than splitting.» He also said: «We are offensive front line players, we are used to any comments to us.»

Malone was taught in the Americas, and he was at first, and he was at the beginning of the assistant coach and the offensive front line coach. After being fired after the 2016 season, Malone was a temporary coach and eventually turned.

The patriot has also been one of the intentional teams of Stafford, but according to reports, this is the only team in Stafford. For this news, Stafford did not recognize nor deny, but he expressed his affirmation for other content.

Wilson had a $ 4 million contract with the Hawks in 2019, and his career was killed 394 times in the first nine years, and this data is in the historical list. 2020 season, Wilson was killed 47 times, second only to Carson Wentz (50) and Deson Watson (49). According to ESPN data statistics, since the 2017 season, the Ball of Hawks has been protected into power rankings eighth. This is also an indirect explanation, Wilson is in part to tend to Dodge with him, and it is related to late.

Talking about Matt Patricia, Stafford said: «No matter what others say, we have a good relationship. I can go directly to the office and talk to him. When he needs it, you can also directly Call me. I think we have cultivated this relationship together. I respect him. «

Wilson also hopes to participate more in the recruitment of training: «I want to participate in personnel decision & hellip; & hellip; because I need to believe in these people. One of the reasons why Tom Brady went to the pirate, that is, he thinks it can believe in Bruce Bruce — Alius (Bruce Aria), I believe in the opportunity to bring. & Hellip; & hellip; think about LeBron James, he can work with your own trusted players. «

Jet trainer: Mitchell’s behavior does not enterIn the New York jet, the last moment of the Pittsburgh steel person was defeated at 20:13, and the steelman safety sanitary MiKE Mitchell was pulled into the «victorious formation» of the jet jet, trying to seek the last hope. However, the Jet Made Nick Mangold maintains a high enough alert, put Mitchell in the ground.

«I have been in the past few days and Dave Caldwell and Doug Marrone, and their staff have met many times, this is to comprehensively understand them to reverse us in 2020 The decline and the competition season’s plan, «the team boss Saud Khan» said in a statement.

«Although our discussion is confidential, the team team that I have made in 2020 has nothing to do with us on Sunday, but with me and Dave, Dang, coordinator and our players The active meeting is the biggest, because I believe it is not a comprehensive change of our team now. «

In the three seasons of the Jaguo coach, Malongban has achieved 21 wins and 27 losses, including the 2017 season’s best defensive group to achieve 10 wins and 6 losses, won the Melanan District Championship and entered the United States championship.

Subsequently, the two players who strongly strengthened twisted together and smashed each other. After the game, Manardon said that Mitchell’s behavior was incomparably dirty, and their coach Ryan Ryan also talked about his feelings: «I think this is not in the flow, I am very Surprised, if it is in such a short code, it can make people understand, but we are at the time, just just gently, he has no chance and may succeed. «

«In addition, I made a pair of exchanges with a large number of players on Monday, I am fully grateful to the season and future straightforward and considering the comprehensive views & mdash; & mdash; somewhat in the expected, some are not.»

NFL official website shows that Cleveland Treadstone.Us Brown has provided a first round show to get Bradford. The source of the program has not explicitly indicated that Brown’s pricing is to open to St. Louis ram, Philadelphia eagle or two teams.

Wilson said: «All players are the same, no one wants to be hit. This is also the reality of this location. Every quadrant will say this. But this is also part of the work. Reality is that I am really hit, being killed Fast 400 times. We must become better, I have to become better. «

Jeff Fisher told the media last week to say that the ram has been signed with a last stage to exchange Bradford’s proposal, and they will refuse this trading, but More tend to the eagle proposed trading options.

The Hawks of the Sea Eagle is disappointed with too much impact.The Sea Eagle 4-point Wei Rasher-Wilsell Wilson, in the interview with two big hearts: his career has been disappointed by too much hit to him; want more to participate in team personnel decisions.

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Dai Lun McFaden: I feel like a new person

Auckland raids 2008 first-round show running Dallen McFadden will start their own new life in Dallas denim, for the first time for this 27-year-old player, I am very exciting.

Will we pay attention to whether new coaches can help pick up Jack Conklin at this year’s eighth holiday. As for Womer, he will need a strong season to prove that he is still part of the future. Titan did not choose to perform his fifth year contract option, which made the next season a year of war for a war.

Watson said that after the March contract expired, he intends to retire and thus let the doctor will take the prescription of synthetic metabolic sterol to help him. But he still accepted the drug inspection at the end of March after the start of serving the medicine. He decided to come out after the team expressed his interest at the end of April. At that time, he forgot her experienced drug test until the beginning of May he learned the result of positive drug inspection.

Carson Wentz is still the powerful competition of the MVP, and there is more than the ball. Two 50 yards links «DESEAN JACKSON» in DESEAN JACKSON, «Desen Jackson» finally «spread wings». The «three strange» on the running guard also solved the pavement of the eagle for many years. This is destined to make the restriction of the Falcon’s defensive group, and they have a vulnerability in the first week. The new Jin «third high salary defensive cut-off» Grady Garrett also wanted to take the old eagle’s ace, Brandon Brooks after a week of highlights.

Patriot’s near-end front of Jiemin Watson revealed that the ban is banned

Beijing May 27, New England Patriots, near-end, Benjamin Watson, on Sunday, revealed in the personal Facebook account, due to the March drug test did not pass him for 4 free punishment.

The saints looked for a policy, they tried the main pavement attack, the squad codes 3.2 yards (the countdown fourth) let them disappoint and return, plus Bris’s injury, the attack culture is completely broken. Corner position introduces Brandon — Browna’s defensive latter almost no progress, cutting Zhonor — Grett even a pressure on the outer rushing, the Saint-Distance Performance is called Failed, and there is a helplessness that is hard to ride.

The injury is almost an important topic that has been promoted every season, and the injury of the star tends to greatly affect the grade of a team. Although the earth lacks anyone will turn, the following should be added to the brackets, Wholesale Nfl Jerseys except for quadrupanitation.

Before the 2014 election, this selection was called the new «gold generation» by the outside world. After a season, most people were disappointed, only small Odel Beckham, Carlier Mark and Aaron Donald is a bit of a bit of a superstar. However, I just entered the second season of your career, this group of two-year living is about a good, start collecting the progress.

Titan’s striker Warmick slammed the team before attack front line coach

Tennessee Titan offensive front line is not very flat in the past two seasons. Made Cance Warmack will disclose the dispute, and he points the spear to the front of the team, Bob Bostad, Bob Bostad.

The eagle’s defensive group only used the first week to play Brand Graham, the second line is a short board. Good in the «Iceman» Matt Ryan and offensive group in the first week of dreaming, the opponent security Wei’an-Harris (Anthony Harris) has repeatedly highlights, returning to the Falcon’s offense coordinator Tek — Dirk Koetter has not brought back the gorgeous pass of the once.

«I have a coach once served as a line guard at the University League League,» Womi said when attending a CBS sports. «And how do he teach me how to take offensive front line players? If there is any problem, you come to tell me. I am an offensive front line player, I am not a line guard. I definitely didn’t hit the three-level alliance.»

See article here, the fans will certainly clamor Brady, Manning old, 37-year-old Brady is still a live dragon. Can not you see 2013 season, 37-year-old Manning broke the single-season passing touchdowns, a series of record code number and so on, «life enemies» of another definition, have rejuvenated the same age.

The reason why the team is strong, is to quickly retrieve his own state in the undulating. Can Oins, can the Okey have a champion defense? Unstable Falcon this year is a geometry? This will provide clues in the second week of competition. Although the two teams do not necessarily play a fierce competition, the luxurious lineup will contribute multiple wonderful balls for the viewers.

In the past, the lion had already suspended the replacement defensive cut off CJ-Mosley (Mosley) was stopped by the team inside the team’s related discipline, and his banned is 1 week. This means that the lion will find firefighters cheap jerseys from china the training lineup or free player market.

Bosado, who was previously coach Ken Whisenhunt, became a new coach after Mike Mulakey. Muraki approves Brimm as an offensive front line coach, the latter is selected as the best in the NFL1980 in 2010 in 2010 in 2010.

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The original team needs to pay two offensive line players 24 million US dollars next season. Frederick 4-year-old career 3 times selected professional bowl, next season’s revenue is $ 1.0 million in 42 million US dollars, the next season’s revenue is $ 10 million.

«After our first victory (0-4 open), we feel still have a chance.» Brandon Mebane, «By Brandon Mebane,» Progress is not entirely like the same we hope. » But the next half of the season is about to begin. «

The 29th Super Bowl represents the United States and the United States, the same war is also from the san Diego lightning from the Bay area. However, their lineup is not very high, and the famous star in the array is only Junior Seau, facing the countryside. The team, who did not leave the whole half, complete four times to reach the chasing the superb bowl record, the whole game is more handed over 36 pass 24 325 yards 6 reached the no copy transcript, four The assassination score is a scary 134.83.6 pass to create a new super bowl record. In addition, he also rushed out of 49 yards, surpassing two main running and became a super bowl history, the first person who won the ball and squat code king, and he was also worthy of the super bowl MVP.

Lightning master coach is very interested in the opportunity to have nowLightning records are currently 3-5, and the chief of the National Western head is 3 winners, but the head coach Anthony Lynn has not given up hope.

However, Yang quickly proved himself. In the 1995 playoffs, he once again faced the «evil» cowboy. He was in full swing, and the great revenge of the pain was completed. After six years, 49 people re-killed the super bowl.

Some people say that Bart Starr, Bart Starr, and Johnny Unitas chess, the 1970s, «American Captain» Stomabach and Terry-Bledxia ( Terry breedshaw is difficult to high, and the outstanding quadrant of the 1990s is a turning stage to grab a drama, but only Montanner is a single-in-world. However, according to my opinion, Sundanner contains Les’s a lot of hard work, look at his transcript: 1549 times, push the 22895 code, cut the 197 reachable (I know some of the following MVP) Brush it out). Many people will argue who are the best quadrants or running strokes in history, but they will not argue who the NFL history is the first outer hand, because the answer is the only & mdash; & mdash; that is Jerry Rice.

«I like the opportunity we have,» Lynn said, «I also hope to be in a better position, but the road in our season has not ended, the opportunity of the Melase West is still there. We have not yet, the player We also understand this. We need to keep up in the next half. «

Less pushes 215 yards in 11 batches on this super bowl, which is a frontless terrorist data. More importantly, in the 49th countdown, Montanna took the ball to Leis in the case of the pocket, the latter was magically to grab this rainbow under the three-person clip. Ball, more amazing is that he actually rushed to the side of the side. He stopped on the 18-yard line. For the time of the shocking, the passed the road to the road. I have said: «But in a lot of people, this trophy is Montanner.» In fact, I don’t have a little deceived. On the contrary, I think Les in the superb bowl in this sister. Not deighted in the title of MVP.

Lightning Run Wei Melwen — Gordon determined this week’s game Beijing December 21, the lightning main coach Anthony-Lyny Lynn was clearly incorrect, and Melvin Gordon would fight the game on Saturday night against the crow.

Until Montana missed the entire 1991 and most in the 1992 season, he proved his own efficiency in two years, and finally established his own team’s first four-defense status. In April 1993, Montana had a split in 49 people’s dressing rooms, but also turned into the Aerioba. However, the days are not well too much, he is always living under the huge shadow left by Montana. The worse is the 1993 and 1994 National Union, and the 49 people lost to the powerful Dallas denim, although Jerry Less, the peak is still in the peak, it is difficult to cross the three drives, 49 people two battles Two defeat. The bay area is four, in fact, these two failers have a large extent, but the fans are used to Montana’s 49 people who are invincible, unless they can pay back a super bowl, otherwise they will never accept him.

Gordon participated in the full training on Tuesday. But I still don’t know how much the opportunity he said will get. Lynn’s latter half sentence proves that lightning may reduce Gordon’s workload, continue to make new Xiu Justin Jackson share some tasks.

49 people face the New York Giants in the 1990 National World Championship. The legendary quarter-point guards of the giant team restricted the giants for the four-point guards, but Joe-Meng, who was defensive, 49 people who wounded 49 people. Joe Montana ran out of Leonard Marshall, which completely changed the situation in the whole game, he got a game for 5 freezers 15-13 victory. This game was also the last 49-person jersey in Montana. Then the story everyone knows, «shooting the right», the giant team won.

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Old will take over Wayn may retire immediately after this season.Reggie Wayne will become one of his largest players who can be selected in this generation. This discussion may begin after this season.

Ram runs to Todd — Galley: It feels heavy back to the previous stateIn the 17-7 defeat of Chicago Bear, Los Angeles ram obviously uses different tactics with previous games, and they rely on the play of Todd Gurley to win the game.

He also taught his vocabulary to accurately destroy the emirate group of the 2015 season. «We are building a group of villains,» he said to the official website of the team. «We will become a team you don’t want to meet in the game.»

Before the start of last season, I have not included the Galli, including $ 45 million in guarantee income renewal contract, has not yet 100 yards. The outside world still has questions about the health of his left knee, and Mike Wei is more inclined to use running guards.

In addition to the big contracts of Justin Houston, the team is selected for this year’s draft, the first round of this year’s election is the first round of the MARCUS Peters. . They also ushered in Dwitto (knee cross ligament torn), line guards Derrick Johnson (Azuro Torn) and Mike Catapano (gastrointestinal virus, brain shock Regression.

Although data is usually not reliable, the seventh chitch is still ranked seventh in terms of defensive codes in the case of so many key players (the field will make the opponent into 330.5 yards). In short, Dwitto may say that the idea is.

Wayne insisted that he would be a small horse player. «I know what I will do will play a two-year ball for other teams. I don’t do it at all. I don’t have the other team. I don’t have time to live in other teams, stay here for a year. Stay in a year. «

«Maybe they want yourself,» Fluke said when he left the Hawk. «Maybe they want different types of players. I can’t endorse them. But I can come here, show me people and as a player. I will be my own. I promise that you will like to watch me.»

In 2011, the first round of Shi Shi was selected by San Diego lightning, and she was carefully selected by the offensive cutout, but she was selected for the best rookie lineup, but later changed his striker. He was powered down in 2017, followed by New York Giants for 1 season, and then spent the Eagle in the past two seasons. The Hawks made him with the offensive front line this year. The 29-year-old Fluk has been a 23 game for the Eagle Eagle for the past two years.

Mike Dwitto: The chief is making a «villain» defensive groupKansas City Chief Defensive Frontboard Mike Devito has been with defensive coordinator Bob Sutton for almost ten years (in 2007-12, the two in New York jet), he It is expected to be able to make a defense of a special style.

«I see that Yang Da played for a long time. He is a great striker,» Fluke said in an interview. «This is a manifestation that is difficult to surpass. Yang Da completed his task. He is famous for his body’s confrontation ability. But I can do myself, play my own performance. Being a ball every day. Team, strive to train, dare to fight and press the opponent’s player. This is me. This is DJ & MDash; & mdash; always is full of rugby. This is the performance I can give you. «

Fluke will be striped with the second grade — Ben Powers, this year’s three-wheeled Xitel-Phillips, Tyre Phillips and four-wheeled Xiuen-Bredeson competition first position . Regardless of the starting of Yang Da, his performance will be crucial for the new season in the new season.

This week, the red skin they have to face has been suffering from the poor, and the four-point guards, Robert Griffin III, 52.1% of the post-withdrawal of the ball, was transformed, and the ball was transformed. Among them, 12.4% were killed, and the two data were the highest alliance. And worse, the team’s left cut Trent-Williams will not be able to play this week, will not be able to play, this season Williams’ passenger commentary is +6.3, only let the other party from oneself I got once and killed. Replacing Williams will be a new Morgan Moses, which contributed +1.4’s pass cover score in the face of Tampawan pirates last week, but he is going to face this week. Aldenne Smith, which is ready to go, is not as small as stress.

At the end of the 10 cases, Smith was completed last week. In the face of the game, 8 successfully put pressure on the other side, two of which hit four-point guard and six times forced four defense Quickly shoot. And the rookie alonch, which is located on the other, also has 8 successful pressure, one of whom killed 7 times, forced the quarter-saving, cheap jerseys and he was divided into +7.6 this season. All 3-4 Flat Outer Route 7. Lindchi and Smith’s double ghost door will be the biggest trouble of red skin.

Derk Carl responded to reports on locating room conflictsBeijing October 24th, in Jon Gruden and the raid, many of the transactions on the first round of Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper, many What happens when people are concerned about DEREK CARR.

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Broncos linebacker might think the team after the Super Bowl was a laxMustang is the 2015 winner of the Super Bowl, however, not even in 2016 did not enter the playoffs. This is what happens? Linebacker Brandon — Marshall (Brandon Marshall) have some ideas.

«I would not say it was wrong for a particular thing.» Marshall told reporters Thursday, «I feel more like a relaxed after winning the Super Bowl. But we should pay attention to the fact that there is no job done? But we no attention to these. so this year I want to make a change. «

In the competition, Kelus pushed the steel man’s defensive defender Ross Cocklell, he was insulting the judgment of the referee. There is no doubt that such a behavior alliance will definitely not let him go.

Rack needs to practice more to improve the success rate of the third gearIn Indiana Broadcast, the success rate of the three-dimensional Druid Ruk (ANDREW LUCK) third gear is ranked twenty 8 in the alliance. The horses are ranked 15 in the entire league, which is relatively good, but it is still very bad. The 15th bit is lower than the jet and Titan.

Tepper still on the conference praised the coaching staff and the squad lineup, also talked about the four into the playoffs the last five years of outstanding performance. However, due to Julius — Pei Bosi (Julius Peppers), Ryan — Carril (Ryan Kalil), Thomas — Davies (Thomas Davis) and several veteran already near the end of his career, the team is inevitable replacement . Rivera and Tepper also talked about this.

. «They always could get the American League championship or win the Super Bowl,» Marshall so evaluation of the Patriots, «They have a great quarterback — Tom Brady (Tom Brady) and excellent working group — Bill Bailey Cech (Bill Belichick) is probably the greatest coaches in NFL history, anyway, I think so. these all contribute to enduring the Patriots, but no matter who the Patriots seem to be able to play out, this is really powerful part. if not Brady, Bailey Cech, the Patriots still have the means to hire talent, continue to be successful, it’s awful. «

Coach Ron — Rivera (Ron Rivera) also expressed respect for the new boss, before he took over the team with the three most likely to have talked about the words. Rivera said: «When the conversation, he carefully listen to me, will ask some questions is in place, we are generally personnel matters did not mention salary cap issues and the like, but the progress the conversation went well..»

«I dared not thought to win the Super Bowl.» Marshall said, «I almost preoccupied with winning, chances are so will be able to stand on the stage of the Super Bowl, but I never thought it would really happen. Indeed there are teams will fight their way into the playoffs after winning the Super Bowl next year, I never thought this would happen in our heads & mdash; & mdash; after all, our staffing out there & hellip;. & hellip; in reaching new after the goal, we need to set new goals to motivate yourself, because the role of those old goals have been enough. «

Panthers new boss has been respected coach RiveraPanthers new boss David — Tepper (David Tepper) at a news conference performed well, not only presented their vision for the new team, but also gives Jerry will not repeat the words and deeds — Richardson ( confidence Jerry Richardson) of mistakes.

Del-Rio’s experience in the United States Tiger has proved him with rich experience, and his performance in the wild horse proved that he also has its own unique understanding of defensive tactics. Del-Rio born in the East Coast is respected in the alliance, and the raid can be discussed with him after the season.

Revis and Smith in the duel, no one is more important than the potential showdown this Saturday. In the case of the Patriots faced losing win promotion back home, many people may expect Revis and second-line defensive others locked crow. But not now let Revis worried about things. «I’m just trying to play every week before I played the best performance and the best ready state,» Revis said. «I’m not going to try to focus on too much or feel how important this game. Just do the same thing, playing the same quality and complete defense.»

In the face of major events such as the chos, any team needs to be prepared. If Hubble can’t be like the raid, the next goal of the team will be the next goal of the team, the next goal of the team will be Denver Musa-Rio (Jake del Rio). Del Rio served as Jacksonville’s coach during the 2003-200, and his extensive experience is one of the reasons why it is attached to the raid.

The raid people have a new goal: the wild horse defensive coordinatorAuckland raids have always been plagued by the team’s head of the team. This will also become a big event after the season. Recently, there is a rumor showing Jim Harbaugh, San Francisco (Jim Harbaugh), is the first choice for the raid, and Cheap Jerseys the team plans to contact this design after the season. Another name that has been contacted with the raid is Jon Gruden, but it seems that he is not too interesting to reap out the rivers and lakes.