Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

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With the absence of Katler, the Subject 2 points Guii Mi-Klaisen will become the team’s first four-point guard. In the last week, Clausen came out, tried to pass 23 times, completed 14 times, advanced 121 yards, was copied once, the quarter-saving ball score is only 56.6.

We can see the «* Sub-mode» T-shirt in their hands, which is from «beast mode». After a lot of attention, Brant expressed his respect for Lin Qi: «About this T-shirt, I can only say it is a joke, I am 100% respect Lynch and his ability, why do we call him «Beast mode». «

Trent Baalke, General Manager Trent, said: «Glen is an excellent professional player, whether it is still a lot of contributions to the team. He has a strong study ability and a very good player. He has won the renewal of its own efforts, and it is better to look forward to his future. » Diligent worker from Danyi has loved the coach. He has just rated 49 people’s annual blue-collar defensive players last season (The 49s Defensive Blue Collar Player of The Year). Doctors just suffered from injury attacks before the start of the preseason, and his injury will be officially confirmed after the nuclear magnetic resonance check. During his injury, you can also obtain the team’s renewal, enough to see the 49 people ‘s coaching team to trust him.

«It feels quite good,» Mario Tag said, «I am not sure if I am not sure if I have participated in the discharge period, I have to pay attention to my recovery. I am very happy to have a chance. Back here. «

Jet coach: What we need is a player who wants to leave a group

Before the Jamal Adams, Jamal Adams, who was willing to be traded, and his anger and accused of more than half concentrated on one person: jet coach Yado-Gates (Adam Gase).

San Francisco 49 people two-year contract lock defense general

On August 20th, Beijing time, San Francisco 49 people official news: 49 people have reached agree with Defensive General Glen — Dorsey, and the two sides have officially renewed for 2 years, and the western will be 49 people to 2016. In the official statement of 49 people, did not reveal the annual salary after weehe, but according to nfl jerseys official website, 49 people renew New West only paid a considerable price, and the salary of the West 2014 season is only $ 2950 million.

In the report last week, Adams once said that Gain is not the best leader, with other people have not established appropriate relationships, and the team has an alienation. Gates denied all of this allegation and said that the team had prepared to continue.

Katler will take the battle for two weeks because of hurt

Chicago Xiong 4-point Weijie-Carter (Jay Culter) is at least two games after the team. Carterler was injured in a cup-cut attempt at a group of 23-48 losses of the Red Sparrow of Arizona.

Titan was previously guaranteed that the restoration of Mario Tak was not eager to seek. Therefore, the participation of Mario Tag has also been restricted. Mike Mulakey said: «I know that he still wants to do more, although he is good, but this is just in May. We still have a lot of time.»

Glen Dorsse is a defensive tip, he graduated from Louisiana University. During the university, he was a total star player, once elected the annual best defensive player of the NCAA Football Southeast Federation (SEC), and selection of the best lineup in the United States. He has won the team’s national championship and BCS national championship. In the 2008 draft selection meeting, the Kansas City Emirates was selected in the first round of the first round of the fifth shift, and 49 people were joined in San Francisco in the 2013 season. Last season, he represented 49 people played 15 games, Wholesale Jerseys contributing to a single session of the 1st single session and a 49-person defensive group. It is an important member of the 49-person defensive group.

The head coach John Fox said: «Just as I said yesterday, Clausen is ready to do every game, and many of the substitutes are not like him. I want to quad. This location is more difficult than other locations, and he always has to affiriate. But I think Klays is very good. «

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After being traded to the Hawks last year, Harvin signed a big contract with the team, the new contract contained two thousand millions of dollars in the guarantee wages, including one thousand two million dollars signed bonuses. . However, the contract contains ladder growth, his average annual salary will be up to 10 million US dollars, and the salary starting cheap jerseys from china the next season is no longer guaranteed. Since Harvin has been injured in the future, there is not much contribution to the number of stunned performances in the super bowl last season. In addition, the sea eagle also needs to make a salary space as soon as possible in order to renew the core quarter Wilson, so the Hawks and Harva are very reasonable.

10. Washington Redskins took over the outside Jamison — Claudel (Jamison Crowder) (ankle), running back Chris — Thompson (Chris Thompson) (ribs) and Adrian — Peterson (Adrian Peterson) (shoulder / ankle / knee), wide receiver Paul — Richardson (Paul Richardson) (shoulder / knee) is listed as the play could not be determined.

This game, the black leopard star Inner line Wei Luke Kuechly, the brain shock has not entered the team’s big list in the second consecutive week, and the star quadrotean Kam-Newton due to unfair, The team was pressed on the tension. After the start of the game, the Blager team first attacked, and the four-point guardian Derek Anderson was first passed by Mike Morgan (Mike Morgan), the Haiying offensive group received the ball 8 yards before the code line . Subsequently, the Hawks can not use the opportunity to reach scores, play the ball Stephen Hauschka hit 23 yodi, Haiying 3: 0 Black Leopard. Newton has failed to start against the Sea Eagle.

But the fans can pick up a breath, Braddy is not really going to retire. He just started to use Twitter and opened a April Fool’s Day joke. He wrote in the second pusher in the next one: «Is this a bad joke?»

After the lost black panther team sent Cam-Newton, but their offensive group still discovered. Hawks attack, quasolers, Wilson, short biography, to find Tayler Lockett, advance 40 yards. Enter the Black Panther Half, THOMAS RAWLS, short pass 12 yards, close-end Feng Mimmy, Jimmy Graham, complete 14 yards, final Thomas Roles Ball 8 yards, Haiying 10: 0 Black Leopard. Kam — Newton Long Chuan Niger Greg Olsen won 16 yards, helping the team to enter the sea eagle, but still have to abandon the kick in any race.

16. Rams wide receiver Cooper — Koop (Cooper Kupp) and Blanding — Kukes (Brandin Cooks) participated fully in training and ready to show its mettle in the race on Sunday. They do not appear in the injury report. Kicker Greg — Zuer Lin (Greg Zuerlein) is listed as unable to play.

On the show, Murray re-participated in the weighing, and finally the results were 205 pounds, which was 2 pounds compared to the measurement, but he did not participate in height detection but continued to measure the height measured at the time of use. In addition, he will not participate in the 40-yard sprint project.

No matter how you look at the purple ramp, you may not need to overrupted. It is important to know that the general manager of Cleveland Brown, John Dorsey, has not attended the show day of the University of Russia, but in the end, they still pick Baker Mayfield.

At both ends of the attack and defense, the Hawks 40: 7 Take the black leopard continuation home is unbeaten

Beijing time on Monday, December 5, 9:30 am, Carolina Black Leopard is a guest Washington, challenge Seattle Hawks. The two teams have played in the final season in the final season, and the black Leopard 31:24 defeated the Hawks. The black panthar team has a record of 4 wins and 7 losses, including 1 win of 4 losses. Temporarily leading the Hawks of the National Association of China, currently 7 wins and 3 losses 1 flat, among the 5th battle.

According to Nfl Jerseys official website, Ian Rapoport reported that Steve Kem (Steve Keim), General Manager, Coach, Kliff Kingsbury, and Boss Michael Michael Bidwill did not attend the show day of the University of Russia. However, the red scitch did send a representative to attend.

Andy Daltton: Understand the responsibility is to serve as the substitute of Prescott

4-point Wei Di-Dalton and 4-point Sanitary-Prescott (Dak Prescott Came) only exchanged after the 2016 regular season and 2018.

The second half of the Haiying team first attack, Taylor Rockete scorpion gave rid of the defense to take the 75 yards, the Haiying’s next half of the flicker score, 30: 7 leading. Kam — Newton began to use short pass to advance, but they have to abandon kicking in any free kick. The Haiying team offensive group is also very fast. Camper — Steven Terrell will teach the ball, but because Terre’s defensive interference ball is fouled, the copy is invalid. Kam — Newton followed the ball to find Devin Funchess, with 20 yards and 24 yards. Enter the red area, four files 12 yards, Camper — Newton passed the ball failed to convert four gears.

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For 30-year-old Aville, last season is a year of recovery, he won 11.5 times, this is the best performance in his career and has obtained the same data since 2011, it has achieved the same data. One year.

«This is a difficult part,» Rosrisberg said. «I only know the news I have heard and the performance when I have seen. I am very excited that he can join us, just uncertain when he can participate in the training. We have been communicating behind the scene after training. So I hope that he is ready to train when he is ready.

In the recent game of NFL China Rugby Beijing Division, in the face of the ridicule and impact of the senior opponent, our team lost very bad, the teammates wounded, crying, there is teammate to give up the game. I didn’t cry, I didn’t talk, I must insist on the game! Finally, we all insisted and won the invitation of the Beijing Military and National Collection!

The Hawks hopes that guy their two years have passed the ball shock (Aville and Michael Bennett) to continue to be young. The two people are essential for the defensive defense of the Hawks to continue to retain the alliance. Bennet has achieved 5 kicks in the last season but accepted knee surgery in October.

Speed-type near-end Radar Ladarius Green is rehabilitation from ankle surgery, and an ankle injury has been plaguing him in the second half of the season. Green announced the news of surgery when he left San Diego lightning in March.

[My first football game] Sun also Shi: I have just started with the story of rugby.When the first time I contacted football in the sports class, the coach said that playing rugby can collide, can fight, this makes me feel very man, I want to try it. And the football is a relatively fresh project, and it is very satisfied.

Just say once he is back too is his understated, according to Brady mean, glycopyrrolate Koski already and can make the midfield but scared terrified: «You can imagine how to guard him, we nowadays a lot of martial arts training camp, even though Darrell — Revis (Darrelle Revis) is responsible for man-mark him, but glycopyrrolate can always try to make a wonderful ball, he is too strong, it is difficult to compete with his to occupy the position. «confrontation between Revis and glycopyrrolate is very interesting, especially glycopyrronium precision of running routes improved a lot after.

Because I already have a football basis, when I started rugby training, similar basic training sites made me feel that rugby is nothing. Until one passed the ball, because the ball moved too casual, it was not standardized, and the ball was smashed in the nails. At that time, the tears came down. After returning home, the whole finger root broke out.

«This is not what I can decide. It is clear that the team thinks this is the most favorable decision to us. So as a player in the team, I do my own work, I will train and play the game, and the general manager and the team The boss, they do their work, they work hard to make the most favorable decisions to the team. Therefore, what I can do is to appear in the team training, work and hope that everyone in our array can The team made an excellent contribution. «

The school-speed league finally started, # 我 第一 的 #, in the face of a strong opponent, after the ball fails twice, I finally got the team to get the first attack! After that, I got a ball! Although the game lost, my heart is more hot!

According to NFL Media reporter Ian Rapoport, you can affirm that Watt will absence the season of season. The star who won the best defensive player three times will be reimbursed for the second consecutive season, and he was absent from 13 games after he was absent last season.

Brady surprised glycopyrrolate Koski catchAnd everyone else, headed the New England Patriots quarterback — Tom Brady (Tom Brady) on the same tight end Rob — glycopyrrolate Koski (Rob Gronkowski) that last week with the Denver Broncos game one-handed catch was incredible. Yesterday, ESPN aired last week highlights Stadium microphone, shouting Brady glycopyrrolate Koski ball in after that: «!? This guy is how to hold the ball» in the last two glycopyrrolate Koski week total of the ball 18 times, advancing 254 yards and four touchdowns offer.

One of the best players in a team trading will always be a big news. However, Texas people do not seem to have a reasonable return from this transaction. From all the perspectives, Arizona Rapids is the profit of the transaction.

«At any time, you have a player like Hopkins, he is in my opinion that the best player of the league is technically the best, and it is obviously one of the best, and this trading will certainly appeal. This is certain «Watt said. «In any case, it is always difficult to lose such a player.»

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Memly said that Tiger Woods was a super superstar for him. He mentioned that he was only 10 years old, and he met him to sign him to sign him. He said: «Yes, all this happened. My father played in Elworth every year, and then we went back to Orlando vacation, one day we had to play with friends, because he is a friend of my family, So I knew that he played nearby, I went to him with a small partner. «» That is that he is training, we try to attract his attention and ask for signature at the 18th hole of the 18th cave, but I remember that he was at the time. The answer «There is no signature today. «»

But almost have a third transaction involving players. According to ESPN, Green Bay Package is close to the second day of the draft to reach the rendezvous to send the four-point Weinery, Brett Hundley.

In the University of California, the first 3 years of Hengdi’s initial packaging work is the first for the first quarter of Aaron Rodgers. He passed 10 times in two seasons, only twice successfully, and the 17-yard pass passed passed. He is indeed a quarter-off guard in the 2015 Joint Rating, but he only passed 7 times in the 2016 preseason. These data cannot convince other teams to pay a destree to deal with the fifth round.

The Ability of Withers is unfoubted, he can adapt to a variety of defensive formations, whether it is anti-transmission, anti-running or raid, he can compete. The only problem current is his health. After absence, whether it can re-return the best state, whether there is a recurrence of recurrence, is the main question of the team that is interested in him.

Brian Hoyer will visit New York JetThe New York Jet and Ryan Fitzpatrick is unable to renew the renewal agreement, which allows the jet to begin considering the standby plan, except for the draft, they also diverted their attention to the Houston de Brian hoyer cut off.

According to Ian Rapoport, Hoyell will travel to New York and jet management, because Houston is currently in harsh and suffering from floods, so Hoyel’s trip has to be Temporary shelves. Hoyel was officially cut off by Texas last weekend, and the time to be layoff is quite subtle, just caught up with the jet and the Fitz Patrick’s negotiations. Hoyel’s comprehensive level is not worse than Pfitz Patrick, and Hoyell is young three years old, which makes him become a pursuit of Mike Maccagnan, general manager of Jet Mike Maccagnan.

The exposure package has been close to the selection day trading substitute four points Wei HoneyThere have been 38 transactions during this year’s draft, which involve 126 drafts, including 2 transactions involved players.

There is also their rookie run 卫 齐 集 尔 特))))) 由于 特 特 特 特 特 特 特 特 特 特 特 特 特 特 特 特 r 由于 The feet you need to rely on helping the team to advance, which is what he is currently doing.

According to a person in love, the Red Scitch Originally plans to open it in the free market door, it will be officially exposed to Western, but because of the worry of the first team, the flush will ultimately decide click here to find out more be strong, they will be as soon as the Wuthers Signing a contract. If you can guarantee your health, Westerth has the ability to grab the first hair in any team.

The flush plan will give a contract forward to the front of the FalconArizona Rochao hopes to reinforce the weak links in the current team as soon as possible, and the line guards are naturally the top priority. According to ESPN reporters, the red scitch has got in contact with the former Asian Falcon, Sean WeatherSpoon, and the red tones will be proposed for a period of 2 years, the annual salary is 3 million and 4 million. Contracts are recruited.

It looks now that the packaging union will continue to stay in Hengli for one year, but they may take him in 2018. Hengdi entered the contract. They think they can get rewards above the fifth round of draft. In 2015, the package was selected in the fifth round of Hendeli.

However, the team often falls into desperate situations in the four-defense position. Cincinnati Tiger recently opened the price of at least the first round of draft privileges at the fifth round of the second-point guard of AJ-McCarron (AJ McCarron). They did not complete the transaction as the package.

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Although Bris was killed, the ball was obtained by Viking. However, when the Viking offensive team attempted three-speed conversion, the quartz guards were killed by Saint-defensive end Kamelon — Cameron Jordan, and the saints defended the key attack. After the saints took back the offensive opportunity, play the ball L卢z to stand the pressure of playing the free kick, before the end of the regular time, hit 49 yards. The Saint 20-20 flattened Viking, the game entered the time.

The second game, BROCK OSWEILER sends a copy of the CD, Braddy seizes the opportunity, so that another close-end Skott-Chandler (Scott Chandler ) Also got a boller to reach. The wild horse finally opened in the last attack in this section. Ronnie Hillman 19 yards scorpion reaches the half-score of the half of 14: 7, the patriot continues to lead.

After the start of the game, Viking people first attack, and the offensive group opened a mistake. The four-point Weak-Kirk Cousins ​​passed the ball to Adan Thielen. The latter was manufactured by the saints of the Saint Square. Janoris Jenkins, and then the ball was obtained by the other player Vonn Bell, Vonn Bell. Saint Subsequent 29 yards in Will Lutz, 3-0 lead Viking.

The first quarter of Hong Sanchez is Mark Sanchez, but he is very bleak: 2 passes were copied, 5 times were killed, only 6 times, transferred 6 times, hyperlink pass the ball Just over 10. Therefore, the red skin made Josh Johnson in the third quarter. Johnson’s performance is much better, and the ball is completed once, and then Jamison Crowder completed the 79-yard pass to reach the game, two two-point conversion attempt also successfully successfully.

Lynch only answers 22 questions only with 50 wordsThe Seattle Hawk Run Marshawn Lynch was a fine of 100,000 US dollars in the league due to the question of the reporter, and today 19: 3 Days of the Arizona, Linqi finally I chose the opening, although there is not much, but it is not necessary to be fine.

[Event Review] Guo Federal Card: Viking 26-20 Time to overcome SaintsYesterday, the United States won two wonderful outer cards for the fans, and the first battle of the National Union outside the Saint and Viking people.

He said: «Rex Ryan is a good coach but he is not Bill Belichick, he is the best defensive coach, at least in the past 10 years, this is also You can do what you can do when you are teaching. He never had an all-star quad-saving, from there is no star player in the offensive group, now he is very disappointed with Smith, Smith looks very talented but actually NFL is the worst Quadruplicate. «

After a short abandonment, the saints took the lead in achieving a decline. TAYSOM HILL ELT 50 yards Outside the Di Andte Harris, advanced to the Viking area. Subsequently, Evil Alvin Kamara 4 code, the Saint 10-3 Viking.

After this, the red skin of the red skin hopes to be more embarrassed. Because of the absence of the four-headed myocardial injury, the external hand of this game, Odell Beckham Jr., I hope that it is a key factor when the giant is in Titan next week.

The first game, the wild horse took the lead in attack, but the patriot team left three gears, even more unfortunately, the wild horse’s abandonment kicked only 22 yards. The patriot will start from the horseman half of the first round of attack. A short pass of Tom Brady gave Rob Gronkowski, Rob Gronkowski, and Gronoski took the ball and turned off the first defensive player, then A major changed to another defender before, and then easily ran to Dali Zone. The patriot has achieved 7: 0 leaders in the first section.

Lightning defensive end Melvin — Engram restructuring contract regression trainingLos Angeles Daily News reporter Gilbert Manzano reports Lightning defensive end Melvin — Melvin Ingram returned to the training base reported that this is Engram since the training camp The first field training.

If you are really a black powder of Smith, you may make you further. New York Daily’s reporter commented on the upcoming New England Patriots against New York Jet, he gave the jet’s coach, but about the quarter-saving suggestion.

Although Viking is also promoted to the top 1 yard in the Saint-Terminal zone, the three gear of the running Dalvin Cook fails to get the effect, but the 2 yards are retired. Viking has only sent the ball to Belle, the latter is 21 yards, and the Wei Jing 6-10 Saints.

Eli Manning is over the first half, and the third section is over. The giant won four games in the past five games, but the opponent sent quarters, these factors will also be included in the racing season.

Nike Patriots #12 Tom Brady White Super Bowl LI 51 Men's Stitched NFL Elite JerseyThe fourth game, the first attack, Breddy found an external hand Branden, Brandon Bolden, Boden’s pursuit and collision of two wild horses, and rushed to the balance, running this 63 yards The ball is reaches. In the next round, the patriot did not pick up the wild horse, let the wild horse completed the 45 yards with an abandoned kick, then C.J.-Anderson ran 15 yards to get a reach. The difference is still 7 points. Although the wild horse also appeared in the case of abandoning the ball, the wild horse returned to the player did not let the ball back to the side of the patriot. However, since the wild horses have regretted the attacked round, the opportunity to equalize the score of the patriot is turned into a free kick, and the wild horses still need one to win the game. Patriot 21:17 Wild Horse. At 2 minutes left in the game, Gronoschi was seriously injured. In the last round of attack in the wild horses, Osville came out of the two wonderful long biography, and eventually passed the 4 yards of up to the Dalu, and the ball is Andrew Caldwell. The wild horses are more than 1 minute left in the game! However, the promotion of the patriots is really fast, Stephen Gostkowski’s shooting is as always stable. The last moment, the 47-yard shot in the snow, stable. The competition was dragged into the overtime game.

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«He is a cool person, very much like the ball. He is like a historian of this sport. When you sit down and chat, your feelings are like & lsquo; heaven! He will review the past, and He has a competition, actually teaching me this sport. & Rsquo; «

In order to celebrate the 54th super bowl countdown for 100 days, forward this article to a circle of friends, and in the NFL Rugby APP This article comments: You are most optimistic about which two team members Super Bowl final (did not download our app fans You can click on the next link: NFL Football APP,) We will randomly draw a lucky fans to send an official authentic NFL100 commemorative ball, and the event is under Monday (October 28) 12 noon, come to participate in our activities!

Replacement of the Anthony Steen will replace Ponps to serve as the first center. The first left side of Branden Albert will also lack, and he dislocated in the game game in the battle of San Diego lightning.

The team’s four-point guards in Drew Brees conquer the fans of the audience in the unambiguous 41-pass 31, 312 yards, and 2 Dali performance conquer the audience, and his personal passed 421 records have successfully surpass the legendary star Dan Marino to become the fourth place in nfl Jerseys history.

Saints reject patriotic trading quotes for external brakesAccording to many people familiarants, the new England patriot is willing to exchange new Orleans, the first round of the first round of this year, Brandin Cooks, but the saints refused this quotation, hope Can get better draft privileges from other teams.

The patriot is very understanding of the Saint players, and they will jointly hold training camps every year in the past two years. The patriot coach Bill Bilchk (Bill Belichick) commented in Cook last season, «I am very happy that we don’t have to face him twice next year. He is not in our partition. He is really a good player.»

Super Bowl is the finals of the NFL football every season, the super bowl is the name of the game, its trophy name is Vince Lombardi Tropha, and the participating parties are the National Union champion and the United States champion. The super bowl is not only the world’s top sports entertainment event, but also the highest ranking of TV shows. Many entertainment stars can be proud of the midfielder show in the super bowl, in recent years, the stage has a fire star brother, Biyount and Katie-Perry, the most classic undoubtedly in 1993, Mikl Jackson .

Johnson: Wickben can help the team to win more gamesLast week’s victory gave the New York jet’s team’s big confidence, some players didn’t seem to have a bad reason. This week’s interesting topic is too «if Michael Vick is from the first week», many jet players also published their own opinions.

Saints traded up in 2014, and chose Cook in the 20th step. He has grown to one of the most explosive offensive players in the Alliance. He has achieved 17 times in the past two seasons. He accounted 2 times in the longest 4 times from last season, he accounted 2 times (98 yards and 87 yards) . However, the saints are fully reserved at the external hand. They have a greater demand in the defensive group. They have previously showed the ability to continue to maintain the top offensive group after losing the team’s best offensive player.

«Chris Johnson» said: «I think if he serves a first week from the first week, then the result will be great. After he came to the team, the main job is to help Kino-Smith ( Geno Smith, but the result is as seen. «Johnson’s most costly competition this season is the game with the Chief of Kansas City, and Vic is in the game.

Newton has always said that he is satisfied with the effective patriots and is not frightened by the patriot model. When he was asked if he was willing to return, he gave a sure answer. «Yes. Of course! I don’t want to change the team,» Newton said.

Caman — Newton: Bill Belipk is the most misunderstanding person in the sports community.In the course period, the four-point Weikam Newton has published many insights for the topic of the field and the field.

We are curious, how many jet players and Johnson hold the same point of view. If Smith is completely unable to get the trust of teammates, the high level of the team must be active. In the next few weeks, Vic will continue to serve the first hair, and he needs to seize the opportunity to prove himself. The jet top layer also needs to consider another problem. If Vic can continue this state to the end of the season, who is the first quarter of the season next season?

Newton also mentioned in an interview that the newzer caused during the last season, and therefore dragged down the praise of the patriot. The patriot has only 7 wins last season, and it has a lot of winning more than the 2000 season.

«Bill is not indifferent. No one in the team does not want to be close to his gas field,» Newton said. «Everything is going to win, if you have no effort to win, then it is not suitable for you. This is not where you want to lose. I learned this through pain.»

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Goodel said in the statement: «The cheap nfl Jerseys from china draft is one of the most expectated activities per year. We are also very happy to let it come to Las Vegas. Looking forward to the raid, Las Vegas officials and Lasviga The Conference and the Visitor Authority have hoped to create a week of unforgettable fans. «

Randy Moss claims to take the best outside the history Jerry Les to respondAlmost everyone thinks Jerry Rice is the greatest external connections in NFL history. But another famous Hall of the Hall, Randy Moss, does not think so. Moss believes that they are the greatest external connections in history, Trell Owens ranked second, and the Leicessee is behind them.

«I will put me first, I will put T.o in the second,» Moss said. «I may put Jerry in the third or fourth. My standard is the rule of the game and the change caused for the rugby game. I don’t use data as a standard because if you use data and champion as a standard It’s too politicized. You have seen the team to write a few words on the media. You have seen the player because their skin color is or not get a contract. You have to remove politics from the rugby game. , Then look at each player to have the impact of the game. «

After this program broadcast, Les himself responded to Instagram. His response is to list the comparison of his and Moss’s career data. Rice has played a total of 21 seasons, completed 1549 bolts, obtained 22,895 yards 197 times, 3 won the super bowl champion, once a super bowl MVP. In contrast, Moss has a total of 14 seasons, completing 982 shots, and obtains 15292 yards, 156 times, and has not won the super bowl of championship.

In order to cope with Johnson’s injury, the lightning quickly signed the front Green Bay packaging out-of-hand James Jones Jones. However, if there is no other unexpected, the existing ball weapon of lightning is still quite enough, the number one takes behind Keenan Allen, the second hand, Tellavis — Benjamin, near-end Antonio Gates and Two-Word Show Henry — Henry Hunter and Danny Woodhead will be the helper around Phillip Rivers. .

Johnson suffered a serious knee sprain in the training camp in the earlier, which will originally take over the main groove of lightning new season. He completed 45 battles last season to contribute 497 yards three times. He will occupy a salary space of $ 3.5 million in the 2017 season, which makes him become a little in jeopardy next year.

For Gain, the strand sprain is the second setback of the career. Gain was played in the red skin selected in the 2018 season, played out in the previous season’s season training camp, but in the first season of the first episode, the first quarter was reimbursed. Gain thinks that this leg-teabbron injury is not a problem, and it is expected to catch up with the training camp of this season.

Miller has always had asthma, and he also carefully taken protective measures before diagnosis, but still infects new crown viruses. The next day after diagnosis, Miller said in the video interview: «This is very, very serious. My work requires that I will keep my body in the best state, my body is also in the best state. If I will infect, any People may infect. «

A slightly burnout patriot defensive group made Bill 22 rushed 135 yards in 1 to 1 to 1 to 1 to 1, and there were 5 anti-run missing, and the dressing room was inevitable. Bayli Check is awkward. This is better than often test 100 points. The child suddenly took a 80-point, and there must be a roll back after a post.

Patriot Line Guard’s Appearance Rate: Jamie Collins 77.1%, Kyle Vanoi 89%, Tang Tower — Haoter 65.9%, Jia Wu’an — 43% of this Specialry, Ilanton Roberts 23.6%, With this, the outfit rate of the anti-transmission line guard is reduced from 89.1% in 2017 — 2018 to 77.9%. The Safety Du Du-Harne’s appearance rate dropped from 61.1% to 51.2% of this season. Alliance Collecting six defensive guards, the Patriots have never been behind this season, and there is still a reduction of six defensive guards. Bailecy gave the leading commandment to Jererd Meio, not his own son, and visited him against the line.

As the monster, a monster, who is leaving from the deep sea, has not been in charge of the defensive group, has just shot, and has not made the export of stunned stunt, almost shocking the entire alliance.

Lightning main extension, Johnon, due to injury season reimbursementAccording to NFL official website, Ian Rapoport reported that Styiego’s STEVIE JOHNSON successfully accepted half-month-fire repair surgery, will be absent from the injury. The entire 2016-17 season.

The patriot was in the last moment this week, and the defending group was still in the defending group, and the offensive group was concerned about, as your girlfriend always had former months. The brow is hosing and temperament, coinciding with one of the Braddy’s poor ball, and coincides with the patriots’ opponent Bill is the second defensive group of the League of this season, which makes Braddy to be depressed.

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25-year-old Beckham, the former will enter the fifth year of his rookie contract, salary $ 8.4 million. Last season ankle injury claims do not affect him back to health, to continue killing four. Beckham’s four-year career three-time Pro Bowl, four season, played a total of 47 games, completed 313 catches, 4424 yards advancing, made 38 touchdowns.

Lang Ning was ranked first in 39.2 yards in the season. Lee is ranked 15th, Li Take 39.6 yods, but the old one in the union of 11 years will be selected in the sixth round of 49 people in 2004. Occupational bowls and never missed competition.

Previously, the highest annual salary and total security payments were the highest wide receiver Antonio — Brown (Antonio Brown) (annual salary of $ 17 million) and Mike — Evans (Mike Evans) (security payments total $ 55 million). Beckham leapfrogged to become the first two. Although the level obtained as quarterback said before the contract did not like, but the salary was very enviable. The amount of his security payments after Matt — Ryan (Matt Ryan) (9450 million) and Kirk — Cousins ​​(Kirk Cousins) (8400 million). 19 million in non-salary players also behind quarterback von — Miller (Von Miller) (1908 million).

nfl Jerseys official website reporter Ian Rapoport is known as the report of the informed people in Brown Saturday, the seventh round of the seventh round of the selection of the selection of the selection of the selection of the seventh round of the San Francisco, got the three-way selection of career bowls to abandon the hand Andy Andy Lee.

Challenge Xing Tianyu, then lead Bradric jersey!October 15, 2018 At 8:15:18, Indianapolis, Indianapolis, the new England patriot, our anchor Xing Tianyu sent a piece of Patriots on the 12th Brundi jersey.

But nothing did not mean that he didn’t respond, then he showed his muscles directly to the reporter. Obviously this is the action he completed, it seems to express the support and trust of Braddy. Finally, Gronoski told reporters that he did not have seen the 243 investigation for all this, there is nothing to comment.

However, this award, his personal career 4th super bowl champion and how we now evaluate the achievements of Brradi’s achievements may be because of the new Show Cape Malchem ​​- Badler’s first copy cut.

49 people choose the fifth round of this year’s selection to discard the bradey pinion (Bradley Pinion), Li is no longer indispensable. There is also no longer indispensable, there is a brown kick, Spencer Lanning. Informed people, to La Pott, trumed Lang Ning, has been given up by the team.

Breddy is willing to give MVP prizes to the winning hero BadlerAfter led the new England Patriots 2 times in the Super Bowl of the fourth quarter, 28-24 reversed the master performance of the Seattle Hawks, the four-point Wei Tom Bradi was rated the most Value player.

Brown has replaced the ball and long players, and now it is in the past. In the case where Brown will use the control of the ball, it is difficult for the entire season that can be difficult to advance in the whole season, and the transaction can be understood from the abandonment of the players who have the excellent ability.

«It is one of his strengths,» Markham is one of his strengths. «Breddy logo in the broadcast show on Tuesday morning» I think this defense did not surprise us, because That is his real strength. Many people did not see the performance throughout the season. «He said:» Obviously, the most important moment in the season is a great defense, really. Someone has to complete defense, and This person is Malcomm. «

Obviously, he has not ended yet. After four days of Campbell, Dolphin announced that the dismissal of the hardships of defensive coordinators Kevin Coyle. This decision made by Campbell, he got the management to allow the management to change the coach group after a temporary coach on Monday. Defensive guards Wi Lu-Anarumo will take the location of Keyer.

Many expectations are supported by Ndamukong Suh. His contradiction between Kiel has reached the point where the Soviet shoes is not wearing shoes to participate in the form. Suhe other dolphins defenders held a closed meeting to discuss the dissatisfaction of the Keyer defense system last weekend.

Giants wide receiver David Beckham and renewed for five yearsAccording to ESPN reporter Josina Anderson reported, it has been with the New York Giants wide receiver Odell small — David Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) complete the contract. Contract of 5 years, pay up to $ 95 million, including $ 65 million in welfare. It also makes him the league’s highest-paid wide receiver.

Gronoski has something to say for the decline.The new England patriots and sports communities were shocked by the survey of «ventilation» on «Pneumatics», especially the «Tom Brady» at least noticed that the changes in the ball were in the United States. Before the Pony in the Indianapolis. «

4 years agoDolphin Dismount Defense Coordinator KeyerAfter a few days of the Miami Dolphins, I re-adjusted the attack trainer arranged by the offensive trainer, and the Dan Campbell, who appeared to the dolphin coach group.

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«Many people talk about me last season. They call it a breakthrough season, but I don’t look at it,» career enters Bell said in the third year. «I thought last season as I just started …. I still feel a lot of things. I can do better. I don’t even close my best last year.»

The US time Sunday 30-32 lost to the Philadelphia Eagle, Demaryius Thomas was injured in the second half and was pushed out of the field by medical cars. According to cheap Nfl jerseys from china NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, Thomas is likely to tear overlands.

Bell told ESPN to compare the video of 2014 and 2015 training camp, and he found that he can now reach the place where you want to go faster. Bell was thin 4 pounds in the sniper, and he said that his current fat content was 2.9%. His exercise capacity in training has been very prominent.

11 people at the University of Michigan were selected, the number is mostOn Thursday night, Cleveland Brown selected Gabrill Peppers with the first round of the No. 25, which made him a selected player in the University of Michigan. However, he is not alone, until the 7th round has his companion.

Since Palmer leads the squid attack from the midway in the 2013 season, he has become one of the best four-point guards in the alliance, and the total of 27 passes reached 12 passes, the quarterfire ratings reached 96.1 .

The four-point guardian of the American tiger can’t play the ball is very depressed.After the thumb was hurt, the Jaguzi Si Daudener-Ming Dynasty (Gardner MinShew) had a coach Doug-Marrone, hoping that he would let himself return to the court.

Green-Bay-Packers-12-Aaron-Rodgers-Red-with-2011-Super-Bowl-Patch-JerseysMalone said: «I talked to him today, I also told him that I would like to observe several training. & Hellip; & hellip; he is indeed rehabilled, but I still want to take the results on the training ground. I seem to, Now in training or Mike passed better, give us a better winner. «

After that, McCaski did not require medical examination, apparently the body hunt. So what happened to the dressing room of the bears? This incident gives us an impression that some people can sit on the edge where the boss is located, and the eyes of the venue must have a problem. It is also said that the bear fans really can’t see it, put the boss and put the boss.

Revieng — Bell confident is faster than the past, more explosiveAlthough last season got a total of 2215 yards in the offensive group 11 times, Levie — Bell (Le & # 39; Veon Bell) The best performance of his career in this season is not just the dish.

There are 11 people in this selection of Michigan, and the university is also a new record of the University of Michigan. The University of Alabama is selected. There are 4 people in the first round, and only two people in the University of Michigan (another person is the Cowboy Collection of Taco Charlton, Miami), 9 people in Miami, Frero Rida, LSU and Utah have 8 people.

In 2014, Bell was 23 times in the midfielder of the steel man offensive group with a lot of ball goals. This year, their offensive weapons, but because of their identity in the offensive group, Bell didn’t worry about their performance. This year’s training camp Zhongbell is already participated in more ball attacks over last year.

Despite the difference from conservative estimates, Palmer rapidly returned to training, and Campbell said that Palmer «looks very good» in recent training. «He proved that he has been restored 100%,» Campbell said. «… he completed each pass on the court.»

Data can prove that Campbell’s confidence in his team is a champion. In the past 15 times in Parmer, the Red Shot won 13 games. Before he was torn in front of the knee last November, the Red Shot obtained the best record of 8 wins and 1 loss. In the case of Palmer’s lack, the Substanton and Ryan Lindley have only achieved 3 wins and 5 losses in the rest of the game.

Rocker defensive end Edge Campbell praise four points Wei PalmerWhen Carson Palmer recently announced that he had «100%» from the knee injury in November last year, Arizona’s Renary makes the team of other countries to pay attention to them will be this season. A team that cannot be underestimated.

«When he served as four-point, we knew that we were champion competitors & mdash; & mdash; real competitors,» Calais Campbell «is said to NFL official website on Wednesday night. «His passage ability helps us face opponents defense, he leads the team. He is a natural leader.»

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After the performance of the season is not expected, the wild horse defensive group has finally improved in the near future. And if the offensive group continues to perform well, then if you want to win, the wild horses can only expect the defensive group to prevent the Emirates’ fourth offensive group. In the game against Tennesi Titan, the wild horses defensive group achieved 7 killing 3 times, and zero opponents. However, the Titan offensive group and the chief attack group are completely not at the same level, can the wild horse coachvik-Fangji, can the defensive group continue to play?

Watekins was injured in the season in the season, and affected the performance of the season, and he played a level of 1 round of labeling in the past two games, completed 12 buses to win 279 yards and 3 reached.

After the 2018 season led into the super bowl, the four-dimensional Gaoff’s performance was disappointing. Two of these important reasons lied to the mainsture of Todd Gurley declined and poor attack. The front line performance. After cutting Galley after the sniper period, the coach McD decided to follow the 49 people in San Francisco to let the running air rim. Perhaps this can be made to strengthen the ball attack, thereby reducing the pressure on the Gaoff. The front of the ranks of the rankings in the 2018 season fell to the league last season, and they were in the offset period in addition to the first center Austin Bles (Austin Blythe) and Wholesale Jerseys the left side of Andrew — Whitwo Andrew Whitworth did not make much reinforcement for this location. This may not be good news for Gaoff, and he is facing the pressure and does not face pressure. In the face of the reinforced cowboy ball shock, if the offensive front line still maintains the performance of the season, then the Gao Fu’s day will not be better.

In the case of a total of 17 reachables in two seasons, Bryant’s value is difficult to replace the value of the steel person. We can look forward to walking in Antonio Brown and Markus Wheaton, Sammie Coates and Old Trien Daris — Haywood (Darrius Heyward) BEY) can play more important roles. The newly introduced front San Diego lightning near Tarrius Green also helped, but Bryant’s amazing movement ability is unsubstituted.

The ram coach Jeff — Fisher (Jeff Fisher) said that the team has conducted private training with two quarters. «We are one of the teams that invite them to trial,» Fisher said. «We are very familiar with them, and the other candidates are also different. So the ability of the two people, different personality, different background, different competition, that is, the process of making decisions is called challenge.»

In this year’s draft, the cowboy selected Sidi Rum (Ceedee Lamb) that may be the best candidate. He joined an external connector position led by Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup. Despite the old Near Duan Siren — Jason Witten, these three players plus running Weidikil-Elliot, near-end Brumb-Calvin (4) Dak Prescott allows the firepower of the cowboy offensive group to achieve terrible degrees. Last season, the cowboy was promoted to the first number of collections, but the field score was only the sixth of the league. Can such an offensive group enhance their score capacity? We know that Prescot is especially strong in the new season.

According to Bryter’s brokers, Bryant plans to receive depression assessment and treatment. And this may be the reason why he has violated the prescribed. According to the broker, Bryant missed many drug inspections. He was previously banned & mdash; & mdash; he was banned in four games due to many violations of alliance ban due to many violations of alliance ban.

One of the reasons why there was a team who had a deduction of the transaction. One of the reasons why the ram makes it will give the team. «Two weeks discussions are picking Goff or Wenz. The two have a strong reason Pick. The two will become a good player. «

Los Angeles ram will be in front of the draft and Goff, Wenz will meetAccording to inferred people Adam Schefter, the ADAM SCHEFTER said that the Los Angeles raft will be in front of the DA, and Jared Goff and North Dakota State University. Carson Wentz will meet.

Steel people take over Brines face for a yearPittsburgh steel people hope that there will be the opportunity to enter the super bowl next season, but this will become more difficult to do this without an external hand Martavis bryant.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported on Saturday According to the information report, the outer junction was banned because of the violation of NFL drug abuse regulations. The Alliance has not officially punished, but if he was banned Bryant, the affiliation will choose an appeal.

[Pre-match] Seventh week Thursday night: Denver Yam VS Kansas City ChiefThe partition civil war is the main melody of the seventh week. In this week, we first saw the Denver’s wild horse sitting in the Mali Galaxy District of the Dragonas City. The fate of the two teams in the past two weeks is reversed. The wild horses of the four-game landline finally got two consecutive victories, and the chiefs of the four consecutive wins were encountered. However, the wild horses have not yet been defeated by the chief.