Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

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Jet has just fired the top-level defensive head of Lexing Lex Ryan, and hired a defensive coach, which seems to be a good solution. Bauers is about to face the team atmosphere of jets in the past few seasons.

The jet hires the preparation of the preparation team defensive coordinator to serve as coach

The New York Jet has a new masterpiece. They appointed the defensive coordinator of the Arizona Sapport team, Todd Bowles served as their new coach. Bowers plans to conduct contract signing ceremony on Wednesday morning.

Balls returned to the Meidian East District at the end of 2011. This season’s Solda lost several defensive generals still staged crazy rushing and extremely aggressive defensive defense was the reason for Todd. At the same time, the jet team appreciates his leadership and the vision of the player’s potential.

The two did not explain that Yoususler ended the dismissive at this time. Carol said that he would never discuss the amount of fines during the Quezler dismissal. He also said that it will not reveal whether the Hawks finally gave money to agree with his contract requirements. And Qinsler himself also gave a similar answer, he said, «Treat these problems at the end of the season.»

Robert Alford is the first half of the next half of the season to be removed. The red rickets were S $ 3 year 24 million US dollars in February. This is undoubtedly in the snow, PATRICK Peterson has been banned. Byron Murphy and Tramaine Brock will compete for the role of the original Alford.

Falcon Safety Safety Safety Safety Damontae Kazee ribs injured, no fractures, but daily observations.

Jagua Run Alfred Bullet Brune Sprain.

Titan Signing Outside Way Swan Smith, give up the outside line of James Falston.

Pony External Hands Lishang Fountain is discharged today, and he accepted the surgery to repair fractures and dislocated ankles on Thursday.

The crow announced the signing line Wei Tang Nard Penne, and Payne has played for the Jagua in the past two years.

Lightning Entry Beginner Knee Before Kneenan Allen, the ankle is also injured.

49 people signed a year with the corner wing 奎 奎恩 廷 — Roenten Rollins. Accordingly, the angle Greg Mabin is sicking. Roins is a package of packages in 2015, 2015-2017, a total of 15 games.

Tiger adds a list of exemptions / lescreens in Christian Westerman. This 26-year-old offensive front line member decided to retire today. Westman is a five-year show in 2016, and his career has played in 16 games, and 2 of them were first.

The only advantage for the dismissal of Qinsler is that he proved his value during the Sea Eagle. Although Earl Thomas is considered to be the harmonious builder of the Eagle «Boom Army» second-line defensive, Qifusler is a real main bone. Thomas himself recognizes that Qifusler determines his defensive position before each defensive. Now, the Hawks rank in the total defensive code number, ranking twenty-first in the defensive pass.

However, he will soon wait until the long-pass weapon, an external hand Alshon Jeffery (shoulder) can have been able to conduct personal training, but it is still unable to participate in the team exercises.

Williams is the debut of the 49 people’s team’s first defensive tip, because the fracture of the fracture of the marina eagle last season, missed the entire season. He has conducted 4 operations, and the last operation date is February. If everything goes well, Williams will undoubtedly will play the regular season of the Tieras Cowboy on September 7.

If this Wednesday, it was proved to be the turning point of the Haiying season and would not surprised. Qifesler is one of the team leaders in the 2014 season. In addition, he also assumed the responsibility of correcting the discipline of players.

Jet outside the jet is still full of confidence in the foreground of the team.

New York Jets have a poor performance this season, and it has already encountered six losses, with a 6-loss record in the Eastern District. However, the team’s top handle Eric Decker indicates that the jet still has the opportunity to win the first name of the United States, and the Jets, who accepts NFL Media, Ian RapoPort.

The jet 1 wins and 6 losses are the worst after 2007, and the result of the jet is 4 wins and 12 losses. Now the jet can only want new Jochi-Harvin to help downturn, Geno Smith, to get rid of the dilemma as soon as possible, otherwise the jet is completely disliked this season.

Defensive front line main returns 49 people defense timely reinforcement

The 49-person defensive front line has recently been reinforced in a timely manner, and IAN Williams removes from the injury list last Tuesday.

Dekel said: «I think our team is still very good, although we are not good in the record, but we still have hope to compete for the partition, now we need a win, try to look at what will be What happened. I really think that we are still competitive. «

Although the eagle 18-12 wins the falcon, Falls can’t say how good the performance in click the up coming article unveiled battle. He completed 19 times in 34 times, pushed 117 yards, was copied once, and did not get up to. Falls passed the ball attempts only 3.4, and it is difficult to complete far-reaching attack.

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The black panther has been in the absence of a disease, and there is also the best to play today. I haven’t participated in the main four-point guards of the team training in the team in the team on Wednesday and Thursday training because of the shoulder injury. Cam Newton (Cam Newton) ), Still starting cheap jerseys from china 29 pass in 21, passing 219 yards, twice passing to reaches the array, the ball is 52 yards, and harvested a mushroom. In the face of the crow defense group that proposes the number of the other fields at 280.6 yards, the Black Panther has advanced 386 yards, defeating the crow to defense.

Brown will sign a four-point Guce-Karnam for 3 years

US Time Monday, according to ESPN reporters reported that Brown will sign a 3-year contract with the former red skin four-point Guas Karnam (the total contract is 18 million, including 10 million US guarantee.

US Time Monday, according to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, it is expected that the raids of Rus Vegas in 2020 have reached an agreement with the Oakland Arena official, will continue in the 2019 season. Use the Auckland Arena as homeland. Pavodport added that the contract is expected to be completed on Wednesday.

The black panther team opened 3 attacks only a total of only one yard, and then the offensive line finally provided a decent protection. Newton has advanced some of the number of codes through the passball. When Newton ended, the fans were very happy. The fourth-grade four-grade deviation of the black panther has received a long play time in the preseason, and leads the team to achieve a decisive reachable, and finally defeat the Emirates at 28-16.

Newton wounds to come out of the preseason to find the hand

On August 18th, http://www.geocraft.xyz Beijing time, Carolina Black Leopard against the Kansas City chief is a black pantha, and Cam Newton returns out the first game after ankle surgery. Although he is very trying to die, it still has no good entry state.

Hoyell let the coach Bill O’Brien (Bill O & # 39; brien) No choice, he two in this 15-yard line leads to the ball translation, this game is only ugly 34 times 18 times completed 236 yards 1 time to double the pass passed.

For the rival New England Patriots performance, Quinn gives high marks: «They are very strong, it is hard to predict their tactics they will attack only run 12 or 13 times in a game, but it will. next game running attack 44 times the face of an opponent, in order to prepare you is very difficult. «

Newton’s final game data is not satisfactory: 9 pass 4 CCP 65 yards, and 2 times were killed, lost 19 yards. However, after he entered the state, he found that the outer hand was very empty, basically no one stared, running Jonathan & Middot; Stewart is very good.

It is estimated that there is only a regular season, we can see what the Newton’s ankle has an impact. In this competition, we saw that he faced a variety of defensive stress, but he didn’t want to change in an ankle in the preseason.

The two sides will explore the contract details on Friday or next Tuesday for voting. The contract will include a contract option for 2020 (if the Rose Vegas Stadium can’t be completed on schedule). Around 3.15, the local parliament will make a specification, and the alliance will make a final vote in the annual meeting of 3.24-27. The 2020 contract option needs to be performed until next year 4.1.

When asked to leave the Seahawks feel, Quinn said: «I am willing to do anything for our players, I respect the game, respect for each of them we had just experienced a great game tonight, I do not want to. talking about the work, just want to talk to our players, «Quinn led the defense team in the game has lost Jeremy — Ryan (Jeremy Lane) and Cliff — Avery (Cliff Avril), which to some Quinn disrupted the deployment extent.

Replacement quartz Wei Lan Malet (RYAN MALLETT) in the fourth quarter of the Dragonas City Emirates, the first quarter of BRIAN HOYER, and he is also in this game to Texas. It is a hit hope of the team attack group in the competition that is disaster. Unfortunately, Texas is not enough to change their failure at the end of the game, and they lift 20-27.

Defensive coordinator Dan — Quinn recalled the Seahawks coaching career

At the end of the Super Bowl, the Atlanta Falcons officially announced former Seattle Seahawks hired Dan — the new coach Quinn (Dan Quinn) for the team. In the interview, Quinn recalled his coaching career in the Seahawks. Quinn said: «I had a really good here for some time and can work with these people is my honor, are closely linked between each of us..»

Quinn said he arranged more in the fourth quarter of zone defense tactics, but provide more passing opportunities for the Patriots:. «They state really well, we have tried in many ways to stop them when when you look back on this game, I must admit that maybe I should do better. Anyway, I would like to take my hat off opponents. «

Counterfeit NFL Jerseys seized by CBP at JFK International Mail FacilityAfter Malat played quickly, he quickly made a bright performance, led the team all the way forward, completed a wave of 6 attacks, 59 yards score advance, and finally he and External hand Delidre-Hopkins completed 8 yard pass ball reaches the engagement.

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However, this is not Speedson’s true eye, he told reporters: «This is not my ultimate goal. This is one of my priority goals, but I am most eager to achieve the championship. When I entered the league, I gave myself One of the targets is to surpass Goat. My body is now very good, I look forward to another year, 3-4 years. «

Senior year, Matt — Ryan started his own personal website mattyice.com. And the other players are free to get hold different sites fool, Ryan himself often po their own lives on the site, and even the perception of life.

James has previously signed a $ 51 million contract with a wild horse in 2019, and the side reflects the excellent performance in his field. Unfortunately, the knee hurts only played only 3 games in that year.

«Who know? This depends on my body. I don’t know how the code gap is so close: 4000. It sounds better than 5000, 6000. & Hellip; & hellip; I will do my best to approach this goal, I will go to you guarantee.»

Although there have been two teams to give up Osville, this starting record 13-8, completed 26 times, the four-defense of 22 times, still believes in her ability. However, he is mainly giving Trevor Siemian as a replacement.

«I want people to understand that this decision will not be easy.» Osville said, «I have more sleepy every week, I will turn to the river in the stomach every day. Eventually, I tried to make it better for myself. Decision. No matter what my decision is wrong, this has become a place fact. I will not only live in the past, but I am really grateful and deep about Denver Musaba and Denver City. «

«I think you can start in NFL.» Osville said, «I feel that I have proved myself in 2015. But now this is Terefi-Simi’s team, my mission is to be used and do it. I can & hellip; & hellip; I am really happy to return here. This is the best place for wholesale nfl Jerseys. «

With outstanding performance in the stadium, Ryan became the cover of NCAA Football game of the year. Although there is no «Madden curse», but Ryan still could not seem to win the Super Bowl (2017 hope this will not be his closest Super Bowl once).

After this week was replaced by Brown, Osville said that he has told the agent to return to the wild horse. On Monday, he immediately, he said, «Go back here, let it be in the top five in my most happy days.»

The crow will continue to run Ewvo, signing the cuts, JamesUS Time Monday, according to ESPN reporters, crows and running 卫 古斯 — Edworth will renew 2 years, with a total new contract of 10 million US dollars.

[Starchaser Guide # 6: Matt — Ryan 8 of this face, you know what?The new season is about to pull the curtain, the opening war by the defending champion Philadelphia Eagles, play against the 51st Super Bowl loser Atlanta Falcons.

College — Tim Tibo is almost invincible. Inside and outside the stadium, as if he is a symbol of victory. However, Ryan was in his senior year to break the domination of the major awards Tibo. That year he won awarded to the nation’s best college quarterback, «Manning Award», Chiang Kai-shek year’s candidates have the mighty Tibo.

At present, Cox is only completed 12.5 times in his 3-year-old career, but his all kinds of harassment to help defensive style radical eagles have created the number of alliances in the last season. And with the second place of all the teams in the League of 49.

Philadelphia Eagle Execute Cox Xi Xiu Fifth Announcement Local Time This Monday, Philadelphia Eagle official announced the implementation of the fifth year of Fletcher Cox, so Cox and the team will extend to the 2016 season.

Although the Falcon offensive group is impressively ranked first, their pass defense is the first place in the alliance. Despite the sharp progress of the ball shock, the second-line defense has made the opponent 25 times in 11 games, which is much more than the total number of last seasons.

The doctor has confirmed that the chest injury injury from the Desmond Trufant needs to be treated. Falcon announced on Tuesday that they have put this professional bowl guard in a list of injuries, which means they reimbursement.

Familiar sports superstars, many of which are up to four high only received a scholarship from the university. Ryan is not, he will receive an invitation High School receive mercy. He recruited his school include, but are not limited to: Purdue University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Temple University and the University of Connecticut.

In many cases, in order to elicit the Patriots below it is a good idea. The 52nd Super Bowl, when the Patriots counterattack rise at the last moment, many people are skeptical Hawks will not repeat the mistakes of the National League champion in the 51st Super Bowl. That support one step away from the Super Bowl team is the Atlanta Falcons, and their leader, it is the protagonist Matt — Ryan.

NFL players to participate in multi-branch school team in high school are not uncommon, and some man can even get a college scholarship on several projects. However, such players are generally physical burst devil muscles person, you can think of physical fitness unexciting Matt — Ryan turned out to be such a dwelling star it?

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After the safety sanctuary lack of this three-selection professional bowl, the second-line defensive naked eye visible is fragile. Although the current team records 9-2, but the prevention of the current ranking alliance countdown, the field allows the opponent to advance the 297.2 yards.

There are three fate of life in life: death, pay taxes, and Andy’s failure. The tiger team’s quarter-free playoffs recorded 0 wins and 4 losses, reaching a copy ratio of 1: 6. During the regular season, he often struggled at night (said that on Thursday night collapse, QB passed the ball score 2.0). Dalton undoubtedly pulled the entire team.

Giants rookie guard with the case of Pierre PaulLast year, Jason — Pierre Paul (Jason Pierre-Paul) became this year’s experience taught the team how the New York Giants new cases people spend free time.

The current plan is to determine the managers after the manager is selected. If Gatman finally became a giant manager, the Black Leopard’s defensive coordinator Steve Wilks would be a candidate worth careful because of his honor and fame. As a New York team, the giant’s coach seat will undoubtedly attract a lot of popular candidates.

Rashad — Jennings (Rashad Jennings) told the New York Post reporter: «let the young people know they are in competition with a lifetime to a position when all the unfortunate event that they would soon be eliminated so we need some veteran players of cases to guide these young people, because they may have learned more in the dressing room. «

Andy Reid announced that security Beli (heel) will participate in Wednesday training. This is also the first opportunity to work on just click the following page training venue for the first time since Beiler from 8.11. Reed and Chief Trainer Rick Boxhod, Beiler’s injuries were taken in the daily observation.

Now most of the team’s offseason activities will usher in the end, it follows that the players have a lot of their own time, Pierre Paul on events I believe that the role of the guard for many young players.

John Fox has put a lot of hard work in the construction team. It has established a good reputation in NFL, but Carter’s performance makes the efforts of Fox gradually pays people. Because of this high price contract, Fox is either find a lower home in the 2015 season, or only becomes a pile of death during the next break. Unable to imagine that the team will continue to stay in Katler next year.

If Brown has never selected John Dorsey as a new manager, he will also receive a giant interview invitation. This year, the giant may also interview in the employees, involved in the team including: patriot, raid, crow, black panther, packaging, cowboy, Viking, Texas, red skin, falcon, 49 people.

Based on this, the Tiger Team should wake up? In fact, the team’s high level has made a very smart choice. Last year, I have a contract with Dalton’s total value of 96 million in 6 years, and this is actually a contract of renewal per year. If Ma Wen Rewis and his friends continue to work hard, let the Tiger have the opportunity to squeeze into the playoffs, and Dalton continues to be overwood in the big scene. Is there other options in the tiger?

Pedon Manning is a king of a well-deserved regular season, and then Manning, Manning in 2014, was once again injured, which made his strong returning situation. In December and in the playoffs, Manning’s performance was the worst in his career, but how can these blame him only? In the 2014 season, he still sent a 4,727-yard pass and 39 times to reach, the data objective, but Manning felt still enough. Next year, Manning will be 40, I hope this future celebrity player will retire as soon as possible.

With the rehabilitation of Manazel, the Brunt brings Josh McN to another choice for quadrant. Now Mansale is not only worried about their own field problems, but it is worryable to play. He expressed a mess in the preseason and regular season, can this front Husman award winner lead the entire team?

The team has a total of people, Steve Tisch, preference, hiring management personnel with the team. Before the signing of the black panther in 2013, Gatman was a giant’s professional player management and senior player analyst.

However, the two teams use the speed of the way. 49 people use running guards, and the chieftain is to break through the opponent defensive group using three external hands. In the league, the fastest 15 extra-step, Tyreek Hill, Sammy Watkins and Michal Hardman (Mecole Hardman) 3 people occupy 5 times.

Beijing time on Thursday, November 16th, 9:20 this morning, this season’s regular season entered the eleventh competition week, 4 wins and 5 negative Seattle Hawks at the home of the town on Thursday night, fight 4 wins 4 losses 1 flat green Bay packaging work. In the history of the history, the Haiying quartz walsell-Wilsell Wilson and the package workers have passed 6 times, and the two sides have achieved 3 victories; the two teams have played in the last season of regular season One week, the Green Bay at home was 17: 9 to overcome the Hawks.

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Wild Horse and Defense True Mike — Percore Continuation for 3 yearsUS Tuesday, according to ESPN reporters, the wild horses and the old will defensive Diak Purcell for three years. According to the source report, the total salary of the new contract is close to 15 million US dollars.

The Philhand’s banner has more questions about how the coach Bill Belichick will create a regular match lineup. At present, the patriots have a lot of experience in external hands, maybe a marginal player will receive at least 4 weeks of opportunities due to Edelman’s ban.

Pelsell has played 11 games in the past two seasons, including 4 games from the first season. He has become one of the fixed members of the wild horse defense, and also shows reliable scorpion defensive.

The proximal Dellan Walker has not been able to participate in training because of the ankle injury. Today he finally returned to training. Although it is still restricted, he is also injured last week, completing 5 courses to get 71 yards.

Victor — Kruz is expected to participate in the first weekWe have been prepared to see the New York Giants’ external connections in the first week of the new York Giants to look at the uniform to stay in the field, but there is news that he can play.

Any big fans will not be surprised by his injuries. Last season, he can’t even pass the ball from 10 yards in the playoff game. The sixth week of the knee injury, the initial judgment is absent, but many media pointed out that such injuries need to absent six weeks, the final analysis result is at least 3-6 weeks.

The movement of the giant this year has not been received, and the Philadelphia Eagle and Dallas Cowboy have received all the attention in Guonong District. But giants have strength to make the partition championships last until December.

Asked by a reporter, «Do you think it will complete the best season performance?» Time Manning made an optimistic reply. «Yes,» Manning said. «I like the players in our dressing room, I like our team’s talent, I like everyone to treat this season, I am looking forward to this season.»

The last time Cruz appeared on the court in the racket. At the 6th week of the 2014 season, he hurt his knee tendon. He was very hoped to return to the 2015 season, but other injuries have caused his return failure.

If the appeal is dismissed, this ban is a huge blow for the Patriots offensive group. After the free player market opened, the patriot lost Danny Amendola and traded Brandin Cooks. The original Erman’s regression is considered to reduce the impact of these two.

According to the CBS reporter, many of the management people inside the steel man said that Datunas will be trained with the team in the eighth week. Reporter revealed: «Over time, I got a variety of different time nodes, and even some people believe that Da Gen will come back to the champion of the enemy Baltima Crow in the ninth week.»

Despite the shortness of Will Beatty, it is a long time because of the chest muscles, the offensive weapon around Manning is the best configuration in the past few years. Due to the surprising performance of the offensive, the offensive manifestation of Odell Beckham Jr., this rookie took over the second half of the season often defeated the opponent’s double package. With healthy Victor Cruz and with the potential Lu Ben Rundle, the giant has one of the best outer junctions of the KKEL. At the same time, via Lmd Vigortronic Shane Veen will give Manning one of the best engagement of the alliance.

«I think he can get a season of ruling,» Cruz said. «I think we have such an offensive system. In September, we can play power, all these good things, I think we will have a very very well-robust offensive group, you can take 28,35 points per game. We can really do something interesting in this season. «

According to the text report of New York Daily, Cruz should be able to catch up with the training camp and the first week. But considering that we countlessly see Cruz’s training photos, in Nike training, we still need to maintain a cautious attitude.

The rapid pass of Ben McAdoo helped Manning to reduce the copy of the CD from the 2013 season 27 to 14 last season, Eli is «a bit number» in this season. The number of CDs and the target of the reachable coastow reaches 4 to 1.

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Baida players last year, Bell ranked in the top ten. This has put him in high school scouts face swollen. That year, Bell ranked in the nation’s running back position is 211. Scouts rating? Two stars. In view of such a low wind assessment, Bell received after graduating cheap jerseys from china high school only three unknown university scholarship, is not full.

QiP-Kelly: 49 people do not consider replacement of quartzOn Sunday, US Sunday, San Francisco 49 people lost to Carolina Black Leopard, the team’s record was 1 win and 1 win, but it seems that the team’s first quarter-oriented still will not be adjusted.

Subsequently, Kelly talked about another quarter of the team. Colin Kaepernick, he said: «I think many people may forget, Katnik’s thumb also hurt, his shoulders and knees Injury, if you have these injuries, you need to take at least 6-8 months. «

The US Time Monday Team Team Team Consideration Decrypted Time Points to Follow the Satisfaction, He told reporters: «Garbit is still our first, I am very confident, now It is when everyone is united at everyone. «

After reading junior season, Le Weiang — Bell declared for the draft. Due to the good performance in the previous training camp, Bell Career Day at Michigan State running back position only participated in the testing program. There were 29 NFL teams to visit Bell, who only guess where the head coach? Steelers — Mike Tomlin.

After the beginning of the second half, the enthusiasm of both sides is not very enthusiastic, and the defensive group is energetic. Woods once again hugged your ball, Darian Thompson, got the ball for the cowboy, and cowboy turned this opportunity into any ball score. But the giant also won 3 points in the next ball, and the two teams still have only 1 point difference. The small difference is not maintained too long, the cowboy relies on Galle’s jump over the air tumbling 15 yards to pick up the score, 23-15 leading.

«If you use a mushroom attack and effectively complete the rush, you can control the game time and let the opponent’s offense is present,» Falti said. «This is what we want to do. If we can control the game, control the competition rhythm and promote score on the ground, this is what we plan to do.»

This ball finally ended & mdash; & mdash; but tit is a cowboy. Dorance Armstrong squats Jones and makes it dropped, and Jordan Lewis will get the ball, complete the 63 yards to attack, and rewrite the score to 37-18, and the denim locks.

Falti is one of the most neglected runners of NFL. At the same time, he is also one of the race in the NFL that is popular with running guards. Falky should take more ambulance of ambulatory ambiguity than a total of 16.3 times in the season.

The giant defensive group next time, Gabrill Peppers was forced to take over Randall Cobb, and the Baby got the ball for giants. However, the efficiency of the giant’s red zone is clearly still needed. After the failure of the first attack, the 25 yards in Rosas played in the game, and the giant 12-3 leads.

Regardless of the performance of the wild horses to the current four-dimensional, there are more confidence in the field, and I look forward to anyone in which people who have resume in Manning are stupid. Many of the wild horses have many other veterans will be able to fill such vacancy, and team strength may have to play a role in the next such leader.

Matt-Formy: The number of battles is over 100 Africa goalsMatt Forte created a record of NFL running guards at 102 times last season. This Chicago Bear running does not plan to reproduce such performances this season.

Successful bidders have changed this bike with 10,000 dollars, and the Seattle Guard has received half of the benefits, and this part of the funds will be used to prevent domestic violence and the incident of child abuse. The other half of the income is directly giving this NT, and he donated the money to the local child charity.

Many sports stars are a number of players movement, Le Weiang before university — Bell is no exception. In high school, he was the school football, basketball, track and field varsity member of the three materials. In addition to football he won a college scholarship, he was Ohio partition second team, and one of the state’s best high jumper.

In theory, the biggest beneficiaries that Chicago bears becomes more balanced is a Jay Cutler. Relying on Fordi and ground offensive should increase the efficiency of this quadrant and reduce low-level mistakes.

[Review] Defensive Group 5 times to kill, cowboy 37-18 giantThis Monday night game is a partition civil war. The two sides of the battle is the fans who are familiar with those who are familiar with: Dallas Cowboy and New York Giants. Currently Cowbur is temporarily in the distinction, but the threat of giants should not be underestimated. Although it is not a direct head, it is, but the two sides are running to guard & mdash; & mdash; Iqiger-Elliot (Ezekie Elliott) and Saquon Barkley, who can get more excellent data, for More contributions to the team victory are a big look.

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The Last Super Bowl MVP Patrick — the rookie contract of Patrick Mahomes will be a unrestricted free player. Defensive Diffuse Chris Jones, which is used privileged label, may also be free to free market after the next season.

Hyde Ben Sales pushed 382 yards, reached five times. After he left, Nick Chubb will get more polveled opportunities, this two-wheeled show is 16 times, pushing 173 yards, reaching 2 times. Little Duke — Duke Johnson Jr. is the only player who is only a hundred yards in the rest of the hotel.

Abdullah is only activated, and the rush is pushed once, and the ball is pushing 18 yards. During the two weeks ago, the Board was shocked by the Boker on the game. Ironically, this may be his most impressive one this season.

Abdullah is a two-round show in the Lion in 2015. There is no more opportunity to get on this season. Grab the eyes of Kerryon Johnson and the old Lagarret Bronte shared most of the martial arts, specializing in the ball of the So Reddick, Diandick, Www.Jewelmarkusa.com which is divided. Offensive task. Abdullah has become incapacitated.

The jet’s «Coron Green» helmet with the updated team. In addition to the standard green and white jerseys, this jet also added a black optional jersey. The jet has introduced black elements in the mid-1990s, but this is the first time as the main tone.

«I am looking forward to competition,» Hyde said. «At that time, I will definitely compete with Kashaad Penny, people who have been in the team, have already stabilized people. So, you must come to the team to compete. You came to the team to strive to squeezing the players already in the team. Carson can easily break through thousands of yards every year. So, if you want to replace such people, it is certainly difficult, but I am willing to compete. This isn’t I am in the league The first year, I will usher in the seventh season, so I am used to competition. This will inspire my best, so I am looking forward to competition. «

The Jagua first runs to Ja’ard-Fournette, which has been missed by the injury, and this week has been marked in the battle of Dragon, which is not able to play, this will be the third consecutive third. I can’t participate in the competition due to the injury of legs.

The general manager of the Lion denied the team intentional trading quartz-SMS — StaffordAfter the start of the tour, the four-point guards Matthew Stafford attracted many guesses in the future of the Detroit Lion. Many people think that the lions who have spent the exploration show is the first quarter of the giving.

However, the biggest obstacle to the transaction is that salary. In December last year, the lions reailed Stafford’s contract and converted the team bonus into a signature bonus. This decision allows the lion to save 9 million US dollars this year. But this also means that if Stafford is cut off or traded this year, the lion needs to bear a redundant salary space of $ 32 million. If Stafford is stayed in Detroit, he only accounts for $ 2.1.3 million. The price of this $ 10.7 million shows that even if the end of the end of the end of Stafford is affected by injuries, the lion still plans to let him stay in the 2020 season.

Perhaps after led the lion in 11 years, only the reasons for Stafford did have abandoned. Although there will be many old four-point guards this year, 32-year-old Stafford can still have huge trading value.

Carson still shows excellent performance during health, he should be able to play in the new season after the end of the season in advance of the hip injury. And Peni’s knee injury may lead him to start the new season in the abidents that cannot be appeared. So Hyde will get a lot of opportunities.

When the last season is the effectiveness of Houston Texas, Hyde demonstrates that they can still play a stability when they bear a large number of mushrooms. He completed the 245-time scorpion of his career, got 1070 yards, 6 times, and the average of 4.4 yards per shock.

Jaguar trading gains Brown running guard Carlos-HydeBeijing October 20 reports According to ESPN reporters, Brown has traded from Carlos Hyde to the Americas, and the Jaguo sends a five-round signs.

But Abdullah’s rookie season shows excellent explosive power, speed and side mushroom capabilities. He first sent a 9 game, promoted 597 yards, but injuries affected his performance. He did not complete the results of a single-game winner, but Johnson did it this year.

The general manager of the chief hopes to have a long time with Mahms and Jones. Brett Veach, General Manager Brett Veach: He has to consider how to renew the best four-point guard, one of the best defensive cuts in the alliance.

«Whatever the final need to do, whether I have any requirements on the coach, which is what we need you to do things that I take. I came to the team, the mentality is to become the first player in each stall run attack appearances Wei, serving the team. «

If you restore health, Carson should remain the Hawie’s head run. But he has never diligently in his career. Hyde should serve as the second run. If Carson is not ready to take a shock mission, Hyde will play a more important role in the new season.

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The small horse has a big return to return.Indianapolis Trusham Tower — Davis Vontae Davis is in advance because of the first quarter of the last week. This week, his recovery is good, and it is expected to win the New York giant. In the training of local time on Thursday, Davis participated in each item.

After getting this record: «I don’t care about it, especially these games, you have lost.» In the recorded game, Winston 27 passed the 367 yards 1 But there were 3 times, he said: «I have to say that a series of misfortune happened to us, and we need to do better.»

Quinn said: «Although I do not comment, but you can easily find a team of people, ask what they think of the coach, on his management team have any views on the way they are hundred percent sure. support Patricia. «

Although the crow still needs to decide which privileged label for the specific location of the crow is still necessary to determine the privileged label of the specific location. The privileged label of the external guard is $ 16.3 million, and the defensive end of the privileged tag value is $ 19.3 million. But in any case, only 30 million US dollars in the salary space, using the privileged label means that the team will decrease in the free player market.

«I only want to express my opportunity to everyone’s opportunity to make everyone!» Barna wrote on Instagram. «When I received a call, I didn’t think it would be this. When the ring is still not expected when I am in my hand! Thank you, thank you, God is great! # 背靠 # 2 championships

Srebrenica after the deal was even expressed his former coach Matt — dissatisfaction Patricia (Matt Patricia), and former teammate Glover — Quinn (Glover Quin), boast Ende Lie — Diggs (Quandre Diggs), Garrett — Hudson (Garrett Hudson) and Hakim — Valais (Hakeem Valles), who have also agreed, Patricia’s reputation for a time caught in fire and water.

Due to the absence of elbow injuries, the old will be taken away from Riji-Wayne, did not participate in the day training. But coach Chuck Paganp said that Wayne can participate in training, just the team chooses to continue to rest. Pagano said in an interview that there is no way to determine if Wayne will appear, and the team will continue to evaluate him in the next few days.

«This is after all the business field, can not make everyone happy but a free market, there are many players want to come, many brokers give me a call & lsquo;. Patricia coach wanted to play & rsquo ;. ask us over trading the Dulong — Harmon (Duron Harmon), his excitement was intense & hellip; & hellip; and immediately wished he could come over to play so I’m not worried about (the relationship between Patricia and players). «.

Babina was attached 3 times after joining the patriot last season, only 5 games, and finally he ended in the Carolina Black Panther season. However, even if he is very taking the patriot, the patriot will still decide to give him a super bowl of champion ring thanked him to make a contribution.

In the Nfl Jerseys integrated investment camp in last month, General Manager Eric Decosta refused to explain the privilege label for Zhu Dong. At that time, he also said that the team did want to have a long time to sign Zhu Dong.

The patriot substitute four-point guard is the first two rounds this year.Last week, Ryan Mallet was poor in his «report show», is there a change in the depth of the new England patriot’s lineup changes?

Glabro quickly led the offensive group to complete the impressive score attack, first to complete the passage of James Develin, and then passed the ball to the outer hand Brandon-pull Brandon Lafell completed Deta, at the same time, frustrated Maete can only watch the battle.

Crow on defensive end Matthew — Zhu Dong uses privileged player labelOn March 14th, the Baltimore Crow Friday officially used the privileged player label on the defensive end Matthew — Matthew Judon, which would prevent him from entering the free player market.

For pony offensive groups, good news also exists. Trent Richardson has been removed from the injury list, which means he will play in this week. Pagano said: «We will once again find the feeling of victory, this requires us to use every player more reasonably. We need to recognize who is hot, not blindly use star players, and even force them to take injured «

«For the career, I want to get a long to get a long,» Zhu Dong said in an interview. «The fact is this. I think this is what we want to get when many players are about to enter the free player market. Eventually, I know that I will be playing in next season.»

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Alliance or allow the team to sign the coach before the end of the playoffs

The teams are looking for the next time: candidates and conditions have been fixed, but they have to wait until the candidate is in the playoff game to formally sign up. This adds an unefective factor in the completion of the contract.

This year’s horses and Josh McDaniels are a good example. Pony announced McDaniels after the end of the super bowl will become their new coach, but the latter is temporarily changing, and choosing to stay in the patriots as an offensive coordinator. Xiao Ma had to start a new round of search. Fortunately, they will talk to Frank Reich, find new coach.

nfl jerseys will try to avoid similar accidents. According to wholesale nfl jerseys media reporters, the alliance hopes to change rules restrictions in the future, so that the team does not have to wait until the club in the candidate is in the playoff game.

The report pointed out that similar changes have been presented before, but it is not enough to support the ticket. McDaniels attracted more support for this comment.

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Talib is 33 years old and has not participated in the training last Wednesday. That is also his first time in the team injury report. Talib has eventually failed to participate in the Sunday’s 49-person competition, and the two lines of the Ram were pushed up to 232 yards in the opponent, but did not allow pass to reach. In the end, the ram 7-20 lost 49 people.

Klebern’s performance has climbed 8 times, and it also won the $ 750,000 of the contractual terms. Of course, all of this is that he needs to stay in the team before the end of the season. 53 people list.

Quartz Swan: It is difficult for young four-point guard to grow in today’s NFLBeijing June 24th, Arizona, Drew Stanton, was selected in the second round of the Detroissions in the 2007 draft. In the past 10 years, he served as a lion, Indianapolis horses and rickets.

Brandon Marshall injured on Monday to Brown Night Race, and then he received X-ray scanning and absence the follow-up training. The giant coach-McAdoo did not provide the specific information of Marshall’s injury, just confirming that his shoulders have problems, and the team will pay attention to his follow-up treatment.

Brown has a lot of trouble, there is a lot of trouble, and the team with interested signed a contract must be very good. Currently Crow’s external handlers include Brown, Miles Boykin and Willie Snead. The Hawk holds Tayler Lockett, D.K. Metcalf (D. Metcalf) and Phillip Dorsett. If the duplication application passes, Josh Gordon may also join the Hawks.

Hawks, Crow intention to sign up to take over Antonio — BrownLast season, Antonio Brown had only played a game, followed by a series of off-site problems. Despite this, Brown demonstrated talent and capabilities over the past few years, let him still have the possibility of striving for the second opportunity.

As for Charles, we are not very sure that he can dedicate much for the team. At the chief, Charles is the team’s number one running guard, with top speed and ensures a lot of numbers. He averages that the number of squash propulsions in the history of NFL is the highest in history, but it is a long time to lack him for a long time in the past two seasons. Charles was torn in the front of the right knee in 2015. In 2016, he had to accept the knee half-month surgery after completing 12 shots in 3 games.

When discussing the four-point guard position, the squat aria was clearly said that the Sapphire would do so. He said that in the big list, the four-point guard depends on this player «whether the location is the best candidate», four-point guard can not make him not retain the third quadrant Decide.

Even if the various teams have treated the young quarter-offs as before, for these four-point guards at the end of the lineup, they can get the first quarter-assisted competition every week, they are still limited. of. That’s why there is a constant call for the establishment of a true development alliance after the end of the NFL European Union, but these appeals have not yet allowed alliances to take action.

Stanton has witnessed many quarters in the league in this time, this experience gives him how to cultivate young quarters for all teams. Like many people, cheap Jerseys Stanton believes that the team does not do well in this regard, he believes that the problem is especially in many teams no longer enter the list of three quarters that will not enter the list of the scene in the stage.

«It is difficult to cultivate four-point guard in this alliance,» Stanon said. «Unfortunately, Nfl is developing towards a bad direction. When I started to enter the league, you can stay like I have been like I have been staying in the array and don’t enter the list in the game. And now, They are trying to leave this location to others to the training group. «

The reporter reported that: «The teams are doing sniffing. Antonio Brown and Haiying Subject 2 points Guino — Smith (Geno Smith) has training together, Seattle is also interested in signed him. The crow has Brown True Human MARQUISE BROWN, they have also tested before. «