Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

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Sena Bo has lost his position in the ram, and he did not even entered the list in the game. When he was in Tennessee, he had a most time in Tennessee Titan, and he served as the inner corner guard in the triangular guard. However, Lamarcus Joyner has occupied this position in the ram, and EJ Gaines has injured and returned to Chu Miain — Johnson’s partner as an outer corner guard. .

Sen Saibo instead of Gaines in the first battle in the season, he was replaced by Troy Hill in the early days of the second week, he did not get the play time in the third week and in the fourth Week did not enter the list.

Despite the attack on the attack, Mai Gao Yi believes that he will have more choices in the new season. «We don’t have a lot of choices last year,» he said. «Now, we have a lot of choices, we look forward to dedication to high level performance.»

Bill and Made Medium — Spien Renewal for 3 years

US Time Thursday, according to NFL NetWork reporters reported that Bill and Machinery Quinton Spain renewed for 3 years, with a total contract of 15 million US dollars.

Very proud, in addition to training and class conflict, I have never missed a training. As the training content increases, I understand more and more, know how many rules and celebrations, I am more like this movement.

6. Zach Ertz (Zach Ertz), near-end, Philadelphia Eagle. The arrival of Enz is a plug-and-play. Many people have no adequate understanding of his potential. His data next season will have a significant increase.

Stonen began his career in Tennessee, giving a 50 game for Titan, and launched 48 games. His performance is stable, although it is not in the top of the pyramid, but it is also made of adequate protection. However, the Tamquary season signed Roger Saffold and took away Spien.

In other words, Pepez’s arrival may increase the performance of the giant in the attack, but the giant may still use multiple back to attack. But Pelps with experience and potential, most opportunities to become a player affecting the high school group.

After that, I also slowly learned the rules of the game, I really started to discover the fun of sports. Although I lost the number of balls equally equal to me, I was trained while I was trained, and the rugby gave me more or happiness.

JJ-Watt sent surprises to injured high school players

JJ-Watt, a defensive star player in Houston Texas, was missed throughout the season because of his injury missed the entire season. However, he did not stop his community activities.

New season points: 10 major people worthy of attention «small people»

Every summer, there will be many people to study which unknown crogens will break out in the new season. But this is not easy. For example, last year, almost all people have not been able to see English, and they have not yet been expected to the close-up of the Cleveland Brown team, Jordan Cameron and the Near-Denver Mangayan of Denver Julies — Julius Thomas will make such a big progress. Here are 10 «small people» that may be copied, or even beyond the front.

In addition to Pepez, Corey Coleman, Gorden Tate and Darius Slayton may also serve as a backcrhist. The game situation and the role of Pepez in the defensive group may also affect his use in the special group.

From the initial sphere, I will get a small white star who knows various tactical dark words; training Cheap Jerseys From China a simple school, come out of Liaoning; from unknown, I won the runner-up in Harbin, I haven’t forgotten all the games. When the player kneel into a circle to listen to the coach, it was the first time I personally realized the sense of competitive sports.

2. Sio Moore (SIO Moore), outside the guard, Auckland raid team. His excellent performance was ignored because of a bad team. Although this year’s raid is difficult to turn over, Moore’s performance is worth looking forward to, he got 50 interceptions and 4 times in the rookie season, he should have better performance in the new season.

In a blink of an eye, I joined the Arctic star for more than two months. From the initial way to rugby, there are only some simple concepts to now in depth, they are attributed to the training of each time and coach classmates.

Grant Milton is a high-grade American rugby player in Woodland High School. In the recent game, he needs emergency surgery in a recent game, so he seeks medical assistance to the «Gofundmepage» Foundation.

5. Michael Floyd, outer hand, Arizona’s Sapphire. He is really eye-catching last year, successfully brought 65 times, with an average of 16 yards per time, plus 5 reaches. Some people think that Freud can surpass Larry Fitzgerald, becomes the header of the team.

3. Cordarrel Patterson, external work, Minnesota Victoria. He took 45 games in 45 games last season, and there were 24 batches and 3 reachaes in the last six games. Every season he was doing very well on the attack on the ball, so he also got beautiful data, at least 70 times, and promoted 1,200 yards.

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Bradford said that the current knee reaction is goodPhiladelphorn Eagle San Sam — Bradford has experienced two knee sperassed twice in the past two seasons, and now he is working hard to recover and train, intend to return to return, but he The current state is still a mystery for everyone. However, he has always followed the starting lineup after the start of the training camp, and a good competitive state is displayed in the training.

Wenston was charged in 2016 to make an indecent of the female prime driver, violating the alliance’s personal behavioral policy, and thus was banned three games. After the ban, Wenston also released apology statements.

Mantogard has been selected twice into the first lineup of professional bowls. Seven times seven seasons were selected for a career bowl. After receiving the news, Manogord expressed his for many years support for jet and jet fans. .

Distance to Bradford has passed for nearly a year. Recently, the recovery of his knees injury is all kinds of good news, but Bradford also admits that how the injury is still needed. Actual test. He said to this: «It is difficult to simulate the various situations on the real stadium. Training can simulate a part, but the coach and teammates will not let me be hit. It’s like a pass pocket and then I want Various ways of avoiding rushing are difficult to completely simulate. But I have also conducted some similar simulation training, I think my knee reaction is not bad. «

Although it is troubled by injuries last season, the home of 31 years old should be able to find the next home. His last season he had bonded that he was interested in retiring when he was suffering from shoulder injury. He eventually wrapped out by Green Bay after seven games, and he only completed 233 yards in these 7 games.

Although Bente may wish to get a second chance in pars, the 6.2 million dollars will be too much for patriots. The performance of this Nette’s first effect (55 games 701 yards 7 times) is not enough to let theordee think he can become insurance in Rob Gronkowski.

Was traded to the Vikings for Wallace, it can be considered a good result, after all, has a large cap space Vikings to meet his salary demands, while Wallace’s father also revealed that the Vikings taking into account Wallace comparison afraid of the cold, so it can be allowed to wait in Minnesota during the offseason.

Bradford said in an interview with local media on Thursday: «My current situation is better than I think, I first think that my knee should be able to stand, but then I still have a little drum. On the first day of the training camp, I didn’t participate in the constructive. The goal was preparing to get into the training, so when I can participate in the constructive, it proves that I have already recovered the same thing. You know, it is very important to play against me, so I feel great now. «

Kuflin: Regret, Nothing to sign EdelmanNew York Giants Tom Coughlin is in a recent interview, and regrets that there is no signing of new England patriots to take over Julian EDELMAN. Before the start of the 2013 season, Edelman became a free player, he went to the giant trial, but in the end, both sides did not sign. Then the patriots and Edelman will continue for Cheap Jerseys one year.

Talking about the situation of Adelman, Cao Fuwen still unforgettable: «I was attracted by his performance, this young player is very attractive to me. He is very serious, treating the attitude towards football, we Can you see what he wants. I am very regretful now, I can’t let him join the giant. But this is reality. «

It can also be seen from it that the patriot has the ability to turn waste into treasure. We are very suspicious whether Edelman has achieved the same success in other teams, at least the patriot will successfully fulfill his talent as actual performance.

Vikings traded with dolphins, get wide receiver WallaceMiami Dolphins announced in Beijing on Saturday the team star wide receiver Mike — Wallace (Mike Wallace) plus a seventh-round draft pick this year, traded to the Minnesota Vikings in exchange for a five-round pick this year.

The deal can be said to be a win-win, the Dolphins could easily free up cap space next step of expansion, the Vikings also received a star wide outside to help Teddy — Bridgewater (Teddy Bridgewater) better growth.

The contract of Winston and Nike brand is about to expire. According to Josh Benedek, the company does not intend to interact with this quarter-sanctuary, according to Josh Benedek, Director of Nike North American Media Relations.

Wallace last season’s performance is not satisfactory, he had also because of dissatisfaction with the tactical team and refused to play. Wallace’s base salary next season to $ 9.85 million after he made it clear that rejection of a reorganization agreement, which makes the much-needed cap space dolphins can not afford. But since the former Saints Dolphins got talented young wide receiver Kenny transactions — Stiles (Kenny Stills), which makes the dolphins have to clean up Wallace’s capital.Ravens-20-Redd-White-Jersey

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The stars of the offensive group could not work, DiOntai Johnson completed 2 buses, Zhu Smith-Schuster completed 9 batches, advanced 85 yards, James James Conner scorpion advances 82 yards. There were 9 players in this steel person to complete the ball.

Colin Kapernick: 49 people claim that they will retain Katnik and look forward to him and Braine Gabbert competition quarter-saving. When the Cape Nik was in trouble last season, 49 people helped Jia Bot. However, Capenik’s team still hopes to fight for transactions, let Capenk leave 49 people. At present, the 28-year-old Capenik is slowly recovering from the seasons. On April 1, it was an important day for Capenik, because of the day, 1 million salary of his contract will become a full guarantee. He also gets $ 400,000 training bonus and a $ 2 million bonus for a list of $ 2 million. — These players who are «competing» in one person «competition» are not small salary.

The two sides have sufficient time (before July 15) to talk about the new contract. The Cixins believe that reasonable lowest price should be 4,4 million US dollars —- Almost assumed that the red skin should be given to the privileged label again, the team’s two-year expenses.

In the rookie season, the playing ball of Agua is the worst of the alliance, and 31 anygball shots are only 22 times, and the hit rate is in the league of 35 players in the game. Pirates signed the front New York jet playing in front of the New York Jet, and Agua will compete with Agua. General Manager Jason Licht is in the evaluation of Agualo.

Although other teams can use two first rounds to sign a chance to sign a contract (coupled with a contract that is unable to match, he has actually determined that the 2016 season stayed in Hongki. From another perspective, he stayed in Hongli’s benefits to both sides, especially if he still maintains such a high level in next season.

Lion quarter-point guards — Stafford right ankle injuredMatthew Stafford, although Matthew Stafford, although he barely completed the game, he could return to the green field after 10 days, but it became a problem.

At present, Cox is only completed 12.5 times in his 3-year-old career, but his all kinds of harassment to help defensive style radical eagles have created the number of alliances in the last season. And with the second place of all the teams in the League of 49.

The Doug Marrone said in the statement: «We thank Neniel’s efforts to work, thank you for the risk of Jiji. These decisions are not easy, but as the main coach, I must take a team For priority, it is decided. «

The tiger is also difficult to apply pressure in Brown Defense Fronts by Tiger. Jonah Williams and Tre Hopkins, Joe Burrow. Berron has completed 35 passes in the spot, pushed 466 yards, reached 3 times, was copied once.

Now, Agua is a competition to keep many people to have many years before they can have many years. For pirates, unfortunately, their gambling is not successful, but they have found a good alternative strategy for themselves.

«Look at the data, he is not very good last season,» Lecht said. «He wants to make progress, he has to work hard to do this. We still have confidence in him, but you always have to make the team better.»

How many times we see that the Cheap Nfl jerseys coach and management are directly given a difference between themselves? This will be seen as Lecht admits that I have committed a mistake. Folk is the most accurate player in the history of jet. He is not only in the training camp to play more than one player.

Hukte joined the Jaguchi in 2015 and served as a quarter-breaking coach. In 2016, the Jaguo fry the attack coordinator Greg Olson, and Hucht was promoted to an offensive coordinator. Since Blake Bortles is difficult to use, Hucht’s offensive layout is generally the ball. During Sunday lost to Bill, Boters passed only 12 times, advanced 127 yards, reached once, and was copied twice. This is already Botes’ sixth single game for the sixth single field.

Philadelphia Eagle Execute Cox Xi Xiu Fifth AnnouncementLocal Time This Monday, Philadelphia Eagle official announced the implementation of the fifth year of Fletcher Cox, so Cox and the team will extend to the 2016 season.

Jagua cut off attack coordinator HuckteBeijing November 27, US Time Monday, according to NFL NetWork reported by Ian Rapoport, the Jagua cut off the attack coordinator Nathaniel Hackett. The team officially confirmed this news.

If the red skin can’t reach a long term contract, then the red skin will not owe the Sminus salary after the 2016 season. However, in the current situation, give the Cossos Subson to the privileged label, which is also beneficial to the player.

Breddy completed the four different players connected to the Deta: near Rob Gronkowski (5 yards); external hand Skoti Miller (33 yards) , External Hand Cresndwin (4 yards), external hand Taylor — Johnson (1 yard), Braddy also built 1 code.

External handkerchief Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) Because the knee injury was leaving, Brown offensive and defense was quite test. But finally Baker Mayfield completed 5 passes to Dal, and the last time helped Brown’s anti-smashing, take away victory.

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Claien was just four games in the rookie season, and he went 7 hugs in this season. The 2014-shaped décor was unveiled in the team season, and he accepted the knee joint mirror surgery next day. After trying to return to the competition, he accepted minimally invasive surgery in December.

The head coach Gas Bradley said in this week, when the local media interviewed, the team had a bigger look forward to Botos. Bradley pointed out two shortcomings in Botos during an interview. He believed that Botos’s treated habits were not good, and too long holding time was his weakness. At the same time, Botos’s pass decision also made Bradley very disappointed. In the interview, Bradley added: «It’s good to be young, but we really expect him to do more.»

The confirmed players include the star running Week Ezekiel Elliott. According to the broker, Elliott «feels good». But cowboy published a statement that it could not further provide information on this matter.

For Podos, a weak trip to the American Tiger did affect his growth. From a certain point of view, his performance is still calculated. Perhaps Bradley’s remarks is just to motivate this teenager to take more responsibility, but as this year’s No. 3 rookie, Botos must behave better.

Jaguo Coach: The team has a bigger look forward to BotosThe young quadrant Blake Bortles has become ahead of the Jacksonville American Tiger’s first four-point guard. His side is not lacking in the offensive weapon, but his growth process is not smooth. He only won 1 win in the 8 games after the first hair. In the past 4 games, he was cleared 5 times while completing 3 times.

Multi-cowboy and Texas people have confirmed new coronary pneumoniawholesale nfl jerseys TV reporter Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero report that it is known as many Houston Texas and Dallas denim players have recently diagnosed new crown pneumonia.

The powerful offensive of Mahms led would have caused great challenges to the Pony’s defensive group. It is even more bad, and the horseman defensive group will lack three starting defensive players: Safe Kretton — Clayton Geathers (Clayton Geathers) ), Safety, Malik Hooker and Line Wenda, Darius Leonard. Moreover, the Pony Policing will only rank the League 25th, and the chief of the two running David Shan McKean McCoy and Damien Williams are not waiting. How to limit the chief of the chief to the pony defensive group in the anti-transmission and anti-running.

Dr. Allen Sills, Dr. ALLEN SILLS, has previously been expected to have a closing of neoguan pneumonia before the NFL Chief Medical Officer. «We fully expect that we will have more diagnosed cases,» he said in May.

It can imagine that the original alliance arranged this game became a night match because Andrew Luck had a selling point of Paltrick-Mahmems. However, although Rac is unexpected to declare retire before the season, this does not mean that we will not see a good quadrupler. In replacing Rark became a small horse, the Jacoby Brissett was excellent this season, and although the game fails to achieve Dao, Marhms did not need to speak more. . It is foreseen that the two people can dominate the results.

After 8 years of career, it is effective for emirate and exerts excellent, after leaving his own imprint in the semi-empty team, Justin Houston is cut off by the chief this year. Then he added a pony. However, Houston’s performance is not expected. It only took only 7 hugs and kills, but this may be related to another main defending end of Mat, Jabaal Sheard. Nowadays, in the face of the old East, it is necessary to help Pony will prepare for this game. But more importantly, Pony needs Houston’s performance to limit the performance of Mahms, helping them win the game.

The lightning season did not reach the expectation, the 290.7 yards of the average column of the League, the first echelon, temporary offensive coordinator Shane Steichen seems to find Melwen — Gordon (Melvin) Gordon and Austin Ekeler’s use balance. Aspect, the West Coast system of Jon Gruden, started to kill the quarter after the year of the year, although the performance is unstable, Derek Carr Many times played the price, «home dragon, passenger insect» running Weight Josh Jacobs 106.8 yards in Auckland, 1.5 reached It is not to be underestimated.

The raids of 22.8 have no difference in the loss of 27.0, and the new area cover system has not yet grinded, and the second line is born with the opponent’s bombardment. The injured lightning defensive group is a key reason for the team that the team is not expected, and behind the highlights of the light and anti-transmission.

According to the Houston Texas Tallist, there is an optimistic reason for Jedvien Clowney. Team doctors recently said that Clailney was in seven months after accepting minimally invasive surgery, «he also said that there is no strict schedule for Crawn’s regression. But the goal is to let Claien return to the state before injury.

[Events Preface] Top 10th Night Tournament: Auckland raid VS Los Angeles LightningThe two «dead ends» in Califinal will be boarded on this week. The same is a rapids of a rancher for a playoffs for the four-winning Los Angeles lightning and the Auckland raid. This is also the last time the «Black Cave Legion» last at the door of 59 years old.

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After the first round of the first round in 2017, Adams completed 273 times, 25 destroyed passed, 6 forced the ball, 2 times. In the 2017 first round show, there is only a black leopard to run to Kristian — McAristian McAffrey and the team renewal.

My wife has seen my training and competition, I have become a loyal fan of Wenzhou Red deer, and every game is shouting for me, and I have already «premedited» to cultivate my son’s interest in playing rugby.

Jet is officially requested to be traded

Jet Safety Wei Jiamar — Jamal Adams Delighted in the first three years in the past three years, two selection of professional bowls, and selected the best lineup last season, with great prospects. However, his relationship with the current team seems to have not been repaired.

«I am ashamed about Saturday, my own action and the incident,» McDolle promoted, «I want to apologize to the Atlanta Police Bureau, SL Lounge, the entire Seattle Hawie Club and my teammates. I It is a young person who has made mistakes. I will know the wrong way and try to make myself grow. «

External take-off disconnection is expected to be equipped with Matthews and Linqi

The second week of Green Bay packaging home face faces one of the most concerned players in the Sunday night game of Seattle Hawks is the Marshawn Lynch, which is facing the packaging and wooker. Matthews (CLAY MATTHEWS).

For the first time, I just trained that day just hit the typhoon, the blast was mixed with ruthless heavy rain, but the team everyone insisted on training in the rain, cherishing every minute. I feel very shocking in this scene, but I gradually, I became the most active in the wind and rain.

In the two games of the buckwood last season, Linchi had a 267 yard 3 time to reach 267 yards. However, Matthews only served as internal lines in this game in the National Union Championship. Lynch got 157 yards in this game, but he got 95 yards in the fourth quarter. Matthew did not hurt the last three waves of the package, and in this time, Linqi won the 24-code ball to help the Haiye to win.

When Matthew held the internal air guard in most of the previous time, his gaze will closely stare the Linqi opposite the opening. Temporarily forgot the American Rugby Competition is 11-to-11 sports. Sometimes, the two context faces the most memorable memory.

Green’s injury has already plagued him more than a year. In addition to the reimbursement of the 2019 season, he was absent cheap jerseys from china the injury in 2018. Since October 29, 2018, he has only participated in 1 game, and in that game, Green was only on the 17-file attack and injured in advance.

[I, olive] I am Li Yaan, I will continue my rugby dream in the city of Shang Shang

Hello everyone, my name is Li Yaan, is a steel pipe business dealer, in fact, most of the time is moving steel pipe & hellip;

Maxwell believes that whether there is a modern new tactical system, both of the Pitt Carroll, and the success of the two people in the university, providing a lot of help in cheap nfl Jerseys. . At the same time, the defensive owners of the two teams are covered 3, which is also the most familiar defensive tactics of Maxwell.

Green’s health will have an important impact on the growth of Tiger’s new quarter-saving. In health, he can defeat your opponent’s corner, complete the high difficult ball, and break the opponent defense. We have never seen such a Green in more than 18 months.

Talking to the new season, Maxwell believes that the eagle can enter a super bowl: «I know what conditions do you want to advance in the super bowl, I hope to share this with experience to teammates, help everyone. I believe my team, we Will let everyone surprised, the goal is the super bowl, we must do it, I promise. «

Until there was a guest to buy a steel pipe, saying to be a football training equipment. As a result, he accidentally not only slaughtered him a knife, and was also pulled a team called Wenzhou Red Deer, and he could not catch up. Training every day, the road to the game is not returned.

The domestic football development is still in the starting stage. Whether it is a public cognition, or the development of rugby training equipment is almost half a blank, in order to get a better training effect, what training equipment is needed, Maybe this is the best help for the rugby!

Maxwell: Eagle can enter a super bowl

Corner Byron — Byron Maxwell leaves Seattle Hawks in this offset season, joining Philadelphia eagle. For your own new east, Maxwell is very habit, he thinks that the Hawks and the eagle have a lot of common: «There is a culture like the Hawks, and some people will give us sand ice, and they will put some Music, these are very similar. «

No intake machine? I can make it! Sutter 10,000? I can make it! The game of lollipops, code numbers, reachable columns, goals, I can make! (Quickly call me Al Rusu!) In order to let the family support me playing rugby, I combine the rugby with the steel pipe.

Then, the second training, I took a whole family to Hangzhou for training, I still remember that I received a large number of passes at the last moment of the 11vs11 training game, which was situated in the big external location.

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Whether the celebration after the game is not talking about the wound. The wife of the Haiying quartz Wilson, Wilsell Wilson, obviously very happy to do something to celebrate, she has completed the moon on the logo of the denim reachabitation after the game, afterwards «» Pride for my baby @Wilson. «

The last part, the fans are loyal, perhaps a lot of teams most valued. The fan is a parent, if the fans can win and not arrogy, the team can continue to fight in the divergence of the thrift, but in turn, the team will feel the abdomen.

After the two seasons did not appear 15.5 million US dollars, McKinnon restructured the contract in this year’s snap-in, which will be reduced to $ 910,000 this year, which makes him resolve and have the opportunity to prove that he is 49 People need players.

«Before I sign, this team has some special things. They have accumulated a good momentum in the previous season (2017 season),» McKinnon said. «That’s why I joined the team. Young player, hungry player strive to play, this is the reason I came here. It is really not because of money.»

At the 30th birthday last month, Brown has said that his health is good, and the body is not flushed. His conditions have been very good since these seasons, only two regular seasons in the last season, but then the steel man has locked the seasons, and his later playoff is still healthy. .

The steel man takes over the brown injury, and it needs daily observation.

Beijing August 3, US Time Thursday, according to the Mike Tomlin, the external handlers Antonio Brown has left the training camp, and the injury assessment is performed, and it is expected that the injury needs each Day observation. But Tomlin did not disclose more detailed information.

Brown completed 1533 yards on the season, and the alliance ranks first. His absence will give James Washington more training opportunities to jame Washington, accelerate the process of accelerating transformation into occupational processes. For Eli Rogers, Justin Hunter and Darrius Heyward-Bey, this is also an opportunity to play a stable position.

After opening, Brown took the lead in score. Brown Si Baikheck — Baker Mayfield Middle Road Long Chuan 42 yards found external hand Odel Beckham (Odell Beckham), the latter was canceled with the ball due to the knee in advance. However, Mefield has harvested the ball to reach the ball with «one yard arch», Brown 7-0 steel man.

49 people run Wei Jierco — McKinnon: In order to return to desperate training

2 years ago, Jerick McKinnon signed a 49 million contract with San Francisco. However, due to knee injury, he did not play 49 people. When the team began training camp, McKinnon once prepared again for the return of the field.

The second half is easy to fight again, and the steel man offensive group is handed over to the ball. Luolf’s pass was copied by Brown Overseas Joe Schobert. After Brown got the ball, it was unresponsive and returned to give it. The steel man finally scored, and the Rudolf 3 yard line Jaylen Samuels. Steel people 7-14 Brown, chase 7 points.

Brown player Saibot once again missed 50 yards, and the steel man immediately fell in a four-dimensional 1 yard. The championship of the steel man is not over, and the pass of Rudolph is again clarified by Schubite. Brown, this opportunity scores the expansion of the leading advantage, and the Mayfield 8 yard passed the close-end stri Stephen Carlson, Brown 21-7 steel man.

McKendon is considered to be perfect for the 49-person offensive system. He has excellent performance in the mushroom and the ball, and can play a role in the regional mushroom system. However, the knee cruciate ligament was burst into the first season of 49 people, and then the knee injury repeatedly made him look at the wall last season.

The steel man offensive group is not good, and it is difficult to attack the range of random ranges. Kicking the ball CHRIS BOSWELL 44 yodi is not in the middle. The second festival, Brown scored again. Mefield successfully connected another star outside Jarvis Landry to complete 1 yard pass to Deta, Brown 14-0 steel man, expanded.

I would like to thank the fans from the506.com and Classic TV Sports, they found that there were two incidents that did not appear in the network platform and local TV stations in the nfl jerseys game. How can this be? Yes, we can only think that this is a special situation.

Now, if you encounter two cheap Nfl jerseys from china teams share a stadium, the alliance will not borrow a game on Saturday. So you can see that there is no broadcast of the game that is not a broadcast this season, is really a very interesting thing.

Portland has the Oregon University solely rugby, with a magnificent Osu Stadium, plus Portland’s ranking 26th cities, you can’t imagine that there is no professional football team. The only problem is that the last level of the NBA Portland in recent years has been limited. If you put a football team in the northwest, you don’t know if the upper rate can be guaranteed.

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At that year (Note 1), Gray Ma will start contact with the European Giants Football Club, and he selects the most divided equity, while the results have been highlighted, and the 3.17% shares have been bought in September 2003. Subsequently upgraded to 9.9% of the highest limit without public identity, gaining a speech as a small shareholder. Their two shareholders who use the team’s largest two shareholders and the contradiction between Macmanus and Magnier and management, in the help of General Manager David & Middot; Gill’s help, Irish 30% shares, the first Three major shareholders, Harry & Middot; Dublen Sepanda has also reached a transaction with the Gray family, and finally collected some of the zero shares, reaching the 75% standard of the acquisition, and then the Dianlian has retired from London in 2005 and became Gray. Private property.

On Friday afternoon, the Eagle Tit Official Account released a video of the Worting-Beijing game. Video Candrik praised the latter after Jenkkins caused the opponent. «This means you explain why you are the captain of the defensive group, brother,» Video Candarrick said to Jenkkins in the side line. «You play the way to play. From the first gear to the last gear.»

NFL TV Network Reporter Ian Rapople reported that Pony was signed with the former New England Patriots quarter-free Brane Hoyer. The contract was 3 years, worth 12 million US dollars, including 9 million US dollars.

The red scitch will still return after the heavy injury of AbrahamJohn Abraham is coming back! Arizona Red President Bruce Arians revealed to the media that the team’s external guard will be returned to the team. In the first week of the first week, Abraham is in advance, and is included in the injury list, and even the news he may retire. NFL officially reported that this veteran will be returned in training on Wednesday. Once he can start with the union’s brain shock test.

Grunette integrates the advanced offensive team into this defensive strong team, as if to add wings to the tank, let the eagle put on the armor, the pirates are invincible in the 2002 season, and the record of 12 wins and 4-loss is easy to advance. On the playoffs, I also launched the enemy, I finally entered the super bowl in the history of the team (37th, San Diego), and their opponents turned out to be & hellip; & hellip; raid people, people finally understand Gray Grounden is God.

On Tuesday, Abraham told Arreon that he had no heart to continue the game. Steve Kem (Steve Keim), General Manager of the Rock, said: Abraham tells us that he takes time to consider his future. At present, both parties have got the results they want. This season, Abraham’s salary is $ 2.5 million. As Darnell Dockett and Darly Washington have bid farewell to this season, Abraham needs to bear heavier responsibilities for the team.

This ban may be one of the reasons why Kalaway is training in training camp and tonic lineup, but Sichword is more excellent. We can pay attention to whether Karaway will win more opportunities after the end of the ban.

Packaging worker: will be very respectful normanThis week, Green Bay packaging will meet with Carolina Black Panther, and the packaging worker Mike McCarthy emphasizes that although the team has overcome the opponent last season, this does not have enough reference value. The reason is that the presence of Josh Norman is special for this season’s black panther.

In the case of Little Odel Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry, Karaway competes in Rashad Higgins. 3 external connections. In view of the opponent, it will be closely focused on Baker Ham and Landri, and the long-term Karaway has the opportunity to create a threat in the long attack.

33-year-old Hoyer effects over multiple Nfl Jerseys teams in the end of the year. After the patriot started career, he also had a great efforts of Pittsburgh Steel Man, Arizona, Cleveland Brown, Houston Texas, Chicago Bear, San Francisco, and finally returned to the patriot. Pony is the eighth team of his effectiveness. He started 37 games in his career.

After Sudden retiring in Andrew Luck, Pony will now let Brey specially served, while Hoyell will play in an emergency. After another backup of the team, after the return of Chad Kelly, he will be expected to be a three-point guard.

McCartki said: «Norman did not participate in that game, he is a defensive player that can change the whole game. I think they are very insisted on renovation defense. We respect Norman, his exercise ability is super strong, and have the ability to complete any defense Our coach has been discussing about him, I think this will be a difficult challenge for the team attack group. «

Last week, in the game of Denver’s wild horse, the offensive group of the package was poor. Norman has completed 4 copying this week. His related quartz, the passed score is only 25.5 points, and when the defensive area is a pass target, it is only 7.6 yards.

1. Detroit Lion once again signed the near-end Hornogan-Thomas, put the defensive end Austin Bryant (Austin Bryant) is placed in the injury reserve list.

2. Atlantian Femplay is a contract for 1 year in the Keith Smith. He was cut off by Auckland raid in the last weekend.

3. Cincinnati Mason again signed the striker John Jerry, attacking the disappearance Akhet-Dugas (O & # 39; Shea Dugas) is placed in the injury reserve list, offensive Miller (Wyatt Miller) was signed in the spanning group.

4. New York Giants will deflate the B.j. B.J. Goodson transaction to the green bay packaging workers, signed off the David Mayo, and also signed 2 players to enter the spap group.

5. Miami dolphin cut off the defensive disappearance. Vincent Taylor.

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The Office of Prosecutor’s Office of Texas is confirmed by the NFL official website. The Minnesota Viking Star Runwaving has been accused of reckless or negligent led to child injury & mdash; & mdash; his 4-year-old son & mdash; & mdash; The date of appearance has been pushed to 9 am in the middle of the United States. The message will be held in the ninth regional court. Peterson was accused of this crime on Friday, if it was convicted, he will face a maximum of 2 years a fine of $ 10,000. He flew to Texas on Saturday morning to the Office of the Office of the Malley County, and was released after paying $ 15,000 bail.

He naked half-body, indicating that the four-point guardian Tom Brady, which called the New England Patriots, called his supermodel wife Gisle Bundchen called him because he wants to enter the model. NS.

Mike McCarthy said: «I have a lot of work to do. His last break is not good enough, causing him to overcome problems throughout the season. He can’t bring such a weight next season. Playing. «15 times in Lei West this season, 12 of whom first, only 187 times. Whole season, Ray West only contributed 3 times, compared to the performance of the past two seasons.

Viking did not let Peterson play against New England patriots, but the team later announced that the 29-year-old player re-acquires the prequet qualification and can fully participate in training. He is expected to play in the third week of the game of New Orleans. In a statement published on Monday, he wrote, «I never want to hurt my son. If I go to court, I will say the same.»

In the competition with Arizona, Renxi completed the 61-yard advancement of the new high career, but another 11 times he only promoted 28 yards. The team is currently a more all-round, and James Starks, which is better, but he will become free players after the end of this season.

McCarti: New season Ray West must lose weight

Green Bay packaging workers run Guidi-Lexi Lacy’s body has become an object of recent fans. Local time Monday, the packaging workers also finally publicly requested Rayxi to control weight.

Auckland raid: https://levandekulturarv.ax/wiki/3_unheard_of_ways_to_Achieve_greater_wholesale_jerseys Although they have just signed a paper contract with Sean Smith’s 28-year-old. In this course, their big open pockets have not sufficient space to sign. But now the raids are riding forward. They are very hungry for the second line of defensive second-line. They like a big person like Norman, Norman sounds like a «raid».

Since the fourth round of the show in 2014, the 26-year-old Johnson has started 22 games for the team in the past four seasons, including the first 16 games last season. However, his poor performance in anti-transmission results in his bench in the game against Houston Texas.

The Hawks have a vulnerability in the corner guard position after cutting Richard Sherman last month. In Deshewn Snide, Deshawn Snide is also departed, and Byron Maxwell has no renewal, except for the second grade corner Schaquier Griffin and Tank Justin Coleman is lacking the corner of the first experience.

It is worthy of suspected Harvin’s strength, but & mdash; & mdash; when health & mdash; & mdash; he proves that he has been the most exciting player since 2009 in 2009. Currently 4 wins and 4 losses and the Bier who struggles in the season will be helpful.

Seattle Hawk signed the top 49 people from Horn Wei Dongtai — Johnson

The Seattle Hawks adds an urgent need for the first experience of the angle guard. They signed the 49 people in San Francisco — Johnson (Dontae Johnson).

Carolina Black Panther: The team that released the privileged label is a Seattle Hawk, who released the privilege label of Leroy Hill in 2009 but after four days, the two sides reached a long-term contract.

The height of 6 feet 2-inch weight 200 pounds of Johnson has an ideal figure with the outer angle guard of the Habi Defense Group. The current 49-person defensive coordinator Robert Saleh has coached the Hawks, so the 49-person defensive system is similar to the Hawks.

Retreating healthy Harva returned to Bill, Bill picks up Sammy Watkins (foot), at least to the 12th week, can return, Greg Salas (Inguinal) is placed in the injury reserve list and Marquise Goodwin has just been resumed from the brain to provide help.

Labeling is a non-smaller strike for Norman. Especially in the Black Leopard GM Dave Gettleman claims that he will give Norman a good explanation in the future. But we can’t rule out that Norman will return to the Black Leopard. We know that the Black Leopard has already made a big contract on the table and Norman is very comfortable in the black leopard’s defensive system.

Bill will usher in the round week on the 10th week, so it is more likely that we see Harva in the triumph in the week after the game of Cincinnati. After that, Bill will also face Jacksonville, Auckland raid, Pittsburgh Steelman and Cleveland Brown.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that Bill would generously provide Harvin to provide a $ 1 million contract including a bonus in the next eight games. However, in less than seven months ago, Harva told Bill to plan to retire.

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Lawrence originally plans to pass the ball on the day of the Clemsen University, and then subject to surgery. Since the alliance decided to change the model of this year’s comprehensive investigation camp, Lawrence succumbed to show and receive surgery. Now he can get more recovery time and prepare for the rookie season.

Week 15 Thursday Night Race Report: Russell — Wilson 3 touchdowns, Seahawks 24: 3 Rams locked in advance of the first name of the partition

Beijing on December 16 Fri 9: 30, Wholesale Nfl Jerseys Week 15 of the regular season opener ushered in a civil war in the National League West: Subdivision head 名西雅图海 Hawks sits at home, against the Los Angeles Rams. From a historical record of view, the Rams currently maintains three in a row against the Seahawks; last five games against teams, the Rams dominated four wins and one loss. The two sides last war was in the second week of the season, when the Rams home 9: 3 victory over the Seahawks.

Patriot uses corner arrington to protect Hilton and sent 1 safety Wei to Hilton, in front of Hilton, to prevent this outer hand to run to him. The effect of such a defensive way is better in the top game than the eleventh week. Arlington puts the performance of Hilton to get 36 yards at once.

According to IAN RAPOPORT, wholesale nfl jerseys TV network reporter reported that after 4 days of personal ability to show, the most popular candidate this year will receive left shoulder lip surgery on Tuesday. Lawrence decided to hold a personal capacity in advance in advance in advance, it was suggested by Jacksonville’s new coach Erburn Mei MEYER.

«(Bill) Bill Belichick main coach, he made the same thing, developed the same defensive strategy & mdash; & mdash; Arlington stared at me, (Safety Wei Den) McCoti (Devin McVourty)) In front of my front, «Hilton said. «They can’t do anything. When I tried to run to the midway, they had the same defense after they had watered. This is the same defensive strategy in the eleventh week. They have limited my play.» Hilton took 82 battles 82 this season, and the 1345 yards were taken 7 times and selected a professional bowl. But there is a thing he can’t say, that is, this season has the best performance when the patriots are against the patriot. He only took only 4 ball 60 yards in 2 games against the patriots.

«I tell him that there are three options,» Meer is expressed in an interview. «The first, you can wait until the team show on March 11, but you have to wait until Near August can rehabilitate, because you need 5 to 6 months of rehabilitation time. Second, you can do not on the show Passing training. He may be a good player, he could have a saying & lsquo; I won’t pass the ball, & rsquo; or the third choice, I said & lsquo; why not take a ball to pass a few? & Rsquo; .. He said & lsquo; then let’s do this. & Rsquo; that is, the next thing happens to organize today’s show. He is a person who loves to play, he has confidence in his ability. «

«Kyle really progress, very good to prevent T.Y.,» Bilipk said. «TY is a great external hand. He has a good speed, and it is also very keen. He is a player who is difficult to defend in all routes: short distance, medium distance, long distance. He fid a ball near the side line and Not borders. This is a perfect pass, and it is a perfect ball. But when you face them, it is to face such performance. But Kyle performance is really good. He did the interference role, he and German is really good to prevent TY. «

In April this year, the lions signed a one-year contract with Anderson. This contract is mostly in the performance of him last season for ram. After Todd Gurley, the ram signed Anderson last December, Anderson also contributed a small force for the team into the superblush. Including the playoffs, Anderson promoted 488 yards in five games played for the ram, reaching 4 times.

This is no longer the first time that Wei Zhenti ruled the Thanksgiving, and after the two remembered it today, his Thanksgiving Day has reached 8 times in the record; in addition, he became a 10,000 yards A player (115 fields) used in the number of codes. The 30-year-old Wei Zhandian will continue to stay in Detroit, and we may expect him to increase the Thanksgiving reached the height of the two-digit number in the coming year.

Has more than half the fourth quarter, the Seahawks began to consume time by punching the ball. Face fourth gear 1 yards, the Seahawks decided to use tactics fake punt, punt hand Joe — Ryan (Jon Ryan) running all the way the ball 33 yards, 40 yards to the Rams line. In this process, Ryan was head to head impact, are made with the fate of concussion tests. Final Russell — Wilson’s pass was inside linebacker Alex — Terry steals Auger. Rams offensive began in his own half nine yards line, wide receiver Brian — Quick access Cass — Ji Namu pass complete 16 yards forward. Thereafter ram and the side line 36 yards 4 yards strong play fourth speed failure, hand ball. The game came to an end, the home Seahawks 24: 3 victory over the Rams, locked in advance of the first name of the location of the partition, booked a playoff spot.

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Patriot ace line air because shoulder surgery will ablate half a year«Boston Global News» reported on Thursday, New England Patriots Queue Ward Dontener — Haitao (Dont & # 39; A Hightower) The responses for immediate shoulder surgery for six to seven months were taken for immediate response. Therefore, he can play a large uncertainty in the beginning of the new season.

Bradbury served as the first center means that the Pat Elflein will be moved to the Pat Elflein for Viking in the center of the center. Viking also signed the right dust, Josh Kline in this year. These adjustments to the inside offensive front line will immediately upgrade the offensive front line in the previous season.

Fifteenth Weight Monday Night Race @ 圣 徒The last game in the 15th week of the regular season, the ranking of the seasons is also unrelated to the championship, and the Detroit Lion will leave the cold north to the warm New Orleans challenge the Saints. The two teams or will bring a long-lost pass to the fans.

It is poor in the morning. Kubiac believes that the adjustment of the offensive front line will allow Viking people to return to the right track. «We’d better complete the squid attack,» Kubik said. «Obviously we want to be good at fighting and complete the squid attack, if we can do this, we have the opportunity to complete some offense.»

Pony checked the old line Wei PhillipsFor the old man who has just retired by Titan Titan, Shaun Phillips, finding a new job and did not spend too long. On Wednesday, the Indianapolis pony announced, with the outside Wi-Philipus signed.

He is generally prepared by the patriot team, and he is also the second of the four-dimensional side of the team. He is in the professional football focus website (PFF), which is second high, and he has only played 12 games.

5 wins and 8 losses, the saints are currently ranked in the bottom of the United States. This once the national nanjin brigade is flat. They lost all the near-star close-up GM-Glaham (Jimmy Graham) in the offset period. The biggest threat in the Red District. However, the four elite four-point guards Drew Brees still maintains stable play, 3794 yards and 25 passes to show that «pig ignores» can still play beautiful data, but 11 CD can also prove the unstable ball. There are still 3 rounds of regular season, and there is no smashing of the 4000+ codes again. After coming to the Saint, Bris is not a season’s ball code number below 4000 yards, this record will continue continue. Since the saints determined to advance the promotion of the playoffs, wholesale Nfl Jerseys the main running Wear Mark Indigram (Mark Ingram confirmed that the surgical season reimbursement, since the five seasons of the Alliance, Engram’s achievements are only the Chinese rules, the former Hesmann Whether the winner can reinvigo the ball in the next season, we will wait and see. After losing Glaham, the young external hand Brandin Cook Cooks became the most reliable partner of «pig rational», this second-grade rookie this season has taken 869 yards and 7 Deta. This year, there are many three-year-old, and the old guys can be careful!

Viking people confirmed the first round of Show Bridbury will become the first centerBeijing June 11, since the Minnesota Vajing decided to pick Galret Bradbury in the first round, the outside world was so fast that the offensive front line player will become the first center. Today, Viking officially confirmed this.

Bradbury won last season to represent the National Best Central Lington Award and selected an ACC Union Best lineup and the best lineup in the United States. His excellent exercise ability is very suitable for the area opening the scorpion system in the area liked in Kuboy.

Since this season, Pony completed 28 killing, the data column alliance all the team’s 9th place. For pony that is determined and in the playoffs, a more strong rushing hand will help them make greater trouble to Tom Brady or Perton Manning. . Phillips’ experience will also help the team to a certain extent. After confirming the contract, the Pony announced that the other line of Weiwikto-Butler was confirmed.

4 wins and 9 negative Detroit Lions The performance of the season is really fascinating. The bad record is also closely related to this year’s break, and «Wei Zhentian» lacks a few years ago. The moment of blocking the Buddha, but as long as it is a good game this year, the lion team can win. In the twelfth week of the main family, the Yourga of the Eagle, the Wei Zhentian won 93 yards and 3 times, and he couldn’t help but think that the big external extension of the alliance is still still old. Although this year’s rookie is still unstable, the fans can surprise their growth, and he is far from the imagination of the special team, looking forward to Abb. Dura can continue to maintain such growth and give fans more surprises.

The problem is now in the US Tiger that if Fall is restored to health at the eleventh week, he will immediately replace Gardner MinShew to serve the first quarter-off. Ming Xiu played outstanding this season and became a player who has obtained at least 10 times in the top 7 games before his career since 1950, but the number of cards with less than 3 times. Currently his reachable — CDR League League fifth.