Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

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Redick was cut off on weekends last weekend, although the main shot of double energy, but his scorpion efficiency is not too high. Career 6 years, Redke is 288 times, advance 1023 yards, reaching 5 times. In terms of catching, 285 times were completed, and 2238 yards were promoted, reaching 14 times. Last season, Redick was almost used by the lions as a ball, and finally reached the point where the defensive side will be retrieved. During the end of the lion, Redick also had a problem of getting off.

Although the trial is not limited to these two, according to reports, the front denim kicks the game — Beiler (Dan Bailey) is not in the list. Beiler refused Brown’s invitation, indicating that he was waiting for «suitable team.»

Redke was previously interviewed, and the wild horse finally won the two teams. The wild horse is currently running guards Kutis Modkins 2013-2015 once coached in the lion, and the Redke is an old acquaintance.

Sobot is selected by the Falcon Selected in 2017. He played all 16 games last season, completing 5 games to get 48 yards. In addition to the offensive group, he also contributed to the special group and was considered a reliable functional player.

Tony Romo still wants to fight for 4-5 seasons

Dallas Cowboy’s four-dimensional Tony Romo is a few players who have been unrecognizable in the Alliance. The injury last season has become more uncertain about the 35-year-old career.

Brown is now playing the ball. Zane Gonzalez, on Sunday, two free kicks and two additional shooting gates, and is also covered in the unveiled ball in the unveiled battle of the steel man. This means that two games come up, Gonzalez is lost 11 points, and the team decided to find a next thing.

Romo said on Wednesday in the US: «I am no longer a young man in 20 years old, but based on our current team status, 3-4 years is necessary, I think this snail is a thorough change, I am very happy. Can continue to participate in the training. «

The 2019 season kills Wang Baret is willing to pay in the pirate

Last season, killing Wang Saquier — Barquill Barrett is about to be free players. If the pirate does not use the team label or sign a new contract, Baret may find another home.

Match, Jeremy — McLean (Jeremy Maclin), Riley — Cooper (Riley Cooper) and Jordan — Matthews (Jordan Matthews) together contribute only 57 yards. Eagles coach Chip — Kelly (Chip Kelly) also admitted after the game, Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China the Seahawks have the strongest league guard combination angle. Despite the poor performance in this field, but we still can not deny the outstanding performance of the Eagles this season in the passing attack. Especially in terms of long pass, the Eagles currently completed more than 20 yards passing 52 times, more than a second in the league. In terms of more than 40 yards passing, they finished 10 times in the league this number 6.

Sherman said: «I know that they must miss those days of Jackson is still a great player he is, can create a huge threat now he went to Washington, but he is still so well…» Being asked and when the current Eagles wide receiver lineup, Sherman rating no mercy: «we did not feel any threat.»

Sherman: Eagles certainly miss DeShawn Jackson —

This week the Seattle Seahawks in a strong dialogue to beat the Philadelphia Eagles 24-14. Star cornerback Richard — Sherman (Richard Sherman) in an interview after the game expressed their views on other issues of wide receiver. He said the Eagles must miss DeShawn — Jackson (DeSean Jackson).

In addition to Sobot and Lagche, the popular position of Patriots also has a old Jermin Watson and Lance Kendricks, two-year player Lan Iz (Ryan Izzo) ) And Https://bio.workwithtube.Com/vera86573636 before Stephen Anderson, Stephen Anderson. Watson is banned from participating in the season’s 4 games due to violation of alliance drug abuse regulations.

After the ace player Robert Grono, the Patriot has been trying to fill the vacancy. However, in the first preseason, the current patriot team is close to the top of the front-end Trite-Lakozse because the leg injury is in advance.

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During the period, the reporter also asked questions about Colin Kaepernick, Manzell said: «Even if he is not the first, he also has the first qualification, he is a person who can guarantee the team to enter the playoffs. He will have a few years of low-rise, but he can re-come back, so I don’t think that his career is over. «

It is reported that this time comes cheap jerseys from china him, there is a reporter asked if he would not continue to play, what choices he will do, Manzell said: «I will continue to engage in sports, I can’t leave the sports business, I have asked I have such a problem, so I know the answer I want, and I will do some coaches. «

Jones said: «Today’s referee seems to redefine how to do block, as well as some other things, this has an impact on both sides. We will not change our play and techniques of us because of today’s penalty. I think this is very I ridicily. «» The whole game, the cowboy is blown by 9 different fouls, including 6 violations, and 3 lanterns.

Ward is not the first storm for today expressed disappointment Steelers legend, after running back Jerome — Bettis (Jerome Bettis) also made similar remarks. Ward is not the first to question Big leadership of former Steelers player. Now playing for the Denver Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel — Sanders (Emmanuel Sanders) had a similar view.

Little Odel Beckham: I hope to get more opportunities

Brown took over Little Audel-Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) recently made some changes, put the hair back to the flavorful golden. Beckham explained that this also means he hopes to rebound.

In endorsed Steelers general manager Kevin — Colbert (Kevin Colbert) believe this quarterback — Rose Rees Berg (Ben Roethlisberger) is no doubt the team leaders view at the same time, Ward also need to think Big Ben there are better leader skills.

Matthew is difficult to replace it is a meal, he will not only array the position of the safe bit, but also defensive slots, occasionally, can also be used as a wire guard to supplement the front line defense.

In the past four years in jet, Anderson used the countless defensive guard with the speed of track and field players, but his output is not always efficient. He has only one year of his life to advance 800 yards. He completed 52 battles last season, advanced 779 yards, reached 5 times.

Matthew prior to new crown is absent cheap nfl jerseys from china the entire week training, but the defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo said Matthew is still attending the remote conference. I hope Matthew before the choved, but I also prepared a match plan when Matthew could not return.

Mackenzy Bernadeu (Mackenzy Bernade) played by Ronald Leary was penalized for 3 fouls; only a foul on the last season had a foul Zack Martin was blown. Penalty 2 times; the offensive front line is at least once, and the whole stroke is penalized 10 fouls. Jones said: «I repeat again, I think we need to confirm what is to pull people, not to correct the player, but the alliance forced us. Today, is the number of fouls have created a league record?»

Black Leopard will be with external handle — Anderson sign for two years

Tuesday, US-Tuesday, according to New York local media reports, Robby Anderson will sign a 2-year contract with the Carolina Black Panther. The contract salary of 20 million US dollars, 12 million US dollars will be paid in the 2020 season.

Jerry Jones expressed dissatisfaction with the judgment of the referee

Dallas Cowboys were punished by 18 fouls in this week, and this figure also broke the number of fouls for fouls in the team. Of course, this is not an active record. Although cowboy eventually wins the festival of the festival of 20-10, Jerry Jones remains dissatisfied with the judgment of the referee.

«I heard all these Pittsburgh Steelers storm off let me down, never before such a thing,» Ward mentioned about running back Leiwei Ang — Bell (Le & # 39; Veon Bell) and wide receiver Antonio — said in Brown (Antonio Brown) News. «This is unfortunate as Leiwei Ang — Bell and Antonio Brown — the two best players next season will not stay in the team but yes, this is the team leader he served as leader, he has done so. . the only thing I think he had to take the initiative to become a better leader not only in his radio program he openly criticized his teammates have to put criticism behind the scenes & mdash;.. & mdash; like the way they treat are & mdash; & mdash; you know we always say that we are brothers & mdash; & mdash; like privately let me know what I can do to improve my performance you do not have to say so publicly so that everyone knows so I think he had to become better. leader. «

Steelers legend Ward: Big Ben need to become a better leader

Beijing February 24 hearing With the continuous fermentation of the Pittsburgh Steelers storm, more and more people to stand up and express their views.

Anderson and the black panther new coach Matt Rhule have had a teacher in Tianpu University. He will add extra speed to the black panther’s offensive group, becoming a weapon of Teddy Bridgewater with D. J.J. Moore and Curtis Samuel.

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Starks has a better running guard & mdash; & mdash; Rexi himself also admitted this & mdash; & mdash; included in the sixth week. His game recording first is his rapid explosive force and a change in the future to find an airful ability, and Raybi lacks such an capability.

Elsen Signed a 4-year $ 18 million contract with the giants in 2017, just six weeks before the team’s first round of Evan Engram. Ellison occupied the team’s $ 7.18 million salary space in 2020, but his contribution to the field did not go to the corresponding level.

Grrey took 1251 yards last season, and the ball was a total of 21 times. He did not play the last two games in the regular season due to the pain of left knee. He returned to the finals of the seasons, and the shock won 115 yards and 1 time, helping the team to defeat the Dallas Cowboy.

Cobt once considered the election of the end of the end with excellent performance, but he had not played more in the past three years, and it was in the team, and finally contracted with the giant last season. Cobt played 6 games in 2020, and two of them were first completed.

Both people are not excellent in performance, but Starks will have the opportunity to let the packwork end loses. In the face of the Rankings of the Ranking League, the thirtieth of the lion defensive (133.8 yards), the package is very likely to return to the right track in the shock attack and win.

Giants close-end Fenglete — Ellison considered retirement

The giant’s close-end Fenglete — Rhett Ellison has been fighting for eight years in the alliance. Last season, the brain shock made Ellison absent the last six games in the season.

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«There are so many times I have to answer the question to ask ourselves is, & lsquo; Hey, if I can not play the next game, if this is my last appearance in case it & rsquo;.?» Hasselbeck told ESPN. «I do not know, I really feel there is nothing to change my mind. I think at the end of the season when it would become one of my sit down and consider what this season has been a little bit different season.»

The poor performance of Rexi has made the entire Wisconsin anxious, especially during the two-game losers of the packaging. This third-year running guard 83 sho is only 308 yards, with an average of 3.7 yards per time. In his four games in the past, the number of Siwisi single field codes did not exceed 38 yards and only one game has exceeded 2.1 yards per shock.

Colts coach: not yet determined the next game quarterback candidates

In the game against the Tennessee Titans in the regular-season finale, who will be the quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts? Colts coach Chuck — Pagano (Chuck Pagano) can not be determined.

According to Pagano said Matt — Hasselbeck (Matt Hasselbeck) and Andrew — Clark (Andrew Luck) are determined missed the next game. This allows pony only recently signed quarterback Josh — Freeman (Josh Freeman) and Ryan — Lindley (Ryan Lindley) and voted rookie Stephen — Morris (Stephen Morris).

Use different words to describe this is absurd understatement. Who would have thought the colt now in the position where, at the dawn of the next game they can replace the 3rd quarterback trying to find Charlie — Whitehurst (Charlie Whitehurst) suitable substitute?

In the national contest against the Saint New Orleans Saints, Galley completed 5 mushrooms to get 13 yards. In the super bowl, he completed 10 shots to get 35 yards. The ram takes 3-13 to the new England Patriots.

Mike McCarthy, Mike McCart, said that he thought that James Starks was the team’s number one running guard, Raybi was two running guards. «I will say James will now be our number one running in the Detroit Competition,» McCarthy said to the local media. «He won this opportunity. I didn’t believe that the whole season relied on a main run. We will let the two rotate.»

In order to gradually increase Galley’s workload, he followed a set of strict training schedules during the training camp. He participated in a training every two days and replaced with Malcolm Brown and Darrell Henderson. He and the ram main player and key rotate players did not participate in the preseason.

Whether it is due to injuries (ankles, groin) or weight gain, Razi has not effectively finds air and lacks explosive power. Renee has participated in the training on Wednesday. He leaving the hurt injury in the game.

The news of disappointing thing is that we may never see Hasselbeck out of the race. The 40-year-old quarterback this season, played the hero level performance, he was before the injury off the bench to lead the pony made 4-0 record. After experiencing a series of injuries, including the chin injuries lead to only eat liquid food, difficult for him to finish the race.

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The second round of the draft of this game handed over 33 pass 10 and completes 86 yards of 0 Detaver data. Calculate these numbers, you will find that he has pushed 2.6 yards, and the quarterfielding points are only poor 2.0.

The squat squatting said David — Johnson young is durable

The reddam coach Bruce — Alius confirmed on Wednesday: Renewal of renewed players Andre Ellington will be used as an external work next season. This also made the No. 2 running guards of David Johnson.

His 30.3% of the completion rate has also created a new low, which is a new low in success rate since 1992 (calculation standard: at least 30 times.). In addition, the third transformation rate of the tiger is only 3/17, and the conveyor is taken.

According to historical data Dalton, the quartz guards were completed for the first time after SCOTT Brunner, and the passing ball was almost less than 30 times. Bruna completed this poor performance in 1983. For this fourth-grade quarter-off, it is because this game is broadcast through the radio broadcast on Thursday night.

After the best rookie lineup in 2014, Mason was considered to be one of the core players of the ram offensive group. After adding Todd Gurley, Mason’s role in the team decreased, he was only 75 times in the season, and each time the rush was only disappointing 2.8 yards.

Mason was arrested by the police in March and accused of drugs and violations of traffic regulations. He has five times in the past four months. Fisher admitted to the ram in June, «Before you prepare True, you won’t appear here.»

Previously, the packaging workers have indicated that they will not use the privilege label for UN. Considering the salary of the team, they may be difficult to give better price. According to a number of media reports, Auckland raids and Jacksonville Americas are currently very interested in Kobo. The salary space of the two teams can also guarantee that they have the ability to make a big contract for more than 10,000 annual salary.

After Galert, it said: «That is a long code. We shocked 3 & amp; 2, but did not get how much income. So I think it is, according to the current performance of the defensive group, we should be able to block them. In the same place. «

Best Secret Group Players in Kingdom: Washington Red leather kicks the Basin Hopkins, Hopkins have not yet lost free kicks this season. He completed all 11 arbitrage shoots and the addition of 5 times attempts were all successful.

With Dez Bryant and https://www.Covfefetribune.com/going-bald-taught-me-not-to-care-about-stupid-Shit/ Demarryius Thomas, they are tagged by the team, and Kubble is about to be the largest external connections in the free market. According to reports, Kobo hopes to get a new contract with an annual annual average of more than 30 million guarantees. Another external hand of the package worker JORDY NELSON is currently with the team’s contract annual salaries of about 9.76 million, and the guarantee is only 14.2 million. The team has said that it will not provide a contract that exceeds Nelson.

Best Defensive Players in Guolin: Philadelphia Eagle defensive cutoff Fletcher Cox, like Miller, Cox also helped the team unbeaten. At 3 times, Cokes got 3 killings & mdash; & mdash; twice was obtained in the game of straightezburg steel.

But Aliis doesn’t think this is a big problem. Johnson completed 293 rounds and 80th battles last season, and 23.3 toughoter column alliance offensive players first. Aliis said that this number will continue to grow next season, because Johnson «Young and Durable».

In only 3 games, Miller has achieved 5 killings & mdash; & mdash; three of which were obtained when chasing the Indianapolis pony. His successful performance made him win the best defensive player in the Meijian month.

The best offensive player of the United States: Atlanta Falcon 4-dimensional Matt Ryan, Rayan is currently ranked fourth in terms of password number. He led the Falcon to win 2 wins and 1 loss, he currently 103 passes 73 times successfully achieved 970 yards 7 times to reach 1 time passed.

Packaging out outside the lack of discussion, the foreground is not optimistic

In this course, the primary task of Green Bay packaging is to retain external handlantol-Koba (Randall Cobb). However, with the days of opening the free market door, the team looks far away from this all-around attack player. According to the insider, UN broker has rejected a contract for 5 years, an average annual salary of 8 million and 9 million, based on the contract.

The best offensive player of the United States: New England Patriot Runwarate Galrette Blount, lack of the first quartz, Tom-Brady, Tom Brady, and replacement Jimmy-Carobo (Jimmy Garoppolo), Brunt made the patriots to fight the ball offensive. In the first three games in the season, Brunte scored 298 yards 4 times.

According to ESPN report, Alius said: «If you can, I want him to touch 30 times, because he is the key to attack. No matter how external takeover, still in the back, in the slot, in the squad, he It is a potential offensive means. «

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There is no doubt that Ryan is a very good defensive coach. Even if there is only three victories, the jet is still limited to 20 points below 5 times. For jets to say that this performance is unimaginable, you have to know that their injuries are also very serious.

Panthers teammate: If the season ended now, running back McCaffrey will be the MVPI am afraid that even if a search could not find any dictionary can describe Christian — McCaffery (Christian McCaffrey) of the words of praise.

At the end of the fifth week of the game, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick — Macho James (Patrick Mahomes) may get most of the MVP vote, but if McCaffrey continue to lead the Panthers to win, he should get more people consider.

wholesale Nfl jerseys official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that Albert Breer reported that Pierll Paul returned to the team and accepts medical examination, the medical examination results show that his hand has no fracture. He is considered to be played with a gypsum.

The giant’s inspection is very important for determining the next step in the next step. Pierre Paul signed a contract, he was in the contract period, can be placed in a non-rugby injury list and caused him to lose the salary in the first six weeks of the season, which is not to sign the privilege label contract and until One of the reasons why recently arrived with the team. Both sides may rebuild Pierve Paul’s contract. He has not yet signed a privileged label contract worth $ 14.8 million, and the giant has not withdraws the contract. For Pierll Paul, he doesn’t want to lose the competition for the winner, and for giants, they are not willing to pay all 14.8 million US dollars due to the injury in the abstore because Pierre Paul is overwhelming.

McCaffrey is not only able to achieve surprising data, but also to the level of dedication may be the best season essence of action. He won the MVP may require many factors, but the Panthers will be glad McCaffrey continue to lead them to win.

Wild Hemoching Hand Feng — Miller’s ankle Turkon injury season reimbursement Tuesday, according to ESPN reporters, the wild honey slammed Von Miller injured in the last training of Tuesday, and therefore received surgery and reimbursed.

Kanmu at quarterback — the case of Newton’s absence, McCaffrey groups have taken up the offensive team, so that quarterback Kyle — Alan space to make mistakes, but also to help the team get three in a row. McCaffrey in the opening stages of the season advancing 866 yards in total, since 1950, ranking history, second only to 1964 — Jim Brown (Jim Brown) 988 yards.

Get on a non-league MVP quarterback player is 2012 running back Adrian — Peterson (Adrian Peterson), single season when he rushed the ball for 2097 yards. The advance single-season yardage record holder in NFL history who — Chris Johnson (Chris Johnson) (2509 yards) in 2009 did not get MVP, it shows the degree of difficulty running back wants to get the MVP. According to the current pace, McCaffrey season to promote the 2771 yards, breaking the record of Johnson.

Under the lead the jet, the jet has been a chance to win the United States, which proves his coaching level. He said in an interview on Tuesday: «I have foreseen that I have a super bowl of championship as the main coach, I really I saw it, I will let this happen. «

According to Latport report, in this case, the giant can get any contribution to Pierll Paul this season, it can be surprised. But according to informed people, he hopes to be prepared to return to the season in the early season.

«No, you’re constantly run out of synonyms,» coach Ron — Rivera (Ron Rivera) asked whether there are new words to describe said in McCaffrey. «You can have a lot of words to describe his performance when he played vitality & mdash;. & Mdash; the first wave of offensive game, he completed the first wave of attack way too amazing.»

«If you write to me, I will see if he comes from the earth,» defensive tackle Gerald — McCoy (Gerald McCoy) representation. «I’ll check to see whether he comes from Asgard such places. I do not know where this guy came from. If the season ended now, he is the MVP.»

At present, 5 wins and 5 negative Bill are still on the edge of the season. This year, the Madi-Feda playoffs is extremely competitive. Many teams have the opportunity to further, Bill nature doesn’t want to give up premature. For Maro, re-enable Manuel is not far from the white flag, at least he still hopes that the team can continue.

Inserting their best passive balls into new defense should be a giant that does not need to worry. I hope that the giant can satisfy the state of Pierol and let him return to the lineup in the early 2015 season.

Miller has only missed a game in the past six years. The player of this Octa-selected professional bowl has repeatedly said that he is not satisfied with the performance of 2019, and last season Miller has completed 8 killing, which is no longer two digits since 2013.

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Two important players were injured by two important players in the snow, packing package

Green Bay packaging work in Seattle is not only embodied in the final score. The injury of two important players made them on snow. Their offensive Diagonal Bryan Bulaga was left by the knee sprain, and the EDDIE LACY was arrogant in the fourth quarter and confirmed the brain shock after the game. He has also lost 1 game due to the brain shock in the last season.

Chris Ballard, General Manager of Xiao Ma, said: «Brian joins the offensive front line is very excited, and his all-roundness attracts us, and it will make the team’s position in the team more intense.»

The two teams have played in the sixth week, and the black panther 27-23 defeated the opponent. The current sea eagle pays more attention to the ball attack. As one of the best angular swings during the regular season, Norman’s performance will also affect the trend of this game.

If the Brazza is missing for a long time, his injury will become a big hidden danger. He hurts after the second section and teammates collided with Richard Rodgers. Braga took the next, and then his left knee was examined. Last year Braga’s same knees have experienced the former cross ligament torn caused him to reimburse him throughout the season. Braga’s injury has a rapid and substantial impact on the results of the game. His derek shel-Sherod defeated by the Haiying defensive group and obtained 2 killing. One of them caused the attack failed to successfully complete the 4-speed conversion, and the other will lead to safety points.

Norman said: «Life is difficult, if you don’t overcome suffering, how to prove that you are the best. This is the way we live in this society. We hope that things can be simple, but we will not Well, we hope that others can do something for us, but we will not think that this is a matter. «When asked if it is more willing to face the green bay packager or Washington red skin, Norman said it is very happy to be able to use the Hawk. competition.

Black Leopard Norman is expecting the challenge from Hawks

Carolina Black Leopard will be on the week. In the case of being asked and how to view this game, Josh Norman said he expected to accept challenges.

The jet application is interview with the Holy Polic Probe

Beijing May 30th, the New York jet is still searching for the general manager candidate, this time they target the target of the United States.

Raybi is one of the best players in this game is the best player. Although the data does not come out (15 yards of the 15th mushrooms), Leis can continue to run out more distance Cheap jerseys from China the team friend. The problem is: The offensive front line of the package is unable to open a road.

Fang Tainnot has worked in the Saint Work 17 years, with the general manager Mickey Lubis, Assistant General Manager and University Scout Jeff — Ireland (Jeffe Ireland) and the head coach Sean-Pedon Sean payton, together, cast a big list of Saints.

After the lineup, there is no quartz and start reconstruction, and the coach Shanahan and the general manager John Lynch has to retain a few key offensive players. They retained Colee before the free player market opened.

49 people lacking external hands, Coleese became the most reliable pass target. He completed 64 battles last season to get 667 yards 3 times. The four-point guard will pass 115 times, and 52 times in Quinton Patton is ranked second.

The property of the patriot player is in the middle of the night.

The cheap nfl jerseys from china Alliance arranged a superb bowl before local time on Tuesday, but it was not sufficient to rest in the first night of the new England patriots. The reason is that at night, the hotel in the patriot players suffered fire, which obviously affects the rest of most people.

There is no reason to be triggered by the hotel, but some fans still can’t help but think. Some fans on the Internet are guessing, and the supporters of the opponent Seattle Hawks deliberately in order to affect the rest of the patriot player. Of course, this guess is no basis for the fans. Anyway, in order to give a fans a more exciting game, we hope that every player can get a sufficient rest before the game.

NFL official website reporter Jeff Darlington revealed in his online social media in the morning, and the property of the patriot player suffered fire alarm at 1:30 in the local time on Tuesday. The fire lasted for 10 minutes. It was good to investigate the relevant personnel. The hotel determined that the fire was a confusing scene and did not really occur. The only fire alarm is the rest of the patriot player.