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This will be the stage of Ting Black’s third time to board the super bowl of midfield, and he has also become the most artist who participates in the superb bowl. He has previously been performing a guest in the 35th and 38th Super Bowl.

[Heavy Message] Justin Ting Black confirmed to participate in the super bowl of midfield

Official news was confirmed today, and the popular superstar Justin Tin Black will lead the 52nd super bowl of midfield.

Southern Sanitary Sanitary Tanovo and Brown and Giants

Sam Darnold The show day of the show in the rain, the cheap nfl jerseys from china official website expert and the praise from almost every team audience, including the first two-step Cleveland Brown in front of the draft. And New York Giants.

Falcon Hope Hario-Jones complete more red zone to catch up

Atlanta Falcon’s External Hand Hario Jones JENO Jones only completed 6 batches last season, now this has become a place where the team wants to change.

Smith said: «He is the type of four-point guard. Body control, physical language is excellent. He can also understand the defensive group, this is not easy, but he can do it. He I will think about the ball, and I will play wholeheartedly, this is the favorite of four-point guard. «

Claude also respected Smith, he said Smith, «understand how to analyze defense, analyze different coverage defensions.» At the same time, Claude also hopes to pay back to the last season of the ankle injury to the restricted regret.

Hongki quadrant guards, walking

After spend a few months, I learned that I was in the red skin’s external hands and teammates, and the appreciation of the four-point guards, the appreciation of Jamison Crowder is all known.

The proximal strike is supported by Gallo Pubo

George Kittle has been fighting for three years in the Alliance, and has already played at least 6 games. In 2018, highlights, he was passing the ball in Nick Mullens.

After Jimmy Garoppolo, two people contributed a lot of highlights. Kittel completed 85 battles, advanced 1052 yards, selected for the best lineup. The 49-person season eventually ended over the super bowl, and 11th pass in the 194th section of the Gallo Competition was completed three times, and 49 people were more than 10 points. Such performance also leads to a lot of questioning. Even a news called 49 people hoped to recruit Tom Brady, in this, Kittere shows its own support.

New England Patriots with the former Lightning Near Terminal Hunter — Henry Signed for 3 years

After the free player’s legal contact period, the New England Patriot has not stopped the pace of attachment in the next day.

Brown’s entire investigation team came to Los Angeles, including the coach-Jackson, General Manager John Dorsey, even the boss Jimmy-Haslam. The giant sent the coach Pat Shurmur and the offense coordinator Mike Shula.

Brown has this year’s draft-shaped yuan signed and the fourth time, they expect to use the champion to pick four-point guard. The giant has not yet been determined to select the four-point guard with an eye on, but they may be willing to pick Eli Manning’s successor in this location.

When participating in the NBC broadcast show, Kitel said: «People talk about the rumors, but I will not treat them as real. Jimmy is my quarter-saving, and it is also a four-point guard. No, we can’t help The super bowl, so I will not replace him with anyone. He is the team irreplaceable leader. «

As a previous day, the Patriot had a contract for 4 years from Qi Nu Smith, who was Nounesi Titan, Titan. The contract was $ 50 million. The two people respective average salary ranked third in the close-up near-end front of the Alliance.

Last season, the performance of the patriot offensive group is one of the worst alliances, some of which are the lack of excellent offensive players. In the early days, efforts to hoard the ball to prove that the patriotic realized that only upgrading offensive weapons can avoid failing again.

US Time Monday, Falcon official website reported that the team’s head coach Dan Quinn said that Jones was the cornerstone of the real team during the training camp, and hoped that he can harvest more ball reachable in the Red Area.

Smith and Henry’s joining will significantly strengthen the patriot’s offensive weapon lineup, plus the same newly signed external connections Nelson-Aglo Agholor and Kendrick Bourne, patriots The position of the ball will be significantly improved in the last season.

At healthy, Henry can enhance the performance of the offensive group, and his speed is superior to the opponent’s guard, which can occupy the wind with the opponent’s defenders. Last season, he completed 60 balls in 14 games in 14 games to achieve 613 yards 4 times. Two 26-year-old near-end style can be complementary.

The 28-year-old Jones is only 9 times in the Red District last season, which is only the sixth place in the column of red area. Compare other players, Jordy Nelson last season is 29 times a goal of the first red area of the league, Cheap nfl jerseys from china and more than 20 players are Odell Beckham Jr., respectively. Brandon Marshall and Larry Fitzgerald.

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As a four-roundx show in the 2011 season, Ellis will provide depth and intensity for the front line of the giant. He is expected to share the appearance time in Johnathan Hankins. Ellis is stable in terms of ground defensive, and is relatively limited. He will give more appearance times in the first 2 files to help the giant’s weak ground defense. Last season, the giant’s anti-run is a nightmare, and they are the third of the ranks from the ground.

Ted Crawford with a more aggressive and innovative spirit, has coached several of the University of California and later entered the NFL quarterback. However, the Ship Even Sank die first, face their third straight start, what he brings to the team is still unknown. On Thursday night race away to the Atlanta Falcons, like the offensive front and weakness of the offensive quarterback in a sieve problem all exposed. Coach Ravi — Smith (Lovie Smith) pledged its levels in Ford announced the appointment of Ted had served as offensive coordinator, but at least now the critics still do not have enough information to assess Ravi could question the original.

Bucs offensive coordinator job temporarily absent due to illness

Jeff — Ted Crawford (Jeff Tedford) probably will be interrupted in the era of pirates. NFL Media Insider Ian — Arabia Potter (Ian Rapoport) reported that, due to the offensive coordinator Ted Crawford physical condition did not improve, he is temporarily leaving the job. Since his heart surgery early in the season has been absent for some time, in the first three games only involved in the tactical part of the arrangement, there is no tactical propaganda. Before the season he underwent coronary angioplasty, the artery close to the heart of placing the two stents. The team wanted him to have enough rest to ensure recovery, but he quickly tried to return to the team.

«I realize that the training & hellip; & hellip; is very affected, especially the novice.» Kolier evaluated the influence of ankle injury, «So I need to find a feeling in the quarter. I am in the second week. When people are in the game, but I have not had a training for a long time before, causing me to fall behind. When I finally found a feeling, I didn’t have a chance to play. It is really difficult, but I have learned a lot last year, there is no Less excellent seniors, outstanding coaches help me. «

Giants announce the signing of the front jet defense cut offers

According to wholesale nfl jerseys official website reporters, New York Giants have reached an agreement with the former New York Jet, Kenrick Ellis, has been convinced of a contract with a contract of 1.65 million US dollars, of which 500,000 is guaranteed.

At the age of 27, Ellis is competing for multiple locations, and is mainly played in the jet array. In the 2014 season, Ellis only came to 158 files, most of which were array of defensive tip. Among the careers, Ellis only had a record of 5 times.

Arab Potter reports, this time quarterbacks coach Marcus — Arrow (Marcus Arroyo) to participate in more offensive arrangement, even arranged propaganda tactics in the game directly to the quarterback headset, which is likely by the he temporarily served as offensive coordinator.

Therefore, Kolil will take advantage of the 2020 season, he said: «I am working hard, when you are not as good as people, they will think that you can’t do the ball. This is very disrespectful, I also feel, but I will not say that I don’t say, I want to show strength. On the scene, I crushed a few people, playing a reputation, people will quickly recognize my ability. «

Dai Lun McFaden: I feel like a new person

Auckland raids 2008 first-round show running Dallen McFadden will start their own new life in Dallas denim, for the first time for this 27-year-old player, I am very exciting.

Things happened in the third quarter of the Crow and New Orleans Saints, the Saint Square is safe to Kenny Bakara, and the referee is still not ignorant. Although the two are good Friends, but Smith on the court did not eat this set, with Bacara, the players also rushed to the team.

After being signed by Hawks, this defensive end was only played in 11 games, and the total was completed 3 times. Colorel also doesn’t like his performance. He doesn’t want to be «parallel» because it is not good.

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Talking about the situation of Adelman, Cao Fuwen still unforgettable: «I was attracted by his performance, this young player is very attractive to me. He is very serious, treating the attitude towards football, we Can you see what he wants. I am very regretful now, I can’t let him join the giant. But this is reality. «

It can also be seen from it that the patriot has the ability to turn waste into treasure. We are very suspicious whether Edelman has achieved the same success in other teams, at least the patriot will successfully fulfill his talent as actual performance.

Kuflin: Regret, Nothing to sign Edelman

New York Giants Tom Coughlin is in a recent interview, and regrets that there is no signing of new England patriots to take over Julian EDELMAN. Before the start of the 2013 season, Edelman became a free player, he went to the giant trial, Bcptoken.Pl but in the end, both sides did not sign. Then the patriots and Edelman will continue for one year.

Last season Pierre Paul was finally returned to the 9th week, but he had to match the right hand, and his hand had surgery again. Cheap Jerseys From china the video, we analyze at least him next season. Normal gloves game.

West was cut by the chief this year, as the team thinks that Well and Hunter are enough to provoke the ground offensive. Wester was short-lived with jet, and also tried to pirate, but did not get a regular season opportunity.

The old eagle coach told the players to put down the pressure, focus on playing

Beijing October 23, as a defending champion, the old eagle’s record is not too good. After the 6-0 advantages of Sunday were turned over, after losing to the black panther, the eagle record has changed to 3-4.

West is an ideal partner for Spencer Ware. Wester entered the league in the original election in 2014, and in the past four years, Western, in the past four years, the tactics of Andy Reid is very familiar with the tactics of Andy Reid, and the chief management also understands his characteristics.

Villaniva has been responsible for the left trial position before the steel man, but the current Ronnie Stanley is temporarily living. Plus Left Paving Machine — Cleveland, Dradley Bozeman, Right Made Kevin Zeitler, the crow down next season’s offensive front line fierce match.

Crow with the former steel man offensive cutaway Vila Newwa sign for 2 years

US time on Tuesday, the crow is officially announced, with the former steel man offensive the cut offers Alex Villanueva to sign for two years.

Last season’s life is strong, eventually ranking among the playoffs. The team hopes to keep the star players in each location during this year, while the weak link is carried out accordingly. Renewal of Pratt ensures that the team can have a stable player in the next few years, and they hope to make new breakthroughs in the next season.

Last season, Pratt was banned in four games in the season, followed by Denver Muslim. The professional bowl level played in October to land in October, stand out in the competition, and retrieved the status and became the team. The lion is plagued by a holiday in the first half of the last season, which directly leads to some of them. After Pratt became the main force, he completed twice in the regular season, and the 2 shots in the playoffs were successful.

Lions and playing the ball for 3 years

Although the current number one target of Detroit Lion is still retaining the NDAMUKONG SUH, they did not be slammed when they renew other players. On Friday local time, the lions announced that the Matt Prater will renew for 3 years. The new contract value is 9 million and will extend to the 2018 season.

Pederson said at the press conference: «I tell them to learn from it. These games will temper the team & hellip; & hellip; let players more united. I said: & lsquo;, put down the pressure. No one is right now. Have too much expectation, so we can also put down the pressure, concentrate on playing, relax, enjoy it. & Rsquo; there is still a lot of competitions, we still have the opportunity to reverse a military, what can happen, currently Establish a contest for every week. »

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In this year’s break, all the unfollow free players change, Wilfolk joined the Texas people look reasonable. The team is now urgently needing 3-4 defensive tips, but more importantly, they need to surrounded by a group of influential old players around Jadeveon Clowney. 33 years old Vilfolk is perfect for this role.

In the case of Dalton locking, Finley will win the first five-winning position of Jake Dolegala, winning the first season. Although not officially announced, there is news that the Tiger will sign a four-point Wei Jack-Dolgara (Jake Dolega) from the University of Central Christine.

«I don’t even know what he did,» Miller said. «If I know what he did, I will start doing the same thing. I think this is natural. I think the defensive player has made the flying progress from the first year to the second year. You have seen that I am like this. I got 11 kills in the rookie season, I got 18.5 in the second year. You are seen in Khalil Mack, Vic Beasley, and all of these players. This is the case. Bradley is the same. I don’t know if something specific training or sleep or why, I just think this is the relationship between experience and time accumulation. He will definitely be here. The season became a new player. «

«He became a completely different player,» Miller is said to be said. «… He will still wear a number, but he will look completely different. He has been trying to do a lot of things. I am excited for him.»

It seems unable to stop in a limited appearance season, showing the technical action in the last season. The investigue has had speeds and strength to bring trouble to the opponent attack, now he grinds his skills during the offset season, which means that his second grade performance may be more excellent.

«I think they are to create some competition in the substitute position,» Dalton said. «So, obviously we need someone. You can’t have 2 quarters in the team, so we have to increase the number to 4 people, I think we have done this. I think we also signed a new show. I Interested to see what he is, and meet him. «

Watt is a player who completed this achievement in his career first since the formal appearance of data statistics. The other two were 1987 due to professional players strike, Charles Glaze and Tommy Haynes.

«It is a very interesting process for me and my family. We carefully consider this process,» Wilfolk is said in this stated statement. «We want to thank Kraf special and patriots for the past 11 years, but we will start a chapter as Houston Texas.» He also said: «Texas people coach group make exciting coming to new balls The team is like returning home. We are always a patriot player in our heart, thank you for everything you do for me. «

In the six years, Arford was arrested 88 games for the Falcon, completed 303 hugs, 85 destroyed passes, 10 cases, forcing the ball, 2 defensive groups. With the outstanding play of 2016, he earned a thoughts of thoughts.

In the rickets, Alford will join the defensive backfield leading to Patrick Peterson, including Antoine Bethea, DJ Swe swear, and cloth Baker Baker. Last season, the red tick tried to let Jamar Taylor, Benwikere, and David Amerson, and Peterson partner.

Wild Horse Wide Vef-Miller: Teammates have made breakthroughs in the second gradeBeijing August 29th Bradley Chabrue (Bradley Chubb) was grabbed in the rookie season, got 12 kills, set a new show record of team history, including 3 games for at least 2 times.

Texas people now create one of the most terrible guards of the league. Vilfolk’s anti-running ability plus Crawni and J.J. Watt (J. J. Watt) These strong flush hands will greatly make up for the shortcomings of the team offensive group.

After leaching from the coach of the Buffalo, the 2012 season, I have never coached Wholesale nfl jerseys. At the same time, the cover is also one of the target candidates of the Cleveland Brown, because their offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan has left the team.

The Dalton, who has been selected for 3 professional bowls, will enter the ninth year of career, and he is currently contracting for 2 years, so he should feel that his starting position is stable. Despite the decline in recent years, he led the tiger into the playoffs for five consecutive years in 2011 to 2015.

This long-term powerful new England patriots will defensive Trusque will join Houston Texas, where his front teammate Mike Vrabel is a member of the coach, and the former patriots offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien (Bill O & # 39; Brien) served as head coach, before the patriot defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel, also was responsible for defensive groups in Texas.

Robs and Corner Robert — Arford Signed for three yearsAccording to the NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, the red tones have been signed with the Robert Alford to sign a three-year contract. The team officially confirmed this news.

Andy Daltton: I have not been threatened by the team’s quad-savingBeijing May 2, Xinmin, Tiger, San Di Di Dalton, said that he did not have a four-point guard with the team in the fourth round of this year’s selection of Ryan Finley. Contact.

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Labodote added that cowbits can actually accept a higher price, willing to pay three-wheel signs and «other more», but they eventually don’t truly trade. According to reports, cowboy is still interested in letting this free guard. Zevier Woods is the first freeweller in the last season, and Byron Jones will change the angle.

Hawks have intentional use Earr-Thomas to change denim two-wheeledEarl Thomas code to get a first round sign plus a three-wheel sign? Hawks don’t seem to think so. According to the NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, the Hawk tried to exchange the two-wheeled two-wheeled use of Thomas last Friday.

Nfl official website reporter Albert Breer This week, the Alliance will send a delegation to further examine the Aztk Stadium & mdash; & mdash; this will be the league in three weeks. During this twice.

The issues that have not yet been solved are: 1) Clothesroom facilities; 2) The space for the establishment of a broadcast device; 3) can allow technical equipment to run between communication devices between coach and quadrants.

Wholesale Nfl jerseys‘s persistent investigation in Aztek Stadium means they want to hold a competition in Mexico City next season. But now I can’t answer whether the alliance believes they can retrore, and have a 49-year-old stadium to work on logistics logistics.

In less than 24 hours ago, the Dolphin’s coach Brane Flores also said that he expects all the assistance to work next season. Currently, it is not clear that the resignation of Gaoli is related to new crowns.

The raid person selected Kangli in the first round of 2017. 2020 is the fourth year of his rookie contract, the basic salary is $ 1.89 million. O’Brien and Texas people can decide whether to perform Conley’s fifth annual contract option on May 30.

Conley was stable in the pass defense. It took 50 times in the previous season to get 63.2 points in the score of professional football focused, ranked 56nd in all corner guards, but it is difficult to say that he will honor the first The talent of the round show.

Texas people coach: I like corner-groom Kangli but don’t determine if the contract option is performed.Houston Texas Coadie and General Manager Bill O’Brien (Bill O & # 39; Brien like Gareon Conley, so he sent a third round of draft selection from Auckland raid to this corner.

The O’Brien’s operation is as follows: Two players and a three-wheel sigger with Jade Reneon Clowney, this three-wheeled is sent to the raid. Gareon Conley. A conditional four-wheel signs (now become three-wheeled) were sent to Brown, trading to run Guow Duke — Johnson (Duke Johnson), reserves offensive front line members Martinas Rankin changed to run Karlos Hyde. Two first round signs and other chip deals have been taken in Laremy Tunsile and Kenny Stills.

The powerful ruling power brought about more demanding requirements, and the extra card may have been interpreted as a signs of the collapse of the dynasty. The opponent Titan is not the power of the hand, Derrick Henry is a regular season, Si Wei Lenhill, Ryan Tannehill, full capacity, and the defensive group has young and blood. How is the revenge war, please wait and see.

Venge trips may have extended competitions. If the patriot won the Titan, they will be in the seizure of Kansas City, which is also a potentially revenge. If they continue to enter the army, the crows and Texas have defeated new England this year, and there is still a great hat.

Texas people’s head coach O’Brien officially won the title of general managerIn the 2019 season, the general manager of Texas was basically completed by Bill O & Rsquo; Brien, this year he got a formal head.

CAL MCNAIR, Chairman of Texas, Cal McNair, said: «The preparation of the 2020 season has begun, give Bill O’Brien and Jack — Eastby more accurate position, with their responsibility It is also very important to match the work. The team will be encouraged by this season, this is from our new structure, new operation method, and leaders in the club. I give fans for the team. The home victory & mdash; & mdash; which includes a playoffs Victory & mdash; & mdash; and proud, this season we also achieved at least 10 wins, fans worthy, we will continue to work hard to bring the champion honor to Houston «

The lion is still trying to do it, and I will know this sentence in mind. Otherwise, for the strongest team of the millennium, a super bowl has been won many times. For this year’s defending champion patriot, there is no need to revenge to the external card team lost last year.

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Washington, 2019, Participated in 634-sized offensive (64%), but only the 486 sets of attack (44%) last season. His data is therefore affected, and the number of ball propulsions Cheap nfl jerseys from china the 2019 season is 392 yards. In the Fame Tournament on Thursday, Washington was only two times as the pass target.

The jet won nearly 300 yards in Monday night, but still lost to the dolphins, and it is impressive that their record has fallen to 2 wins and 10 losses. In the case of the remaining 4 games, New York and Jaguar, Pirate, Titan is listed in the previous record of the second record.

Golley has been selected for 3 times, but brilliant past has become. Last season, he was 223 times, only advanced 857 yards (the lowest career), reached 12 times, he also completed 31 battles and advanced 207 yards. In 2019, his total number of total balls was only 254 times, and at least 315 times a year were 315.

Sanchez took part in training ground on Tuesday on Tuesday, participated in the first breaking period. Although he did not pick up the center, Sanchez trained with the starting lineup in 7 training and his training was more than expected.

Steel people take over Washington asks for team to trade themselves

US time is reported on Friday, according to ESPN reporters, steel people take over James Washington has formally proposed the requirements of the team trading.

In an interview with ESPN, Baret said: «I think Jameis Winston can complete huge progress, but I think Brundi is added, we automatically become a champion competitor. If It is Jemeles to bring the team, I think we will also be a play game. Of course, it still needs some effort to enter the playoffs. Now there will still be a bad battle, but after Tom, I think we will Occupation. Everything on the paper looks perfect. We only need to work hard. «

Ben Roethlisberger has published his own feelings in December last year: «Washington is gradually quenching, it is necessary to play opportunities. Not because other people are not good, it is him. It can contribute to the team. & Hellip; & hellip; we need to rotate, let him play, he has the desire to attack, he wants to get a number of code for us. «

In 2018, the contract for the ram to Galley will be destined to take up a lot of salary space in the future. Due to the trouble of knee injury, Galley’s performance is not as expected. Although the head coach Sean Mcvay adheres to Galli without health problems, the ram has also significantly reduced the amount of use of Galli.

In fact, this victory is only the second playoffs in the Romo career, and the first victory since the 2009 season. Now, everyone is looking forward to dedicating a more exciting game with cowboy and green bay packaging. No team can ignore the current cowboy, fans believe that under the leadership of Romo, they can create more miracles. Romo also said that the cowboy is not afraid of any challenge, and they look forward to the more victory.

The lineup of the pirate last season has a playoffs. Their offensive group scored (28.6 points) and ranked third in the field (397.9 y). External hand Mc-Evans and Chris Godwin double-double ball number exceeded 1150 yards, a total of 17 times a total of 17 times.

Romo believes that our current game is more smart and stabilized: «As long as the ball is still in us, we have the opportunity to score. I have to learn more smart, find the contact between teammates. In the case of backward, Everyone wants to score as soon as possible, but more importantly, you can’t give up, you have to go all out, grasp every opportunity. «

Sanchez dominates the first position to compete in the first position, but he has to face the first round of the four-point guardian of Paxton Lynch. Although Sanchez may not recognize the rhetorical threat to make him rush to return to training, no one is willing to prepare time for a player who will threaten their position.

Romo said: «In the game with Viking people, I gave up too early. Now I understand that as long as the game is not over, everything is possible. What I want to say is that I need it in the game. Maintain confidence, calm, and go all out to the competition. It is very important to have a mistake. You have seen it, my pass is a lot, I must guarantee that the ball is not transmitted to the opponent. Even in pressure Next, I have to fight for every attack. «

Quartz Sanchez injured to participate in wild horse jam training

When Denvern, Denvern announced that the four-dimensional Mark Sanchez was subject to surgery for non-passed, the team said he expects the opening part of the team’s break training.

Nowadays, Braddy will have the top offensive players as a pass attack weapon. He has never been more than 14 times in his career. In fact, in the past four seasons, he had a total of 29 passes to be copied.

The raid is now the only team in the alliance. In the past Sunday, they lost to the ram of 0 to 52, and told us that they were likely to end the season in 1 wins and 15, but they were the first The game is still in progress.

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wholesale nfl jerseys Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported that the reliable news on Wednes, Pierre Thomas was cut off by Saints. He entered the team with an image of a free player and served as a 20-year core attack role in the team.

Lis said: «He looks great, running is very smooth, I think he has prepared for the return of the new season. I think we can see his performance cheap Jerseys From China the first week. Of course, in things There is a variable before it happens, but at least it is at least, his condition is very good. «

Packaging Safe Safety, Swan, Dixi, can be separated from the team next year

In the last year of Beijing October 11, most players will express future uncertainty, but confirm that they will not leave the team is another matter.

The giant will hold the 9th in the election, and the relevant person thinks the team will not exclude the possibility of picking an external work. Lisse is in question and related issues that the team will choose the best player without locking the target at a particular location.

The fifth year contract option for the 2014 first round show before the packaging worker, pays him a salary of 5.957 million US dollars. To know, the previous three first rounds of Drek-Sherord, Nick Perry and Datone Jones did not get this treatment.

NFL China Waist Flash Football Tournament Beijing Station

Waist flag is a simplified and safer version of American football. On the basis of retaining the core value and charm of American football tactics, teams, etc., with torn backhand, to avoid physical contact, to maximize the participants, is a Implementation of gender, age, venue and other factors, suitable for all people involved in sports. Since 2015, there will be an opportunity to participate in the NFL waistball competition this year. The teams of each age group can compete for the champion of the city. The city champion of the university group will also receive the qualifications of the seventh university bowl.

Giants Cruze: I will be in the event

New York Giants Entry WikDo-Cruz 6 months ago, due to injuries, his injury has touched the heart of every giant team. Local time Thursday, Jerry Reese, General Manager, said in an interview that Cruze will return in the first week of competition.

Packaging workers will be absent this week

The situation of Davante Adams is not optimistic. Local time Saturday, the team announced the latest injuries report, Adams and the Morgan Burnett were listed as «difficult». This also means that this two members are likely to absent this week.

The team needs to pay 1,000 yuan as the contest, including: NFL Waist Football Competition, NFL Waist Flag Rugby Competition 10 pieces, Waist Flag 10, Rugby 10, Rule Handbook, Training Manual, Trainer Polo 2 pieces.

The university team is divided into six groups for a single cycle group. Each team ranks the first team to the knockout and draws the decision to array; the urban champion receives the seventh university bowl qualification

The competition adopts the form of free team online registration, and is registered by the team head. The registration opening time is on August 17, please pay attention to the NFL China’s official website and Weibo, WeChat public account to learn about the latest information.

Adams took an ankle injury in advance in the last week, and did not participate in any training this week. This week’s bags are 49 people in San Francisco. The coach Mike McCarthy revealed that Adams only «very small» may appear. New Xiu Tai — Ty Montgomery will partner Randall Cobb and James Jones JONES.

* Note: The team name cannot be registered repeatedly and cannot contain inappropriate text or vocabulary. If there is this situation, the competition organizing committee has the right to ask the team to make changes.

We will never forget that he is one of the symbols of the Saints, and he has also been one of the best running guards of the alliance screen, and the Saint team is also extremely high due to his screen offensive efficiency. Thomas was in the super bowl, the screen of the Indiana Pony was perfectly reflected in his own characteristics, but also made this game a classic classic in the last ten years.

You may say that the Saint team loves their super bowl hero too long. Because the wage problem has to be taken away by players such as Will Smith, Roman Harper, and Thomas has been holding a rich salary, but he is in the attack. The proportion is decreasing with the day. Upon last season, the data of the third gear is 45 sho, 45 bolts.

Cruze himself also talked about his recovery in an interview: «There is no question, I will definitely play at the opening of the battle. I think I am still the original, my performance will not decline.» The new season, Cruze will be with Odel — Beckham (Odell Beckhan) and Ruben Randle form a team’s external handle. Cruze is very expected to cooperate with Beckham, and he is very confident that the team can produce a good chemical reaction.

Clinton Dix said: «Now, I will be played in the last game. I don’t think I can stay here next year. This is my opinion, I need to be honest with myself. But the game is a game The field is playing down, even if it has been behind, it is necessary to complete the task on the field. I have to do my best. »

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Dolphins and Corner Week Weve — Howard Restructuring ContractXavien Howard is dissatisfied with the salary level, requiring dolphins to trade themselves last month. In order to retain the player of this best lineup, the dolphins were reorganized to the contract.

In the defensive system of Chip Kelly, Glaham showed very amazing efficiency. This externality guards in PFF (Profootballfocus) scoring system, the average rumor score of each 100 units leads all of the league all sides. Previously, some media considered Glaham as one of the best 10 free players in this break.

Eagle announced with the rushing handlaham to continue for 4 yearsPhiladelphia eagle rushed to the last day before the start of the free market, the last day of the Brands, Brandon Graham. According to NFL official website reporters, the two parties have been consistent with a contract of $ 26 million, of which 14 million are guaranteed.

Last season, Glaham appeared 50% of the number of defensive files in front of the team, but his performance still touched the eagle and attracted the attention of multiple teams. On the other hand, the placement time is limited to a large extent, and he hinders the hope of the big contract. In April this year, Glaham is about 27 years old, this young, efficient punch is expected to get more performance opportunities in next session. The eagle looks forward to him to make the team’s defensive group to come to the next level.

Tiger’s current game proposing the code number rankings Union 11 (257.8), but the rankings of the reachable rate, only bear, wild horses, jet and Brown’s pass to the number of tigers. External hand Taylor-Boyd (TYLER BOYD) promoted the first 536 yard ranking team, but only completed a ball to reach.

The regular season has been close to the end, and the playoffs compete for a fierce. The Meilai West District played strong, and the attack and defensive all the treasures and the chief will meet on Thursday night this week. The big debut of the United States.

In 2019, he signed his own 5 years of $ 75.1 million, Howard was the highest salary guard, but his salary was ranked 6th. Last season Howard completed 10 CD (alliance first), 20 times destroyed. He completed 22 cases after entering the league, and the same period was second only to Marcus Peters (23 times).

But after training on Wednesday, Green felt discomfort and seeking treatment. If he can participate in this week, this is a great help for the hierarchy. Their opponents have just defeated the strong enemy New England patriots, and Ryan Finley is a potential «ghost» for the rookie four-point guard.

After the amazing retirement news, Linqi and the Hawks reached an agreement of a big contract, and Lynch seems to be deliberately stayed from being disturbed by the media, but I believe that the sea eagle will still involve this.

Boffin Specter for this season is a failure, and the Tigers signed him before the start of a lucrative four-year contract amounts in the season. He did not miss a game during the first two years of his own career, in 2013 he was named to the Pro Bowl.

According to the ESPN reporter, Howard’s 2021 season fundamental salary (12.78 million US dollars) becomes a full guarantee and increases $ 3.5 million incentive bonuses. Prior to the recombination, Howard’s 2021 season salary was non-guaranteed 12 million, this data ranked 12th in NFL angle.

The Kansas chiefs won 7 games in the past eight games, including 29-28 victims last week to victory at the Atlantan Falcon. Safe Eric Belile played extremely dazzling in the last week, in the fourth section, he completed a 2-point additional point-to-convert copy-cut attack to reach (2 points). This is also a winning point that is completed by defensive 2 points in the last time after the history of the Airate is behind. Also in this game, Beiler completed a 37-yard copy of the copy of the copy, he also became the first in the history of NFL to complete the copy of the CTs and defensive 2 points. Players.

In addition, the dolphins also agreed to withdraw Howard does not participate in the mini-training camp for $ 93,000 fine. Howard’s 2022 season salary is $ 67.75 million to a full guarantee, the remaining US $ 12.975 million will become a guarantee in the injury, and the first day of the new alliance becomes full guarantee.

The Cincinnati Bengals veteran linebacker placed on the injured reserve list, which means the end of his season. Boffin Specter undergoing knee arthroscopic surgery and then failed to return to court in October this year. He once considered after surgery will only miss a few weeks, but the recovery time is longer than expected. In simple terms, Boffin Specter after surgery to miss six games pizza, he also early this season because of a concussion missed two games.

As long as this week, Danfou wild horses and Miami dolphins are lost, and Penguinsparadise.com the raids can win, they will lock a season of tickets in advance. Last week, the raid people broke out in the second half, helping them overcome Buffalobier, in the second half of the larger than 15 points, even wrenching 29 points, eventually achieved in 38-24. This season, the raid people four-point Delik Carl presented quite bright in the fourth quarter and the overtime game, won 11 times, only once was copied. The raid guards defensive group leader defensive end Kelle Mark is also a highlight of the slaughter guard group. He is also the only player with at least 10 times and 1 copy of the game this season.

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Quartz Weekel Wik is ready to start new career

Michael Vik has started three games for steel people in 2015, and said that he felt that he felt itself «and wanted a year, but 32 teams didn’t seem to think so, Wik was still very long. Free body for a while.

In this point, Vic is probably from the day of active players, and he also recognizes this. Vik recently told reporters that he still wanted to keep in touch with rugby, but it would not be the way to play in the above game.

«I think it is time,» Wik said, «I now try to look at life from different angles. I already have a child who is waiting for it, but I have been spelling it again in 2016. I have a career and achievement of my own career and achievements. It’s been very satisfied, these results are even my own expectations. Review every game, every file attack, I can say that I have won the game for each team, although I am in New York Giants and Cheap NFL Jerseys authentic Pittsburgh All the steel people only have three first chances. I am not alive, my career is already very good, I am looking forward. «

Vik completed the last regular season in the Atlantian Dawning Georgia, he said he felt «excited» for Atlant, and hoped that they can bring back the highest glory in Cheap NFL Jerseys free shipping.

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In the second interface of Texas, Miller took the four-point guards of Deson Watson, rushed to the right, then was defended by Cowboy, Maliek Collins (Maliek Collins) ) The knee is smashed and lost some codes. Miller immediately fell into the ground, and then he was away from the trainer.

There is no way to reach 2500 yards. Eric Dickson (Eric Dickerson) 2105 NFL Record Since 1984, the most close to breaking this record is Peterson himself, he has acquired 2097 yards in the 2012 season. Even if you feel that 30-year-old Peterson can still be able to have the same level as before and before, «It is the same as before» is not enough to let him rush out of 2500 yards. Peterson has achieved the best level and reaches the best level in history to reach a 2,500-yard goal.

Ingram Peterson said last week agreed to let the two compete better argument together, he said he played for the Saints during the competition is not new, a lot of running back and he had to share playing time.

The current NFLPA Chairman Eric Winston is coming to end, and the union needs to select a successor. US Time Monday, according to Nfl jerseys NetWork reporters, four candidates have decided that players will vote in these people: Russell Okung, Giant Safety, Michael, Tomas (Michael Thomas), Pirate Line Sam — Achio and Brown Center JC Tretter.

Derrick Henry: Can I have doubtable?Derrick Henry and Tennesi Toytan have completed long before the deadline. Although I waited until the last moment, this running guard said she had never worried that it could not complete the contract.

Briguwater made a good performance in his own rookie, and he was also seen by the team as a core quarter-off. However, on the way he grows up, you must need to experience rich star players to help and guide, Peterson is the most suitable person. For fans, they look forward to seeing Brigater continues to grow in the second season, and I hope that the team can provide more offensive weapons for him.

Coach Sean — Payton (Sean Payton) the running back position competition called «Sweet trouble», he believes this will not cause trouble to the team. As long as the Saints can win, then Payton will prove he is right.

Titan has signed a $ 40 million contract with Henry, including 12 million US dollars, $ 25.5 million, is all guaranteed. Same as Patrick Mahomes, Henry also said that he wants to leave a salary space to the team and continue to make up a strong list.

Opportunity he made this achievement possible, and the second time the Saints in the offseason signing of Adrian — Peterson (Adrian Peterson) also make a number of contributions related. If Peterson can stay healthy in the new season and outstanding performance, then the opportunity will be reduced Ingram.

Briguwater: I hope Peterson leaves in Viking.Whether Adrian Peterson can stay in Minnesota or an unknown, although the external rumors continue, the Viking’s players are still confident in the core of this offensive. The young quartz Datewater expressed his wish in continuing partnership with Peterson on Monday’s interviews on Monday.

New Orleans Saints running back Mark — Ingram: to face competitionBeijing June 19 hearing New Orleans Saints running back Mark — Ingram (Mark Ingram) last season, his first in 16 games his first season, attendance and rushed the ball a few yards over a thousand.

Henry said: «Relieve it, I think this contract is very suitable. If you can leave a new subsidy, I fully support. & Hellip; & hellip; I hope that my contract is also supported. I hope we can have a new helper join Further enhance the team. «

Peterson: The goal is always 2500 yardsMinnesota Weijing Run Aderian Peterson has a high expectation for the 2015 season. His expectations are very high: Peterson said that he is going to go to the ball at 2500 yards when entering this season.

Briguwater said: «We all hope that Adrian can stay here. Everyone in the dressing room loves him.» Chad Greenway also expressed similar ideas: «I He talked to him, we exchanged views and ideas. I think everyone in the team is very supportive, everyone wants him to come back, I hope he will continue to play with Viking players. «

Akang has previously voted against the new CBA, but also a member of the National Labor Relations Committee alleges NFLPA members, and believes they forced CBA voting vote in the case of the Executive Committee, but also prevents him from lacking transparency in the negotiation process.