Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

Haolei was selected in the fourth round of the show in 2010, after recovery from the treatment of knee serious injury, he became the first center of the team. He was just four games last season, and then he faced the right knee cross ligament and the inner parallel tie in the right knee in the game. He continued to feel the soreness in the knee this season.

Bill holds a large number of chips to let them pick a top quarter-saving in the first round. They have the 21st step 21 and 22nd, and there are two second rounds of draft. Let Taylor will allow them to have insurance when they cannot choose the four-point guard you want. And let the rookie quarter-saving have a bad thing like Taylor as a teammate.

Bolo is likely to renew the leading edge with Ohio. Cincinnati is holding this year’s hop sign, and it is also necessary to need a young quarter. Although the bleak record makes the outside world have more prospects, his father is Jimmy Burrow, there is no worries.

Linqi is on the training camp before the start of this season for 8 days due to contract issues. He added 1.5 million US dollars in the 2014 season salary to the team, which made his support income in the 2014 season increased from $ 5 million to $ 6.5 million. But he hoped that the number wanted to get is $ 5 million.

However, Harrison made this comment on Manning: «Elays, when you pay attention to Elays, this is like lebron james,» Harrison said. «I don’t say that they are the same, but look down on Eli’s data. If other four-point bath has such data, this is a good season for them. But if it is Eli, no one will be very Dear, like this, just like Le Brang. LeBron may get 30 points and 15 rebounds, 12 assists, but people still feel & lsquo; he is not enough. & Rsquo; «

Manning encountered a new coach in the end of his career — McAduo, helping him again be one of the excellent quarters. At the 2013 season, he passed only 18 times, but 27 passes were copied, and he won at least 4000 yards in each season in the past three seasons. His passage success rate is also in the most stable range for many years. Due to the past two years, the team has increased the newly connected excellent outer work and near-end, maybe there is enough outstanding players on the court to make this more convincing.

General Manager John Schneider asked Linqi’s contract on the press conference on January 24. «He still has a contract next year, he is a soldier,» Schneider said. «He played every week, honestly said, I think you can’t find a better run in cheap Nfl jerseys

Teammates: Quadruple Siles Manning is like LeBron James

Beijing July 11th, please ask New York Giants Defensive Diamon — Harrison (Damon Harrison) explains the four-point 卫 卫 卫 (Eli Manning) and LeBron James Similar place.

It is reported that since Taylor has become a debut from the first two coaching members since the first year of 2014. Taylor does not pass the ball and the habitual performance of the ball and the missing pull-off door, the habitual performance of the Bill fans is frustrated.

In October last year, ESPN reported a lot of people in the Haiying team & Mdash; & mdash; including Linqi’s own & mdash; & mdash; think that this running guard does not return to the Hawk in the 2015 season.

Linqi This season is the third year of its 4-year contract, this contract will make him a salary of $ 6.5 million in 2015. In 2015, his salary accounted for $ 8.5 million of wage capsules, but if the Hawks cut him, you can save $ 7 million of wage spaces.

At present, there is no negotiation between the team and the Lynch’s broker, and the Linqi’s contract will expire after the 2015 season. Lynch made a 17-year-old rush to reach a match, the first column of the league, and the number of 1306 yards ranked fourth in terms of the number of mosquies. He acquired a 216-code scorpion code before the super bowl was the most running guard in the season.

Bill may also realize that they have no better choice in addition to making Taylor forces. In addition to Taylor, they only have Pittman, unless you can make huge progress in your career, Pittman looks still unable to serve. Bill may not have enough space to sign Kirk Cousins, they might choose to choose Case Keenum or AJ-McCarron (AJ McCarron). It is also possible that Bill thinks Taylor, a $ 18 million contract, is a better choice than other free players.

The status of Lak will be one of the main news worth paying attention in August. Although the team management is optimistic about Rac’s recovery, Barar is reluctant to commit to the lacker to recover training before the first week.

Linqi, which is occasionally fell into the controversy. This season has been fined twice because of the indecent gesture after the arrival of the array. He also fined 100,000 US dollars because he did not cooperate with the media. When Schneider was asked if he was tired of Lin Qi’s behavior, he said, «I like his behavior.»

Previously, mainstream opinions believe that Bill will give up 28-year-old Taylor, or Sanda-excite.Ciao.jp cut him or transaction him. Although the transaction is still one of their options, Lobport said that Bill will not let the first quarter of the shift.