Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

«It can be a member of an excellent team, and it is really good to be here. They also care about you as a person, as a player’s growth. This is a very interesting process, but I feel that I should be added here. Very enjoyable. «

Tusbuski has a good performance in the second year of the bear’s career, and the passing of 3223 yards, reaching 24 times, helping the team to win 11 wins and win the partition champion. But after the performance he declined year after year, once Nick — Falls (Nick Foles) took away the starting position.

Dalton and your wife Jordan have always committed their own foundation and strive to help children in the hospital. It is reported that they have helped 73 families pay their medical expenses for their children.

According to the inferior person, the raid person and Payne have renewed for 2 years, the contract value reached 21 million US dollars, and the contract ensures that he is guaranteed in the 2018 season.

1: Detroit Lion (9-4) must complete the next three games in 1 win and 2, and they will be in the main court to meet the Mingnesota Viking (6-7), and challenge Chicago Bear (5-8) And Green Bay Packaging Work (10-3), and the lion must be lost to the bear team.

Griffin’s rookie race is extremely bright, but only 20 games have been completed in 2013, and the red skin only won the five games. He didn’t play the entire 2015 season, and finally was taken by Kirk. Kirk Cousins is replaced.

Auckland raids and left-off Tang Nade — Payne will continue for 2 years

The Auckland raider wants to end the dismissal of Donald Penn to reflect the sincerity before the negotiation. Now Pan En embodies sincerity and has got a return.

Firenet is dissatisfied with his role, and in the team’s fourteenth week of the Nnem Mingnesota, Failed. The next day, Ali Ans and Firenet conducted a frank communication: it is actively facing the situation in the current situation or hurting.

3: This week, the Eagle (9-4) will be dialogue with Dallas Cowboy (9-4), and the losers between them must win a winning result in the last two weeks. The eagle will take away Washington Red Leather (3-10) and the New York Giants (4-9); Cowboy went to Washington after the game with the Indianapolis Pimers (9-4).

Despite the ideal value of 36-year-old attack in the free player city, it is still more insurance than re-cultivating a rookie more insurance & mdash; & mdash; especially the current raid, it is very competitive to enter the super bowl in the case of. The first week of competition has fully displayed the young attack front line player take longer to adapt to the professional competition, and Penne last season is one of the best left dispenses in the League last season.

49 people only in the season, only theoretically possible

After two consecutive failures, the ranking of the San Francisco 49 people in the National United Kingdom of 7 wins has slipped to the 8th place, and the hope of getting the outer card is very embarrassing. Let’s take a look at what the 49 people can enter the playoffs.

Bill quartz, Sterlobeski: very happy in need of your own place

Since the fifth year of option is not performed by the bear team, the four-point Si Wei Miheol-Tubski (MITCHELL TRUBISKY) is not much «. But when Bill expressed interest in him, Trobeski did not hesitate.

The core problem of Petion dismissal is that the contract in 2016 made him only less than $ 6 million this year. At the same time, the average annual salary of the top-level offensive cut offers is up to $ 13.6 million.

In the next 2nd weeks, due to Jones being placed in the new crown reserve list, Firenette got opportunities. Then Jones wounded before the start of the playoffs, so that Firene was further acquired. Firenet took the opportunity. In the four playoffs, he completed 64 shots and got 300 yards 3 times, including 89 yards in the super bowl. In addition, he also completed 18 batches to get 148 yards 1 time.

«I was hurt at the time, and there were other things that were troubled & hellip; & hellip; although it was very disappointing, I didn’t surprise.» Trousbuski recalls that «in this process, you can feel that they gradually lost to me.» confidence.»

«At the beginning, I want to go to a place where you can compete. But there is no suitable team, there is no such opportunity.» Trousbuski said, «So I will refer to it, find another, let me continue grow, become better players place. so I went to Buffalo, it is also very popular here. «

The Tampawan Pirate Run played an important role in the playoffs, helping the team to enter the super bowl and win the champion. However, according to the coach Brruss Alianz (Bruce Aria, Fu Niki failed to join the playoffs.

The 49 people will challenge the blood-washed Seattle Hawks in the Thanksgiving Day, which is two weeks ago. This is a game that has no retreat. The 49 people must take the game including this game. In the last three games, Cheap Nfl jerseys from china not only this, they also want to send their major opponents in the last three full defeat, which looks almost impossible.

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