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«They are classified by unfairness & mdash; & mdash; in the next time, they are like this & mdash; & mdash; eventually if we discover the history, the successful coach is from all places in the northwest of southeast. They may come from all skin colors, they may come from defensive groups and Offensive group. They are excellent leaders, they are great leaders. So if you say good, I just want to coach the quarter-saving and offensive group, then you will finally choose smaller, you may pick The opportunity to go to the correct candidate is smaller. Only 3 people in the 8 coach that have employed have been in a team for 3 years. «

The red scitch quadrota Wei Murray is dissatisfied with the score in the «Madden» gameArizona’s red squid four-dimensional-Murray has played a good job in the rookie season and became the best offensive.

Stafford has been stable in the four-division position. He has not lacking the starter for 8 consecutive seasons and only one season in the career in all season passes less than 4200 yards. But this performance did not bring success to the lion.

Given the Titt and Russell Wilson, I have done two-year teammates in Seattle Hawks and last season he and Carson — Wildz (Nick Foles) in Philadelphia Eagle Cooperate, this is a very powerful praise for Stafford.

In an interview with NFL TV network, Pedton said he was worried about the trend of finding coach in the recent team. Although I am one of the most excellent coaches in the alliance, Pelton feels that some teams are in the trainer who is looking for the attacked coaches will find the wrong candidate.

«This makes us have the opportunity to build a permanent venue in Auckland,» said Mark Davis, Mark Davis. «This makes us determine the battle in Auckland next season, and at the same time can be flexible in two seasons.»

The 12-winning 2nd Philadelphia Eagle has the best record of the League of the Season, which has already identified the position of the top of the country of Guandong and the first round of the first round of the National Fame. If this week, the eagle can win the game, and the Viking people will lose the ball on Saturday night, the eagle will have the first time since 2004, the main scene of the National Fame season. In the 34-29 game last week, the eagle replaced four-point gate, the first time, the first first arrived, and the combination of Wenz and Falls became since 2011. After the annual packageman’s Rogers and Flin combination, the first pair of different quarters of the four-point guard in two consecutive weeks can pass at least 4 times. Falls have a pretty good state, so that all fans are getting ready to go far in the playoffs, even if there is no new generation Wenz, but have stepped into the born Falls to other national quarters The team declared that the eagle still had a battle force.

[Preview] The 16th week of Monday Night racing @ 老As a battle against the crisis of the regular competition season this season, it will be tailored to a US-National War, and the Auckland raid will come to the US mainland to challenge the eagle. At present, the raid people still still have hopes in a single game. I don’t know if they can catch this last life-saving straw?

«His good players don’t have many post-competition experiences and championships to prove almost too unfair,» Tit said. «This makes me sad, because I can’t change my right. I feel that in his career, if you put him into other teams, maybe everything will be different. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. I am in my career. I have some players. After you have won the ball with them but I think they don’t have Stafford so good. «

But such performance obviously did not receive praise from the «Madden Rugby» production group. In the latest generation of «Madden» games, Murray scores are only 77. This makes him 20th in all quarters.

The raid will stay in the Auckland to fight for the 2016 seasonAuckland raids announced on Thursday that they have signed a year with the O. Co Arena, they will continue to stay in Auckland in the 2016 season. In addition, they also signed two annual option contracts to have the opportunity to continue in 2017 and 2018.

This year, 8 teams have replaced the coach during the course. 6 people from the new coach were born in the offensive group, and only 2 people, Vic Fangio and Brian Flores came from the defensive group. Previously, «as long as you have encountered Shawn Mac Wei, you can also become the NFL team coach» is also part of the fact. When Arizona Red Rattle, Kliff Kingsbury, they called him in Mike Wei in the introduction of Kliff Kingsbury. Green Bay Packaging Workers New Shuai Matt Lafleur and Cincinnati Shui Xin Shuzu-Taylor have worked with Mike Wei.

Summary: Viking people retracted and take over TeredevilleThe results of the nuclear magnetic resonance indicate that Viking outside the Erd — Bib Beebe ankle torn tear. It is currently not planned to conduct surgery in Bimer, cheap jerseys but will re-evaluate the injury next week.8 years ago