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Last week, the Alfred Blu (Alfred Blue) held 31 times, pushed 139 yards, and contributed once. Relevant persons revealed that even if Foster can play, Brul will still get the corresponding appearance time. The Texas Coach Group has previously stated that Foster needs to participate in all training before the scene.

C.J. Spiel: I can’t stay in Bill.

Eravo C. J. Buffalo, C. J. Spiller, is almost certainly ended. With the agreement of Bill and Philadelphia Eagle, Schpel is no longer available in the team in the trading of Kiko Alonso and Lesean McCoy.

Texas people run Wei Woster is expected to appear this week

Arian Foster gradually entered the best, Houston Texas, Bill O’., Bill O & Rsquo; Brien, in the interview in local time, said that the team will decide whether the team will decide before the start of the game. Arrange to play Atlantan Falcon. On Friday, Foster is updated again, NFL official website reporters report that Foster is very likely to usher in the season this week.

Mike got 12.5 killing in 14 games last season, and selected the best lineup. But in addition to the data contribution, more importantly, Mike let the bear team believe that they can become a strong team. In Mike, the first season, the first season, the first season of the bear, won 12 wins and 4 losses, since 2010, the first won the national UN, the championship and entered the playoffs.

Spil said: «The management tells me that they will trade McCay, and express my gratitude to me. For the team, I also have the same emotions, will not change due to anything. I will change the future plan. The only thing that can be determined is that I will not stay in Bill. «

Spiel revealed that before the transaction happened, he still hoped to stay in Bill: «I originally hope that I can return here, very few people can only play a team in the whole career. Unfortunately, business is NFL Some, some things happen this way. «In the final stage of the interview, Spil recommended himself to the eagle:» I am sure that Chip Kelly will definitely know my broker’s phone number. I think we will be Contact in the next few days. «

Dolphin fans have been dissatisfied with the team’s way of using Miller in the past few years. Multiple coaching groups believe that Miller is too thin and cannot be a real main run. Does the new coach Adam-Gas (adam gase will change this idea? Does Miller want to return to dolphins and share the game time with Jay Ajayi? Is Miller need a new start?

If the speed of Kelly is so superior, it may be better to play a position. In the past three years, he only participated in a game, responsible for watching the table, consuming garbage time. At present, there is Philip Rivers and Yacoby-Brissett, the four-wheeled bristed, and Jacob Eason is more like three quarters. For your own speed, maybe Kelly should try an extraction.

Miller’s age is of course beneficial to him. He is more 3-year-old and 6 years old than other snaps-Martin and Matt Forte, respectively. Miller doesn’t want someone else to experience so many impact. His position is 230 times less than Martin.

Before the start of the 2018 season, Mike was traded to the bear team, and the expectations of the outside world were rapidly increased. It looks at the Bear Team to win the term after the championship last season, will continue to increase.

Kelly is indeed ran during the college, he has worked 203 times, promoted 958 yards, reached 16 times. However, due to the bar fighting, Kelly was not invited to participate in the 2017 physical assault, but did not test 40 yards in the career day due to knee injury and wrist injuries. Therefore, there is currently no official data coming to the statement of Kelly.

Whether talking about yourself or talking, the first round of the last season will regret, Mike’s attitude is similar to their teammates. «This is definitely not good enough,» Mike talked about his performance in the first year of the bear. «I look forward to this year better.»

Watt is 31 years old, and it has been cut off by Texas click through the next page his request. 4 days later, his former teammates de Andre-Hopkins expressed the meaning of recruitment in personal social media, and now the two successfully reunited.

According to the bidding situation, Miller may seek a contract with average average salary of more than $ 5 million or even up to 7 million US dollars. Dolphins are cleaning the wagepaces to renew their own players like Miller. As for Miller, he has a great dream.

The red scitch defensive coordinator Wansan Joseph has served as a defensive guard coach in Texas, and is also the old acquaintance of Watt. Chandler Jones is not underestimated, since the first round in 2012, Jones completed 97 kills, ranking first in the same period. Watt completed 95.5 times in this time, ranked second.