Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

The first 49 people, the eagle assistant Roy hugged the campusBeijing May 19th, KEANON LOWE is an Olive player from the University of Oregon, but he did not go directly to the career. Instead, in the eagle and 49 people gave Chip Kelly a few years of attack analysts. At present, he was in Portland’s Parkero high school as a football coach, but he accidentally saved a lot of students’ lives on Friday.

The raid person will dismiss the defense guards and will hire Marina.In the past year, Brentson Buckner, Brentson Buckner squatted 32 times, compared to the first year of last year’s ranking, the first (13) is not small.

Saints quasi-Bris: I can’t avoid Braddy in the playoffsIn the spring of last year, when Tampa Bay pirates, the outside world predicted that he would lead the New Orleans, who will lead the pirate and quadrota-Bris (Drew Brees). Fight for the hegemony of the country.

The first half of the game Pedon-Manning 19 passed 13 in 13 in 13 中 2 times to 1 set of copy. Alex — Smith 106 in 6 only has a copy of 51 yards, running to Jamarmar Charles 10 times a 74 yard, 1 time, 1 time.

The first half of the fourth quarter of the competition kept the power to change the power, no one can launch a valid attack. Finally, when there is also 8 minutes, the chief has advanced to the wild horse 17 yards. However, Smith’s 3-speed 10 yard passed a second copy of the individual. It is also the fourth mistake of the whole team. It is a good time to funeral, and it is better to be forced to kick in the wild horse. After 5 minutes left in the game, the two sides still remain 17 flat. The chieftain also came to the wild horse 10 yards again with only 4 attacks, and the score was again exceeded by Davis (K. Davis). The time left to the wild horse is only less than 2 or a half. In a final attack, Manning did not pay any offense to the hands of the running guard. 10 passed 5 times successfully, finally in the game left, pass the ball to the Iman New Detad Emmanuel Sanders. Wild horse 24:24 chief. At this time, the chief can have 36 seconds to complete the killing, how to send the second drop of the individual in this most critical moment, this is the fifth mistake of the chief! Robie (B. Roby) picked up the ball to help the wild horse killing the E I!

The coach said that Watt will have more opportunities to serve as close-endIf I tell you before the game of Houston Texas and the Auckland raid, J.J.Watt will be completed in the game than to hold more, do you believe? The ruled defensive front line player, as a close-end strike in the competition, and debut in the team. Subsequently, he completed the first time in his career. However, the defensive route is flat, until the fourth quarter is completed, the only collision quadrant is completed.

Roy wrote today: «I started to come to Parlos High School as security, football and track and field coaches, have already guided these young people. But I never thought that one day will gamble Life. In front of the test, I don’t have any other choice. I would like to thank God to let me pass the test. I have been with my family in the past 24 hours, I also realize that we are facing more problems. I can survive, the students are very lucky. Safety also makes me happy. I am not sure what will there, I haven’t thought about it. But I will definitely work one of the people who strive to solve the shooting of the campus. Thank you Potland’s help. «

The 256 yards were obtained in 45 pass 26 in the game, and contributed 3 pass to Dance and 1 copy. Entry-handed Damaiis-Thomas 8 times catching 116 yards, another outer hand Sanders 8 times a ball got 87 yards and twice. In contrast to the chief, Smith 25 passed 16 in 16, but he sent two copies, and 20 shots were 124 yards and Wholesale Jerseys 1 shinkle to reach, but also sent 2 turns. .

The defensive groups in the first quarter are good, and the chief makes the wild horse offensive group can’t set foot, and the wild horse defensive group has caused Jamal Charles to drop the ball, let the chief is close at hand. The opportunity falls. The first quarter of the competition interacts with each other.

In view of the fact that Braddy finally established a tacit understanding with other offensive players, the pirate has achieved 5 consecutive victories in the routine season. With the simultaneous return of Michael Thomas and running to Alvin Kamara, most of the season is now able to play.

Although the data in this field is 0, it is exciting to the performance of the offensive end. He is also very likely to get more opportunities when the team attacks. The team coach Bill O’Brien told reporters that he would use Watt in the red area. He said: «We have some injuries in this position in the near-end. At present, there is a 6-foot 7-inch, 295 pounds of big guys, and there is a good bounce ability. He hit it in high school and university Nearby, so he knows how to pick up. His figure also guarantees that he can do a good job in attacking front line. We can use him as a close-end strike in different situations, which is great. «

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