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The Red Leather Defense Coordinator will make Norman to take overGreg Manusky has become a defensive coordinator from the Red Leather, and his first player, including the highest defensive player in the team.

He said in an interview with NFL media Ian Robert Port: «I made a decision of retirement after deeply integrity and in-depth communication. I am very grateful to play in NFL when I can realize. Dream. Rugby occupies a pivotal position in my life, even though I still love this exercise, but I can’t use a strong winning desire to continue my play, which is very unfair to my team. So I chose to retire, I will spend more time to accompany my family. «

«If it is considered according to the impact of Adams, the alliance is reasonable for me.» Davis said, «This is one aspect we must put an end in the game & hellip; & hellip; I also expressed understanding, all For the safety of the players. Everyone needs to work together to create a atmosphere that can be happy to make money. «

NFL players will call on all parties to work together to reduce violationsThe US Time Thursday afternoon, NFL held the first year of Super Bowl in Minneapolis, attendees included Demaurice Smith and Executive Committee included in the player.

The black leopard line Davis Davis is one of them. He has taken a ban on the head of Davante Adams in 2017. Previously, Thomas was also fined by an impact in the pirate competition. Davis did not agree to the alliance to include this matter, but also said that it is reasonable because the head of the impact is reasonable.

Eric Winston, president of the NFL player, called on all parties to reduce violations: «Everyone needs to participate,» he said, «I want to see more coaches to guide the compliance. & hellip; & hellip; Currently, they have happened in conjunction with these things, and have not tried the status quo. Everyone must act. «

Pederson said: «It is clear that the third fourth partition is indeed very bad position, unless his performance is different, his position will only fall, he is the third four-point guard. He is definitely not The status of activated, this is our current decision. If there is no injury or a particularly poor performance on the field, Wenz will continue the third fourth part of the season. «

Pleier played the best performance in the 2016 season, completing the 77-year-old ball to get a 1007 yard 4 times, but during 2017 to Washington Red Leather, New York Jet and Buffalo Bart, Play Directation, during 2017. 36 times the ball acquired 492 yards 3 times.

External handle Treier Pleier hopes to return to the game has been liaison with multiple teamsTerrel Pryor Pleier (Terrel Pryor) did not get any team gap last season, but he said he has negotiated with multiple teams and discussed in the new season.

Despite the list of players who have been determined in the event website, I have boiled it last month to take 40 yards for 10,000 US dollars and anyone to make the outside world to pay attention to the New Orleans Saint Outside the New Orleans. (TED GINN) did not participate in this competition. Other entrants also include Saint-Run, Alvin Kamara, New York Jet, Robby, Anderson, Denver Musk, Junan, Denver, Mohammad (Khalfani Muhammad) ), Chicago Xionghe Wei John — John Franklin, San Francisco 49 people take over Rich-James, Minnesota Weikong takes hands, Jeff Badet, and teammates — Waynes, Free players, Waijun, Jalen MYRICK, Rashard Robinson, Charles James and Trell Sincfield (Terrell Sinkfield.

49 people take over Gu Dewen win 40 yards sprint contest championJune 30, San Francisco’s 49 people took over, and it was also the Olympic Games, Marquise Goodwin won the 40-yard gold contest, which was defeated in this 40-yard sprint. Other NFL players.

The organizers of this payment watch announced that Gude will receive $ 1 million, and read here the winner of the two rounds will win the 20,000 yuan bonus, and the third round of the winner will win $ 50,000 bonus. .