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In 2012, in 2012, the second round was packaged in the second round. At that time, the packaging worked on 8 digits to get the defensive player. However, Worth did not meet the expectations of packaging workers. In the 16 games played in the past two years before the career, Woth only completed 2.5 poultry killed and 15 times. According to Espn reporter Rob Demovsky, the packaging team will get a future draft privilege cheap jerseys from china the patriot, but the premise is that Woth can appear in the big list of this season.

In the 1 year of $ 6 million, add the jet attempt to prove yourself, Pereman’s teammates turn the outer line of the league to the weakening of the league. The jet lost in the free player market, Robby Anderson.

«I brought a lot of speed to this team, many of the long code of attack,» he said. «I know that my contribution to the team will be very big. I really want to start working and prove that they are wrong. I still have the same speed as I leave the college. I think my speed Really did not slow down. «

The 29-year-old Assa Tower participated in the new show mini training camp for the lion in two weeks ago. At that time, the lion did not decide to sign him. However, after the end of the first week of break, the team did a sign of his decision.

The team with Hayward continued for about 6 years on Thursday night. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople According to the information report, the total value of the contract is $ 59.25 million according to the information of the informed people.

The 30th place of the rush of the lion last season, so their running guards are considered to be one of the positions that need to be improved. But last season’s bad squad attack is part of the two running guards Ameer Abdullah (foot injuries) and the Sao-Redkend (wrist injury) is ultimately in the injury reserve The season is ended.

Packaging work will defensive end-warworthy trading to patriots

According to the CBS Sports, the Green Bay packaging team has completed a transaction with the New England Patriots, and they sent their third-grade defensive end Herrier Welworth to the Patriot, Worth The brokerage company then confirmed this news.

During the last three games last season, Beryman entered the starting lineup due to the lack of Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. He passed a total of 3 consecutive games, and a total of 17 batches were completed for 4 times to achieve 349 yards. This is equivalent to 20% of his career and the number of balls.

External handleman: I believe in performance when the jet continues

Breshad Perriman will usher in the fifth season of his career, and he has also joined the fourth team of career. In the last three games last season, he finally showed his strength.

Detroit Neuro signed the former Viking Run to Matt — Rega Tower

The Detroit Lion did not sign the running guard in the free player market. But now they finally shot, sign a contract with the Matt Asiata (Matt Asiata) for 1 year.

Andrew Lucks showed excellent in dispersion, and seven players had at least 14 lamons to pass forward. T.y. Hilton (T. Hilton) has grown to pony the most dangerous offensive manufacturer. Reggie Wayne Positive and Baltimo Crow Entry Steve Smith Smeith Competition Become the most efficient older hand of the alliance. This makes Nicksce and Moncliffe, near-end-ended-Frener and Dwayne Allen, Ahmad Bradshaw, and special Trent Richardson competes to become a fourth or fifth pass choode of Lapas. «You only need to keep patient, you know this will be a long season,» Nicks talks about the role weakened. «As an external hand, we want to catch a ball every time you attack, but we understand that sacrifice is for the whole team.»

The steelman defensive group is currently in transformation, and Dick Lebeau, Defensive Coordinator, has been left. Lawrence Timmons suddenly became the old leader of the defensive group. Hayward helps in each defensive appearance in the old and like Ryan Shazier, Stephen Tuitt and Alvin DuPree these young players Establish a bridge.

A quarter of the season, Knicks and the new Xiu Dongte-Monte Moncrief are selected as the team seventh in the 94-yard pickup number. This is not an ideal situation that Knick wants to use to restore its market value.

Even if Knick’s play time only accounts for 57% of the pony offensive group, this does not affect his confidence. «I still think that I am the best outside the league,» Nicks said this week to Indianapolis Star. «This expectation will never change. We have the opportunity to finalize this.»

Steelman and defensive end House Ward for about 6 years

Pittsburgh Steelman is looking for them that the next generation defensive star has been a period of time, but the result is half-way. They believe that they found Cameron Heyward as a defensive group.

In 2011, the first round of visit the next website page first round of the first round of the first round, Hayward, who was selected in his career, two seasons, did not have much impact. He later grown into an excellent starting player and played a personal career in the second half of the season.