Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

The small horse has a big return to return.Indianapolis Trusham Tower — Davis Vontae Davis is in advance because of the first quarter of the last week. This week, his recovery is good, and it is expected to win the New York giant. In the training of local time on Thursday, Davis participated in each item.

After getting this record: «I don’t care about it, especially these games, you have lost.» In the recorded game, Winston 27 passed the 367 yards 1 But there were 3 times, he said: «I have to say that a series of misfortune happened to us, and we need to do better.»

Quinn said: «Although I do not comment, but you can easily find a team of people, ask what they think of the coach, on his management team have any views on the way they are hundred percent sure. support Patricia. «

Although the crow still needs to decide which privileged label for the specific location of the crow is still necessary to determine the privileged label of the specific location. The privileged label of the external guard is $ 16.3 million, and the defensive end of the privileged tag value is $ 19.3 million. But in any case, only 30 million US dollars in the salary space, using the privileged label means that the team will decrease in the free player market.

«I only want to express my opportunity to everyone’s opportunity to make everyone!» Barna wrote on Instagram. «When I received a call, I didn’t think it would be this. When the ring is still not expected when I am in my hand! Thank you, thank you, God is great! # 背靠 # 2 championships

Srebrenica after the deal was even expressed his former coach Matt — dissatisfaction Patricia (Matt Patricia), and former teammate Glover — Quinn (Glover Quin), boast Ende Lie — Diggs (Quandre Diggs), Garrett — Hudson (Garrett Hudson) and Hakim — Valais (Hakeem Valles), who have also agreed, Patricia’s reputation for a time caught in fire and water.

Due to the absence of elbow injuries, the old will be taken away from Riji-Wayne, did not participate in the day training. But coach Chuck Paganp said that Wayne can participate in training, just the team chooses to continue to rest. Pagano said in an interview that there is no way to determine if Wayne will appear, and the team will continue to evaluate him in the next few days.

«This is after all the business field, can not make everyone happy but a free market, there are many players want to come, many brokers give me a call & lsquo;. Patricia coach wanted to play & rsquo ;. ask us over trading the Dulong — Harmon (Duron Harmon), his excitement was intense & hellip; & hellip; and immediately wished he could come over to play so I’m not worried about (the relationship between Patricia and players). «.

Babina was attached 3 times after joining the patriot last season, only 5 games, and finally he ended in the Carolina Black Panther season. However, even if he is very taking the patriot, the patriot will still decide to give him a super bowl of champion ring thanked him to make a contribution.

In the Nfl Jerseys integrated investment camp in last month, General Manager Eric Decosta refused to explain the privilege label for Zhu Dong. At that time, he also said that the team did want to have a long time to sign Zhu Dong.

The patriot substitute four-point guard is the first two rounds this year.Last week, Ryan Mallet was poor in his «report show», is there a change in the depth of the new England patriot’s lineup changes?

Glabro quickly led the offensive group to complete the impressive score attack, first to complete the passage of James Develin, and then passed the ball to the outer hand Brandon-pull Brandon Lafell completed Deta, at the same time, frustrated Maete can only watch the battle.

Crow on defensive end Matthew — Zhu Dong uses privileged player labelOn March 14th, the Baltimore Crow Friday officially used the privileged player label on the defensive end Matthew — Matthew Judon, which would prevent him from entering the free player market.

For pony offensive groups, good news also exists. Trent Richardson has been removed from the injury list, which means he will play in this week. Pagano said: «We will once again find the feeling of victory, this requires us to use every player more reasonably. We need to recognize who is hot, not blindly use star players, and even force them to take injured «

«For the career, I want to get a long to get a long,» Zhu Dong said in an interview. «The fact is this. I think this is what we want to get when many players are about to enter the free player market. Eventually, I know that I will be playing in next season.»

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