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After receiving Garobolo from the new England Patriots, 49 people fully trust him only 6 games, gave him a big contract. Now they need such trust to get returns, they need Galopolo to completely recover in the season.

«The situation is inspiring,» he said. «It is getting more relaxed every day. I can now complete the pass than a week ago. I can get a small victory like this. In the whole process, the most critical is Xiao Shengli because you won’t suddenly It will be able to complete 60, 70 yards of pass. Small victory is very important. «

However, even if Teks can play, he can not move at full speed, and it is still unable to play its best. The jet needs to find the second reliable goal outside of him. Ruian revealed that the outer handard David Nelson has now recovered from injuries, and will have the opportunity to appear this week.

Cleveland Brown announced that the team has signed this quadrant. In the four-point Weibo-Hoyer, Brian Hoyer is working on the shoulder injury and the other four-point guards, Cheap Jerseys Johnny Manziel, because the leg teasing is determined to have a rendering of the game. Brown I urgently need to add a quarter-saving.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that the US Tiger and Hernis agreed to sign a contract for more than $ 40 million in a 4-year value than $ 40 million. He is now in the next five seasons in the contract in the body. La Potter also said this contract includes $ 20 million in guarantee income, plus bonuses he earns up to 11 million US dollars a year.

Deml will decide whether to play lightning before the gameThree consecutive weeks, New York jet tops take over Eric Decker encountered injuries. This week’s jet will go to San Diego challenge lightning, and it is not possible to make it yet. The head coach Rex Ryan revealed that Decole can be played before the game. US time this Friday, Deml missed the team’s training.

Only the other quadrant in the team array is to choose a new Xiu Kangna-Shaw. The team is so persistent to find an old quarter-saving means that Hoyer may lack the last seventeenth week to the regular season of Baltimo Crow.

Regardless of whether Deml and Nelson play, the jet needs to improve the improvement in the recent struggle in the pass attack. Since this season, Derkel completed 204 yards, received 2 times to pass. It is Jeremy Kerley, and he takes 144 yards to complete 1 time. Greg Salas and near-end Amaro and Jeff Cumeland also need to help when Deml is injured Young quartz Gino — Smith (Geno Smith).

49 people quad-saving Galopobo kneus injury recovery wellBeijing April 19th, San Francisco 49 people currently is that the starting quartz GaroPolo can completely recover at the beginning of the new season.

This is a huge loss for steel people. Williams almost seamlessly fill the vacancy in Levian-Bell (Le & # 39; Veon Bell). This old will run a 907 yard 11 times in the season. In the 14th week of the game, Williams took the 76 yards 2 times to reach the 76 yards.

«God, this is so scary,» Arizona Railwell Defense Frontboard player Jordan Phillips said. «Cleev makes them to make trouble. This is really too fast. I have never experienced such a thing before training camp, which takes some time to adapt.»

«I tell V.j. & lsquo; Hey, we will speed up the rhythm in the first two weeks. We will let the players quickly array, & rsquo;» Kinsibury said. «I want them randomly, how much want to over-emphasize, over-training this, then we will slow down in the simulation game (next week), then start doing different things (prepare for the first battle).»

When the Hig Peng season, I was bought by Brown and familiar with Brown offensive system. This marks the fourth NFL team & mdash; & mdash; he is also effective for the Emirates of Kansas City, Buffalo, Miami Dolphin.

«I love this. I love this because this forces our players to think quickly,» Joseph said. «You have to quickly think to ensure that the step is consistent and make the next decision. Even if the performance is not good, this will force you to put the attention on the next gear, so I like the coach to speed up the speed. This brings pressure to our players, let them think quickly and the step is consistent, because they will soon not forget tactics. «

The biggest problem that accelerates speeds can cause injuries, especially because the players are easier to encounter soft tissue injuries due to the lack of off-off period. If such injuries begin to appear in the team, it is expected that Kinsibury will slow down to ensure the health of the player.

Fast rhythm training not only allows the offensive group to adapt to Jinsuri’s offensive system, but also let the defensive group get more training opportunities. The key is to keep the speed while ensuring that the player will not lose the direction, especially the rookie and the new aid of the learning system.

This means that the steel man can not get help from their number one run from the third consecutive playoff: In 2014, Bell’s lack of knee injury in 2014, Bell’s lack of knee injury; in 2011 During the card season, Rarashard Mendenhall was lacking in knee injury.