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Wild Horse and Defense True Mike — Percore Continuation for 3 yearsUS Tuesday, according to ESPN reporters, the wild horses and the old will defensive Diak Purcell for three years. According to the source report, the total salary of the new contract is close to 15 million US dollars.

The Philhand’s banner has more questions about how the coach Bill Belichick will create a regular match lineup. At present, the patriots have a lot of experience in external hands, maybe a marginal player will receive at least 4 weeks of opportunities due to Edelman’s ban.

Pelsell has played 11 games in the past two seasons, including 4 games from the first season. He has become one of the fixed members of the wild horse defense, and also shows reliable scorpion defensive.

The proximal Dellan Walker has not been able to participate in training because of the ankle injury. Today he finally returned to training. Although it is still restricted, he is also injured last week, completing 5 courses to get 71 yards.

Victor — Kruz is expected to participate in the first weekWe have been prepared to see the New York Giants’ external connections in the first week of the new York Giants to look at the uniform to stay in the field, but there is news that he can play.

Any big fans will not be surprised by his injuries. Last season, he can’t even pass the ball from 10 yards in the playoff game. The sixth week of the knee injury, the initial judgment is absent, but many media pointed out that such injuries need to absent six weeks, the final analysis result is at least 3-6 weeks.

The movement of the giant this year has not been received, and the Philadelphia Eagle and Dallas Cowboy have received all the attention in Guonong District. But giants have strength to make the partition championships last until December.

Asked by a reporter, «Do you think it will complete the best season performance?» Time Manning made an optimistic reply. «Yes,» Manning said. «I like the players in our dressing room, I like our team’s talent, I like everyone to treat this season, I am looking forward to this season.»

The last time Cruz appeared on the court in the racket. At the 6th week of the 2014 season, he hurt his knee tendon. He was very hoped to return to the 2015 season, but other injuries have caused his return failure.

If the appeal is dismissed, this ban is a huge blow for the Patriots offensive group. After the free player market opened, the patriot lost Danny Amendola and traded Brandin Cooks. The original Erman’s regression is considered to reduce the impact of these two.

According to the CBS reporter, many of the management people inside the steel man said that Datunas will be trained with the team in the eighth week. Reporter revealed: «Over time, I got a variety of different time nodes, and even some people believe that Da Gen will come back to the champion of the enemy Baltima Crow in the ninth week.»

Despite the shortness of Will Beatty, it is a long time because of the chest muscles, the offensive weapon around Manning is the best configuration in the past few years. Due to the surprising performance of the offensive, the offensive manifestation of Odell Beckham Jr., this rookie took over the second half of the season often defeated the opponent’s double package. With healthy Victor Cruz and with the potential Lu Ben Rundle, the giant has one of the best outer junctions of the KKEL. At the same time, via Lmd Vigortronic Shane Veen will give Manning one of the best engagement of the alliance.

«I think he can get a season of ruling,» Cruz said. «I think we have such an offensive system. In September, we can play power, all these good things, I think we will have a very very well-robust offensive group, you can take 28,35 points per game. We can really do something interesting in this season. «

According to the text report of New York Daily, Cruz should be able to catch up with the training camp and the first week. But considering that we countlessly see Cruz’s training photos, in Nike training, we still need to maintain a cautious attitude.

The rapid pass of Ben McAdoo helped Manning to reduce the copy of the CD from the 2013 season 27 to 14 last season, Eli is «a bit number» in this season. The number of CDs and the target of the reachable coastow reaches 4 to 1.

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