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It is a known fact that our hair is our beauty and it is also known that our hair is one of the hardest things to keep beautiful and glowing.

Each day we try to look our best by styling and pampering our beautiful tresses but some of the styles and chemicals that we apply to our hair on a daily basis can really wreak havoc on our hair's texture. They split the ends, make the hair too rough, and cause damages that no simple hairdresser can repair.

This is why the Brazilian Keratin has been created. This is a revolutionary treatment that has been designed for both men and women and it is a treatment that has been known to reverse years of adverse hair damage.

However, what exactly are the keratin hair products?

keratin hair treatment are natural hair treatments that mimic the natural keratin produced by our hair and skin. While the hair and the skin produce keratin to protect it from harmful elements such as heat and other manmade chemicals, we lose this keratin on a daily basis and this is why the hair falls out, this form of hair treatment is so useful.The Brazilian keratin is plant based and unlike other well used hair treatment that may help to damage your hair overtime, this will not happen with this particular treatment and it is a treatment that has years ahead and will do wonders for many people.

Now that you know what the treatment is, you must be wondering why it is not as popular as many others.

True, while this treatment is not on the down low, it is not as popular for a few reasons. For one, it is relatively new and we all know that new products take time to circulate on the market. Other than the relatively new status that is attached to this treatment, it is fairly expensive and not many people can afford it.

However, if you want something good, sacrifices have to be made and that is just the thing with the Brazilian Keratin. Along with the cost and the new status, this form of treatment takes time to be applied and you can be in the salon for up to four hours from start to finish.

It is a pretty long application process but it is all worth it in the end because it last long as well.

How is the treatment applied and who is it for?

The Brazilian keratin is for everyone, both male and females and it is also for all hair texture.

Kinky, curly, course, or it can be used on hairs that have been badly damaged by years of ill-treatment and chemicals. Brazilian keratin does not see race or creed. It is for Africans, Americans, Asians, Latinos, and everyone in between. The application process for this particular treatment is a bit hard to explain and since it is not recommended that you do it at home by yourself, knowing exactly what happens can easily be explained by your hair stylist professional while the process is being carried out.

However, it is good to keep in mind that heat is used in the application process and your hair will be washed and blowdry as with other treatment process.

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