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Lightning defensive Didwell Liu Gate will be with the team for 5 years

San Diego lightning has been plagued by the renewal of the star player during this break, compared to safety Wei Rick-Vedle and Quadrupi Philip Rivers, the team decided Will defensive end-controlled — Corey Liget as the top renewal goal.

Local time Monday, cheap nfl jerseys official website reporters report that Lightning has been consistent with Liu Gate’s broker, a contract worth 50 million US dollars. According to reports, the guarantee part in the contract is 30 million. As the first round of 2011, Liu Gate plays an important role in the defensive group of lightning, and the team naturally hopes to lock this sharp line.

The 25-year-old Liu Gate has issued 61 games in the 64th game in the team, which is the longest player in the team’s defensive front. Although he is struggling in terrestrial defensive, cheap china jerseys free shipping strong rushing capability makes him resort this contract. After completing the renewal with Liu Gate, the team needs more to spend more about the problem of Rivers and Wade.

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