Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

The offensive performance of the neighborhood position of the bear team is the worst of the league. Elder Tre Burton completed 14 batches, the first team, and J.P. Holtz’s 91-yard pickup number is also enough to have a whole team.

When the game is backed up, it is slightly colorful than the Mario Tag, Tamnel’s performance. His success rate led the team to break through the half, and the passing of 144 yards. But he was killed 4 times, and there was a pass of a pass.

Braddy is so explained to his own double personality: «I am not sure the feeling of emotionalization, but I just have the best in the emotional state, I tried to rest all over week, I am emotionally emotional, which is Sunday. The 3 hours. This is what I found to help me maintain the balance of life, I can deal with tactics, organize attacks. Emotional practices are very important to me. «

White will be 34 years old this year, this experienced old will have been suffering from the past two seasons, and it is absent from the ankle, leg teenage and shoulder injury. During the mini training camp, he also pumped the knee. According to reports, this treatment will also run through the entire 2015 season.

In the past two games, the Titan offensive group led by Mario Tower was poor. In the fifth week competition against the array of Faro, Mario Tag was killed 5 times, the offensive group was only promoted by 252 yards under him, and tried that three-speed conversion was only 4 times. In the game game against Dainfon Musaba, Mario Cap can’t lead the offensive group in the 9-wave attack, 18 times of passing only 7 successful 63 yards, there are 2 passes to be copied, then he Replaced by Tannell.

We really can often see emotional Braddy, especially when the patriots are backward or passing the copy. This Sunday will be Breddy’s 9th Melan Championship, which is an outstanding glory for a four-point guard in 15 seasons. If the emotional and passion is the way Braddy wins, then he is correct.

Although Whitot is still a trusted ball, but now he is hard to get rid of defense, make vacancy for yourself. In addition, he became a pass target last season, and he did not cause any misses. The new season, the Falcon’s offense coordinator will be Kyle Shanahan, his arrival or will help White find a new game.

Rodi White received elbow surgery, the first week of warAtlantian Falc, Dan Quinn announced on Sunday, the team’s second-handed handle, Roddy White, will accept elbow surgery. Quiin hopes that White can catch up with the first week of the regular season to match the Eagle Eagle, but the specific situation is to be observed.

The site statistics to the summary of the horses and hit four-guards and the sum of the number of four-point guards, while Houston leads the alliance in this data. His last season he contributed 23 killing, 8 hit four-point guard and 54 times forced four-point guards and promoters. He got positive in 12 times in 16 games, whether it is the left rush or the right side of the right side, he can do it extreme.

When the children of Ripos adapted to the new environment, according to Lake revealed that Rivers have trained the ball in contact with others. Before the start of the team training camp, Rivers will work hard to prepare for the first season of joining the new team.

Pony quartz Wei Philip-Rivers complete moving will organize new teammates trainingIn an interview, the Indiana Polis Pony is the next two months of schedule, including the old players to participate in the training camp on July 28.

Justin Houston has become the best sideway of the leagueProfessional football focus website launched a new player scoring system in the offset period, and found the ranking of different locations in different data from the new scoring system, which is very interesting. Cheap nfl jerseys from china this system, it can be seen that even if there are many sideways in the league, Justin Houston is no doubt.

Ryan Pace Ryan Pace quickly reinforced near-end position after the free player market, and the 33-year-old Jimmy Graham was signed for 2 years, including 9 million US dollars to ensure income. And the contract that must not be trading clause. However, Glaham has a poor performance in two seasons in the Green Bay packaging, and only 38 batches were completed last season to achieve 447 yards 3 times. He was cut off on March 12.

If a single photo is processed, this will be a four-point Gelip-Rivers-Rivers-Rivers-Rivers-Rivers-Rivers-Rivers-Rivers-Rivers-Rivers-Rivers-Rivers-Rivers-Rivers-Rivers-Rivers-Rivers-Rivers-Rivers-Rivers-Rivers-Rivers-Rivers-Rivers-Rivers-Rivers-Rivers-Rivers-Rivers-Rivers-Rivers-Rivers-Rivers-Rivers-Rivers-Rivers-Rivers-Rivers, which have the opportunity to train in the team base. Affected by the epidemic, Pony can’t carry out the team training, and Rivers also postpone the moving plan.

Of course, Houston faces this serious competition at this position in the hunt, his score is 92.0, the second von Miller and Robert Quinn are 91.6 and 90.5, gaps, respectively. Micro. But at least at least, it can be said that Houston is equipped with the title of the first side of the league.