Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

Brown running Directive Dissatisfaction Didn’t take a shower

The fourth week of Cleveland Brown lost to the same 0 victorious Cincinnati. This led to the team where the team was running to the dressing room before regular media interview.

After the jet closing, after 4-12, the jet immediately fired Balls. Balls fails to join the playoffs for four seasons. This year, I lost to Brown, the American tiger and Bill also made hopes completely. Balls led team record 24 — 40, the 2015 team 10-6 is the best record, but still has not been able to get tickets for the season.

Black Panther Two Wheel Show Curtis Samuel once again caused the corner Wanjun Mills interfered with the Paul’s foul, this time they were given 40 yards. However, Camman-Newton did not take the arrival of the Red District, only to send Glaham-Ganoban to 20 yards, the eagle still 18:13 leading the black panther. Eagle, Run Galley — Brandtem 18 yards, plus Mack Hollins also catching 18 yards, kicking hands Jack — Elio Tseng 48 yards Ball, the eagle continues to be 8 points at 21:13.

But this competition is the least one of the chance of holding the game this season, and he doesn’t have a game with more than 44 yards this season, so give him the right thing to pay attention to the team offensive group.

Little Ma Ming put the eyes long. The team’s ace quadranga is the most valuable athlete in the sports world. We think that due to their salary of the salary, they don’t match their value. Pony is more important to the exceptional performance of Lak in his career. In 2012 to 2014, the number of passes in Rak was ranked sixth in the alliance. And in the first three seasons of Rak, small horses enter the playoffs, further more than one year.

The US time gives this explanation on Thursday, «I don’t like to lose, we will lose, but I don’t even have a chance to make contributions, this is the reason I am angry, I feel I can contribute to victory This is the reason why I am dissatisfied. «This game Croowl sailed 20 yards, 1 shot, and pushed 7 yards.

«We are very happy to allow Mike Glo to join the coach.» The old eagle coach Douge — Peterson said, «Mike has a lot of experience in training outside the NFL and universities. In his career, Glo showed himself For the master’s ability, it will also incite the passion of the players, and we are very expected to him in the prospect of Philadelphia. «

«I am very excited to continue to work for this great team,» Lak said in the statement. «I thank the Iris and Mr. Iries provided me to give me this great opportunity and show me trust. I can’t wait to start in the new season.»

According to reporters, Bob Krawez broke the news, the alliance conducted an investigation. The official spokesperson confirmed this news later. According to the Alliance, the game is normal with a normal pressure of 12.5-13.5 pounds. The home team needs to be tested 2 hours before the game to detect the ball that is used to match. The patriot is suspected of being lifted against the game with the ball and picks up from the special box specifically used to place the game with the ball. Patriotes have said that they will fully cooperate with alliance surveys.

The Patriot’s «Spy Gate» event in the 07 season has stolen jet defensive tactics is still often mentioned. And if this time is confirmed to have a greasy, it will be punished and even deducted by the deduction. In addition, in the 2012 season, NCAA Southern California University’s competition in the University of Oregon, the supervisor of the South Equity student was also found to give the ball. South increasing is therefore fined for 20,000 US dollars, which is fired.

The pony team signs the new contract into NFL salary.

Jim Irsay, Indianapolis, cheap Jerseys Jim Irsay, was promised to give him a «amazing» contract for his ace, four-point guardian-Luck (Angrien). That’s why Pony announced that the team signed a 6-year new contract and became the player who has a maximum salary of the league history.

[Review of the event] Old Eagle victory won the black panther to consolidate the east of the country

On Friday, Beijing time on Friday, 8:30 pm, the sixth week of the NFL regular season opened the battle on Thursday night. This week’s protagonist on Thursday night is two 4 wins and 1 negative team & mdash; & mdash; Carolina Black Panther is attending the Philadelphia Eagle. From the historical record, the two teams only have 10 times to record, and the eagle 6 wins and Cheap jerseys 4 will be slightly better. Interestingly, the two teams have passed the night games at 8:30 in the past. Their recently held a Sunday Night Tournament in the 2015 season, at the time, the positive black Leopard 27:16 defeated the eagle, maintained an unbearable record.

Despite the eagle outside Alston Jeffery, they still worked in this half. After entering the second quarter, the two teams have come out of the three gears, and the eagle will discard again, and the black panther 2017 is a round of Christian-McAristian McAffrey to abandon the kick to attack 25 yards. Kam — Newton first found near-end Ed Dicks Dickson (ED Dickson) and the outer joke Karvin-Benjamin, pushed 13 and 14 yards, and then rushed out of the pocket, and the squid 16 codes score. The Black Panther’s home 10: 3 leading eagle.