Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

That’s because he is an eagle’s external connector three years ago, he left, but all this has not happened in this Sunday red leather victory, a gesture attracted Jackson’s attention. Jackson told reporters: «Interesting people, this is the first time to encounter such a situation.»

Before the Hawks hanging the champion banner, the SoundGarden band and Phil-Williams held a concert in the square before the court, Phil said on the stage: «Shout your for Paul — Allen (Paul Allen) and his blessings of his perfect team. «To express please click the next website page enthusiasm of the Seattle fans on the Hawks.

Unveiling the front of the sea eagle rises the super bowl flag

Before the «Thursday Night Tour» that has just ended the Green Bay package, Seattle Hawks held a grand raising ceremony to celebrate the first Super Bowl of the city of Seattle’s city & mdash; & mdash; they obtained in the 2013 season. The champion of a super bowl. The flag is hanging under the central annulus of the CenturyLink Stadium.

Wenston told reporters: «My passion for the team, love is still there, will not change because of my role. This is the first day of return, let me answer (about the starting) of these questions before enjoying Let’s go. «

So does the eagle really have the opportunity to get the player they cut in 2014? Jackson told reporters: «I don’t know, I don’t sure this, we will wait for them, you can’t know what will happen in the future.»

In the first battle of the preseason, Pi Nera tried to be a successful snap door twice, and Flei successfully completed 1 anygball shot and 1-time tap additional shot. However, the success rate of the shooting of the inner skin in the trainee is slightly higher.

However, in view of the coach Matt Nagy, Matt Nagi has said that «the preseason will be true test», the two still need to play through the game. However, if the bear team is still going to find a player from the outside, then the two have nothing to do with any performance.

In addition, the head of the jet Tie Darer Revis was exposed earlier this week. However, the team said that the injury has no injury, and Rewis will still start in the London. The team listed him as «possible» in the injury report.

Breddy served as the pass attack coordinator of Louisiana State University this season, under his guidance, Broo passed the 5671 yard, 60 times, only 6 passes were copied. The tiger offensive group won a total of 8526 yards, giving the season’s winning record and the national championship. Bolo won the Herosman award, it can be said that if it is a coaching of Braddy, he may not have such a achievement.

The pirate offensive group led by Fitz Patrick performance is excellent. He also became the first player in the history of three consecutive games. He was elected to the best offensive player in the first two weeks, and the current number of passed 830 is the first, and the 11th league is second.

Louisiana Coach Joe — Braddy became a new offensive coordinator for the Black Panther

Joe Brady, a powerful offensive group broke a number of NCAA records, helping Joe Burrow to win the Hsman award and helped Louisiana State University to win national championships.

The knee on the left side of Deml was injured, and it was only necessary to participate in a small number of training for 2 consecutive days. The jet has been pursuing a more balanced offensive model this season. If Teks cannot debut, the team needs more dependent on their ground attack. Avrer’s face is long, after absence last week, he has completely recovered this week, and it is expected to come first.

Pirate quartz Wei Juemeis — Winson regression training

Beijing September 27th, the first four-week war, the first quarter of the four-week war, will be selected from the momently Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jameis Winston, which has just ended. But the head coach Dirk Koetter is still unwilling to announce its own decision.

«Yes, this is some people feel tired,» Pi Nera said. «Every day you will feel» damn, if I can’t finish this shooting, will I be cut? Can they trades others? & Rsquo; this is indeed troubled, but I can’t control it. I can control. It is to show yourself what you can do, I hope we can get more opportunities in this week and next week. «

Now, Blandi will join the Black Panther and Lu. Black Panther 4th 卫 Cam — Cam Newton is a unknown, but Breddy can run the best lineup to run to Kristian-McAristian McCaffrey and the outer handlets — Curtis Samuel works. Of course, he needs to improve offensive groups that are too far from McCaffri.

Breddy once served as a helper coach in New Orleans Saints, and he took a shock-pass option attack and NFL’s tactical concept to Baton Rocky. In the National Championship of the University of Clemsen University, the team offensive group dedicated to the performance of the team offensive group.

Avry, Rewick will play London

New York Jet Runs Kris Ivory This week will come back to meet the opponent’s Miami dolphin. The two sides will complete this partition civil war in London. In addition, the team will take the outside Eric Decker as «doubt», whether it will be able to make a decision before the start of the game.