Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

The main priority of the steel man should also be to run Wei Zevon-Bell (Veon Bell), Bell is about to be free players in March. Although both parties have a continued intention, Rooney does not understand whether it will use the team privilege label for Bell.

«We have no time to spend the knee, but he has clearly said that he doesn’t want to finish the contract time.» Rooney said in an interview, «This is natural to be good news, he is not like this year. The upcoming player. We will find a correct time to handle the contract, he can have this kind of consideration to make us very happy. I hope we can bring a few rings for him. «

The Worthy Discount JerseysThe patriot fans have been spent for many years, while the Warriors fans need to face all this, and the final warrior fans will ask the patriotic fans to spend the failure after the 42nd super bowl. But most patriots fans don’t seem to talk more about the history.

Patriot fans message: «The death, we don’t want to talk about 2007, you will not want to recall 2016, it has passed.» «I don’t remember what in 2007, I remember the last super bowl. We copy. Sea Eagle. «» We can spend all this but most people can not, you are also difficult to have this hurdle, we can only avoid this topic. «

Gallopole said: «The whole team of the offensive group, the team’s overall, has experienced similar situations, and made a good response. It is unable to adjust to a quiet & hellip; & hellip; but this will also incentive We, especially my own, we will return to it. «

Gallopo: Super Bowl will incentive 49 people in the race season

Jimmy Garoppolo and 49 people have been within easy reach of Longbad Die, but the performance of the fourth quarter makes them with the champion.

On the other hand, Temples signed a 3-year $ 13.5 million contract last March, of which 5 million US dollars are guaranteed. But he eventually played only 3 games, followed by an arm fracture into a list of injuries.

The 49-person leading advantages were reduced to 3 points in the fourth quarter, and it was urgently needed to take the time to consume the game. However, Gallopo two gear, the three-speed continuous pass is not completed, and finally consumes less than half, and put the ball to the chief. The chief finally reached a score, and continued to lead to never.

McAfee signed a 5-year $ 38.75 million contract with the bear in 2015, which was previously fighting for four seasons in Baltimore. In the three years spent in Fengcheng, health problems have always plagued this 29-year-old «senior». In the 2017 season, he entered the injury reserves for shoulder injury. At the three seasons of the bear, McAfee has played 36 games, gains 90 hugs and 14 killing.

The replacement of the jet is 4 points Wei Kuno Smith’s shoulder injury, but also participated in the training on Wednesday. According to the reporter’s site observation, Fitz Patrick performs normal in the joints of the ball, nfl jerseys and can smooth with the running guards, and the impact of hand injuries on his technical action can almost ignore.

Fitz Patrick can be an absolute news for wholesale jerseys jet fans. Last week, Shi Smith came out, the passing of 265 yards, completed 2 times, but sent 1 copy. The final jet is responsible for opponents. The performance of the jet this season makes people look bright, and they naturally lose four-point guard in the critical moment of the mid-season.

Fitz Patrick will play first

Ryan Fitzpatrick is still the team’s first four-point guard. In the competition of the Auckland raid last week, Fitz Patrick hand was injured in advance. At present, his injuries should be better than expected, and local time will participate in all the team’s training. If you don’t accidentally, he will first send it in this weekend with Jacksonville America.

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