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Pony for the effectiveness of the eight seasons, Hilton cooperation with eight different quarterbacks too, which work with him was undoubtedly the longest Andrew — Clark (Andrew Luck). Now, Hilton will receive Philip — Rivers (Philip Rivers) pass.

Wide receiver T.Y. Hilton: I hope the rest of the effectiveness of career are pony

In eight seasons in his career, took over T.Y. Hilton (T.Y. Hilton) have the ball a few yards in five seasons to break Qian, and four-time Pro Bowl.

But this article cannot be asserted as a hole. The original author quoted the publicly published materials, such as the former Haiying’s speech of Sherman Smith, also recorded these arguments from anonymous message channels, not onion news.

In the text, I mentioned the resentment of the quasell Wilson. This intra-special pusher said: «I love (Wilson) this good teammate, good friend, a good man. I am still in his last week. At home, he gave me a roast rib. «

The rickets will pay close attention to the decision of Fitzgerad. After machael floyd, the red tones left only John Brown, JJ Nelson (JJ Nelson) and some role players. If they want to go back to the playoff next season, Fitzgerald’s existence is critical.

Fitzgerald’s sphere number ranked second (14315 yard) in active external hands, second only to Baltimo Crow, Steve Smith (Steve Smith Sr.). His number (1116 times) ranking history third, the bought is a history of the rankings. Playing a season may let his ranking continue to increase, but he has determined that he will become one of the best external connections in this generation.

Previous ESPN The Magazine has issued a detailed explanation of the friction, nothing in Seattle Haiying. In this regard, Bentet hit the attack: «This article is garbage, TMZ level. Talk about it, I am surprised that you will send this.»

30-year-old Hilton entered the final year of his contract when he signed a five-year $ 65 million contract extension in 2015. Wednesday’s interview, made it clear that Hilton wants to rest of the career dedicated to the pony, but also intends to make a career under a contract to become the last contract.

Jeff, President of cheap nfl jerseys Referee Association, resigned

The NFL Coach Association announced that the original President Jeff Triplette resigned retired. Tony Steratore will take the opportunity to become a new chairman.

«It was very honored to serve me in this excellent association,» Vali Prete said, «In the past 15 years, I am constantly struggling to protect the rights and interests of members, I am deeply proud of this. But also It’s time, it’s also the time to retreat, let the more young people come to me. «

The team owner Robert Kraft (Robert Kraft) said that Grero’s role in Grero is not a challenge. «Clav special said:» But we have a coach who accepts this. There is a team leader capable of controlling his team. «

Alex Guerreo is a friend of Braddy, but also his business partner, two people created TB12 training centers together. Since the center’s operations in 2013, Braddy and a number of patriots players have been trained and treated here.

The reason why Fitzgerald may be retired is obvious. He will have a lot of opportunities at the scene, and he may be able to meet some interests that have nothing to do with football, such as photography, history and travel. He has been communicated in May this year and a marketing degree.

According to Ian RapoPort, this Arizona Rapoth, this Arizona is taking over «Is it considering whether you want to let the 2016 season becoming your own last season.» At present, 33-year-old Fitzie Rad is still one of the best outer hands of the league. He completed 98 battles this season to get 949 yards 5 times. Carson Palmer was obviously valued at him, and he passed him 139 this season.

The relationship between Braddy and Grero is widely known. In 2015, there was reported that the role of Grero in the team had made some team medical groups and trainers feel dissatisfied, they worried that Grero’s way to conflict with the team. This makes some team staff express their concerns to Piltick.

Exposure Tim — Breddy private trainer is deprived of the team

According to the local media of Boston, the New England Patriots have deprived a number of privileges of the private trainer of Tom Brady. This deepens the guess between trainer and coach Belichick, Bill Belichick.

According to reports, Grero has a office near the Patriot player locker in the Gillette Stadium. He no longer be allowed to treat players outside Braddy in the office. He was also banned from riding a patriot team and was banned to stay with the player.

When Monday was asked with the nothing between Grero and Billych, Braddy said. «I have no comments on this matter, I just want to say, this is very clear, cheap jerseys Alex has always contributed to the achievements I have achieved, I am fortunate to have him to do my friend, still very Fortunately we can do everything together. «9 years ago

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