Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

Griffin first sends 8 games this season, although the pass rate reached 70%, but there were very few revenues, the analyst pointed out that his reading of the game and running out of the gear of the game. Sometimes it looks very confused. Daniel snyder, Daniel snooder, still stands Griffin. They will re-have the first round of draft selection in the next season, and the richness in the salary space will also make them a lot of space in the free market.

Griffin, which is criticized this season, has become a substitute for replacing this season and is proposed by Grobe, but still may be left. Grunette said that he didn’t care who came to play quad-saving, as long as you can look here can run your own system very well.

In the fourth quarter, Ximeian passed the ball to find the running guards, Anderson promoted 25 yards to score, 17-14. Newton passes, the ball is in the air by Christ Harris (Chris Harris Jr.) on the black panther half 38 code line; after the dead ball, the black Leopard left protective Feng Andrew Norwell is Blowing the unnecessary roughness, the wild horse starts attack on the Black Panther’s half. The three gears 7 yards, the wild horse team Sanders received a pass of Ximeian in the two-yard line; the referee was originally identified by the wild horse to win the first attack, after the challenge of the black panther team, the fare was fined for 4 gears half code . The wild horse decided to hit 4 files and won the first attack by Anderson on the 1 yard line. Subsequently, CJ-Anderson’s three-speed mournefall 1 yard, reached the point, the wild horse has over, 21: 17.

And if Griff can take back the level of 2012, the team should be able to impact the National Lian East Championship again in the freedom market. And if Griffin is still downturn, Snee is will not waste this season because Grobe will use a year to cultivate new quarters.

Griffin III is extremely likely to leaveWashington Red Leader coach Jay-Grunden, firmly believes that he will continue to stay next season, and report it according to NFL media insider, Ian Rapoport, the team’s trump quadruple Verobert- Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) is also very likely to leave.

JJ Watt kept single for rugbyJJ Watt is definitely one of the most popular monogan in the NFL Union. Not just because he is the best player of the league, he is also the most handsome, most attractive one.

On the 32-yard line of Denver this, the wild horse coach called the panther’s temporary to suspend hope to affect each other. In the end, the 50 yards kicker of the black panther team Kuo Nuo No, the black panther 1 minute 20:21 wishes the wilderness.

Before the start of the competition, the 32nd Super Bowl MVP Run Treier Davis and the 33rd Super Bowl MVP quarter-break John Elway with their Lundad Division Admitted to the applause of the audience. Pedon-Manning is preparing for the 50th Super Bowl of MVP Von Miller, which is preparing to match, completed this ceremony with a trophy. It is worth mentioning that Colin-Kaepernick’s university alumni, the wild horse line Weve Brandon Marshall chooses a single knee when playing the national anthem.

On Sunday, Gronkovski admitted that this is one of the strongest impacters he has encountered. He explained: «This is definitely a huge impact, and one of the most fierce impacters encountered in my career.» It is a good player, and his crisking is like a missile, a clean impact. «

Although the most people of the pirate seasons are signing Tom Brady, the trading has been close to Rob Gronkowski, but retracted Pierre Paul, Edda Gore The importance of NDAMUKONG SUH is not small. Keep the defensive frontline lineup is complete, will help the pirate impact season.

In an ESPN interview, Watt revealed his love life and the missing is willing. He said: «I don’t want to find my girlfriend, but I can’t do this. I can’t let this happen. I really hope that there is a girlfriend but there is a girlfriend means that it takes a lot of time and energy. She deserves the princess because of treating The girlfriend is this, but if I can’t give these, why should I waste a girl’s time? If I find a person, she can steal my heart, then everything will be different, but this is It is very difficult because I am in the game, but I am looking forward to such a person. «

This is no longer the first all-star defensive end-fire expression to play the ball to affect your normal life. In this summer, Watt replied teammates laugh at him too busy their lives, he replied: «Now, I am a rugby player, what I need to do is better!»

The 2016 season is unveiled: wild horses 21:20US East Time September 8th, 8:30, the NFL regular season in the 2016 season officially started. The 50th Super Bowl Champion Danfo Wanma is at home to meet the most valuable players in the last season, the Camlanda Black Pantles leader led by Cam Newton. This is since the 1970 season, the season will be unveiled between the first season of championships.

Last season’s neck surgery made Pierre Paul missed 6 games. This time the knee surgery has not been as serious, he still can participate in the game. Although I only played 10 games last year, Pierre Paul was still completed 8.5 times.

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