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Cossins won the battle against the battle, Washington home 42:24 defeated the Green Bay

Beijing time November 21 Monday early 9: 30, Nfl Jerseys regular season on the 11th week of Sunday, the two national boundaries were welcomed: Washington Red Piece is home to the main court, in the Green Bay packaging team. The last meeting of the two teams was the National Owner’s card in January this year. At the time, the red skin was 18:35, the package worker was not enemy. At present, the Red Leather team 5 wins and 3 losses, 1 flat, and the packaging team will be 4 wins and 5 losses.

The Shou Xiong team will start their new season at the door, and the home will meet the Buffalo Bill. They have been absent from the playoffs in the past seventh season, I hope this year has a good start. As for why the bear is so optimistic, it is mainly because this newly joined 5 times players who have been selected to have a professional bowl, the arm, who is defended with Jared Allen and another defensive end Raar — Houston (Lamarr Houston) ).

Texas people offensive coordinators: Watson is looking forward to new attack

Dezhou people’s four-point guards DESHAUN WATSON lost their help deandre hopkins, but got new partner Brandin-Cooks (Brandin Cooks) , Randall Cobb, and David Johnson. The offensive system is not small compared to last year.

The giant defensive frontline coach Robert Nunn said in an interview that he was in recent and Pierre — Paul through SMS, Pierre — Paul wrote in SMS: «I am trying to adjust yourself in order to return The right track, I will come back after adjustment. «

The red skin is followed by the short pass and the shock into the package, and the Cosmin is found to find Jamison Claude to complete 53 yards, come to 1 yard line, run away from Robert — Kelly scorpion 1 code Array, despite the play of the Bags, Hopkins, Hopkins attached to the tattoo, the red skin still 35:24 locks the victory. Four minutes left, the packaging workers are close to the ball, and after the ball is brought, the Red Leather Team has a ball, running the Robert-Kelly scorpion 66 yards to get the branch, then he rushed The ball is 4 yards to score, and the red skin has been 42:24 lead. The wonderful warlet packaging team sent a substitute four-point Webit-Hendri (Brett Hundley), he was copied in the four files. In the end, the game is over, Washington Red Pad is 42:24 to overcome Green Bay Packaging.

In the presencing game, the bear’s defensive group did not show real strength. After all, it is too small for the main force and cannot dominate the game in a limited time. In addition, multiple players are injured and another factor.

N Nuen said in an interview: «I have passed the phone with him, and there are also text messages. Basic chat is the topic outside the football. This kind of thing is very miserable, this is really not a small accident. Everyone is What is wrong with it (Pierre — Paul lost), thinks how he should do it, take your thoughts out. But Pierre — Paul faces, it is not a small thing, The past is very difficult. «

The raid person finally chose to complete the transaction with the bear team who did not think too high, this is in the reason. The ram will try to get Mark is not too unexpected. After all, the general manager Les Snead has completed a lot of amazing operations.

The ram is clear, they have to work hard to impact the highest point during the value of the value of the value of the value. But after giving Alon Donald, Todd Gurley and Brandin Cooks, how much salary space would be not clear.

Pierre — Paul promises to the coach you will return

New York Giants Star Defensive Direct Edge Pierre-Paul Because it is inadvertently fried in the National Day, it is urgently divided by the right index finger. However, after receiving the operation, it has been hidden, and there is no contact with the team, and even the SM staff in Tom Coughlin is not returned. The giant management is the behavior of Pierre-Paul. Quite dissatisfaction. However, in recent days, the exchanges of both parties have gradually become more frequent, and the atmosphere has begun to gradually ease.

Tim Kelly, Tim Kelly, said: «I think Te Shahien is very excited. I am not going to speak for him, but in the recent remote communication, his attitude has always been very good, working hard to upgrade yourself. Also try to understand the attack. He is currently doing very well. «

The second half of the red skin first holds the ball attack, Jordan Reed completed 28 yards long-distance ball, playing the Bag Hopkins 37 yards, the red skin 16:10 expanded the leading advantage. The Red Leather Team after scored, and the packaging worker returned to the attack, they had to start attack on this 2 yard line. Unmanned Green Bay near-end Feng Juejide — Jared Cook successfully completed 47 yards, Lanta, Kobe ball, push 22 yards, play the ball Mesen — Crossby 36 码 意 球The shot is biased. Exchange the right, Endeng Denean-Jackson brought the 17 yards, then Kirk Coss, cheap jerseys the Jamison Crowder, 44 code to score, followed by Kirk Hirin The two-point conversion attempts have failed again, and the red skin 22:10 is leading.

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