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Jay — Akay questioned the proportion of the eagle

October 9th, although the back fracture, Jay Ajayi believes that you can complete more attacks.

After Sunday lost to Viking, this running guard said that he didn’t understand wholesale jerseys from china why coach Doug Pederson is reluctant to arrange more punch attacks.

«It is obvious that we are willing to start the ball early, so you can have a good start. But if my memory is correct, the first section is ended 3 times. There is such an offensive front line, rush The number of times is so small, I can’t understand it. «

Aga was won the opportunity in the second section, and wholesale jerseys from china the audience was only 8 times. The eagle full-time scorpion code 4.8, passed 50 times, but only tweeter twins.

Although Agay has turned down in the second half, it is in general, his views can be followed. Carson Wentz has just knees and recovered, and many of the mushroom attacks can also be protected, cheap jerseys for sale dispersed, Cheap Jerseys NFL otherwise, the other party will concentrate on him when the ball is removed. Three games came down, Wenz has been killed 12 times and withstanding 27 impact.