Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

The Best Technical Group of the Best Team of China is the New Orleans Saint Kick Will Lutz (WIL LUTZ). This rookie completed the 4th arbitrary ball shot in his career in his play, helping Saint 25-20 to overcome Seattle Hawks.

Shuque coach: Stanton will lead us to advance

Arizona Red Colta Coal Bruce — Arians said on Wednesday in local time, which was embarrassed by Atlantian Funding, and said that the team did not prepare the game. However, Arreon is not intended to blame the responsibility of the two losers on the 4-point Delu Stanton. After the injury of Carson Palmer, Steamon’s offense led for 3 consecutive weeks, which also made him controversial.

Prior to this, Vik was only completed by 76 yards, throwing a copy and killed and killed 7 times, a lot of murder because Vic’s holding time is too long and the perception of pressure Almost 0, or the Buffalo team missed 3 clips near hand, and Vic’s data statistics will not bear to see.

When asked if it was planned to adjust the team four-point candidate, Arreon did not hesitate to deny it, and said he is willing to fully support Stanon: «No, no. Stanton is our quarter. In the past 2 weeks, he did make 3 or 4 worse passes decided, but no four-point guards can avoid this. We never thought of replacing four-point guard, he is the one who will lead us to advance. «

nfl jerseys‘s well-known reporter Ian Rapoport said that the jet as early as the beginning of the season, considering smiths, because they know that Vic does not have a long-term contribution to the team. After the game, the head coach Rex Ryan refused to disclose who will arrange anything next week. But there is no doubt that if Smith is not surrender, it will be a strange thing.

At the national association, the bear team runs Jordan — Howard (Jordan Howard) has become the best offensive player. He got 153 yards 26 times, and also completed 49 yards. He completed 1 key to the first half, helping the bear team finally 20-10 to win the Cold Wars to win the Mingnesota Viking.

Mike’s data is not bad. He won 42 times this season, 7.5 times, 7 cases resulting in the number of damage to the number, 13 hit four-point guard, forcing the ball and 4 times to destroy the ball. Of course, this is still a gap with his best performance in the past, but it is clear that his performance can affect the game.

Before the start of the season, Texas made a chip of two first round of draft selection, and Laremy Tunsil and the outside of Kenny Stills. The former was selected as a professional bowl and consolidated the front of the team to attack the front line, and the latter completed 40 batches to get 561 yards 4 times.

Substitute quartz-Schith replaced Vic on the third section of the game, at the time, the New York jet was behind Buffole at 3:31, and they finally lost at 3:38. competition. Wik was thrown away after throwing a copy, but later, cheap nfl jerseys from china his event, the problem was not big, but this changed people also made Wick out of the sea.

In the past 10 knots, the ramp offensive group completely completed 1 time. We can understand that Arreon is so trust in Stanton, but all fans want Stanton to respond to this trust. As a few weeks ago, the red scitch was still popular, and now they only lead the Seattle Hawks in the advantage of a winner. Stanton and his team need to find a state as soon as possible, re-start.

The Best Technical Group players in the United States of America belong to the Houston Texas abandoned SHANE Lechler. The old one year in the league will give an average of 49.5 yards in 4 abandoned kicks. 3 times let the lion began offense in the 20 yards of the part, and finally the Dezhou people will win.

«Oh, yes, next question,» Mike replied. «So, will you play?» The reporter asked. «Next question.» Mike still does not want to answer. «So, why don’t you talk about this?» The reporter is still asking. «Oh, how is it, this is … Next question,» Micropower shrugged and shook his head.

Bear rushing hand Karier Mark: Don’t enter the season is failed

At this time, at this time, Khalil Mack and his Chicago bear teammate have locked the National Lianbei District champion and began to prepare for the playoffs.

The eighth week of the National United States of America, the best players announced

There are many excellent performance in the eighth week, but the four-defense guards of the Auckland raid and the rookie of Chicago are particularly impressive, and the team will win.

«I think we have made any decisions, we have worked hard. Now, you may think that some decisions are not long-term considerations from the perspective of contract, but in the team, in the conference room, we have more It is a long-term consideration of the team in the future. I think all of these people come to the team and contribute. «

The raids were DEREK Carr to become the best offensive player of the United States. He gave the 513 yards of the history record in the game in the game game, and the 59th passed 40 success & mdash; & mdash; 4 times, did not pass the passes, led the raid plus overtime 30-24 Beat Tampawan Pirates. At present, Karl passed the ball for 17 times, only 3 passes were copied, and the raid was in the United States of America.

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