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Boy’s letters are only pantial to make a reply

12-year-old boy in Oklahoma tries to ask the NFL team to ask for a team gift to determine the team you support. Cade Pope gives 32 teams to write the letter content is about why I want to support your team.

Challenge Xing Tianyu, then lead Bradric jersey!

October 15, 2018 At 8:15:18, Www.366Vip.Cc Indianapolis, Indianapolis, the new England patriot, our anchor Xing Tianyu sent a piece of Patriots on the 12th Brundi jersey.

In the end, there was only one club to reply. On Thursday, this 6-year child received a personal reply from the Carolina black leopard boss, Jerry Richardson said that if Pop can become a black panther The firm supporter then he can get what he wants. In addition, Pop has also received sign helmet gift from line Wei Luke-Kuqi (Luke Kuechly).

Perhaps the interest of the raid people is still very cautious because they know that Piteson is brought to Auckland. Cowboy or Arizona Palch may use Piteson that Piteson may receive a salary in championship competition. It is difficult to imagine Piteson is willing to accept the payroll to the raid, whether his broker has more believe that leaving Viking people most in line with Peterson’s interests.

Harold is a three-round show in 2015, and the first 10 game last season, but the strong side defensive performance is poor. In the lion, Harold will join Dravon Kennard, Jalen Reeves-Maybin and Garad Davis (Jarrad Davis). Legion. As one of the worst teams of alliance, the lion hopes that Harold can provide some help.

Pirates selected Hagrifs in 2016, Championship, Https://Ola-forum.gr/ and has chosen to perform his fifth year contract option, meaning that he will play to the team to 2020 season. However, Aliis did not explain what arranged in the next game.

The game is open soon, it seems that everyone is honest for the jersey room and the Braddy jersey. So we decided! ! !

On October 15, 2018, the game of the Chief VS New England Patriots at 8:00 on October 15, 2018, our anchor Xing Tianyu once again opened the «Everyday NFL» prize room to challenge players, and sent out the Patriots No. 12 Bradi Jeans Part. The number of rooms will increase to 300, and more players have the opportunity to participate in competition.

Don’t forget to participate in the «Everyday NFL» and explode Xing Tianyu.

Additional notice:

Lion trading received 49 people line Wei Haro

Beijing August 24, according to NFL NetWork reporter Mike Gala Garafolo, the lions received 49 people outside Wei Yile Haro through the transaction, and their trading chips were 2020. Condition seven rounds. 49 people officially confirmed this transaction.

Viking people are reluctant to send Tterson. It is necessary to have a team that is willing to pay high-time selection and a team of teams to get Pitters, and there is currently no team to express such a wish. A team like a team like a team in another 2 weeks.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that the raid person is intended to get Piteson according to the insider news. Lat Portote describes the raid to the «periphery» in Piteson chased the battle, but this is what they have discussed inside. The raids have a large amount of salary space and once in the free player market, Dallas Deni runs, Dallas, Demarco Murray.

Beckham will be a single hand to become a warm-up practice

New York Giants Xiujiao Odell Beckham Because of the surprise of the Internet brush screen due to the 12th week of the stunned ball, it became an object of the Internet. Not only is the ball in the game, he is also a single-handed ball that is recorded in the front of the game.

Assiscies of the raid to get Peterson

Adrian Peterson officially resumed its premiere on Friday, which can be assured that there will be a lot about his future rumors in the next two weeks. Minnesota Weijing holds a leader and has a lot of choices.

Perhaps, Beckham has become the shame of the giant team. He has become the focus of many fans, and photographers are more willing to align the lens. This photo is very good to capture today Beckhawi. The Titan team is a single-handed ball training.

The first round of the pirate first round Xiu horn Hagrifs competition is never tonic

In the third quarter of the Arizona Tseari, Tampa Bay Pirate Coach Bruce — Arians put the first round of Show Erosbee — Hagrin Hargreaves to the bench, because After the defensive group allows the opponent to complete the 55-yard ball, Aliis believes that Hagrifs is not working enough.

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«If this is what the coach is seen, that is, he saw,» Hagrifs said. «There is no controversy. I need to work hard, it is the case. I will become better. I am sure that I will talk to him this week, we will be clear, we will see how it will be.»