Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

«It is time,» Jackson said in a statement. «Robert has the right to be appointed to the Cleveland Browns starting quarterback since his team was signed in March, Robert has made it clear that he is willing to do everything that was asked to do to win by starting action. In this during which he won the teammates, the coaching staff and the whole team respect, it is necessary for him to attack the leadership group and for the whole team. «

«Once we began to prepare against the Steelers game, based on that we have all the information & mdash; & mdash; injuries and whatever information & mdash; & mdash; the best way we can use can do, the most competitive way prepare for this game. «Biliqieke told ESPN. «We will look at the information in our hands, this information may come from many sources, both Tom’s situation or deal with some of the physical condition of players, we will begin to see the time when we prepare our state, and then in the preparation of the these circumstances reflected in the training. this is a player and a player can play or not play because of injury is no different when we are closer and closer to the game, we will pay attention to how things develop. «

Jim told reporters: «My wife said that you look too old and very embarrassed, put the beard. My daughter said, so I started to shave the beard, and I have been fat for 20 years, so I Start choosing to lose weight. «

He asked if the backup quarterback Jimmy — Garo Polo (Jimmy Garoppolo) need to lead the team on September 10 to face the Pittsburgh Steelers, his game will be ready to make a change for the Garo whether the Baltic.

Jim was in the 2015 season of 49 people in San Francisco, but because of 5 wins and 11-negative records he was tetched by the team. In this period of this uncomfortable, his family gave him suggestion and shaved the beard.

Sanchez was selected by the New York jet in 2009. He has spent the first five seasons in New York. Come to the Philadelphia eagle in 2014, and wholesale nfl Jerseys then traded to Denver wild horses until the start of the season.

Wild Horse Karete Turb: Feng-Miller will participate in the training period trainingAfter winning the super bowl since Denver wild horse, Von Miller appeared in every place, including the «Dance Dancing» and the Star «show, but a teammate believes that he will participate in the wild horse from next Monday. Counseling training.

Griffin had a wonderful performance in the weekend training, throughout training camp he had excellent passing but also a bad pass. This is enough for him to keep starting it? Friday will provide the first opportunity to answer this question.

Biliqieke admit Brady ban could change the game planIn the face of quarterback — Tom Brady when (Tom Brady) outstanding four-game suspension this topic, the New England Patriots coach Bill — Biliqieke (Bill Belichick) did not say a lot.

But he also said they have not begun to prepare for the game against the Steelers game, so training is also no «starters training» such a thing. «Our goal really is to get everyone ready,» Biliqieke said. «We can not just focus on one player. We have to let the whole team is ready, that means everyone is ready … this is what we have been doing, which we will continue to do things in this change sometime back, but I would like not to this time. «

Beijing Time October 16, 2018 Tuesday, Tuesday, 8:20, this season’s sixth week, on Monday Night, a national association has to decide. 2 wins and 2 losses 1 flat green bay packaging workers sitting home, fighting 1 win 4 negative San Francisco 49 people. The two teams have played in the regular season in the 2015 season, and the packaging camp is 17: 3 overcome the opponent.

The wild horse has previously placed the exclusive privilege label for Miller. This makes Miller get a contract for a one-year worth 14 million US dollars. Miller needs to sign this contract to participate in the training next Monday.

On Monday, the Cleveland Browns announced that Griffin would be their starting quarterback. Coach Hugh — Jackson (Hue Jackson) had hoped to determine the starting candidates before the first preseason game Friday against the Green Bay Packers.

This decision is not surprising. Although Brown picked a quarterback and array there are about even in this year’s draft — McQuarrie (Josh McCown), most of the attention is focused on the league five years ago or character Griffin hot body.

The most recent players who have been labeled by wild horses & mdash; & mdash; offensive cut off Ryan Clady and End Madmans-Thomas & Mdash; & mdash; signed before the training camp There is no training period training before the appointment.

This is a high-limit gambling. It may help Brown more competitive season than initially anticipated, so that they may bottom in the North American League. Jackson has been considered is to develop the players and the quarterback committed in the field and the field can be regarded Gelifenpei develop a functioning person.