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Tennessee Titan Run Guarda-Murray Accepting Finger Surgery

Tennessee Titans running back De Make — Murray (DeMarco Murray) recently underwent surgery for his right ring finger has long been plagued by injuries, which caused him to miss the rest of the offseason training.

Six years ago, I started my career in Seattle, and he was selected by the Hawk in the seventh round of 2012. After four seasons, he as a free player and Tampawan pirates, but the injury has affected his play. After the back injury in 2016, he was injured again by the leg. In the end, Swirti was cut off by piracy.

Dewhat Freny wants to do our best to help the Hawks

Dwight Free Nery has always insisted on exercising in the gym, jogging on the street, waiting for the team to accept him. He once thought about it to make your career in 15 seasons.

However, O’Brien thinks he sees a bright future in Texas. «I feel that we move forward in the right direction,» O’Brien said. «I think we have a lot of outstanding performance this year is clearly not enough. I feel good for the team’s future.»

Waterkins said: «I think I am ready. Now I need to do it is best to make my body and mind, I need to fight, then play in the first week.» Watekins said hurt The disease has passed, I will not worry about it: «The coach and staff have helped me, the problem of injury is completely solved. I have the ability to complete a whole game.»

Watson became the playoffs in passing yardage over 300 yards, made at least three touchdowns, no mistakes lost the ball but ultimately losing the first Wholesale nfl jerseys quarterback in history. You can not think Watson leads the Texans lose.

The new season, Bill’s first four-point guard will be Tyrod Taylor, Watekins with him 28 files in training on Tuesday. Last season, Waterkins still contributed four games in four games. The new season, he hopes to continue progress.

«I thought it would recover but the recovery is less than expected progress in the offseason,» Murray said. «It’s not serious injuries. If I have a game, I can still participate …. Just a long-awaited injury, I originally thought that I can rehab it now.»

«He should be ready to participate in training he wants to participate in training next week; I will be concerned about, but he should be able to cast off next Monday.» Coach Mike — Mula Ji representation. «If not, he will return to the training camp, apparently he will prepare to participate in the training camp.»

Even fiasco, as Watson and O’Brien are optimistic about the future. «I can not be frustrated future,» Watson said. «Everything is positive we have made great achievements this year, we have experienced a lot of & mdash;.. & Mdash; the ups and downs for us, to be one of the last remaining eight teams have a lot of very important players hope. they can be in our position to participate in the playoffs. «

Murray missed the training on Tuesday, and he was watching on Thursday. The second grade running Guardrick — Derrick Henry fills his position. It is expected that Henry will continue to play the main role in the mini-training camp next week.

Texans quarterback Watson: There is no doubt that O’Brien is the right coach

After we made a dream start, Bill — O’Brien (Bill O & # 39; Brien) team suffered defeat in the playoffs in the conference finals week.

Houston Texans once lead to 21-0. But faced with the situation a few inches fourth gear 13 yards Kansas City Chiefs, O’Brien decided to rely on football to get 3 points. After the Chiefs had seven points, the Texans next wave of attack, O’Brien 31 yards in the side facing the fake punt tactical choice when fourth gear four yards.

Bill takes over Waterkins self-confidence will be played in the first week

Buffalo Beverages Sammy Watkins believes that you can catch yourself in the first week. In the training of the team’s local time on Tuesday, Watekins participated in the whole process. When interviewed, the second-grade junction revealed that he can play in the game with Indianapolis.

«I do not know, I did not think. I still love what I do,» Reid said. «I have a young quarterback here, so every day life easier for a lot of teams I’d love to come to work every day and know that you can have the opportunity to coach him and his teammates (general manager) Brett. — Albion ( Brett Veach) to understand how to win, and understand what kind of people we like to work together. so he introduced such a person and I enjoy coaching. so here I really did not want to retire. «

Texans lose because they are unable to stop the chiefs of defense group attack group. But for many times mistakes Emirates slow start, the game points difference may be even larger. After chiefs recovery state, Texans have no strength to fight back.

Macho combination of Williams and Reed could mean the Chiefs will continue to maintain long-term competitiveness. Reed led the chiefs of seven years, the Chiefs are a frequent visitor to the playoffs. But before Macho James became the starting quarterback, the chief playoffs in five games to win only one game. And in Williams led Macho, Emirates won 4 of 5 playoff games, ALCS 2 consecutive years.