Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

According to data, the most salary of the salary in 2020 is Revien Bell (Le & RSquo; Veon Bell), David Johnson, Iqiil Elliott, Henry And Leonard Fournette. Last year, the top 10 running guards, only Elliott is not a rookie contract. In the 2019 season, the 10 running guards that occupy the salary space, only two people’s teams entered the playoffs.

Last week with Washington Red leather game, McCoo was assessed as brain shock. Before the start of the season, he was an impact of toes injury. However, McGao is blunt, these issues have no effect on him. At present, McCaki is trying to find the rhythm of last seasons and try to recover status. However, in this season, the eagle doesn’t have to go much more dependence on McKay like last year. Kelly said: «We are currently inadvertent. It is very difficult to rely on a person’s strength, running attack is a team work, and everyone is related to everyone.»

Since the injury affects the performance of Cruz in the past few years, the performance did not reach this level, he only completed the 586 yards in 15 games last season, and if you can keep health, you can reach the performance of the health. Higher standards, then he may be higher in the 2018 season income.

In the interview, McCay is difficult to cover: «This is too bad. I think we should win the game. We can complete a lot of attacks, but the result is a failure. I thought we can easily be as usual as usual. Score, especially in the last 2 yard line. «The Eagle completed a 90 yard in the fourth quarter, they were only 1 yard, but eventually reached. The first three weeks, although the eagle has always manifested slow heat, but the outbreak of the second half has made them completed three times. Today, they have no skill. McCoo is very helpless: «We didn’t complete the attack. We need to go back to the video, find the problem, improve it immediately.»

The reward mechanism is as follows: 50% of the 50% game time is 250,000, 60% of the game time is 375,000 dollars, complete 70% of the game time of $ 500,000, complete 5 reached 250,000 US dollars, complete 6 reached 375,000 US gold, complete 7 more than $ 500,000, complete 40 tickets for 250,000 US dollars, completed 50 tickets 375,000 US dollars, completed 60 tickets for $ 500,000, complete 600 yards to catch 250,000 US dollars, https://Cakerussia.blog/blog//77747.html complete 700 yards Special 375,000 US dollars, complete 800 yards to catch $ 500,000.

Victor — Cruz’s contract details reflect the incentive mechanism

Victor Cruz is already a team member of Chicago, his new contract ensures that he can harvest $ 4 million a year, but only 1/8 of the guarantee is.

For the number of buses, McCaki has its own ideas: «I think the number of buses is enough, the problem is in me, I can’t do this.» When asked and health, McGao is not hesitant. «» This is not important. No matter what I have, we need to win. I am very good now. «

Because Jameis Winston will suffer a punishment of the ban, Fitz Patrick will start in these three games. The three games in Winson injured last year were also on top of him, which made Fitz Patrick set up amazing records: starting at the 2008 season, at least 3 consecutive years.

For your own performance, McCay is described as «embarrassing», and I don’t want to talk about the ground attack of the team. Last week, in the absence of running efficiency, the head coach Qipk Kelly still insists on the ground. This week, the tactics have changed significantly. McCoo only held 10 times, Darren Sproles was only once. However, the impact that is the result is that the eagle can’t complete the attack, and they only completed the 56th attack.

Although the peak dialogue is lost, the chief is still the head of the United States. What Mahms and young chiefs have to do, they will hurry from the haze of failure, and prepare for the next playoffs.

Titan used a privileged label in March, and both parties had a chance to finalize the length before 7.15. Jon Robinson, General Manager of Titan, said that the team has contacted Henry’s brokers in the past two weeks, and negotiation progression is very smooth.

McCaki is struggling, and there is difficult road attack.

This Sunday, the Philadelphia Eagle was 49 people in San Francisco. This is a difficult day for the eagle star running Wei Raen McKea McCoy. The game, McCoo 10 times, just ran out of 17 yards. Last week’s game McCoo also contributed 22 yards, but the team’s victory can cover a lot, the team is willing to give McCoo more time, more opportunities. But when failure is coming, the problem will be amplified.

[Event Briefing] Regular Tournament 11th Week: The first war raster wins

In the 11th week of the regular season, the National Association of Los Angeles ram and the United States headed Kansas City chiefs conducted a contest in Los Angeles. In the best of the wonderful battle, the ram made a victory at 54:51, and continued to become the best in the alliance.

4 years agoEven if the other first-level quarters can play at least three games, there are only eight people in the alliance, and the remaining seven people are: Drew Brit (Drew Brees, Joe Flacco (Joe Flacco) ), Eli Manning, Philip Rivers, Alon Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger and Matt Ryan . Tom Brady’s 2008 season is only a game, but in the next nine season, he is only absent cheap nfl jerseys from china the 2016 season.

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