Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

«First, I am very satisfied with the performance of them in the free market this year. I also said that we have a good high-quality employee in some difficulties this year. They give the new blood brought by the locker room Excite. We will know who will eventually join the job. «

Kam — Qusler two insurance blocksThe National Federal semi-final Seattle Hawks have over 31 to 17, and the biggest highlight of the game is not the four-point guards of the two teams, but the safety of the Hawks. Kam Chancellor.

Redick performs well in the ball. He completed a total of 285 battles in his career, including 50th bolts with the highest career in 2015. However, Kerryon Johnson has strengthened his lion on the ground last year, and this year’s courts will also sign the old will C. J. Anderson (C. J. Anderson).

Given his coach experience, Morris is a reasonable choice for considering falcon. After successfully enhancement of defensive group in the second half of the last season, Morris was once considered to be a coach in the NFL team.

Kelly insisted that the eagle does not have to reinforce the securityMany media and experts have said that Philadelphia eagle should take hands in the trading market and try to reinforce the team’s security. Eagle coach — Kelly CHIP Kelly speaking on this topic on Monday on Monday: «Many times, people always hope that the team can have the best safety guard to protect the last defense. I also hope, but will not therefore Trading.»

Cosxus finally joined Minnesota viking in the contract with a full guarantee. However, 49 people traded in the middle of the 2017 season to New England Patriots 4-point Guiji-Garoppolo. Galopolo took some time to learn 49 people’s offensive system, and then touched the team with its excellent first performance and got long.

Morris now needs to let the falcon who live in the direction of the vitality. If the Falcon finally reversed the record in this season, Morris will become one of the candidates of permanent coach. The next game for Morris is the first battle after Morris.

Kelly is awarded the team’s current security group in combination, Nate Allen and Malcolm Jenkins, subsequently proposed its own views on the season: «I think people have some excessive trading. The speculation is not necessary. It is not necessary to have a serious transaction. This is not like a professional baseball big league. In the season, people will continue when buyers sellers, replenish lineup, and add small alliance players to the transaction. This is a little unconventional in cheap nfl jerseys, we can talk to the transaction, but will not actively trade. But if anyone call us, we are willing to listen to what the other is saying. «Nowadays have passed The eagle is also as the main coach said, and did not reinforce lineup through the transaction.

In 2015, Morris joined the Falcon as a defensive guard coach, before he was a 3-year assistant coach in Washington football team. He served as a hunter outside 2016 and worked for 3 years in this position. At last season, the Falcon reached his defensive guard coach. He has greatly improved the performance of the defensive group in the second half of the last season, helping to hug Quin’s rice bowl. He became a full-time defensive coordinator this season.

«Obviously, we need a quota in the lineup after signing Mike,» said Patrimia. «The Olympic is very professional. He is an excellent player. His contributing many excellent performances for us for many years. We have a very respect for all of him, but in many cases, we can only strive to do the most An advantageous decision. «

The coach Matt Patricia announced this decision on Saturday, and at the same time announced the signing of the former Green Bay packaging work, Mike Daniels. Redick completed 61 battles last season, ranked second. He also completed 40 shots to get 171 yards.

Mahmus was taken away by Kansas City chiefs in Kansas City. He first, as a replacement of Alex Smith, and then he ranked into the United States championship last season and became MVP, followed by a super bowl in this season.

«I obviously me is not enough to study his research,» said the Tuesday of Salunan. «Of course, we have studied him and read all the videos. He is a geek, you can complete any pass, and have the ability to do anything. There is a slight difference between us. We have a list of eyes, from us All intelligences see that we think he is not worth such a high level. «

«At that time, there was a slight difference, because I felt that I was obvious to Kirk’s relationship with Kirk, I won’t stay there,» Samunan returned: «So whenever you are you In the season, I knew that the second year of signing a trump is four-point guard, you will be more picky for players who are paying attention to. «

49 people coach Salunan explained why didn’t choose a four-point Shuimos?49 people in San Francisco have chance to pick four-point guards in the 2017 elected selection of Patrick Mahomes. But the coach Shanahan and the general manager John Lynch did not make this decision.