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«I do not think any rookie starting quarterback ready right away, but that does not mean they will not be required to immediately starting, especially for a rookie quarterback pick of the top ten, the» Moon represents. «Joe — Burrow (Joe Burrow), Tua — Teng Orval Loa (Tua Tagovailoa) and Justin — Herbert (Justin Herbert) will be required at some point played his rookie season, even the first of the season so will one day. «

At present, it is time to determine whether plasma therapy has been effective. The relevant departments are still carrying out the necessary research. But Pelton hopes that he can have a power for others.

Pony coach said Wayne was troubled in injury.Indianapolis pony will take the outside of Relgie Wayne experienced the worst competition of the career in Branglanta Brown on Sunday, only one passing 5 yards and there Take three times. After the game, CHUCK PAGANO said Wayne was still in various injuries. «He is now experiencing knees, and there are three muscles of the elbow injury.»

The popular views in NFL is that Brown has been 2 wins and 7 losses, and they have not enough time to truly assess Manzel. But Pert seems to have a completely different ideas. He obviously hopes to end season & mdash; & mdash; or close to such records as much as possible & mdash; & mdash; then bring the best momentum to the next season.

According to the New Orleans Media, Pedon went to the Blood Center of New Orleans on Monday to donate plasma, and he hoped that you can contribute to antibodies in your body to help other patients fight disorder.

The rookie quarter guard Jones: I thought that the call cheap jerseys from china Bill was prancing.Maybe in the NFL draft of last week, there was no selected player to be more excited than before Ohio State University, Cardale Jones, Buffalo Pick him in the fourth round.

«I tell yourself & lsquo; you are doing what you can help the team to win the game & rsquo;», Wayne said, «Thank you, I’ve been supporting me … You must forget these bad feelings, These things have happened, you must put these to continue to move, I hope to perform better next week. «

Manzell completed the second first starting this season in the Thursday night of Cincinnati Tiger last week, he was successfully passed by 15 times in 33 passes (45.45% success rate) got 168 yards 1 time. As usual, once he commands the ability of the four-point guard network to decline, his performance will decline.

Mike Pettine, obviously, the first quarter-sanctual election chess, he refused to reveal to reporters on Friday who would become a team’s first quarter-break, while he prefers to restore healthy questions — McCane (JOSH McCown). However, NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that Manzell will first start in the partition civil war against straightezburg steel according to the inspectors.

«Every young quarterback goes through the process of transition,» Moon said. «Like this — Rose Rees Berg (Ben Roethlisberger) or Matt might like — so successful early career Ryan (Matt Ryan) quarterback, around them have very good offensive weapons, which makes them more easily. to complete the transition when Rose Rees Berg joined the Pittsburgh Steelers, Jerome — Bettis (Jerome Bettis) led the offensive punch the ball really well and is also very good defensive group in Ryan Atlanta Falcons have a good punch. the ball attack and defense and even Joe — Flach (Joe Flacco), when he joined the Baltimore Ravens when the team there — Ray Lewis (Ray Lewis) defense group they have a dominant and they have great red ball attack. Therefore, as a first-round pick he does not have to carry the team on the court. he has to do is manage the offense. «

«I think it can be observed for a young quarterback position and the bench is always better to learn. Learn how to play in front of the bench. I think as a starter observed veteran quarterback how to play to make the transition easier. «

«I am too excited,» he said in the radio program on Monday. «I don’t want to lying; I haven’t told the coach this thing: I started thinking that their phone is a prank. Because I received a strange number, I would pick up the phone, I will pick up the phone. «

«So until I am showing it on the screen,» he said. «I stayed in my room to watch the draft. When I came out of the room and my family watched the show, my name appeared at the bottom of the screen. I just refused to call, this is too crazy.»